15Colby Rasmus 

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Left fielder/utility outfielder for the Houston Astros, Rasmus has never been one to have a very high average throughout the course of a season. His MLB career average is only .244 and, this season, he's only hitting .230 with an on base percentage of .300. To put both of these statistics in

perspective, the league average for both of these stats is .255 and .316 respectively which means he is a below average player. This is also further backed up by his WAR being 2.1. Not bad, but definitely not good. He's a marginal player at best with below average hitting, average defensive skills and a terrible tendency to strikeout a lot (134 times this year). His speed isn't world-burning either, having only swiped two bases this year and only 30 in his entire career. The biggest part of his value as a player is that he can play all three outfield positions. Hopefully, this skill will keep him in the league long enough for him to figure out his hitting.

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