Re-Drafting The First Round Of The Stacked 2005 MLB Draft

Take a look through the history of amateur drafts, in any professional sport, and you will notice the sheer unpredictability of them. Each year, in every draft, there will be some high draft picks who never live up to the expectations, for one reason or another. There will drafts that cause front offices to regret drafting Player A instead of Player B, who went on to become a perennial All-Star for that team's division rival.

The 2005 MLB Draft was loaded with tons of elite talent. Some of these elite players were drafted in the first round, and some talented players were drafted in later rounds. There were even some eventual All-Stars who were drafted in 2005, but chose not to sign with their respective drafting teams. If those teams had a crystal ball and could see the future, those teams would surely have done more to convince those players to sign with them rather than letting them enter the draft another year.

We will pretend that we could go back in time to the 2005 MLB Draft, and that each team had knowledge of the future ability of each of the eligible 2005 draftees. For the purpose of this article, we will assume that each draftee signed with their respective team (no college commitments or refusals to sign). This means that players who were drafted in 2005 but did not sign are again eligible to be re-drafted here.

Let's go back in time to 2005, scouting reports in hand, and take a look at how the 2005 MLB Draft would have turned out in a re-draft.

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Justin Upton

The Arizona Diamondbacks initially drafted OF Justin Upton with the 1st overall pick, who did turn into a star for them. However, out of all the eligible draftees, Buster Posey is the consensus #1 pick. In 2005, he was drafted in the 50th round (1496th overall) by the Los Angeles Angels but chose not to sign! This time around, he is taken first overall and heads to Arizona. Posey has become one of the best catchers in MLB over the past several years, and is a force both at the plate and behind the dish. Posey is a 5-time All-Star, won an MVP Award in 2012, won a batting championship, and is a 3-time Silver Slugger. Quite simply, Buster Posey has done it all. Arizona would be making a mistake if they did not take him first overall in this re-draft.


Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Alex Gordon

The Kansas City Royals used the 2nd overall pick to draft 3B Alex Gordon, who was moved to the outfield a couple years later. The Royals would not be criticized too much for drafting Gordon again as he has been pretty much everything the Royals could have hoped for. Gordon has been a strong all-around player and has been a cornerstone of the team that eventually led to a World Series in 2015.  However, Justin Upton would be the superior outfield option here. Upton was originally the 1st overall pick by Arizona in 2005 and he is just too talented for Kansas City to pass up the opportunity to draft him. Perhaps the Royals could have had the extra run they needed back in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series.


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Jeff Clement

The Seattle Mariners originally took catcher Jeff Clement here, a move that did not turn out well for the Mariners. Clement only had a brief career that was marked by injuries and poor production, which led to his retirement a few years ago. In a re-draft, the Mariners would instead take OF Andrew McCutchen with the 3rd overall pick. McCutchen's production has declined somewhat in 2016 and for most of 2017, but he has been one of the better outfielders currently in the league.

He was named the Most Valuable Player in 2013, a 4-time All-Star, and has a good blend of speed, power, and an ability to hit for average. The several years during the late-2000s/early-2010s where McCutchen was one of the top outfielders in MLB would make drafting McCutchen a solid choice for the Mariners. Imagine McCutchen and an Ichiro Suzuki in his prime batting towards the top of the Mariners lineup together.


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman was the choice of the Washington Nationals here. The Nationals are probably not regretting drafting Zimmerman since he is still with the team and has been a stalwart of the organization. Even though this might be a tossup, the Nationals would probably go with OF Ryan Braun 4th overall since he has been the slightly better player. Nothing against Zimmerman and all he has done for the Nationals organization, but this is one of those times where teams take the best player available. Despite having a career marred with PED controversies, Ryan Braun is a 6-time All-Star and a 5-time Silver Slugger Award winner. Braun, like Posey and McCutchen drafted before him here, also won an MVP award. Moreover, a player with the five-tool talents that Braun possesses are very hard to pass up even in a draft class as talented as this one.


