Projecting Every MLB Team's Next World Series Win

Major League Baseball is the greatest professional sport in America, and possibly, the world. Although the number of fans don't compare to the NFL or NBA, the amount of baseball players in this country is about ten times larger than for any other sport because its' history dates back to 1884 when the first ever World Series took place at the Polo Grounds in New York City between the New York Mets and the Providence Grays, who easily won the series, three games to zero. In fact, the National League was around before that, starting off in 1876, officially.

Baseball is not called America's Pastime for nothing. It has earned that name because it has stood the test of time. Without knowing the exact numbers, we can take an educated guess that 90% of Americans have someone in their family tree that has played baseball at some point in their life. That number might seem high but when you think about the number of years it has been around and the amount of leagues that have been around at the same time, thinking that almost all Americans are related to someone that plays baseball might even be too low.

Besides being the oldest professional sport in America still around, baseball has the most hardcore fans in any sport. There is a big difference between painting your chest in freezing cold temperatures at Lambeau Field in December and being considered a hardcore fan. The term hardcore is referring to all the fans that will support a team until the day they die, win or lose. They are experts in the organization and have a clear understanding of when their team will be ready for a World Series run by looking into the farm system to see what players could emerge as the next big thing.

If you are a fan of baseball, then there is nothing more exciting than getting into a discussion about what the future holds for their team and, today, we are going to have some fun and dive a little too deep into the future of every MLB team and the year they will win their next, or first ever, World Series.

30 Baltimore Orioles: 2065

Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

During the 1970 MLB season, the Baltimore Orioles steamrolled their opponents behind the arms of Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar, and Dave McNally. They held opponents to a league best 3.5 runs scored per game leaving them with a run differential of 1.3, also a MLB best. On the offensive side of the ball, they were led by first baseman Boog Powell, outfielder Frank Robinson, third baseman Brooks Robinson, center fielder Paul Blair, and outfielder Don Buford. That team was among the greatest in baseball history and it was one of the last time's the Orioles won a World Series. But in 1983, a relatively unknown shortstop named Cal Ripken Jr. exploded offensively for career highs in runs (121), hits (211), and doubles (47) to become the American League MVP en route to the Baltimore Orioles third World Series win, and the last time the hoisted the trophy.

24 years later, they remain a far cry from the World Series mostly because they are stuck in the AL East, a division that features the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. It is tough enough to compete in the MLB for talent but to have two of the biggest payrolls in your division makes things even tougher. They have still found ways to win and have even made the playoffs in three of the last six seasons.

However, the time is now for Baltimore, who have one of the weakest farm systems in baseball. By 2019, Manny Machado, J.J. Hardy, Adam Jones, Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy, Brad Bach, and Zach Britton will all be free agents. If they can't do something now, it could take them a very long time to recover and compete with the likes of the Bronx Bombers and the Red Stockings.

29 Boston Red Sox: 2023

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With so much improvement in the rest of the division, it was tough to find a spot for the Boston Red Sox to win another World Series except for 2020. They could end up finding themselves in the hunt over the next couple of seasons but until they can stay healthy across the board, they will struggle to stop the offenses like the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians, who simply added a powerhouse hitter this past winter when they signed Edwin Encarnancion.

But since they have names like Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, and Drew Pomeranz pitching for them, defensively, they might be tough to hit against and could win those hard fought battles consistently. On offense, they have an explosion of youth that will lead them to a title, soon. Mookie Betts has MVP written all over him, Xander Bogaerts is a talented star, Andrew Benintendi is a fresh faced 22-year old that might be their second best player in a few seasons, the legendary Dustin Pedroia, and Hanley Ramirez holding down the strong lineup. 2020 is a guess, 2019 or 2018 could be the real results.

28 New York Yankees: 2019

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For the New York Yankees, the time is always going to be now. Dating back to the days of Murderer's Row, the Yankees have become one of the few teams were the fans are expecting greatness, year after year. No excuses, the time is always going to be this year for the New York Yankees and that is exactly how they are built, to win a World Series each season. It was not until recently that they realized that you have to rebuild to compete these days so instead of signing all of the highest priced superstars, they did something else, they drafted and sign prospects, building up the best farm system in baseball.

