Top 15 Reasons People Hate The New York Yankees

The Yankees are the most prestigious and successful franchise in sports history. With more than 10,000 regular season wins, the Yankees are pure winners. Having some of the greatest baseball players t

The Yankees are the most prestigious and successful franchise in sports history. With more than 10,000 regular season wins, the Yankees are pure winners. Having some of the greatest baseball players that have worn their jerseys, the Yankees have the most triumphant history in all of baseball.

Distinguishing themselves as the face of the MLB for pretty much its entire existence, the shadow they have casted over many other teams, putting a bad taste in the rest of the league's mouth whenever the Yankees are mentioned.

Everything down from their arrogant owners, the stadium they play in, and the jerseys they wear, if you are a baseball fan not from New hate the Yankees.

The Yankees have had some of the greatest baseball names to ever touch down on an MLB field, and with this, comes wins. So many wins in fact, they have 27 World Series championships, which leads every other team in baseball by a very hefty amount. All of this success can certainly cause the rest of the league to become bitter and resentful toward the Yankees.

Compiling a list like this can be difficult, because there are so many reasons to hate the Yankees, here are just 15 of those reasons.

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15 Their Fans

William Perlman/NJ Advance Media for via USA TODAY Sports

To put it simply, Yankees fans are just plain obnoxious. Being from Philly, I know a thing or two about prideful fans, but there is just something about Yankees fans that give you that bandwagon feel. It is just too easy to be a Yankee fan, because they win a lot. If you ask some Yankee "fans" to name some Yankee players that have played, I bet you will hear a bunch of Derek Jeters and that's about it. Also, wherever the Yankees play, there will always be a whole bunch of Yankee fans heckling away at the rest of the crowd. I can't blame them though, if I was from New York, I would probably bleed pinstripes too.

14 Their Players (Talents)


Every roster the Yankees have ever had were filled with stars with giant egos the media can't seem to stop covering. Does the hate come from the fact that fans may be jealous their team can't boast the same amount of talent? Maybe. But the Yankees have had so many superstars wear their pinstripes that you start to wonder how it has even been possible? With players such as Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig, it's easy to see why there is envy involving the amount of legends the Yankees have had.

13 They're Not Underdogs

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

America loves an underdog, and no, no team really wants to be the underdog, but the teams that are seem to be generally liked more than the overpowered teams they play. The Yankees seem like bullies playing against the smaller market teams that they have outspent 2 to 1 on everything. While their spending has gotten under control over the last couple of years, the Yankees will inevitably revert back to those ways if they don't get another World Series soon.

12 Costs

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees ticket prices are astoundingly high, but of course fans from New York will always "pay up" to see the Yanks take the field. The average ticket price is about $52, which is very high compared to the rest of the league. It's not just the ticket prices that are high though, parking is extremely expensive and the food is very pricey. A trip to Yankee Stadium can have you down about $80, and that's with a bargain. I feel as though the Yankees look at their fans as just another way to make money instead of actual people.

11 Media Coverage

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While watching ESPN or any baseball network, you can't help but notice the amount of coverage the Yankees always seem to get. The Yankees have the biggest market in all of baseball with a bunch of loyal fans, so even when there are better teams than the Yankees that year, the reporters can't seem to get enough of them. Baseball fans are tired of hearing Yankees this and Yankees that, just go away for a little bit...please.

10 The 2009 World Series


The Yankees started to come back down to earth during the late 2000s, and the hate they usually generate was starting to slow down. They almost went a decade without winning a World Series, which they dodged by beating out the Phillies 4-2 in 2009. I know seeing New York top Philadelphia really got under my skin, and I bet seeing the Yankees on the top of the baseball world for a 27th time brought a fresh new hate to the Yankees. Seeing them win with a $200 million opening day payroll, $65 million more than the next highest, the Mets, probably had something to do with it too.

9 A-Roid

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has had one of the most successful careers in MLB history. With 687 home runs, A-Rod is no doubt one of the best power hitters in baseball ever. This, was at least a common thought until he had admitted that he had taken steroids to enhance his play. He is an example of what is ruining baseball, and being one of the cornerstones of the Yankees for years, let's just hate Rodriguez and the Yankees. His attitude and persona in general and the fact he's in a Yankees uniform just enhances fans' hatred of the Empire.

8 The Steinbrenners

William Perlman-The Star-Ledger

Behind the money spending Evil Empire of the Yankees, are the Steinbrenners. Money has never been a problem for the family, and they seem to really enjoy spending it on the franchise. With George Steinbrenner's passing in 2010, his sons Hal and Hank have taken over the duties of creating a winning team every year. They have that greedy businessman feel to them, and the way Steinbrenner was portrayed behind the giant desk in Seinfeld, seemed just right.

7 Yankee Stadium

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Not only do the Yankees have one of the most elaborate and expensive stadiums in all of baseball, they had to go and name it after themselves. The high arching white fences on the top of the stadium adds more to help distinguish the Yankees from the rest of the league. They even had enough money to buy the stadium naming rights themselves, while other teams are playing at stadiums named after orange juice.

6 Their Attitude

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When watching a Yankee play ball, you can't help but think that they are just in it for the money. The Yankees always pay out an enormous amount of money to their players. A lot of the players on the Yankees have gotten offered smaller contracts to play for a smaller market team, but they decided to sell their souls and play for the Yankees. Yankee players also have a very cocky and arrogant attitude and always seem to show it when playing for the Yanks.

5 They Still Win

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Another reason the Yankees are widely hated is because they win...a lot. Yes, they still win now, and soon we will be talking about them winning their 30th World Series Championship. Fans love to root against the Yankees whenever they are playing their own hometown team. Problem is, it's hard to root against a team that's generally pretty good. It always irks people seeing the Yankees with yet another win in the boxscores, year after year. Can this team just be bad once?

4 The Pinstripes

William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

There is always something so dignifying about the Yankee pinstripes. It appears the pinstripes make them feel as though they are somehow classier than their opponent. They Yankee pinstripes are so distinguishable that it makes it easy to be able to pick out a Yankee jersey from a large crowd. With so much winning history displayed in every stitch, it is just another reason why the "high and mighty" Yankees are hated throughout the country.

3 Money

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

You may could the Yankees possibly have so many great players on their teams, year after year? The answer is simple. They have way more money than every other team. Money is not object to them. They are willing to spend as much money as it takes to create a contending team. The Yankees have really just bought their teams, instead of building them. Spending about $230 million this year on their players, their fans should really hope their team will perform based on what their paying their athletes.

2 The Big Apple


For the same reasons people hate the Yankees, people hate New York. The Bronx Bombers are just a staple of New York and everything negative that comes with the two. They go hand in hand with the people, the prices, the media, and the "we're better than you" attitude. They are just meant for each other as they both seem to dominate over anything you compare it to. People don't just hate the Yankees. They hate New York.

1 27 Championships

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

The Yankees have won the World Series an astounding 27 times. This league leading record's only comparison is the St. Louis Cardinals with 11 World Series wins. For some New Yorkers, every single one of these championships have a story, but to the rest of us, every single win is just another reason why they annoy us. They are just simply the greatest franchise in all of sports and if they're not winning for us...let's hate 'em.

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Top 15 Reasons People Hate The New York Yankees