Top 15 MLB Throwback Jerseys You NEED To See

Baseball has a long rich history which makes it America's past time. Throughout that that history, franchises have relocated and changed names to become the thirty teams we all know and love today. Baseball is the one sport that does an excellent job in preserving and celebrating its history. Nothing can give a fan a better visual of the past than when teams have a throwback jersey night. Some teams during the course of the season will play games in uniforms that date back to the franchises earlier years and its both fun and a way to pay tribute to the players of the past. it also is a nice alternative to the generally bland uniforms teams have come to play in this day and age. Here are 15 jerseys that would still look cool in the game today.

14 New York Mets 1986 Away 


Road jerseys are usually grey and boring, however this one has nice subtle details that make it stand out. The obvious detail that stands out is the cursive writing of "New York" across the chest. Also the number below the name of the city was a popular style for older jerseys that would be nice to see in some of the uniforms today. The Mets is short for Metropolitans simply enough. A defining detail to this jersey is the team colors of orange and blue streaming down the side of the arms and mid section, something you just don't see anymore. The Mets wore the home version of these jerseys in 2016 in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the 1986 World Series championship team.

13 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998 Home and Road


1998 was the inaugural season for the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays, known today as the Tampa Bay Rays. The name Devil Rays in itself added some bite to the franchise, and the bright colors in the letters plays to the fun relaxed Florida lifestyle. Having a devil ray gliding across the front of the jersey was also a very nice touch along with one on the left sleeve of the jersey. While some people may be turned off by the vibrant letters, it made the jersey stand out and we all knew exactly who was playing when you saw them on TV. Tampa bay changed their name to just Rays in 2007 to apparently change the reference to the rays of the sunshine state.

12 Pittsburgh Pirates 1998


This jersey was never in the franchises rotation, but was part of a promotional night called "turn ahead the clock." This was basically a concept of how MLB jerseys might look in the future. In 1998 these were not received well but maybe revisiting this might work today, plus people are very nostalgic when it comes to the '90s. It's like a casual Friday for the players and that giant pirate face can serve as intimidation towards the opposing club. They got the Pirate name back around 1890. The then Philadelphia Athletics thought a player name Lou Bierbauer was supposed to play for them but the Pirates signed him. The A's compared them to Pirates in the media and the name stuck, showing that Philadelphia gave another team a better name than the one they have themselves.

11 Colorado Rockies 1998


Since the '90s were so awesome let’s just stay there for a little while more. The Rockies also had a "turn ahead the clock" jersey. What is cool about this jersey is instead of reading the team name across the chest, it puts the actual Rockies on it. The baseball may be a little tacky, but the white sleeves accentuate the purple nicely. Baseball is starting to cater to younger fans so maybe the jersey of the future is the jersey of today. The Rockies came into existence in 1993 and enjoy the advantage of playing in high altitude which helps balls fly out of the Coors Field. The Rockies have one of the better looking uniforms today they have a few different uniforms they play in, but they should consider something close to this.

10 Houston Astros 1976


The Houston Astros 1976 jersey looks better than the 2017 unis that they play in. This home jersey is rather simple and adds a little bit of flare with the star shooting across the top of the chest. Teams should do a better job incorporating their logos on their uniforms and this one does that perfectly. The Astros name comes from the large industry of aeronautics and space industry in Houston. Houston has actually had a good history of making vibrant uniforms for their team. Most people can probably recall the bright multi-colored jersey that is probably on a list of worst uniforms somewhere. These days the Astros jersey doesn’t display as much character as the older ones, which makes the 1976 jersey one that should be put back in the rotation.

10. Kansas City Athletics 1965


Before the Athletics played in Oakland, they played in Kansas City. This uniform is a two piece set, as the jersey is more like a vest with an undershirt that has the player’s number on the sleeve. On one side of the jersey is the number, with the big A logo opposite. This style of jersey was popular among many teams at this time, and a few teams still have some uniforms like it today. There is no rich history behind the team’s name, but it does have the distinction of being the oldest nickname in baseball dating back to 1860! The A’s had a yellow jersey as recently as the early 2000’s, but the head to toe look was a defining look for the franchise, along with the elephant logo that they also used which is kind of random because elephants don’t personify athleticism.

9 Cincinatti Reds 2000


Hard to believe this picture is already 18 years old, but this sleeveless jersey with the black sleeves had an edge. Pinstripes are always a good look for any baseball uniform and they look even better in red. Yet again this look was ditched for a more conservative one they play in today. Reds was originally short for Red Stockings (way too similar to Red Sox!),than changed to Redlegs in the 1950s to not be mistakenly associated with communism. Shortly after the name was changed back to the Reds and has stayed that way ever since. The Reds have been in Cincinnati since their beginning in 1869, becoming the first fully fledged professional team. The road version of this uniform was pretty sweet too with red pinstripes over grey.