It has become evident this season with the starting lineup showcasing just what happens when you do things the right way. Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Aaron Judge, and Ronald Torreyes, are starting and are all under 25 years old. That does not include the players that are still in the minor leagues like Gleyber Torres, who just might be their future, Clint Frazier, Blake Rutherford, Jorge Mateo, and Justus Sheffield. It will not take long before they sign one or two superstar pitchers to put this team into the place their fans have longed for, for many seasons already.

27 Tampa Bay Rays: 2037

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Jose De Leon was a 24th round pick in 2013 that was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers and later traded to the Rays as part of the Logan Forsythe deal earlier this year. He is the big arm they need to complete their youthful revolution at the mound that has taken a few seasons to build up. Between Chris Archer, Alex Cobb, Blake Snell, Matt Andriese, and De Leon, the Rays bullpen is going to become star studded very quickly.

However, you cannot win a World Series without the power hitting that scores runs, right? That is going to be the issue that slows them down to a crawl and forces them to make a World Series or two, without winning one. They can get there in the next 3-4 seasons but winning one is going to require a few more hitters and they just do not seem to have them in the wheelhouse.

26 Toronto Blue Jays: 2050

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It almost happened in 2015, then again in 2016. But the Toronto Blue Jays fell short of the World Series by five games. In 2015, they lost the American League Championship Series 4-2 after falling behind the Kansas City Royals early in the series 2-0. They would go on to win the World Series. Last season, they got back and were easily handled by the Cleveland Indians, who beat them in five games with clutch hitting and powerhouse pitching.

The Blue Jays lost Edwin Encarnacion but signed Kendrys Morales before re-signing Jose Bautista, which has not proven to be as good of a move. Most of the men on the roster today will be heading towards retirement in the next couple of seasons and that is followed up by a below average farm club that is not going to help them recover anytime soon. If history has anything to say about the situation, the next time we will see them in the World Series will not be until many years into the future.

25 Chicago White Sox: 2039

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Can the Chicago White Sox repeat the success of their 2005 season and win another World Series? Yes and no. Yes they can repeat that success and build a winner but no they will not be able to win a World Series with that same formula. They need a little something extra besides the tough defense and pitching that got them to the dance in the first place.

Things are in too much disarray right now to expect the White Sox to win a title anytime soon and with the Chicago Cubs dominating the sport across town, the odds are even slimmer for the franchise, who has to deal with playing in the shadows of one of the most respected and popular organizations in the game of baseball.

24 Cleveland Indians: 2032

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry Indian fans but Major League was just a movie and last season showcased the one thing that fans were hoping for, only to fall just one game short of it, and that would be winning a World Series with their underrated pitching and tough hitters.

They did have a good off-season, signing one of the best power hitters in baseball, Edwin Encarnacion, and could very well get back to the World Series this season, only to lose again to the Chicago Cubs. It will be a long time before they can recover and rebuild a champion and based on the status of their farm club today, it will be another 15 years before they get those rings they have been chasing all these years.

Honestly, did you expect them to get to the World Series prior to last season? Probably not, since most of baseball did not see that one coming either.

23 Detroit Tigers: 2040

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Justin Verlander is the best story in baseball and he gets to tell it while strutting around with super sexy Sports Illustrated supermodel Kate Upton at his side. Just a few seasons ago, he was unhittable and a Cy Young winner. But then something happened and his fastball stopped moving like it did all those years, exposing him to hitters and turning him into a very hittable guy. After working on his pitching during the 2016 offseason, he bounced back and became a Cy Young candidate, who should have won the award. He leads a roster of older, veteran players that are on their way out.

The Detroit Tigers were so close to a World Series title in 2012 and 2013 but failed to reach the golden throne and instead, have begun to falter as their older players start to hit the downsides of their careers.

After a complete strip down and rebuilding, the Detroit Tigers will become competitive again but it takes time to do that and it takes even longer for the Tigers to build a World Series team in the American League, which is now the strongest of the two leagues in baseball.

22 Kansas City Royals: 2070

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, the Kansas City Royals won a World Series, giving the franchise its' second ever. The first time being in 1985 when George Brett led the Royals to a big time title over the tough pitching St.Louis Cardinals.

