Top 20 Hot Pictures of MLB WAGs You NEED To See

Millions of kids dream of growing up to become a baseball star. The thought of earning obscene amounts of money for playing a game is enticing. The fast cars, expensive houses and the adoration of cheering fans are some of the perks that go with being a Major League baseball player. Another thing that seems to go with the baseball lifestyle is hot women. As far back as baseball history goes, professional ball players have enjoyed the company of some of the hottest women around. Even some of the worst players in history have had models, famous actresses, and centerfolds by their side.

While the life of an MLB WAG comes with many benefits and rewards, the road to big league success is often long and hard, which can strain even the strongest of relationships. Many up-and-coming ball players must lead a nomadic lifestyle as they climb the minor league ranks. It takes a special kind of woman to stand by their man through such adversity and often humble beginnings. It also takes a lot of faith and discipline to overcome the rampant infidelity that exists in all professional sports.

There are hundreds of players on Major League rosters which means that there are also hundreds of sexy MLB WAGs. These are the top 20 hot pictures of MLB WAGs you need to see.

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20 Emily Kuchar

via dcchalloffame.webs.com

Zack Greinke’s first hit in the Major Leagues was a homerun. The Arizona Diamondback hurler also hit it out of the park when he married Emily Kuchar in 2009. The two met while they were both attending Apopka High School in Florida. Emily became a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader when she was 18 and posed for the 2004 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. The voluptuous veteran of the beauty pageant circuit won the title of Miss Daytona Beach USA in 2009. Emily’s flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes are as pleasing to look at as her tight bikini body is. She’s not just a pretty face. She has created a stable home environment for Zack who has battled depression and social anxiety disorder.

19 Marikym Hervieux

via rantsports.com

Foxy French-Canadian Marikym Hervieux is a model, health coach, and the girlfriend of Toronto Blue Jays All-Star catcher Russell Martin. She has also done a bit of acting in both Canadian and American television. One of her biggest roles was acting as a calming force on Russell who was a fixture in the Los Angeles party scene during his days with the Dodgers. With a figure like Marikym's, it isn’t hard to see why Russell doesn’t mind staying at home. Her acting career is gaining momentum but her fans hope that she decides to do some more modelling. She looks especially fine in black lingerie.

18 Lindsay Clubine

Via topbet.eu

There are always certain risks involved in sending racy photos to somebody. Lindsay Clubine found out the hard way after some NSFW pictures of her were leaked and splashed all over the internet. The former Deal or No Deal ‘suitcase girl’ was in the habit of sending provocative pics to her husband, Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz. Lindsay, along with several other celebrities, was a victim of the iCloud hacking scandal. While Clay pursues a second World Series Championship, Lindsay remains busy adding to her acting credits.

17 JoAnna Garcia

Via photobucket.com

JoAnna Garcia is no ordinary baseball wife. The talented and pretty 36-year-old has been acting since she was 10 and continues to get roles in both television and in movies. She married Nick Swisher in December 2010 and the couple recently announced that they are expecting their second child. The former homecoming queen is actively involved in many charities and volunteers her time teaching English as a second language. Joanna is one sweet looking MLB WAG with a stunning figure.

16 Jill Davis

via playerwives.com

Baltimore Orioles’ slugger Chris Davis may strike out a lot at the plate but he hit a grand slam when he married former Oklahoma cheerleader Jill Meyer in November 2011. She’s blonde, curvaceous, and beyond beautiful which might have made Chris’ 25 game suspension for banned substances a little easier to handle. Jill has stood by her man through his times of trouble.

15 Heidi Hamels

via survivor.wikia.com

Blonde bombshell Heidi Hamels is both sexy and smart. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in exercise physiology, secondary education, and physical education. Heidi competed on Survivor: the Amazon. She finished fifth out of 16 contestants. The 37-year-old is married to Texas Rangers ace and 2008 World Series Champion and MVP Cole Hamels. They have three children, including an adopted daughter from Ethiopia. Heidi is very involved with causes related to fighting poverty in Africa and works tirelessly to raise both money and awareness for hungry African children. Cole’s a lucky guy.

14 Molly Beers

Via billdiodato.com

David Wright might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is a great baseball player and he has one heck of a good-looking wife. Molly Beers and David had an on-and-off relationship for several years before getting married in 2013. Molly is a successful model for the Ford Agency in New York and has appeared in many ads for JC Penny. She has very pretty features that she has shown off while posing in tiny outfits.

13 Chelsea Goff

Via modelmayhem.com

Chelsea Goff was a successful model when she met Atlanta Braves first baseman, Freddie Freeman. The two began dating in 2011 and married in 2014. The green-eyed blonde has been photographed countless times in skimpy bikinis and wee undergarments. Her figure was nicely displayed as she walked down the aisle in her pleasantly revealing wedding dress. Chelsea got her feet wet in television when she appeared in season seven of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. It would be nice if this appearance leads to other opportunities in television for Chelsea because we can’t get enough of this sexy MLB WAG.

