Top 15 Cities The MLB Should Consider For An Expansion Team

Baseball has had to evolve over the years in order to survive. It’s seen hits such as the World Wars as well as how breaking the color barrier shifted things up. The arrival of television changed things as fans didn’t have to go to the parks to enjoy their favorite teams and spread it out to the rest of the country. That led to a push for expansion, causing the changes of additional divisions, wild card playoffs and more. It’s also led to MLB expanding from only a handful of teams to 30 and yet still talk of more in the future. It may be a bit off but there are cities who want a team to boost themselves despite the risks. It’s no secret expansion teams have to struggle to reach a serious level and even a team that’s been in a location for a long time can see their attendance slide with bad teams for a long period.

It’s tricky to figure out the right city as shown by past bids. It has to be a place where baseball is highly popular and has the right conditions to create a stadium to back up their bid. Some cities are better off than others although it’s more surprising that the south haven’t gone for baseball teams considering the sport’s popularity. Some cities are better off supporting it than others due to economics, weather, tourism and other touches. While non-North American cities don't appear to be fits, that still leaves plenty of cities, large and small, that can benefit from a major league team and a fanbase that could sustain that popularity. Here are 15 places that can use an expansion team and prove the future MLB can still grow wide.

15 Honolulu

14 Las Vegas

13 Brooklyn


An obvious choice as many older Brooklynites have never forgotten the Dodgers and have talked for years of a possible replacement. There’s issues of how the Yankees and Mets would have to do some legal waivers to allow a team in Brooklyn but the idea of an area with a population of over 2 million not boasting its own team seems pretty ridiculous. You can imagine the revival of the ancient Brooklyn-Yankees rivalry, maybe even building a stadium near the site of the old Ebbets Field and just the idea of a ball team back in Brooklyn will lead to major success out of the gate.

12 Portland

11 Vancouver

10 New Orleans

9 Charlotte

8 Oklahoma City

7 Columbus

6 Louisville

5 Indianapolis

4 Nashville

3 San Antonio

2 Orlando

1 Montreal

An obvious choice as the city has never gotten over the loss of the Expos back in 2004 and Olympic Stadium is still there waiting to be refurbished. Montreal still has a good sports base, a key to a team and Canada could use someone else besides the Blue Jays. While the Expos suffered a downturn in their last few years, the passage of time has had many wondering about getting baseball back and Montreal remains a huge market for sports not just in Canada but North America itself. It might take some doing but the fanbase is still there, a stadium that can be renovated and updated and give the Great White North another team that can hopefully give the city what they long wanted in terms of championships.

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Top 15 Cities The MLB Should Consider For An Expansion Team