However, since no one expected it to happen, it is tough to judge what the Royals are going to do in the future. For example, no one expected them to win that 2015 World Series title, they practically came out of nowhere to win it with a roster of tough jobbers that almost nobody had ever heard of before then. But that is the thing about those tough-nosed midwest teams, they always seem to field winners without all the fuss of a star studded lineup of big names and all-stars.

The main reason we do not expect a World Series win for them anytime soon is mainly because of that unpredictability and a concern for the organization, who, prior to their consecutive World Series appearances in 2014 and 2015, had not made the playoffs since 1985.

21 Minnesota Twins: 2075

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry to all Minnesota Twins fans but it just seems that baseball and World Series rings are going to be something you remember and not something you get to enjoy. There just does not seem to be much of any hope for the current roster and if history has anything to say for it, we might not get to see a World Series trophy in Minnesota for many years to come.

In fact, we might not see one until long after we are flying around in cars and traveling through time and space like in Star Trek.

Things could have been very different for the Twins but they seem to have some young studs that might be nothing more than overrated prospects. The Byron Buxton experiement has looked good at times but then the game starts and he has to bat against MLB pitching, something he has not seemed to figure out yet. Miguel Sano strikes out more times than Mark Reynolds with blindfolds but that could change in the matter of one season. It just does not seem to be anytime soon.

20 Houston Astros: 2020

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What can you say about the Houston Astros offense that has not been said already? They are fun to watch thanks to their free swinging coach who allows them to swing as hard as they can on every single pitch, knowing that a strikeout is often the result but every now and then, a home run happens and it changes the course of fate for the organization.

You can expect them to do a couple of things this season, hit for power and strikeout some of the best hitters in baseball with the league's toughest bullpen and some of the better starters in the American League.

The best part about this team is how young they are and just how good they have become, ahead of schedule. But it all comes down to their starting rotation and if that becomes anything worth a penny, this could be a dangerous club in the next year, or two, or three.

19 Los Angeles Angels: 2038

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout will retire in Los Angeles, just not with the Angels. We have no inside information or anything to release about his future, we are simply stating a fact that he will head for greener pastures once he realizes that the Angels are not going to win a title anytime soon. They are loaded with talent but it is a mix of young and old, prospects and veterans,  players and studs. But they are not built for a title and the worst thing about their future is that they have a horrible farm club that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up in order to contend anytime soon.

When he jumps ship, so will others, and then the coach, and so on and so on. That spiral will happen and it will happen soon. Once they have the time and money to fix it, it will be about 20 years in the future, and by then, things could be different. But until then, expect a lot of third or fourth place finishes.

18 Oakland Athletics: 2035

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

If the Oakland A's want to repeat their success from the "Moneyball" era, then they have to figure out a way to build a winner using limited funds, something they have perfected over the years thanks to the ideas of Billy Beane and some smart front office maneuvers.

The one thing that should give all Oakland fans hope is that, historically, this team bounces back every five or so years. Right now, they are struggling and should continue for another year or two before bouncing back. Will they win a World Series? Maybe but without a strong enough farm club, chances are slim. Some excellent trades and smart free agent moves could speed up the process but do not expect anything to happen that soon. It is going to take time before the Athletics bring back any kind of World Series trophy to Oakland.

17 Seattle Mariners: 2045

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of bouncing back, the Seattle Mariners are one of those tough ball clubs that seems to always figure out a way to win games, just not when it counts most in the playoffs.

Since the Robinson Cano experiment has provided them with a boost at all of the power hitting slots, the Mariners have found ways to win games recently and build upon that success with some incredible minor league prospects like Mitch Haniger, who has already showcased his abilities in 2017, just a few games into the season.

But winning a World Series requires more than just hopes and dreams, you need coaching, experience, and pitching. Without pitching, you can simply move on and forget about the entire thing.

16 Texas Rangers: 2031

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros, the state of Texas has put up two incredibly fun ball clubs to watch over the past two seasons. However, according to the second-day stats, which are the really analytical and deep statistics you look at when trying to figure out how to win clutch games when it matters most. But, according to the second day numbers, the Texas Rangers were the luckiest team in baseball last season, and were not as good as their record showed they were.

