Top 15 MLB Players Who Could Pass as WWE Stars

What does the typical baseball player look like? They’re not all thin rails like the Golden Era where weight lifting was frowned upon and any muscle they had was there from beer. Many are actually mus

What does the typical baseball player look like? They’re not all thin rails like the Golden Era where weight lifting was frowned upon and any muscle they had was there from beer. Many are actually muscular beasts or naturally gigantic humans who could pass as professional wrestlers in the WWE.

Baseball is one sport where players come in the most varying shapes and sizes. You can be small and have a great career as a middle infielder or you can tower over everyone else and become the world’s most terrifying pitcher. Size isn’t everything in the WWE though, as there are other factors to consider.

In a hypothetical situation where MLB players crossover to the world of the WWE, we're also considering their mic skills, possible gimmicks or finishing moves, and actual reputations they have as fighters. Baseball is one of the gentler sports, however not everyone in the game plays by the rules.

Hot-tempered players like Carlos Zambrano didn’t make this list unless, of course, we saw something else in them. Primarily, our  top 15 MLB players who could pass as WWE stars are men who look like they could climb over the ropes; some without having to lift it because they have the inches or remind me enough of an actual WWE star. This doesn’t mean Zambrano’s personality wouldn’t make for a great gimmick, but we're pretty sure he would spend far too much time feuding with water coolers to have put together a strong championship run.

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15 Michael Pineda 

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees currently employ quite a few really big pitchers who could pass as WWE wrestlers. Possibly, they’re trying to relive the memories of Graeme Lloyd; an honorary mention to this list thanks to his great height and ugly mug. Starting pitcher Michael Pineda is one of the team’s current big pitchers standing at 6’7" and weighing 260 pounds. No doubt the size is there for him to compete on RAW against any of the superstars thrown at him. Pineda also has a fondness for pine tar, which in the WWE would surely work to his advantage as a great foreign object to use whenever the referees turn their backs.

14 Dellin Betances 

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The start of a great wrestling stable of Yankees pitchers, current setup man Dellin Betances is such a talented baseball player we rarely even bother mentioning how gigantic he is. Betances is even bigger than Pineda, standing at 6’8" with 265 pounds packed on his frame. Surely going to high school in Brooklyn helped make Betances aware of the legendary wrestling jobber The Brooklyn Brawler. Betances likely already has more wins than The Brooklyn Brawler ever did, giving Betances a headstart.

13 Ryan Howard 

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Given the nicknamed “Big Piece,” Philadelphia Phillies’ first baseman Ryan Howard sure lives up to his name and in another life would have made a great WWE wrestler. He has lost a noticeable amount of weight in recent years, but maintains his size. An Achilles tear threw up a huge roadblock in his career several years ago which gives him something in common with so many other WWE stars. Unfortunately since he’s a baseball player and not in the WWE, Howard never got to make a triumphant surprise return at the Royal Rumble.

12 Jose Altuve 

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Altuve is probably not the first MLB player you think of when trying to find those who could pass as WWE wrestlers. However, the same can be said about Rey Mysterio. If you put a mask on the 5’6", 165 pound Altuve, he could probably become the world’s best crossover baseball player/WWE star entering the ring as a luchador. Altuve is athletic, fast, and although I doubt he can pull off the 619 like Mysterio, he can surely find another unique move to finish off his opponents with. Does anyone know the area code in Houston?

11 Giancarlo Stanton 

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton is a big man at 6’6", 240 pounds. Best of all, it looks almost entirely made up of muscle. Add his protective helmet with the cage attached to the side and we may have the MLB’s version of Mankind. Stanton is as athletic and powerful as anyone in the MLB. His height often goes overlooked because this man is so proportionally strong, that until you actually see him in person you won’t realize how large he is. Not half-bad looking either, I would imagine Stanton being similar to a Latin John Cena.

10 Mat Latos 

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Mat Latos’ size at 6’6", 245 pounds definitely helps his case in passing as a WWE star. However, it’s not necessarily his frame that has him on this list. Instead, it’s Latos’ multiple tattoos that land him on this spot. Also, due to his trash-talking history against the Cincinnati Reds, Latos has proven he can work the mic... unlike many other big men in WWE history. Since his MLB career isn’t going too well at the moment, he may seriously want to consider switching over to the WWE. If it works, he can thank me later.

