Top 15 People Who Really Don't Like Derek Jeter

When you hear the name Derek Jeter, you know who people are talking about. Let’s be honest, he’s world famous. He’s a wildly successful, recently retired professional baseball. He had the great fortune of playing for one of the world’s most famous sports franchises, the New York Yankees. He’s won multiple World Series Championships and he earned himself the nickname of “The Captain.” He is widely adored in New York and just about anywhere else that has Yankees fans. He is acknowledged by people who follow sports to be a consummate professional, an incredible leader and one of those guys you’d love to start a franchise with (when he was in his prime). But, in spite of all his accolades, all the praise that’s been heaped on him, he’s not infallible. He has faults. He has detractors. For every thousand fans he’s won over during his long and glorious career, he’s certain to have angered or upset a few. No one can be so nice that they don’t have anyone hating them, right?

Wrong. I mean, for starters, the man worked for the so-called Evil Empire, right? As many fans love the Yankees, there are just as many people all over the world who love to despise those same Yankees. Someone like Jeter just becomes their own Public Enemy Number One, the very public face where they can direct their anger on a regular basis. But wait…I thought Jeter was this amazing guy, right? How can this guy be so great, but yet still have people who love to hate him? Newsflash, people…EVERYONE is capable of being hated, of being loathed. Jeter, for all of his greatness, for all of his accolades, people will find his faults, people will search for his flaws, and they will revel in every attempt to make their hatred justified. It’s what happens with squeaky clean celebrity types. So, in the case of Derek Jeter, just who were these people who hated him and why? (And, just to be clear, for the most part none of these people have actually come out and said “we hate him,” but given the circumstances, you can presume there might be some issues there).

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15 Lara Dutta

via shrewyou.com

Here’s one ex you’d think would have been in a great position to reel in The Captain and keep him off the market. I mean, she was a freakin’ Miss Universe. MISS UNIVERSE!!! But, no, she was not able to hook him and keep him off the market long. Though Dutta is clearly a stunner and she landed with Jeter pretty much while she was on top of the beauty world (meaning, right after her Miss Universe win), the pair was actually only a pair for about a year. So, why would she hate him? Well, she is a stunner and the two could have made quite the couple. The problem for her (if she even wanted to settle down at the time), was that even if she wanted to, Jeter was very much in his bachelor prime. Back then, I don’t think anyone was pinning him down permanently.

14 Rachel Uchitel

Here’s someone who apparently has a knack for landing famous boyfriends. Though, for at least one, I don’t know if it warrants the label “boyfriend,” as she was one of the many women Tiger Woods was shagging in the rough, too. But, she wound up shagging fly balls with Derek Jeter too, back around 2008. She was certainly meeting the requisite level of hotness that appeared to be The Captain’s standard, as she was up for a spread in Playboy, after all. Now, while that would seem plenty attractive for ninety nine percent of the men in America, clearly she wasn’t hot enough for Jeter (or, you know, they had other compatibility issues and it wasn’t at all about looks). But, as with every other one of his exes, surely there’s a wee bit of disappointment there. I’d wager she dislikes him at least a little bit and who could blame her.

13 Derek Jeter’s Neighbors

I'm the best gift giver haha! #italianmastiff #gonnabeHUGE #KANE

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Okay, so this one is more focused on an animal than on Jeter, but who can really de mean to an animal? So what are his neighbors mad about? Well, when you live in a ritzy, upscale neighborhood, you assume you have classy neighbors. Quiet neighbors. Right? Of course. I mean, when you spend a small fortune to live there, you expect serenity. Fair enough. Apparently, however, Jeter’s fiancee gifted him an Italian mastiff a couple years back and the dog is a demon. Neighbors have said they are scared of the dog, that the dog barks frequently and loudly, and that his presence is a nuisance. In spite of his palatial spread, it’s apparently not enough space to keep his dog away from his neighbors, and thus keep them happy.