That means, it will take time for the Texas Rangers some time to rebuild and recover before they will be able to compete for another World Series title like in 2010 and 2011. They just seem to be still recovering from that terrible, horrible, 2011 loss to the St.Louis Cardinals where they were up 3-2 games and had a 7-5 lead with 2 outs in the Bottom of the 9th inning before giving up a two run triple and then losing in the Bottom of the 11th after David Freese hit a game-winning Home Run.

Will they ever recover?

15 Atlanta Braves: 2022

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After spending the last two seasons in the cellar of the NL East, the Atlanta Braves spent their most recent offseason at Piccadilly's apparently, spending $20.5 million to get 42-year old knuckleballer R.A. Dickey and 43-year old pitcher Bartolo Colon. Then they decided to sign veteran catcher, Kurt Suzuki, who is 33 years old but his knees are closer to 45. They rounded out the eventful offseason trading for longtime Cincinnati Reds second baseman, Brandon Phillips, who is quickly approaching 36 years of age. So they are not building for the future, to say the least. Losing 93 games last season and 95 games the year prior to that can make anyone a little nervous about the future.

The good news for Atlanta lies in their farm system, which has been consistently ranked as the top overall in baseball. It is loaded with talent that will start to emerge in the next few years. Pitchers like Kolby Allard and Mike Soroka, both just 19 years old, are already among the best prospects in baseball and should introduce themselves to the big leagues by 2020. Dansby Swanson has already earned himself a starting role in the Braves lineup and should be a huge factor in their success their future success.

We think this team could emerge as a National League favorite by 2021 and could turn into a powerhouse the following few years, winning a World Series by 2022.

14 Miami Marlins: 2080

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We know what you are thinking and that was not a misprint. The Miami Marlins are a mess and it does not look like things are going to get any better for them in the near future now that they have tragically lost their superstar Ace Jose Fernandez in a boat accident last season. He was the key to their rotation which is now lead by Edison Volquez and Dan Straily, both of whom, have a lot of raw potential that shined last season, but for different teams. This is Miami, things are a little different down there.

Offensively, they still have Giancarlo Stanton, J.T. Realmuto, Marcell Ozuna, Justin Bour, and Christian Yelich. If Dee Gordon can recover from his horrible 2016, then this lineup could make some strides this season but strides are not World Series titles and this team simply does not have the depth, the bullpen, or the starting rotation to get there.

With a farm system in shambles, it has constantly been ranked as the worst in professional baseball leaving the fans with very little hope for a future worth sticking around for. If this team remains in Miami by 2080, they could possibly have a chance.

13 New York Mets: 2030

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike the Yankees, the New York Mets are the other team in New York that many fans expect to see struggle in the shadow of the Bronx Bombers. They have since the beginning of baseball and will continue until the end of days with a few titles here and there. But since the Yankees have built up such a tradition of winning and championships, that the Mets are never going to be able to live up to those standards but are going to try, every single season.

Today, they have a strong team that might, if they can get their young stars to perform consistently, outplay the Chicago Cubs and takeover the National League. They have issues with the health of their pitching staff but when they are not battling injury after injury, it is among the best rotation in the game. That does not translate, however, into a World Series win anytime soon. It might take them a few extra seasons before reaching the big dance and claiming another title for the fans that have wanted it so badly for so long.

12 Philadelphia Phillies: 2027

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Shockingly, after struggling the past few years, the Philadelphia Phillies have the blueprint to success in the near future. It all begins with their young lineup and strong farm club that has a solid future. Their farm system is so healthy that a majority of their biggest future stars, we might not even see many of them until 2020. Outside of J.P. Crawford or Jorge Alfaro, the number of future studs in their minor leagues is good enough to think they will get their World Series ring before 2028.

One of their biggest future stars, Mickey Moniak, is a player that can transform an offense by himself, much like Derek Jeter or Jose Altuve have done for their franchises. He is a very young left-handed hitting kid that has incredible plate discipline already. He has the tools to become a stud and the Phillies cannot wait to see what happens to him in the next few years. By the time he gets to the big show, he just might be playing for a World Series within a year or two.

