Top 15 MLB Players Who Can’t Wait To Be Traded

Being a Major League Baseball player would be a dream come true for most people. The fame, fortune, and ability to retire relatively young are just a few of the perks involved. However, like with any line of work, it's important to be happy and enjoy what you do. Moreover, it is also important to enjoy where you work. Many of us have worked at places during various points in our lives, which we may have considered less than ideal. There isn't a worse feeling in the world than getting up in the morning and going to a place you don't really want to be. This holds true, even if you are a professional athlete making millions of dollars.

There are many MLB players who find themselves in less than ideal situations. Despite being extremely wealthy, it's still important for a professional athlete to find a work environment that is healthy. However, there are times when this is not the case. In some instances, talented players are warming the bench when they could be potentially starting in another organization. In other instances, you may have a franchise player who has been stuck with a losing organization for far too long. There are a number of reasons a particular athlete may need a change of scenery. That being said, here is a list of Major League Baseball players who may be ready to take their services elsewhere.


15 Ryan Braun

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Player: Ryan Braun is an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. The talented slugger has been one of the best players in baseball over the last decade. He was the NL Rookie of the Year, an NL MVP, and 6-time All-Star. When his career is over, Braun will likely be considered for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Why He May Want To Leave: Braun is now 33 years old and likely entering the twilight of his career. His current team the Brewers are rebuilding and aren't expected to be contenders anytime in the near future. It's quite possible, that the franchise star, who's only been to the postseason twice in the last decade, would like to play for a contender.

Chance Of Being Traded: Moderate. If a team feels like they need an extra bat to make a postseason run, they might give the Brewers a call mid-season.

14 Jay Bruce

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The Player: The hard-hitting right fielder from Beaumont, Texas has spent the majority of his career with the Cincinnati Reds. Bruce is a 3-time All-Star who has hit over 30 homers, 4 times in his career, including last season. Bruce was traded to the New York Mets, in August of 2016.

Why He May Want To Leave: It has been rumored that the New York Mets were not a team that Bruce would have preferred to play for. He did hit 8 home runs during his brief time with the team last year. However, his batting average was just .219. The Mets are a big market team and the media there can be tough at times. It's possible Bruce that may prefer a smaller market team, similar to the Reds.

Chance Of Being Traded: Slim. The Mets just picked him up last season and aren't likely to part ways with him so soon.

13 Miguel Montero

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The Player: The veteran catcher spent several seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks, before being traded to the Cubs, prior to the 2015 season. He is a 2-time All-Star, who helped the Cubs win the World Series in 2016.

Why He May Want To Leave: It's a bit unusual that a player would want to leave a team that is fresh off of winning a championship. However, in an interview with ESPN Radio Chicago, Montero expressed disappointment over his lack of playing time. Wilson Contreras will likely be the Cubs primary catcher this season, meaning Montero may once again struggle to find playing time.

Chance Of Being Traded: Slim. With David Ross retiring, Montero provides needed depth at the catcher position. Unless he becomes a problem in the locker room, Montero should remain a Cub.

12 Giancarlo Stanton

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The Player: Giancarlo Stanton is an outfielder for the Miami Marlins. The 27 yeard old is one of the premier power hitters in all of Major League Baseball. He even won the Home Run Derby last year by hitting the most home runs by any player in derby history.

Why He May Want To Leave: The obvious reason would be that the Marlins are not a very good team. They have not been to the postseason since 2003. Moreover, they have a relatively small local fan base and a seemingly nonexistent national following. If the young Stanton want's major endorsement deals and more mainstream attention, Miami isn't the place to get it.

Chance of Being Traded: Moderate to High. It seems like there are trade rumors involving Stanton swirling around the internet every season. The Marlins are a team with a lot of needs and Stanton is a major bargaining chip.

11 Yasiel Puig

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The Player: After a hot start with the Dodgers over the course of his first two seasons, Puig has cooled off a bit. He was named to the All-Star team in 2014 and has a career batting average of .287. He has struggled with off the field issues and injury during his time with the Dodgers.

Why He May Want To Leave: The Dodgers traded for Josh Reddick last year to replace him in right field. This eventually led to Puig being demoted to the minors. Yasiel Puig couldn't have been pleased by this series of events.

Chance Of Being Traded: Surprisingly Slim. The Dodgers did not retain the services of Josh Reddick and Puig has had an excellent spring thus far. There is a good chance he remains a Dodger.

10 Todd Frazier

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The Player: Frazier is a power hitting 3rd baseman, who currently plays for the Chicago White Sox. He is a 2-time All-Star and a Home Run Derby Champion. Frazier also played for the Cincinnati Reds, prior to being traded to the Sox. He was able to hit 40 home runs last year, the most he has ever hit in a single season.

Why He May Want To Leave: It's no secret the White Sox are trying to rebuild. They have already traded star pitcher Chris Sale. Outfielder Adam Eaton, who was also one of the team's better players, was also traded for young players this offseason. Rebuilding can take several years in baseball. The 31-year-old Frazier may not want to waste good years with a team that won't be able to contend for awhile.

Chance of Being Traded: Moderate to High. The Sox seem willing to trade any veteran players at this point.

9 Jeimer Candelario

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The Player: Jeimer Candelario is a prospect for the Chicago Cubs who played with the team briefly last season, before being sent back to the minors. He is an infielder who was shown the ability to hit for a high average in the minors. He could develop into a solid starter at 3rd base.

Why He May Want To Leave: The Cubs have a young infield that features big name stars like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Addison Russell. All of these players are under the team's control for the next several years. Barring some unforeseen injury to one of these players, playing time will be difficult to come by for Candelario.