12 Joy Enriquez

via nydailynews.com

This one was, to me, just weird. Or awkward, perhaps. I mean, I get it, Enriquez is a very attractive woman and a bit of an actress too. But, it’s the whole “how they met” that would turn me off. Jeter’s teammate at the time, Alex Rodriguez, introduced the two. Which, would seem all well and good and nice, except…well…here’s where it gets weird: Rodriguez had been dating her before and, when they ended it, she moved on to Jeter. Unfortunately for her, she took two swings, at two different Yankees superstars, and missed on both of them. But, keeping in mind that back then, EVERYONE was missing on Jeter, that’s not alarming. But again, seeing how she missed landing the big prize, I am sure she wasn’t happy.

11 Mariah Carey

via thepointmag.com

Okay, so maybe this mega-star doesn’t hate him, but can you just imagine? Jeter was just getting to be one of his sport’s biggest stars, on the verge of greatness, perhaps immortality within the sport, considering he was about to win the first of many World Series rings. Carey was in her own heyday, putting out hugely successful albums and just generally being a massively popular pop star. Could you imagine the kind of power couple this would have been? Perhaps they both realized that, since this was one of Jeter’s longest relationships. Maybe that’s why he stuck with it and gave it a shot. Now, something tells me Carey probably wasn’t livid and, at the end, she probably didn’t totally hate him, if only because she was then and is now plenty successful. But, as a lover scorned, there’s always the likelihood she had moments that she detested the shortstop.

10 Boston Red Sox Fans

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest. The Beantown faithful more than likely hate ANYONE wearing a Yankees uniform, so despising Derek Jeter is nothing particularly unique to The Captain. But, when you are the face of the franchise, especially for a period of incredible success, well, you tend to get a lot of hate rained upon you. And, Jeter’s rise was closely linked to a long run at the top for the Bronx Bombers, a period of time where Boston was often the bridesmaid but not the bride (until 2004). So, it’s kind of easy to see why fans would hate the guy, though I’d be willing to say that if he was pulling on a Boston uniform, he’d be adored. He wasn’t a bad guy. He just was easy to hate when he played against you.

9 Vida Guerra

via bustedcoverage.com

Are you noticing a trend here, relative to Jeter and his women? I would hope so, because it’s a pretty obvious trend to pick up on. And what is it? It’s that Jeter liked, and dated, a lot of exceptionally hot women. Models, pageant winners, actresses and pop mega-stars among them. Not saying he would only date hot women, but I just call ‘em like I see ‘em and Derek Jeter was a big fan of the beauties. But, in spite of being in FHM and other publications, Guerra was only good enough to keep Jeter all to herself for about a year. That timeline seems to be pretty much the standard length things went on for. I’d be willing to bet that, for at least a few days after the breakup, she was not a fan of Jeter’s.

8 Anyone who Despises the Prolonged Retirement Tour

William Perlman/NJ Advance Media for NJ.com via USA TODAY Sports

OK, in his defense, this one doesn’t just apply to Jeter. He just happens to be the last big name to do it, but others have done so (Chipper Jones and his own teammate, Mariano Rivera, come to mind). So why would this get him to be despised? Well, think about it. A lot of the greats finish a season, or get injured, and then reflect on things and decide they’ve had enough. No long goodbye, they just fade away. Not for these guys and not for Jeter. They announce ahead of the season that this is their last time through the motions, and with baseball, that’s 162 games (at least) where you know the guy has basically checked out. Opposing teams suck up and shower the guy with gifts, and it all feels kind of rather self serving. So, anyone (not just Jeter) who does that? I can totally understand fans hating them.

7 Baltimore Orioles Fans

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Red Sox are the easy explanation…but the Orioles? Of course, why not. They, too, share a division with the Yankees, so there’s a rivalry and they play the Yankees a lot, meaning the dislike is easy to understand. And, as the face of the team for so long, it’s perfectly normal for Orioles fans to focus their hate on good old number 2, right? Of course! And, if that wasn’t enough, even though you’d think that would be, we can toss one more item into the equation. 1996. American League Playoffs. A seemingly routine fly ball to the Yankee Stadium outfield gets snagged by a young fan, Jeffrey Maier, who insanely reached into the field of play and interfered with the ball while in play. What could have been ruled interference was instead called a home run. And who hit that fly ball? Derek Jeter. So, yes, Baltimore fans have plenty of reasons to hate Jeter.