11 Washington Nationals: 2025

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper is going to win a World Series before he retires. In fact, the Washington Nationals could end up playing for a World Series title this season, maybe even in 2018. Will they win? Probably not. But if they cannot pass up the Chicago Cubs in a year or two, then they will find themselves having to retool their lineup to help the deadly forces of Trea Turner and Bryce Harper. By 2025, Bryce Harper will be 32 years old by 2025 and should be right in his prime.

The farm system has Juan Soto, who could complement Harper and Turner and become a legit cleanup hitter behind them, forcing pitchers to throw to them everyday. It will be a fun day in Washington when the kid gets his call-up but until then, we can just watch as the Nats continue to struggle to takeover the Cubs as the National League's top team.

10 Chicago Cubs: 2017

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Do we really have to explain why we think the Chicago Cubs will win a World Series in 2017?

Alright, we will go ahead and do it anyways. First off, pitching. The starting rotation for the Chicago Cubs is probably the second or third best in baseball with Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks, John Lackey, and Brett Anderson rounding out their big five. Whenever your third starter could be an Ace for most other teams, you know you have a World Series caliber rotation.

Now on to the hitting...

Kris Bryant is the best hitter in baseball, and he is 25 years old. He is matched with Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, and Jason Heyward, all of whom, played last season and were a major part of the Cubs World Series win.

There is not enough competition in the National League today to compete against them and slow them down, not even a little bit. Ben Zobrist was a starter in 2016 and is now coming off the bench too. They have stars all over the place and should win one or two more.

9 Cincinnati Reds: 2060

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Reds are just not ready for a World Series ring. Sure, they have a ton of young talent that could steal some wins but are they built to contend? No. There is simply not enough experience and veteran leadership, besides Joey Votto of course, that could led this team to greatness anytime soon.

For the most part, the majority of this club is going to wind up signing with other clubs and finding success that way instead of in Ohio. Jose Peraza, Eugenio Suarez, Adam Duvall, Billy Hamilton, and Scott Schebler are all starting for the Reds today and are fun to watch but lack the abilities to get a World Series anytime soon.

Pitching is another question mark and it is going to take time, and years, for them to rebuild their farm system with pitchers and hitters that can one day compete for a World Series ring. It will take many, many years actually.

8 Milwaukee Brewers: 2033

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers aren't going anywhere anytime soon and should be a tough team to beat this season, but they are nowhere close to becoming a World Series champion, not without some prospect development and good management.

We predict they will win a title by 2033 based on the fact that their farm system is so strong and so good that it could change the outcome of their future. That is what a tough lineup and a smart pitching staff can do, they can change the mindset about an organization overnight, just ask the Royals, Indians, or Marlins.

7 Pittsburgh Pirates: 2028

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of those teams that you cannot help but route for secretly because you hope they do good but only because they compete in the National League Central, alongside the St.Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. Their success means that both of those teams are falling or struggling and for fans outside of Chicago and St.Louis, it is exactly what we love to see.

Not to mention, they feature a player you cannot help but love, Andrew McCutchen, who is 30 years old this season. He is consistent and loyal to the Pirates, helping them build up a farm system and lineup that deserves a little attention.

Josh Bell and Gregory Polanco are future studs while Starling Marte, Jordy Mercer, Josh Harrison, and Adam Frazier are a bunch of All-Stars just waiting to explode. Can this team reach the World Series? Yes, but not until they can figure out a way to build up their pitching staff.

6 St. Louis Cardinals: 2043

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

From 2003 to 2011, the St.Louis Cardinals had the current Houston Astros General Manager, Jeff Luhnow, working in their scouting department. They also have Mike Elias, another former Cardinals executive in the scouting department. These two men were crucial in the Astros rebuilding of their farm system, something that has since paid off in droves as they are showcasing the loaded talent that they have drafted since 2011.

For the St.Louis Cardinals, however, they have had to figure out something else and rebuild their farm club through other methods and people, something the fans were not use to seeing.

The one thing the Cardinals can do better than any other team is win games with unknown players that have worked their way through the farm system, pitching or hitting. But with Alex Reyes getting called up and then going down for the season, the Cardinals are left with a weak and mediocre farm system and a team that can win, just not enough to expect a World Series.

5 Arizona Diamondbacks: 2018

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have started the 2017 season with a bang and they have been fun to watch too. Could this be the start of something incredible for the Diamondbacks? Are they going to win a World Series behind the hard-hitting and tough pitching of a bunch of youngsters that do not know any better?