8 Philadelphia Phillies 1979


This head to toe burgundy uniform almost looks like an precursor to the Adidas Track suit that was popular in the '80s. The Phillies actually planned to wear these for every Saturday home game in 1979, but some players were not feeling them and were said to rather be traded than trot out on the field wearing this uniform. Thus, the jerseys were done after one game in which they blew a lead but they could be a nice alternative to the team’s grey road attire. The Phillies is simply short for Philadelphia and most believe it has been the name since 1883. Not the most creative name, but the other name they were associated with around that time was the Quakers which may be even worse.

7 San Diego Padres 1978


The 1978 Padres jersey looks almost home made with the letter looking like felt. UPS uniforms maybe rough on the eyes, but this pairing of brown and yellow works and is unique in that not many sports teams use brown for their team colors. The team name really has no influence on the jersey, which means father in Spanish and what Roman Catholics called a priest. The brown and yellow has since been dropped in favor of blue. This year the Padres unveiled new uniforms and fans were not happy,with some clamoring to go back to the brown unis since the blue looks like most other teams. Since the roster doesn’t stand out too much then the fans at least want the uniforms too.

6 Seattle Mariners 1977


The Mariners inaugural season was 1977 and this majestic jersey came with them. Blue and yellow was a popular color combo in the '70s as a couple of teams utilized them, but this over the head jersey was one of the better ones. The Mariners name came about after a contest, and it was decided upon because of the city of Seattle's association with the sea apparently. The trident doubling as the M is a nice detail and gives a nod to the names meaning. The team colors have changed since the '70s, changing from a light blue and yellow to a mostly white and turquoise pattern. Today’s jeresey is actually one of the better modern ones, but these would still look good to play in today.

5 Chicago White Sox 1976


The 1976 version of the White Sox uniform gets a lot of style points for having the number on top of the pants. The color combo of navy blue, red and white works well with a bar across the chest and stripes on the sleeves. As boring as actual white socks are, it was a welcomed effort by the team to make the uniforms look desirable to wear. The White Sox have held their name since 1900, and before that were known as the Saints of Minnesota when Charles Comiskey bought the team. The jersey they wear today actually look pretty good,especially the all black road uniform with the Sox name written on the left side of the chest which is kind of old school.

4 Atlanta Braves 1974


The 1974 Atlanta Braves Jersey was one of the best of its time. The blue base with the white sleeves was a clean look, and the Braves written in cursive across the chest added some elegance to the jersey. It also helped to have Hammerin' Hank Aaron wear it when he was smashing home runs at a record setting pace. The Braves got their name when James Gaffney in 1912 of Tammony Hall, which was named after a famous Native American leader Tamanend, bought the team in 1912. The Braves name is a good politically correct name for its Native American roots, but people outside of Atlanta probably hate the fans chant with the axe gesture. Todays Braves jersey isn’t bad looking but not as sweet as this one.

3 Houston Colts (Astros) 1962


The Houston Colts debuted in 1962 and as you can see were named after the colt 45 gun. in today's world this would definitely not be received well, and for good reason with all the gun violence in this country. However this jersey has bad-ass written all over it. Not much history into the team’s name can be found, but it’s reasonable to think it draws inspiration from the days of the wild west. Endless puns could be made while calling a game like " the second baseman just threw a bullet to first" or "the hitter shoots the pitch into center field." The name lasted until 1965 when the club changed the name to the Astros, and the creativity of the uniforms continued on up until today.

2 Chicago White Sox 1977


Although technically this jersey is not part of the White Sox history, it's still a dapper uniform. The ultimate professional look while playing a game of baseball, this uni features a full collar that you can pop if you want to or wear to a nice dinner. Early 1900's uniforms featured collared jerseys, and fashion is always bringing older styles back to life so maybe this can be the next revival in baseball. Players who wore the uniform in the game pictured above said that they like playing in the really old school unis so maybe they can make a comeback. The White Sox boast a nice collection of uniforms throughout their history and this one can be put at the top of their portfolio.

1 Anaheim Angels 1998


The 1998 Angels of Anaheim jersey was the franchise’s best jersey ever. The colors meshed well together and the Angel wing crossing the A was genius. Those wings must have worked real well for Jim Edmonds as he was flying all over center field making spectacular catches almost every game. It may have been a little on the cartoony side, but after all the Walt Disney Company did own the team from 1997-98. The company even made a movie called “Angel’s in the Outfield.” Over the years the franchise has incorporated halos into the logo and name on the jersey, but this design was better. The Angels should definitely bring this back or at least something similar to this one. The colors have since changed to red and white.

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