Top 15 Unfaithful MLBers

Playing baseball for a living is not an easy job. Anyone who has played through a 162-game season would be able to tell you that a season is a grueling journey. For 6-7 months, a player plays games pretty much everyday, as a team will typically only get 18 days off over the course of the season. Even the off days can be rough, as most of them are spent traveling, sometimes from one side of the country to another. If they are not able to move their families to their team's hometown, they are away from their loved ones for that entire time.

Time away from home is hard, even for a baseball player. But sometimes, the fame and the fact that their job consists of playing a game for millions of dollars is not enough. Players all over the league, young and old, are unfaithful to their significant others. There are definitely major baseball affairs that have been kept under wraps, but sometimes these affairs become public knowledge.

Affairs in baseball are normally not made out to be as big of a deal as affairs in other sports (i.e. Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady), yet some of the biggest stars in the history of the game have still gotten involved in them. Hall of Famers, managers, and borderline players alike are all guilty of being unfaithful, as you will see in the coming list.

So here are 15 of the most unfaithful players in MLB history:

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15 Josh Beckett

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In a case of the player being the "mistress", former pitcher Josh Beckett is rumored to have had a relationship with famed country singer Miranda Lambert. Beckett and Lambert were long-time friends, and things eventually got more serious although there is no definite timeline as to when their relationship progressed. At the time, Lambert was married to fellow country music star Blake Shelton (they divorced in 2015). There are rumors that Lambert was planning to leave Shelton for Beckett, but her managers advised her against it. Either way, Beckett got himself into a sticky situation and may have been the cause for the divorce of two huge country music stars.

14 David Justice

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball fans may know that David Justice, who is also one of the numerous players on this list connected to steroids, was once married to actress Halle Berry for four years. They were divorced in 1997 and while the exact reasons are not known, it is rumored that the former outfielder was having an affair. He claims that he is innocent, but she has accused him of doing so. She did not take well to the divorce, as she opened up in an interview that she attempted suicide because of this situation.

13 Ron Washington

via sfltimes.com

Ron Washington led the Texas Rangers to back-to-back AL Championships in 2010 and 2011. However, he resigned from his post in 2014 due to "personal reasons." Those reasons ended up being an extramarital affair. In a press conference with his wife present, Washington announced that he made a terrible mistake after 42 years of marriage, and was resigning to help his family get past this situation. He stated that he wants to return to baseball in the future.

12 Chien-Ming Wang

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

In 2012, Chien-Ming Wang held a press conference to apologize for an 8-month long extramarital affair he had in 2010. He claimed that he was feeling lonely while rehabbing an injury, so he decided to partake in this affair. He apologized for hurting his wife, his son, and his mistress as he expressed how deeply sorry he was. He did not leave the game like Ron Washington. He is however still working on a comeback, as he recently signed a minor league contract with Kansas City.

11 Paul Lo Duca

via en.wikipedia.org

The former catcher has had many problems in his personal life. For starters, his wife (who is also a Playboy model) filed for divorce with a charge of adultery in 2006. Also, a 19-year old woman admitted to the New York Post that she had been having an affair with Lo Duca for 4 months, and did not know he was married until the Post told her. Lo Duca also was suspected of having large gambling debts. This suspicion led to the Mets (his team at the time) investigating him.

10 Chipper Jones

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Chipper Jones has been divorced two times (he remarried only 4 months after his first divorce). While the second divorce is rumored to be related to an affair, as he quickly moved on to a young woman named Taylor Higgins who was featured in Playboy, the first time was a confirmed affair. After 18 months with a Hooters waitress, Chipper and his first wife, Karin Fulford, divorced in 1999. This affair actually led to Chipper's first chiled, a son named Matthew, being born out of wedlock.

