14Adam Johnson, 2000, 2nd Overall, RHP, Twins

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When it comes to baseball busts, more often than not, the player is a pitcher based on many different factors. Players get hurt from putting too much of a strain on their arms, something they might not be used to, or the pressure of everything riding on their shoulders. Adam

Johnson was taken in the first round by the Minnesota Twins and quickly became a bust at the major league level which was shocking because of how smartly the Twins drafted every year. They were always very consistent when it came to building a team on a budget.

The hardest part for Twins fans after the failure of Adam Johnson was that they passed on Adam Wainwright, who went on to do very big things in St.Louis.

For being so successful in college and then becoming a big time MLB prospect, Adam Johnson finished his professional career with 26.1 innings pitched and a 10.25 ERA after giving up 23 earned runs and 13 walks.

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