Top 15 Hottest Women That Derek Jeter Has Hooked Up With

There’s no doubt about it – Derek Jeter is one of the best players to ever swing a bat and lace up his shoes for the ball field. He basically became the face for the New York Yankees throughout his nearly 20 year career (all in New York), and served as the Yankees captain for over a decade in the latter half of his career. And, I mean, do we even need to go over his athletic accolades? The man won five World Series championships, five Gold Glove Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards, was a 14 time All-Star… I mean, this man was truly one of the best in the game. As soon as hints of his retirement began circulating, you know the Baseball Hall of Fame staff started working on Jeter’s plaque – it was an inevitability.

Now, while Jeter’s long career as an athlete means many of his achievements are tied to the game of baseball, he’s also known as having an extraordinary amount of game with the ladies. Jeter is a handsome guy and, thanks to his career as a professional athlete, has kept himself in fairly good shape over the years. However, absolutely nothing can account for the sheer amount of gorgeous women he dated apart from some insane amount of charm. After all, sure he attained more success and notoriety than many professional athletes do as he had a bit of an edge in skill, but at the end of the day, having a double digit amount of bombshell celebrities or supermodels in your little black book is a feat unto itself.

Every man on earth wants to know how he did it. In fact, though Jeter has more than enough money to live comfortably in retirement, should he get bored, we highly recommend he pen a book on how to pick up women. It would be an instant bestseller – just look at his track record.

We don’t know how you did it Derek, but you did. Here are 15 of the hottest women Derek Jeter has slept with.

15 15. Jessica Biel

14 14. Vanessa (Minnillo) Lachey

13 13. Jordana Brewster

12 12. Joy Enriquez

11 11. Gabrielle Union

10 10. Mariah Carey

9 9. Vida Guerra

8 8. Rachel Uchitel

7 7. Bridget Hall

6 6. Adriana Lima

5 5. Scarlett Johansson

4 4. Lara Dutta


3 3. Hannah Davis

2 2. Jessica Alba

1 1. Minka Kelly

While she made her biggest silver screen debut as the star of college horror flick The Roommate, you’ll probably know Minka Kelly best for her time as Lyla Garrity on beloved television series Friday Night Lights. And, it must be said, this is the woman who managed to keep Derek Jeter on the hook for far, far longer than any of his other women. The two dated from 2008 to 2011, broke up, and briefly reunited in 2012 before moving on for good. Towards the end of their relationship, there were even wedding rumors circulating as the media became impressed by the sheer amount of time Jeter spent with the Hollywood starlet compared to his typical relationship length. When her star power started skyrocketing, Jeter just couldn’t take the heat and the two split for good.

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Top 15 Hottest Women That Derek Jeter Has Hooked Up With