Top 15 Hottest Women Alex Rodriguez Has Hooked Up With

via Alex Rodriguez made his major league debut playing shortstop with the Seattle Mariners at age 18. He later played for the Texas Rangers and now plays infield for the New York Yankees. In 2007, at

via Alex Rodriguez made his major league debut playing shortstop with the Seattle Mariners at age 18. He later played for the Texas Rangers and now plays infield for the New York Yankees. In 2007, at age 32, Alexander Emmanuel "Alex" Rodriguez, nicknamed "A-Rod" became the youngest player to hit 500 career home runs.

And those aren’t the only home runs A-Rod has been hitting. Off the field, Rodriguez’s life has become the stuff of tabloids. Having dated a plethora of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies (and a rumoured handful of strippers and escorts) A-Rod’s exes include Cameron Diaz, and even the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

Despite his unquestionable talent and the fact that he is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time A-Rod has never had the best reputation, leading a highly controversial career due in part to his lucrative contracts and his use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. The later of the two resulted in a 162 game suspension, which put A-Rod out of the game for the 2014 season.

While it’s certainly hard to keep up with wives, girlfriends, and rumoured hookups, the latest we’ve heard is that A-Rod has moved on from ex-girlfriend and former WWE star Torrie Wilson, and is now dating fitness model and personal trainer Erin Simmons. An ex track star and minor celeb in the fitness world, the two stepped out together for the first time in December. One thing is certain, Rodriguez definitely has a type and has always had a thing for muscles on the ladies which has at times resulted in rumours of him hooking up with transsexual escorts. Left field? You read that right. It’s hard to imagine, but hey we all have our vices: some of us enjoy the occasional cigarette, others prefer a cold beer and then there are the professional athletes who get bored of dating Hollywood hottest females and bed the odd dude on the down low. “Allegedly”.

Here are the top 15 hottest women Alex Rodriguez has hooked up with.

15 The Strippers


We’re not off to the best start here, but these two are worth noting (but not because they’re hot enough to hold their own spots on this list).

Rewind to 2007 and Rodriguez was still married to the beautiful Cynthia Scurtis. The New York Post reported that Rodriguez spent an evening in Toronto with a blonde woman, later identified as Joslyn Noel Morse, a longtime exotic dancer.

Cheating New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is apparently a big fan of strippers because not long after, and somewhere around the time Scurtis filed for a divorce, Candice Houlihan a former exotic dancer from the Boston area told the Daily News that she and Rodriguez had sex on two occasions in 2004 when a still very married Rodriguez was in town playing against the Boston Red Sox.

14 Madonna


Madonna and Alex Rodriguez were the hottest couple in New York City in 2008.

Seen by many as “the last straw” Cynthia Scurtis (Rodrigues) filed for a divorce shortly after rumours were published in Us Weekly magazine about a possible affair between A-Rod and the Queen of Pop. Then-married Madonna fought back and claimed that the two were “just friends” however later evidence against the two would suggest otherwise.

13 Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny Frankel and Alex Rodriguez were rumoured to be an item in 2009.

Frankel reportedly laughed off rumours that the two had hooked up and was quoted telling a reporter: "We're madly in love; we're engaged. I fly to Miami every weekend. I'm in the front row when they're playing. I never felt this way." Word has it her response to the gossip sparked Rodriguez’s attention and the two went on to date. Others insist the D-list reality star started the rumours herself as a form of self-promotion.

12 Alicia Marie

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Knowing A-Rod’s “type” it isn’t all that surprising that he was linked to fitness model Alicia Marie. Alicia Marie called Alex Rodriguez a "sweetheart" and insisted that while the two spent time alone at her apartment, they are just "close friends." This was around the time that strippers and escorts were climbing out of the wordwork claiming to have slept with the player (on and off the field) so you really can’t blame the girl for pleading the fifth.

11 Jessica Sekely (Canseco)


Former Hooters waitress, model, and author of Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife Jessica Sekely was married to former MLB outfielder, and designated hitter Jose Canseco when rumors flew that Sekely and Rodriquez were an item. Canseco has stated that A-Rod was trying to sleep with his wife and went as far as to out A-Rod by claiming he "introduced Alex to a known supplier of steroids." While we may never separate the truth from the rumors Canseco made sure his true feelings were clear by ending a chapter in his own book by saying:

“So A-Rod, if you're reading this book, and if I'm not getting through to you, let's get clear on one thing: I hate your f***ing guts.”

10 Torrie Wilson

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Torrie Anne Wilson is a former WWE Diva, fitness competitor, and actress. Wilson and Alex Rodriguez were in a serious relationship from 2011-2015 and the two seemed quite serious often spotted on vacations together and even house hunting. But as the old saying goes, once a player always a player. The two split and before anyone had really even realized it Rodriguez was on to the next one, flirting with mystery blondes and eventually arm in arm with current girlfriend Erin Simmons.

