Top 15 Hottest WAGs in Major League Baseball

Baseball is a big, fat slice of Americana right up there with mom and apple pie. It's the national pastime, after all. When we're kids, we dream of growing up to be big league ballplayers. We emulate our favorite ballplayers, and try to imagine being on that big stage, facing down a Roger Clemens or Clayton Kershaw, and smacking a home run to win the World Series for our team.

As we grow older though, our love of the game doesn't diminish. We still dream of getting the biggest hit, making the biggest play, or maybe even throwing a no-hitter on the biggest stage. And since baseball is such an international sport, and its reach extends well beyond the borders of America, those accomplishments and achievements would be played out on a world stage – making our legend even bigger.

Sadly, very, very few of us will ever get to see those dreams play out. We simply aren't big league ballplayers and never will be.

Which of course, is unfortunate for us because not only will we never be international legends whose play is talked about for eternity around the world, we'll never get to experience the other benefits to being a big league ballplayer. No, not the money. The women!

Ballplayers are blessed with gifts on the field that we mere mortals cannot even aspire to. But off the field, ballplayers are blessed with an abundance of women that we regular schmoes can't even dare to dream of.

It's a life that most of us will never get to taste. Which is what makes the Internet such a wonderful place. At least we can do a Google search and see what we're missing!

With that in mind then, here are the Top 15 WaG's in MLB today.

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15 Jaime Edmondson

via comicbookcatacombs.blogspot.com

Life is pretty good if you're Evan Longoria. You're the face of a Major League franchise – albeit, the Tampa Bay Rays, but hey they were pretty good there for a little while! But after a tough day at the yard, which let's face it, if you're a Tampa Bay Ray, they're all a little tough, he gets to come home to his girlfriend, former Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson.

The couple has been together for a number of years now, and has two children together – the second of whom he watched his wife deliver via FaceTime as he was in Japan on a MLB goodwill tour.

14 Dallas Latos

In a very clear case of dating up, Mat Latos somehow snagged the gorgeous Dallas. Mutual friends, who had been dating at the time, introduced the couple back in 2009. The pair hit it off well enough to become engaged by 2010.

During their time together in Cincinnati, Dallas had become a fan favorite – not very shocking. And now that her hubby is pitching in South Beach where the weather is hot, and the clothing is short, we're sure she's going to be an even bigger fan favorite.

13 Kim DeJesus

Happy Thursday! ✌️

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We got to know Kim DeJesus when she, along with fellow baseball wife and friend Kim Getz, were contestants on the reality show, The Amazing Race. She seemed very likeable and smart. The part time actress and model is the wife of Tampa Bay Rays outfielder David DeJesus.

David DeJesus has bounced around the league, playing for six teams in his 12 season big league career and isn't one of the game's brightest stars. But we really can't muster up too much sympathy for him given that he gets to play a game for a living and go home to Kim. Yeah, no sympathy at all, really.

12 Brittany Binger

#tbt @johnhildebrandsicky

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If Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Grady Sizemore hasn't yet played the lottery, he may certainly want to start. After all, he has to be considered one of the luckiest guys on the planet. He's managed to parlay so-so talent into a ten year big league career. But more than that, he has somehow snagged a wife who is clearly the better half in that relationship.

Meet Brittany Binger, model (of course), TV personality, and oh yeah, former Playboy Playmate. How in the world Sizemore was able to land a smokin' hot woman like Binger is a mystery for the ages that's right up there with who shot JFK, the existence of alien life at Area 51, and the Illuminati.

About all we can say is – good on ya, Grady! You may not have had a Hall of Fame career, but you did pretty well for yourself all things considered!

11 Emily Greinke

The end of a great day pic.twitter.com/7B7pQYJfop

— EmilyGreinke (@Wilsysmommy) June 29, 2014

Given how perpetually prickly and seemingly unfriendly he is, it's a bit of a shock that Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke has any friends, let alone a stunner of a wife in Emily. Okay, that's not entirely fair. Zack has a social anxiety disorder and he credits Emily with keeping him in baseball early in his career when the disorder threatened to derail his career. For her part, Zack's high school sweetheart is a former Miss Daytona Beach USA winner, as well as a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. She currently does a lot of charity work, which likely involves keeping her husband from snapping on some beat writer asking a stupid question – which makes her something of a saint.

10 Amanda McCarthy

Having bounced around to six different teams over his nine season big league career, Brandon McCarthy isn't exactly an All-Star caliber pitcher. He does just enough to hang on to a team for a time, but eventually, he moves on – a career 4.09 ERA isn't exactly helping his case. Lucky for him though, that his wife Amanda – swimsuit model extraordinaire – doesn't seem to care too much about wins, losses, and ERA's and the couple seem to be enjoying a wonderful relationship. So wonderful in fact, that after a scary injury Brandon suffered after being hit in the head with a comebacker – and the subsequent surgery and rehab – upon being released from the hospital, he decided to play the sympathy care and lobbed this Tweet out:

Maybe not a great pitcher, but a pretty funny dude with an equally funny, and gorgeous bride.

9 Chelsea Goff

Hubby kisses @FreddieFreeman5 pic.twitter.com/nvSQpdaoE0

— Chelsea Freeman (@chelseafree5) March 6, 2015

Oh what it must be like to be Freddie freaking Freeman. 25 years old, a rising star in baseball, the face of a Major League franchise – even if it's a franchise that nobody expects much of this year – and pulling in more money than a person can possibly spend in one lifetime. Oh yeah, and you're married to Chelsea Goff – a former bikini model turned realtor. We're guessing that she doesn't have to really extend herself all that much to sell a house. Would you say no to her? Yeah, life is not too bad at all for Freddie Freeman these days. And we all resent him for it.