9 Mike Kekich/Fritz Peterson

via avclub.com

These two former lefthanded Yankee pitchers are not exactly unfaithful, but they took part in one of the strangest off-field stories in the history of sports. In 1973, the players held a shocking press conference in which they announced that they had decided to totally switch lives. Peterson's wife Marilyn, two kids, and dog were to move in with Kekich; while Kekich's wife Susanne, two kids, and dog were to move in with Peterson. It must have been a bizarre experience as a fan (especially as a Yankee fan), but they did not take it well. The commissioner at the time, Bowie Kuhn, claimed that he received more hate mail about this situation than the institution of the DH that year. Kekich and Marilyn split three months after this took place, while Peterson and Susanne are still married to this day.

8 Denny Neagle

via enquirer.com

Neagle, a pitcher who threw for 6 teams from 1991-2003, was caught in Denver in December of 2004 with a prostitute in his car. This effectively ended Neagle's marriage. He pleaded guilty in 2006 for patronizing a prostitute and served 40 hours of community service. Things did not get any better for him in the following years, as he was arrested in 2007 for driving under the influence. In 2008, he was listed in the Mitchell Report and connected to performance enhancing drugs.

7 Roger Clemens

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When he was a married 28-year old father of two and ace for the Boston Red Sox, Roger Clemens met a 15-year old girl in a bar named Mindy McCready. Clemens and the late country singer went on to have an affair that McCready said lasted over a decade. The affair is rumored to have ended when Clemens would not leave his wife to marry McCready. She confirmed that a Daily News exclusive story about the affair was true in 2008, which is the same time that the Rocket was facing perjury charges. Clemens and his wife Debra are still married to this day.

6 Matt Kemp

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

While he is not married, Matt Kemp still took part in an unfaithful affair. In the time leading up to their decision to get divorced (they ended up not getting divorced and are still married), Khloe Kardashian claimed that her husband, former NBA player Lamar Odom, was cheating on her. However, it also turned out that she was cheating on him with the star outfielder. Kemp does pretty well for himself, as he has also been with pop singer Rihanna.

5 Avisail Garcia

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of the 2013 season, the Tigers locker room was filled with drama. It turned out that Prince Fielder's wife had been sleeping with Avisail Garcia at some point during the season. This led to a clubhouse issue where the best hitter of our generation, Miguel Cabrera, stood up for Fielder and ended up injuring himself. After this whole situation, the Tigers quickly cut ties with the promising Garcia, sending him to the Chicago White Sox. Fielder is still married to the same woman, and was traded to the Rangers after the season in a blockbuster deal for Ian Kinsler.

4 Wade Boggs

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

In 1988, a woman named Margo Adams claimed that she had been Boggs' road mistress for four years, and filed a $6 million lawsuit against him. Boggs was married at the time, but claimed that he was a sex addict and could not control himself from cheating on his wife. His own classification as a sex addict has led to speculation as to exactly how many women Boggs has cheated with. These off-field issues clearly didn't affect his play, as he batted .328 in his career and is a member of the Hall of Fame.

3 Rick Manning

via youtube.com

In another case of teammates being unfaithful to one another, Rick Manning was engaged in an affair with the wife of Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley. After being traded to the Red Sox in 1978, Eckersley's wife, Denise, informed him that she was in love with another man. That man turned out to be Rick Manning, who was also Eck's best friend. Manning and Denise ended up getting married, and it seems that the two players are still great friends. Eckersley graciously mentioned both Manning and Denise during his Hall of Fame induction speech.

2 Barry Bonds

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The home run king of baseball* was involved in a nine-year affair with a woman named Kimberley Bell. Bell testified against Bonds during his perjury case, and what she had to say was not good at all for the 7-time MVP. She testified that he would talk to her about his steroid use, abuse her emotionally, threaten her physically, cheat on her, and she even testified to the fact that his testicles had shrunk (a major side effect to heavy steroid use). It's a shame that one of the greatest hitters to step foot into a batter's box was not only a cheat on the field, but a belligerent cheat off the field as well.

1 Alex Rodriguez

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has been famously suspended for cheating baseball, but did you know that he is a cheater off the field as well? While married with two kids, A-Rod was having an affair with pop singer Madonna. This caused Alex's wife to file for a divorce, which left A-Rod to focus solely on the singer who is 17 years his senior. After he was finished with Madonna, he dated actress Kate Hudson. She also left him because he was very much not over, you guessed it, Madonna.

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