Yes, it is something that could happen and it could happen next season when they shock everyone and explode for more runs and scoring than anyone else in baseball. Only one player is older than 29 years old in their starting lineup, catcher Jeff Mathis, and the majority of players are in the 24 to 26 year old range. Paul Goldschmidt is the league's best first baseman and will hit for high average, a ton of homers, and runs batted in. He is joined by A.J. Pollock, Jake Lamb, Yasmany Tomas, Brandon Drury, Chris Owings, and David Peralta to round out a solid young lineup of players that could hit them into a World Series title.

4 Colorado Rockies: 2034

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It is not easy to win in Denver, Colorado because the air is so thin, any free agent pitcher in the league hates to go there, let alone play half their games there, for multiple seasons. So, for the Colorado Rockies, it is always tough to build a pitching rotation to help them win. They got to the World Series in 2007 behind a surprisingly good bullpen and the best hitting the Rockies have seen in their franchise's short history. Their best pitcher that season was Jeff Francis, who went 17-9 with a 4.22 ERA. It is tough to win in Colorado but if you have the right hitters, you can do almost anything.

The hitting in Colorado this year is almost there too. They just do not have much of anything in their bullpen, let alone in pitching. It is hard to imagine a lineup that features the deadly combination of D.J. LeMahieu, Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, Gerardo Parra, Charlie Blackmon, and Carlos Gonzalez might not win 90 games but it is possible with the poor pitching they have right now. So it will take some time for them to come up with a better lineup and rotation to get that coveted ring.

3 Los Angeles Dodgers: 2021

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

If not now, when?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a ton of talent, as usual, but fans will have to wait another few years before they bring home a World Series title because it takes time to grow a champion, you cannot just build one from free agency like the Yankees or Red Sox have tried to do so in the past.

The youth wave continues and the Dodgers have a serious lineup of kids under the age of 25 years old, with 26-year old Yasiel Puig just one great month away from becoming a MVP. That young lineup includes Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, Andrew Toles, and Enrique Hernandez. Then you add in the best closer in baseball, Kenley Jansen, who is just 29 years young, and the best pitcher in baseball Clayton Kershaw, and you have a lineup just waiting to takeover the league.

We are being pessimistic when we say 2021 but decided to be safe by saying it might take a few years before they mesh together and become a winner. Expect greatness from them, just wait another year or two.

2 San Diego Padres: 2024

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one thing the San Diego Padres are consistent with, it is their inconsistent winning seasons. Every time they had a good team, they followed with subpar seasons. You can look at their history and see that before and after both of their World Series appearances was four seasons of 83 or less wins and zero playoff appearances. Sure, they share a division with the Los Angeles Dodgers but that is an excuse and since they have been around since 1969, the excuses stop now.

The last time the Padres had a winning season was in 2010 when they finished 90-72 and featured a young power hitting first baseman that was about to get some massive contract offers, Adrian Gonzalez. He left town and since then the Padres have floated around the bottom of their division and the league. But they have one of the strongest farm systems, a new head coach, and a brand new outlook on life in the front office.

We are already seeing their farm system's success in action with Hunter Renfroe, Ryan Schimpf, Manuel Margot, and Miguel Diaz already starting this season. You have not even seen their best future superstar, Anderson Espinosa, who is a right-handed pitcher that has nasty stuff. He is matched with Cal Quantrill, another righty, and Adrian Morejon, to round out a future pitching staff that could end up turning around this club and leading them to a World Series very soon. Much like the Astros did, it takes a few terrible seasons before you can recover and rebuild and that is what the Padres have done and are in the process of doing today.

1 San Francisco Giants: 2029

Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants have won three World Series rings since 2010 and have made it look easy at times behind some incredible pitching and one of the best head coaches in the game, Bruce Bochy.

Just like the other top franchises in baseball, the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs, the Giants have one of the best fan bases, and most loyal, in the history of the game. They do, however, expect the Giants to compete, and based on the current lineup, it might take them a few seasons of figuring it out before getting another ring.  Their farm system is middle of the road but could produce a few winners, just nothing worthy of a World Series.

It would be nice to win something soon, before Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, and Matt Cain all retire, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

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