8 Larisa Fraser

Ryan Braun took a lot of heat for his use of PED's. And though he's been clean and surprisingly productive since coming back from his suspension, that dark cloud still follows him around from ballpark to ballpark. He's most definitely not thought of as the same player before his cheating came to light. But we doubt he's losing much sleep over it since he gets to come home to one Larisa Fraser every night. Born in Toronto, but raised in Utah, Fraser was discovered by a talent scout in a mall and began modeling professionally soon after. She's a part time actress, having had a role on CSI, and currently runs a couple of blogs focused on nutrition and exercise. Yeah, PED scandal or not, it's probably pretty good to be Ryan Braun.

7 Kristen Travis

via playerwives.com

Jered Weaver is the face of the Los Angeles Angels, and ace of the pitching staff. He's a classic story of a local boy made good, coming out of Long Beach State and into the Angels organization. He also married his college sweetheart, also a Long Beach State athlete – former LBSU soccer player Kristin Travis. She worked in special ed shortly after college, and those efforts have driven her charitable work as a baseball wife. She has that wholesome, girl next door appeal. She's adorable, so it's not hard to see why Jered was so taken with her. Lots of us are too.

6 Tiffany Nicole Smith

We bet that you'd be feeling pretty good about yourself if you were one of the most sought after pitchers in all of baseball, wouldn't you? We also bet that you'd be feeling even better about yourself if, because of just how dominant on the mound you are, you were able to parlay that into a payday of almost $20 million dollars for the 2015 season.

We know that we would. David Price definetely is.

So given all of that, just how good about yourself would you feel if you were young, rich, a pitching stud – and were then able to go home to the very lovely Tiffany Nicole Smith? We're guessing the answer would be VERY damn good about yourself.

Not only is Tiffany Nicole Smith a stunner, she's incredibly feisty as well, taking on – of all people – the Boston Red Sox fans, calling them all a PoS in a series of Tweets. Unlike Price, who tried to walk his comments back, Smith doubled down on hers and let the Sox fans know just how she felt about them. She is clearly, not a woman to be trifled with.

Now, let's just hope Price gets traded to Boston – that would be must see TV.

5 Molly Beers

via BigStockPhoto

What is it with ballplayers and models? Not that we can blame them. In early 2008, Mets third baseman David Wright met model Molly Beers. They kept their relationship a secret until that summer, when they finally decided to go public with it. After that , the couple was inseparable. And really, can you blame him for not wanting to let her out of his sight?

The couple married in 2014, shortly after Wright signed a pretty lucrative contract that will give him plenty of stability, which is important now that he's a married man with a wife who wants children and all.

4 Krystle Campbell

via nydailynews.com

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, once one of the more feared hitters in baseball, may be on the downside of his career, but he still seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Especially given the gorgeous woman he calls his bride.

A former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, Howard met Krystle Campbell in 2009. After a two year courtship, the couple was engaged in 2011, and married in 2012. No matter how bad Howard might be slumping at the plate, or how down his power numbers might be, we can only imagine he still rolls into the ballpark with a smile on his face every day. We know we would.

3 Hannah Davis

Oh, how I hate Derek Jeter. How I really, really hate Derek Jeter. Not only have I had to watch him plunge a dagger through the hearts of my Angels team time and time again, but he's filthy, stinking rich, world famous, has had a fairytale freaking life, is still very much one of the faces of pro baseball, and has had a very long, very distinguished roster of girlfriends through the years.

And now he's apparently dating bikini model and amazing SI covergirl, Hannah Davis – who is about half is age. Did you see the latest SI Swimsuit Edition cover? If not, go forth and find it now. You can thank me later.

Oh, how I hate Derek Jeter. How I really, really hate Derek Jeter.

2 Lisalla Montenegro

#riseandshine #brilhe #summerselfie

A post shared by Lisalla Montenegro W 🏎🔥 (@lisallamontenegrow) on

One thing you can say about Angels pitcher CJ Wilson is that when he does something up, he does it up big – he gives up the big, monster home run, chokes away the big game, and apparently, lands himself one of the most beautiful women on the planet. We're still not sure how that happened.

Lisalla Montenegro, now Lisalla Wilson, is a model born and raised in Goias, Brazil. She is currently one of the faces of Maybelline, but has done her fair share of swimsuit shots as well. And we're all thankful for it.

If Wilson seems somewhat distracted on the mound at times, now we know why.

1 Kate Upton

Sorry about the cold #floridaiswarm #suckstobeupnorth @expressrunway

A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

You knew this list was not going to end without seeing Kate Upton's name appear on it, didn't you? The SI covergirl is number one on this list with a bullet. Why? Because she's Kate Upton.

The girlfriend of Tigers ace Justin Verlander, Upton is quite obviously, a very well known model and actress – and likely the fantasy of most all males between the ages of 18 and death. She's done a lot of modeling, acting, and for some reason, putting up with Justin Verlander.

Some might argue with putting Kate at the top of this list, and to them we say – go and Google “Kate Upton Catdaddy" and watch the video you find. Chances are VERY good that when you find and view said video, you will understand why she is #1 on this list. And you'll thank us for directing you there.

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