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Ryan Braun

Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Braun will essentially switch draft spots, and teams, in this re-draft. As we already covered, Zimmerman could easily have been taken again by the Nationals which would have seen the Brewers take Braun again. The Milwaukee Brewers will nevertheless select Ryan Zimmerman 5th overall in a re-draft. Zimmerman has been, and still is, a solid all-around player who would have fit in nicely in the middle of the Brewers lineups. Zimmerman can be counted on for 25+ home runs and 100+ RBIs each season, while providing solid and reliable defense. While they miss out on the MVP season Braun had all those years back, at least they'd be getting a steady, reliable bat in Zimmerman. Minus the PED controversy.


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Ricky Romero

The Toronto Blue Jays drafted Ricky Romero 6th overall in 2005. He had a very promising start to his MLB career for a few seasons, punctuated by an All-Star Game appearance in 2011, before completely falling apart. The lefty pitcher has not appeared in an MLB game since 2013. Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, drafted in the 1st round in 2005 by the Boston Red Sox, would represent a much better draft choice by the Blue Jays in this re-draft. Ellsbury has a reputation of being a solid all-around player. He is a member of the 30-30 club (30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a season), and has won multiple Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards.

Most notably, Ellsbury was a legitimate stolen base threat for several years - something those Blue Jay teams sorely needed. Ellsbury has spent his entire career playing the Jays' division rivals - the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees - and has destroyed Jays pitching in the process. The Jays would surely have loved to add someone as talented as Ellsbury to their roster, despite showing some signs of slowing down in recent years.


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Troy Tulowitski

The Colorado Rockies drafted SS Troy Tulowitzki 7th overall. The 2015 public falling out between Tulo and the club notwithstanding, he was arguably the face of the franchise for several years. A lot of the team's successes can be attributed to him. Tulo's main issue is his inability to stay healthy and that his production has begun to decline in recent years. Colorado has a problem with attracting pitchers because of their stadium, and very few pitchers find success at Coors Field. This is why Tim Lincecum would be a smart choice for the Rockies in this re-draft. During his multi-year stretch of dominance, "The Freak" possessed a strong ability to produce groundball outs because of the sinking movement on his fastball. Lincecum experienced a great deal of success during his prime years - 2 Cy Young Awards, 2 no-hitters pitched, 3-time strikeout leader - before falling off in recent years.


Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Wade Townsend

The then Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now just Tampa Bay Rays) misfired during the 2005 draft when they selected RHP Wade Townsend. This was a rare miss for a team that experienced a great deal of success in the drafts. Townsend unfortunately struggled in the minors and never made it beyond Double-A. The Rays would instead choose Jake Arrieta, drafted in the 26th round but did not sign in 2005, in the 8th round in this re-draft. It took Arrieta a few years in MLB, and a move to the Chicago Cubs, to reach his true ceiling as a starting pitcher. Since doing so, Arrieta has already pitched 2 no-hitters and won a Cy Young Award. He has been one of the more dominant starting pitchers and was the ace of the 2016 World Series champion Chicago Cubs team. The Rays seem to have an ability to get the best out of their pitchers and it would not be unreasonable to feel as though they could have helped Arrieta reach his true potential. Now, just imagine a Tampa Bay rotation featuring Arrieta alongside David Price, James Shields, and Matt Garza.


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Mike Pelfrey

The New York Mets used their 9th overall pick on Mike Pelfrey. For a few years, Pelfrey was a good mid-rotation starter but was never anything special. Pelfrey is still in the league but injuries have severely impacted his effectiveness. In this re-draft, the Mets would instead select Alex Gordon. Gordon was drafted as a 3B but later transitioned to the outfield with the Royals, which would also probably be the case with the Mets since David Wright had third base locked up. Gordon is a strong all-around type of player and is someone who would have fit in very nicely in the middle of the Mets lineups as support for David Wright and Jose Reyes in their primes. Gordon has developed a reputation as a strong defensive outfielder, as recognized by his 4 Gold Glove Awards.


Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Cameron Maybin

Cameron Maybin was the Detroit Tigers' choice with the 10th overall pick. He has become a good MLB outfielder but the Tigers can do much better than Maybin this time around in a re-draft. This would lead to the Tigers drafting SS Troy Tulowitzki, who would have fit in nicely on the Tigers' perennial playoff contending teams in the late-2000s/early-2010s. The frequent injuries have been one of the biggest knocks on Tulowitzki, particularly in recent years, but it is easy to forget just how good Tulo has been for a number of years. Tulo entered MLB in 2006, only a year after being drafted, and has since gone on to accomplish a great deal. He is a 5-time All-Star, 2-time Gold Glove Award winner, and a 2-time Silver Slugger Award winner. He is a solid contributor on the field, but also brings with him a number of leadership traits that cannot be measured statistically.


Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Andrew McCutchen

The Pittsburgh Pirates drafted OF Andrew McCutchen 11th overall in 2005 - a choice that paid off very well for the Pirates organization. Unfortunately, McCutchen's talents will not let him fall to the Pirates yet again in this re-draft. He would have been taken 3rd overall by the Mariners in a re-draft. The Pirates would instead turn their attention to Justin Turner, who was drafted in the 29th round by the New York Yankees in 2005 but did not sign. In the re-draft, Turner would get drafted much higher and sign with the Pirates. It took Turner a few years to find his footing in the MLB, but finally had a breakout season in 2014 with the L.A. Dodgers. Since 2014, Turner has been worth 18.2 WAR, had a .309 AVG, and a .383 OBP.


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce was the draft choice of the Cincinnati Reds in 2005. Bruce, an outfielder, spent several good years with the Reds where he was a consistent source of power and could be counted on for 20 or more home runs each season. Bruce has become somewhat of a one-dimension player over the years, and he is not necessarily the strongest defender either. For these reasons, the Reds would instead go after OF Brett Gardner in the re-draft rather than the still available Jay Bruce. Gardner, drafted in the 3rd round in 2005 by the New York Yankees, has earned a reputation of being one of the faster players in the MLB. Despite being in his mid-30s now, Gardner is still very adept at stealing bases and making good defensive plays in the outfield. Gardner also has a very disciplined approach at the plate. His ability to get on base is something the Reds would certainly have liked, especially since he would be batting ahead of Joey Votto.


Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Brandon Snyder

The Baltimore Orioles drafted C Brandon Snyder 13th overall in the 2005 draft, a player who took 5 years to reach the majors. Once he did, Snyder was barely able to last and has since bounced around in the minor-league systems of various organizations. OF Jay Bruce, falling one spot from the 2005 draft, would be someone of greater interest and benefit to the Orioles. The Orioles teams of recent years have been very reliant on the home run, stacking their lineup with power bats. Jay Bruce is someone who fit into that mould, even over a decade ago. The Orioles rebuilding efforts would have been expedited with the emergence of Bruce in the outfield, alongside the arrival of Adam Jones in 2008 (via trade from Seattle).


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Trevor Crowe

In 2005, the Cleveland Indians drafted OF Trevor Crowe 14th overall. He started his MLB career off well in 2009 but he was not able to remain productive in the years after that, and has not played since being released by the Tigers in 2014. Pitcher Lance Lynn, drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 2005 but did not sign, would be a much better draft target for the Indians in the re-draft. Lynn started his MLB career off in 2011 and continued to pitch well between 2011 and 2015, until Tommy John surgery cost him the 2016 season. Lynn bounced back remarkably in 2017 and is having another strong year, worth 3.5 WAR so far. Throughout his 6-year MLB career thus far, Lynn has compiled a 15.3 WAR and a 3.30 ERA as a member of the Cardinals' rotation. There is little doubt that Lynn would have slotted in nicely in the Indians' rotation over the past few years, alongside Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco.


Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Lance Broadway

In the 2005 draft, the Chicago White Sox drafted RHP Lance Broadway. He pitched in the MLB for only 27 games in parts of three seasons before leaving baseball completely. Broadway has now actually started an acting career. This time around, the White Sox would instead draft 1B Chris Davis, originally drafted in the 35th round by the Angels but did not sign. Davis is one of the top sluggers in baseball but he comes with critical flaws - a poor batting average and a tendency to strike out. The White Sox would have to live with his strikeouts in exchange for Davis' prodigious power - he is a 2-time home run champion after all - but he is probably the best player available for the White Sox at this point in the draft.


Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Chris Volstad

The then-Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins) selected RHP Chris Volstad with the 16th overall pick in the 2005 draft. Volstad spent a couple of years in MLB with the Marlins, Cubs, and Rockies, but only had one winning season. He then spent a few seasons with the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO). In this re-draft, the Marlins would instead go after a better pitcher - in Matt Garza. The Minnesota Twins initially drafted Garza 25th overall in the 2005 draft. Garza has declined in the past few years and has not finished a season with an ERA under 4.00 since 2014, which was also the last season Garza had a positive WAR statistic. Despite all this, drafting Garza here makes sense for the Marlins. He was a serviceable to good MLB starter for a number of years who could provide starting rotation pitching depth. This is arguably something the Marlins would have been attracted to, and makes him a good draft choice here.


Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: C.J. Henry

The New York Yankees were another one of those teams who misfired in this draft. They drafted SS C.J. Henry, a player who never made it past High-A baseball. This time around, the Yankees will draft Sergio Romo, who was drafted in the 28th round by the Giants in 2005. Although he has struggled for most of 2017, Romo spent nearly a decade as one of the best relievers in the MLB while a member of the Giants' bullpen.

Romo would have certainly added quality depth to those Yankee bullpens, pitching in support of Mariano Rivera. All told, Romo has a career WAR of 9.7 and a career ERA of 2.73 across 10 MLB seasons. Romo and Rivera definitely would have been a deadly duo.


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Cesar Carrillo

In 2005, the San Diego Padres selected Cesar Carrillo, who only appeared in 3 MLB games and has a 13.60 ERA. The majority of Carrillo's career has been spent in the minor leagues, and he was also implicated in the Biogenesis scandal. OF Michael Brantley will be the 18th overall draft choice for the San Diego Padres in this re-draft. Brantley likely would have been drafted higher up if it were not for his persistent injuries and inconsistent production. Brantley had an excellent year in 2014 where he finished 3rd in MVP voting and 2015 saw him battle some injuries but put up a respectable year, but 2016 and 2017 have not been as kind to Brantley. He was only able to appear in 11 games in 2016, and while 2017 has been better it was not as good as he was in 2012/2014/2015. Nonetheless, the Padres would undoubtedly be content to get a perfectly solid player who, when healthy, is one of the better outfielders in MLB.


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: John Mayberry Jr.

In 2005, the Texas Rangers selected OF John Mayberry Jr with their 19th overall pick. Mayberry was never able to maintain some sort of consistency to earn a starting job in MLB and, as a result, has found himself bouncing around the league a fair bit. A lot of these next few picks may well be a toss-up, but John Axford is probably the best bet to go 19th overall in a re-draft. He is a steady but unspectacular reliever who has the ability to pitch in the late innings of games, or even as a closer if needed. In other words, he might not be the best reliever on your team but he can be counted on to get the job done on most nights. Axford has, however, had a nighmarish 2017 season which has seen his ERA balloon up to 6.43 thus far.


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Mark Pawelek

The Chicago Cubs went with LHP Mark Pawelek with their 20th round pick. Similar to most original draft choices here, Pawelek never really amounted to much as he never made it beyond High-A ball. Clay Buchholz was a quality talent who was available to the Cubs in 2005 but they passed on. This time around, the Cubs will not pass on Clay Buchholz. He reached the major leagues fairly quickly and has been an injury concern over the past several years, which hurts his positioning here. That is the unfortunate part because Buchholz has shown glimpses of excellence when he has been healthy, such as in 2010 and 2013. Even though Buchholz represents an injury concern for the Cubs, his potential would be too hard to pass up on at this stage of the first round. At the very least, Buchholz represents a quality mid-rotation arm at best. The Cubs would also have had the option of putting him in the bullpen to attempt to preserve his arm.