6 Anyone who Hates the Yankees

via ballparkeguides.com

Believe it or not, there are fans out there who just simply despise the New York Yankees. These people will go out and say that they have two favorite teams: their own and whomever is playing the Yankees on any given day. I wouldn’t call it an irrational feeling, but it’s special. But, it does make some sense. As someone who grew up outside of the New York metro area, I was used to seeing, especially over the last couple decades, these Yankees break the bank for all sorts of stars. They were the Evil Empire, after all. So, people hated the Yankees, and by extension, their face - Derek Jeter. The irony there, of course, is that Jeter was actually a home grown talent though. Regardless of where the Yankees found him, he was paid handsomely over his career, including a ton of cash well after his prime. So, outside of New York, there are plenty of people who hate Jeter just because he was a Yankee.

5 Toronto Fans

Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Why should the other American League East division members from Boston and Baltimore have all of the fun? They shouldn’t. I mean, fair is fair, right? So, as with the Red Sox and Orioles, the Blue Jays similarly share in a great hate for Derek Jeter. I mean, think about it. For most of his career, New York was in the playoffs. And, if they were in the playoffs, that meant that (until the Wild Card) that Baltimore, Boston and Toronto were not. Now, sometimes those other teams weren’t good enough to get in anyway, but there were years where they had a great season, but not great enough, because the Yankees were being greater. Jeter was a huge part of that success. On top of that, the fans could be driven nuts by his super clean persona. Like, he was presented as this super-cool, all-around good guy. But was he too good? It bothered some.

4 Anyone who Just Hated New York

Wait, what? People like that exist? Absolutely they do. Some of these people don’t even much care for baseball, but because Derek Jeter was a superstar who sort of broke boundaries, people could recognize him as a New York Yankee and a face of New York during his time in the city. And, if you hated New York, and Derek Jeter was a representative for that city, then it wasn’t all that hard to decide to focus your hate for the city at one of it’s most famous residents. I know, I know. It sounds crazy, right? But I grew up away from New York. I hated the Yankees and when I was younger, I didn’t much care for the city either. The irony for me is, I now live and work in New York City, so I suppose I’ve warmed up to it. Though, I still dislike the Yankees with a passion. Including Jeter.

3 Jordana Brewster

via espn.com

Man, this guy really racked up quite the little black book of all his exes, didn’t he? I mean, each ex is hotter than the next and Brewster is no exception. Though they weren’t together long, even by his standards, perhaps that’s enough of a reason for her to hate Derek Jeter too? I mean, here you are, one of the hottest women on the planet and somehow that’s not enough for Jeter? The Captain felt he could do better (and, at the risk of stating the obvious, he always improved upon his previous exes), so who are we to argue. But as for Brewster, after having Jeter pass her by, she didn’t do much, right? She was just in a starring role in this small movie franchise, Fast and the Furious. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

2 Jessica Alba

Wow, the names just get bigger and bigger, though, in the case of Jessica Alba, these two got hooked up pretty much before Alba’s career blew up. She was still known back then, and very hot, but not quite as big a star then as she became later on. So why should she, or could she, be mad at Jeter? Now, this is admittedly all a rumor, but if it is even remotely true, it’s a big thing and a very valid reason to despise someone. Supposedly, Jeter may have given her herpes, which is not exactly what you want to have your beau give you. Or anyone else, for that matter. So, if the rumor is in fact true (and there’s likely no way either of them would ever confirm that), then it’s a huge reason she’d hate Jeter. And, for that matter, if Jeter has herpes to share, it’s a huge reason for any woman on this list (or, any of his exes who didn’t make this list) to hate the man too.

1 Jessica Biel

Following the previous Jessica, Jeter hooked up with her just as she was becoming a star, and right on the cusp of becoming an even bigger star. The couple actually lasted a while (as far as Jeter’s standards were concerned), making things work for around a year. But, for those of you paying attention, or who happen to know Jeter’s dating history off the top of your heads, Biel came after Alba. And, if during their year of romance, things progressed as you’d assume they might…and (big if here) if what was reported about Alba was in fact true, then there’s a chance Jeter also gave Biel the gift that keeps on giving and whom no one wants to receive.

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