Chance Of Being Traded: High. Candelario could be a valuable asset for a team that's trying to rebuild. With John Lackey aging and Jake Arrieta's future uncertain after this season, Candelario could be part of a package used to acquire a starting pitcher.


8 Carlos Gonzalez

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 The Player: Carlos Gonzalez has been one of the few bright spots for the Colorado Rockies over the last several seasons. He can hit for power, average and is also an excellent defender. Prior to his last few seasons, he was also a viable base stealing threat. He was NL batting champion in 2010 and has appeared in 3 All-Star games.

Why He May Want To Leave: Despite all his accomplishments, the 31-year-old has only made one appearance in the postseason, which was back in 2009. The Rockies aren't likely to contend anytime soon. If Gonzalez wants a shot at winning at all, it will probably have to be with another team.

Chance Of Being Traded: Moderate. Gonzalez has a big contract and a history of being somewhat injury prone, though he has been healthy in recent years.

7 J.D. Martinez

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The Player: The outfielder has been a steady source of production for the Detroit Tigers since he joined the team in 2014. Martinez was even able to hit 38 home runs back in 2015 and became an All-Star for the first time that season. His career batting average stands at .281.

Why He May Want To Leave: Espn's Buster Onley had this to say about the Tigers; "They will listen to trade offers on everybody Miguel Cabrera. Justin Verlander. Ian Kinsler. Anybody".  Hearing that your team is willing to get rid of their top players, isn't good news if your 29 and in the prime of your career, as Martinez is.

Chance Of Getting Traded: Moderate. He's a good player in the final year of his contract. If the Tigers are out of contention by mid-season, they may see what they can get for him.

6 Andrew McCutchen

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The Player: McCutchen has been the best position player on the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last several years. The 5-time All-Star was even named National League MVP in 2013.

Why He May Want To Leave: He has already been informed by the organization that he will be moved from center field to right field. Moreover, it seems like he has been linked to countless trade rumors during the offseason. When asked about this in a USA Today interview, he said; “It stings. I’m not to the point of being upset and mad about it, but I’m not smiling about it. And I’m not walking around saying everything’s great, either."

Chance of Getting Traded: High. It sounds like the team is trying to get rid of him and McCutchen doesn't want to stick around either.

5 Paul Goldschmidt

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The Player: Paul Goldschmidt is the star first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Goldy is 2-time Gold Glove Award winner and 4-time All-Star. He boasts an impressive career batting average of .299.

Why He May Want To Leave: The Diamondbacks haven't been good in awhile. Their division features both the Giants and the Dodgers who both have excellent rosters. Goldschmidt is another player who may have to go elsewhere if he hopes to appear in a World Series.

Chance of Getting Traded: Slim. He signed what could be considered a "team-friendly" contract and is one of the few bright spots for the team on offense. Moreover, their signing of pitcher Zach Greinke, prior to the beginning of last season, shows that the organization is serious about trying to be competitive in the near term.

4 Evan Longoria

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The Player: Evan Longoria has long been the face of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. He is a former Rookie of the Year, a 2-time Golden Glove winner, and 3-time all-star. He also hit 36 home runs in 2016, the most he's ever hit in a single season.

Why He May Want To Leave: The team really hasn't been the same since Manager Joe Maddon and General Manager Andrew Freidman left town. The Rays have had a losing record for the past three seasons. When he signed his contract extension back in 2012, Longoria may not have been expecting a regime change.

Chance of Getting Traded: Slim. The Rays have a solid starting pitching rotation led by Jake Odorizzi and Chris Archer. They may think it's possible to return to relevance next year, in which case, it might make sense to keep Longoria around.

3 Felix Hernandez

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The Player: Felix Hernandez is very likely the best pitcher who has ever played for the Seattle Mariners. He is a former Cy Young Award winner and a 6-time All-Star. He also boasts and impressive 3.16 career ERA.

Why He May Want To Leave: Hernandez has been in the league since 2005 and has been one of the best pitchers in baseball during that span. However, Felix Hernandez has never pitched in a postseason game. If he wants to change that, he may want to go somewhere besides Seattle.

Chance Of Being Traded: Slim. Despite missing the playoffs, the Mariners won 86 games last year and finished 2nd in their division. If they want to build on last season's momentum, Hernandez will need to be in Seattle.

2 Brian Dozier

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Player: The Minnesota Twin's second baseman is coming off a season where he hit an eye-popping 42 home runs. The year prior (2015) Brian Dozier was selected to his very first All-Star game. Dozier also participated in 2014 Home Run Derby.

Why He May Want To Leave: There have been several trade rumors regarding Dozier this offseason. At this point, it seems fairly likely Dozier will be traded sometime in the near future. It's possible that Dozier may just want to be traded in order to get over with and move on with his career.

Chance Of Being Traded: High. The Twins aren't likely to be contenders anytime soon. If they can land some major prospects for Dozier, it would only make sense to trade him.

1 Tim Tebow

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Player: Tim Tebow is probably best known for being an outstanding college football player. However, he recently signed a minor league deal with the New York Mets. Let's be honest, Tebow will probably never make a regular season plate appearance. However, when you're dealing with a high profile athlete like Tebow, it's alway fun to speculate.

Why He May Want To Leave: It's going to be hard enough for Tebow to try and make a major league roster, after not having played baseball since 2005. New York isn't exactly a small market and every mistake he makes will be that much more amplified by the media.

Chance Of Being Traded: Virtually None. There probably wouldn't be any interest in Tebow from other teams at this point.


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