15Lara Dutta

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Here’s one ex you’d think would have been in a great position to reel in The Captain and keep him off the market. I mean, she was a freakin’ Miss Universe. MISS UNIVERSE!!! But, no, she was not able to hook him and keep him off the market long. Though

Dutta is clearly a stunner and she landed with Jeter pretty much while she was on top of the beauty world (meaning, right after her Miss Universe win), the pair was actually only a pair for about a year. So, why would she hate him? Well, she is a stunner and the two could have made quite the couple. The problem for her (if she even wanted to settle down at the time), was that even if she wanted to, Jeter was very much in his bachelor prime. Back then, I don’t think anyone was pinning him down permanently.

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