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Cliff Pennington

Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane (until his 2016 promotion) has always been one of the more interesting GMs to follow, mostly because he looks at things most others don't. With that in mind, the Athletics drafted Cliff Pennington in the 2005 draft. Pennington is not a star by any means but has kept finding jobs in MLB as a utilityman capable of playing almost anywhere on the field. He has limited offensive tools but is a capable defender. In a re-draft, Yunel Escobar is someone who is likely to intrigue the Athletics enough to draft him 21st.

Escobar is certainly not without his shortcomings and was at the center of a homophobic slur controversy, but he is a sneakily talented player. Escobar has demonstrated a good ability to hit for average (he hit .314 in 2015) and has had some respectable K/BB ratios. In a 2005 re-draft, this might be one of the more under the radar moves that Billy Beane and the Athletics have become known for.


Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Aaron Thompson

The Florida Marlins chose LHP Aaron Thompson, with their second pick of the first round (compensation for losing Armando Benitez to the San Francisco Giants in free agency). Thompson has done alright in the minor leagues but has barely been able to make it to the MLB, and struggled in his minimal appearances when he did make it. In a re-draft, the Marlins will double down on their starting pitching and draft Doug Fister. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 6th round in 2005 but did not sign. Fister is a solid pitcher who can provide a team with multiple good innings, but is not likely to be a top-of-the-rotation type of starter. He has never had consecutive 'very good' seasons but also has not had multiple 'very bad' seasons either. In short, Fister is a middle of the road type of pitcher that a team can reliably count on to provide innings and give them a chance to win as a starter towards the back of their rotation.


Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Jacoby Ellsbury

The Boston Red Sox drafted OF Jacoby Ellsbury 23rd overall in 2005, which can only be considered a win for the Red Sox at the time considering how some of the other players drafted before him turned out. Ellsbury had no chance of making it to the Red Sox in the re-draft, as he ended up going 6th overall to the Blue Jays. Instead, the Red Sox would turn their attention to RHP Jeremy Hellickson, originally drafted in the 6th round by Tampa Bay. Hellickson had some very good seasons while with Tampa Bay between 2011 and 2013. He had surgery in 2014, limiting him to only 13 starts and a 4.52 ERA, and struggled again in 2015. Hellickson spent 2016 with Philadelphia and pitched superbly, only for Hellickson to struggle once again in 2017. Hellickson has battled inconsistency but has managed to keep a job in the starting rotation, mostly because of his ability to pitch several innings reliably.


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Brian Bogusevic

Brian Bogusevic was the draft choice of the Houston Astros in 2005. He was drafted as a pitcher before being converted into an outfielder, but was unfortunately not able to translate it into success at the big-league level. In this re-draft, the Astros would be better served turning their attention to RHP Marco Estrada. Earlier in his career, he mostly struggled in the Brewers' bullpen and was prone to giving home-runs. Following a trade to Toronto, Estrada has been a revelation since being placed in the rotation. His changeup has been credited as one of the reasons for this success. Estrada is still prone to surrendering homers, has dealt with a couple of back problems over the past few seasons, and found success much later on in his career, all of which negatively affect his draft position. Nevertheless, Estrada would have been welcome addition to the starting rotation (or the back end of the bullpen) on those terrible Astros teams in the late-2000s.


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Matt Garza

The 2005 MLB draft saw the Minnesota Twins draft RHP Matt Garza 25th overall. Garza would not be available to the Twins in a re-draft but, as noted, he represented a solid draft choice for the Twins in 2005. The Twins would continue the pitchers trend and take RHP Jaime Garcia in a re-draft. Similar to many of the other pitchers drafted towards the end of the first round here, Garcia is nothing special but is a solid and capable pitcher at the MLB level. He has not really had a breakout season, but has consistently achieved an ERA in the 3.00-4.00 range. He will not embarass any team who inserts him in the middle to bottom of their rotation, as he will post some good outings for the team most nights.


Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Craig Hansen

RHP Craig Hansen was the choice of the Boston Red Sox in 2005. Although he appeared in 70 games with the Red Sox over two seasons, he was never able to become a reliable reliever. Sleep apnea concerns also contributed to him leaving professional baseball. The Red Sox would draft 1B Logan Morrison this time around, in a re-draft. Morrison is a quality first baseman who is a good enough all-around player. He has a bit of power in his bat but his batting averages tend to be lower than most teams would prefer. With that said, Morrison has shown signs of breaking out as 2017 has undoubtedly been his best season yet. It remains to be seen if Morrison's 2017 season is sustainable, but is still well worth the gamble for the Red Sox in a re-draft.


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Joey Devine

The Atlanta Braves used their 27th overall draft pick on RHP Joey Devine, who might have ended up becoming a good reliever but he was forced to undergo two Tommy John surgeries. This time around, the Braves will draft OF Austin Jackson here. Jackson is having a very good 2017 season but, throughout his career, he has been merely a 'good' player. He doesn't usually hit for a high average and does not have much power, but speed is perhaps his greatest asset. In fact, Jackson twice led the league in triples (11 in 2011, 10 in 2012). He seems to have generally served as the fourth outfielder on some teams, which has limited his playing time. All told, Jackson is a good MLB quality outfielder who can serve as a much needed speed threat on the basepaths and will be a good defender in the outfield.


Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Colby Rasmus

In 2005, the St. Louis Cardinals drafted OF Colby Rasmus 28th overall. Rasmus was generally a steady producer throughout parts of his career, but has often battled extreme inconsistency. Rasmus' dad was alleged to have repeatedly intefered by coaching Rasmus himself rather than letting the Cardinals' staff work with him. This, along with other things, led to a strained relationship with then Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa. As a result of this, there is no chance the Cardinals select Rasmus in a re-draft. Instead, the Cardinals would be better served drafting Travis Wood. He has had some good years in the MLB (2016), but has also had some years where he got lit up by batters (2017). Wood carries some value in that he is capable of serving in the rotation or in the bullpen, although his stats might suggest he is better served pitching out of the bullpen. All told, Wood carries a 4.17 ERA, 1.309 WHIP, and 5.4 WAR across 295 games in 8 years.


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Jacob Marceaux

With the 29th overall draft pick in the 2005 draft, the Marlins drafted RHP Jacob Marceaux - their 3rd first round pick that year! This draft pick was acquired as compensation for losing Carl Pavano to the New York Yankees in free agency. Marceaux was unfortunately never able to reach the majors after playing in six professional baseball seasons. This time around, the Marlins will instead turn their attention to OF Colby Rasmus. As already noted, drafting Rasmus would constitute a bit of a risk since he has been so inconsistent in his career. It could be argued that perhaps playing in Florida/Miami would be a good fit for someone like Rasmus, since he would not be the center of attention.

It is more likely that the Marlins would be a bit more amenable to letting Rasmus play the game his way rather than with St. Louis, who are constantly trying to make the playoffs and place a great deal of pressure on their players.


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Tyler Greene

With the final pick of the first round of the 2005 draft, the St. Louis Cardinals selected Tyler Greene. He became a utility infielder who appeared sporadically in the MLB over five seasons. His best season came in 2012 when he appeared in 116 games with the Cardinals and Astros. OF Cameron Maybin would be the Cardinals' choice with the 30th overall pick in a re-draft. Maybin, initially drafted 10th overall by Detroit in 2005, possesses good speed but has not really been able to put it all together at the major league level. When he gets MLB playing time, he is able to show off his good speed and his ability to triple on a well hit ball. His ceiling does seem to be that of a fourth outfielder, however. The Cardinals could certainly do a lot worse at this point in the 2005 draft, as they could probably use some speed off the bench in late-game situations.

This is how we think the 2005 MLB draft would play out if teams were allowed to go back in time and conduct a re-draft. Let us know what you thought of the rankings for the 2005 MLB draft class.

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