9 Jon Rauch 

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the tallest man in MLB history, no list of mlb players who could pass as professional wrestlers is complete without Jon Rauch. The 6’11", 290 pound pitcher last pitched in 2013 for the Miami Marlins after a successful decade in the MLB with multiple teams. In wrestling, he would be comparable to a decent wrestler on the independent circuit. Far from the greatest relief pitcher in the game’s history, his size alone was enough to make a pinch hitter think twice about stepping into the batter’s box. I’m guessing he could do the same to many opponents inside of a WWE ring.

8 Bobby Estalella


One of the lesser known players on this list, Bobby Estalella is a career backup catcher who only played in 310 MLB games. He stands out to us because of his 6’1", 200 pound frame that was literally just one giant bicep with tattoos on it. The Miami native also was also a handsome man and would have made for a great rival or tag-team partner with Santino Marella, depending on the route the WWE went for him. Unfortunately, steroids may have gotten him suspended in the (somehow) more strict WWE.

7 Nolan Ryan 

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

You may not think of Nolan Ryan as the guy Vince McMahon wants representing his company. If you were to ask Robin Ventura though, he may believe Ryan already had some training. At a playing weight of 6’2" and 170 pounds, Ryan’s infamous headlock on Ventura during an August game in 1993 earns him a spot as a passable WWE star. Think of him more as a veteran who comes back to boost the RAW ratings, instead of an actual competitor at this point. His finisher would be the “Ryan Express” and anytime he’s in a feud with an opponent who decides to break kayfabe, they could refer to him by his real first name, Lynn. This alone could get Ryan to finish him off with a headlock.

6 Prince Fielder 

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The WWE loves their second-generation stars, which is perfect for the son of Cecil Fielder, Prince Fielder. On top of that, Prince Fielder currently has a slightly more WWE-look with the added muscle and tattoos. His vegan lifestyle could also help with his  gimmick and his place in the ESPN the Body Issue is on-par with so many Divas appearing in Playboy, except a few thousand times less sexy. At only 5’11", Fielder still does pack on 275 pounds worth of punishing his opponents in the ring.

5 Bryce Harper 

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Young superstar Bryce Harper isn’t huge at 6’3", 215 pounds, but he is certainly large enough to compete in the ring with many of the WWE’s greatest stars. Already nicknamed “Bam-Bam” and “Mondo,” he already has a couple of potential names for his wrestling career. Harper can look all-American clean-cut and Mormon (which he is) or a little rougher around the edges. His interviews are also legendary with mic work that could get him over as a heel or a face. Stay on his good side and avoid clown questions, bro.

4 Dmitri Young 


If Dmitri Young was a WWE star, he might be our absolute favorite. His nickname alone, “Da Meat Hook,” is awesome and solidifies the name of his finishing move, which we would imagine involves some sort of armbar. The retired MLB player’s listed playing weight was 295 pounds, which we're guessing was mostly fury. Best of all, once establishing himself as a star in the WWE, Young could tag-team with his brother, Delmon. Of course, Delmon comes with his own problems, like his anti-Semitic slurs in the past, thus giving their newly formed tag-tam immediate heat.

3 Jonathan Broxton 

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Big Jonathan Broxton just seems to inflate in size each time he steps on the mound. One of the few MLB players in history to weigh in at over 300 pounds, Broxton has the girth to feud with Big Show over and over again, in one of those WWE storylines that ends with the ring breaking due to the weight of both wrestlers. As a relief pitcher with closer experience, we also have to expect him to be at least a little crazy, which works to his benefit with whatever gimmick he chooses.

2 Adam Dunn 

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

“Big Donkey” Adam Dunn always appeared much larger than the 6’6", 285 pounds he stood at during his playing days, which only ended after the 2014 season. Dunn was always one of the larger position players in the MLB and was likely a favorite of Vince McMahon, if the WWE Chairman actually watches baseball. Dunn’s home run prowess showed just how strong he was. It featured the kind of advantage a man of his size had over everyone else. Unfortunately, he never played in a postseason game in 14 years, possibly making him one of those wrestlers who would never make it to the main event scene.

1 Kyle Farnsworth 

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

If there was ever an MLB player you wanted on your side in a fight, it was pitcher Kyle Farnsworth. The 6’4", 230 pound reliever was not the biggest ballplayer, but he had a few moments that were so WWE-worthy, it landed him the top spot on this list. Farnsworth has fought Paul Wilson and Jeremy Affeldt; at least from what we know. We're guessing if there are two known to the public, there are others waiting in the draft of a tell-all book. Now a semi-pro defensive end playing football and taking his tackling skills to a sport that actually allows it, Farnsworth is the baseball player who could best pass as a WWE star.

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