9 Elaine Spottswood


A-Rod rebounded quite nicely from his split with Kate Hudson in 2009 when he was spotted not long after with leggy Miami beauty Elaine Spottswood. In true A-Rod fashion the break from Hudson might not have been as clean as Rodriguez would like everyone to believe, multiple sources at the time claimed that A-Rod was still seeing Hudson when Spottswood came into the picture. The two fizzled out after being spotted together a handful of times, Rodriguez reportedly telling friends she was “too clingy”.

8 Ella Magers


Like I said A-Rod certainly has a type and Ella Magers checked all the boxes. In fact the blonde could quite easily fill the role as Cameron Diaz’s stunt double. Never a man who stays single long, Magers was spotted leaving A-Rod's house not long after he split from Diaz. A fitness professional located in Miami Beach where A-Rod makes his offseason home, Magers had a “prior working relationship” with A-Rod before the two were linked romantically.

7 Julianne Hough


Dancing with the Stars professional Julianne Hough was rumoured to have dated Rodriguez in 2013. While the MLB player has previously dated his share of blonde, Hollywood beauties, the New York Yankees star was reportedly shut down by Hough. It was later reported that the two went out with some sources claiming the DWTS beauty only considered a date with Alex to make her ex-boyfriend, TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest jealous. A part of me really hopes Hough did in fact use A-Rod as a pawn in her game. A game he is quite familiar with.

6 Melissa Britos


According to reports, A-Rod became "obsessed" with fashion model Melissa Britos after meeting her at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach opening party. At this time he was dating (or “not dating”) Madonna, but why would that stop him? The two were rumoured to have dated for a brief time in 2008-09 often spotted together in Miami. It's amazing to hear that A-Rod could be obsessed with anybody other than himself.

5 Cynthia Scurtis


A-Rod’s original “no.1 Fan”: Cynthia Scurtis. The couple married in 2002 and had two beautiful daughters during their time together. Scurtis filed for a divorce citing "emotional abandonment" of her and their children, as well as "extra marital affairs and other marital misconduct" shortly after the birth of their second daughter in 2008 amid rumors of affairs with exotic dancers and the Queen of pop. Scurtis walked away from the marriage (reportedly into the arms of rocker Lenny Kravitz) with the couple's $12 million home, reimbursement of legal fees, her car, life and health insurance, child support inclusive of private school tuition, distribution of assets and alimony.

4 Demi Moore


Demi Moore pulled a best-friend faux pas (Madonna) and was spotted dining out in New York City with Alex Rodriguez in 2012. But let's not throw all the shade at Moore for this one, remember A-Rod’s girl Torrie Wilson? While she wasn’t present at the dinner, the two were reportedly “definitely still together.” With A-Rod’s track record and Moore’s record of bedding younger guys we’re left wondering what really went down with these two.

3 Kyna Treacy

Clayton Brannon Photography

Who the hell is Kyna Treacy you ask? Call me a hopeless romantic, but she is a favorite of mine, and not just because she's a total babe. The Australian bikini model was sitting in the stands for Game 1 of the ALCS when A-Rod reportedly tossed her a baseball with his phone number scrawled on it. According to the model's big mouth friend the two apparently went on a romantic date later that night. The story paints A-Rod as a real romantic if not for the fact that he was quite seriously dating Torrie Wilson at the time. Oh right, her again. As for the stunning Kyna Treacy she enjoyed her 15 minuets of Internet fame.

2 Kate Hudson


A movie star is always a movie star even when she's at Yankee Stadium, and apparently Rodriguez wasn’t fond of sharing the spotlight. There will always be two sides to every story and while one side reports the couple's six-month relationship came to end because of a “clingy and jealous” Hudson, the other claims a jealous Rodriguez "smothered" Hudson. The claws really came out when A-Rod moved on to Diaz only months after their December 2009 breakup.

1 Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez were a couple from 2010 - 2011. The undercover lovers kept a low profile after they were first spotted dirty dancing at a Super Bowl party in Miami shortly after A-Rod’s split from Kate Hudson. Eventually going public with their relationship with plenty of high-profile appearances and vacations, the couple were rumored to have parted ways because they were both busy with their professional careers. However, a book titled House of Outrageous Fortune: 15 Central Park West, The World's Most Powerful Address alleges A-Rod hired the services of prostitutes while dating Cameron and took part in “three-way hooker trysts”. It’s hard to believe there isn’t even a bit of truth to those allegations based on Rodriguez’ track record. When asked about dating the Hollywood A-lister A-Rod told The Insider “I don't like talking about my relationships. But I will tell you about CD: She's probably one of the greatest human beings I've ever met, and just an amazing light."

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Top 15 Hottest Women Alex Rodriguez Has Hooked Up With