12 Dubcy Romero

via playerwives.com

Not too much is going right for Pablo Sandoval these days. After signing a massive $90 million contract with the Boston Red Sox in 2015, the three-time World Series Champion and 2012 World Series MVP looks like he has literally outgrown his welcome. His waistline has ballooned and he had recently been relegated to the bench. At least he has the delicious Dubcy Romero’s soft shoulder to cry on between meals. Dubcy works at the Academy of Art University and some of her work is on YouTube. Everything about the Peruvian siren is sexy from her dark eyes and full luscious lips to her fabulous figure.

11 Brianne Sale

via twimg.com

Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale is living the dream. He makes a ton of cash playing a game he loves and he has a smoking hot wife. While Chris was working towards a career in the Major Leagues, Brianne Sale was modelling and aspiring to become a massage therapist. The two were married in 2012 and are involved in Laces of Love which collects shoes for those in need. Thanks to the internet, her blonde hair, beaming eyes, shapely legs, and sexy smile can be admired in several pictures. Unfortunately, they are all safe for work.

10 Lisalla Montenegro

Via celebritystomach.com

Like many guys, Anaheim Angels pitcher CJ Wilson loves supermodels. Unlike many regular guys, CJ actually married one. In 2013, he married Brazilian sexpot Lisalla Montenegro to become yet another athlete that fans are jealous of. Lisalla has modelled for several different clients and was made the face of Maybelline in 2010. She can be seen in several scant outfits in the pages of countless magazines and on the internet. Naturally, Lisalla has to work hard to keep it looking top shelf. She performs rigorous three-hour workouts which would be quite exhilarating to watch. Her exotic dark skin and seductive looks will make you want to get a supermodel of your own. Good luck with that.

9 Krystle Campbell-Ryan Howard

via thebiglead.com

Everything about this former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader is attractive. Even the way she spells her name is sexy. Krystle Campbell married Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard in 2012. Funny enough, this coincides with a sharp decline in Ryan’s on-field production. Krystle’s dramatic search for the perfect wedding gown was documented on Say Yes to the Dress. In the end, it was worth it because she looked fantastic on her big day. Especially when she emerged from the ocean soaking wet and covered with sand. Gotta love the ‘trashing the dress’ fad.

8 Jennifer Utley

via nydailynews.com

Blooming Jennifer Cooper was attending UCLA when she met fellow undergrad Chase Utley. Jennifer claims that it was not a case of love at first sight. In fact, in an interview with Access Hollywood, she said that she thought that Chase was “a mess.” Chase persisted and the pair eventually entered into a relationship which led to marriage in 2007. They now have two children. Jennifer is an exquisitely beautiful brunette with big hypnotizing eyes and shapely figure. She and Chase are animal lovers who devote a lot of their time to raising money and awareness for the SCPA. They are proud to own rescue animals and urge others to adopt pets from shelters.

7 Farrah Lester

via bostonherald.com

Jon Lester met his beautiful wife Farrah Johnson in 2007 when he was rehabbing from his cancer treatment. He was dazzled by the sexy nursing student’s beauty so much that he married her in 2009. She's not a model like others on this list, but she could be. Despite giving birth to two children, the buxom 32-year-old blonde continues to look marvellous on the red carpet, at social gatherings, and in the stands of Wrigley Field, where Jon now plays. She probably also looks great in camouflaged hunting gear while she straps on a rifle during deer hunting season.

6 Jaime Edmondson

Via babepedia.com

In 2012, it was confirmed that Tampa Bay’s All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria was dating January 2010’s Playmate of the Month Jaime Edmondson.  There are several samples of her modelling work in various magazines and all over the internet. Jaime’s green eyes, full lips, and flowing body can be appreciated in both SFW and NSFW fashion. She must have turned heads when she hit Las Vegas for her bachelorette party with a gang of her hot friends. Bottom’s up!!

5 Larisa Fraser

via modelsrating.com

2013 was a year of ups and downs for Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun. He was handed a 65-game suspension for his part in the Biogenesis scandal but he finished 2013 on a high note when he married model Larisa Fraser. Larisa was a dream bride with her white low-cut gown, white earrings, and bright white smile. Aside from modelling for several well-known companies, the dark-haired dame has studied cooking. She runs a blog called ‘Model Eats’ which focuses on nutrition and cooking tips. She also has another blog called ‘Bikini Sweetie’ that offers workout tips. It’s safe to say that Larisa is health conscious. If you are a fan of hot women in lingerie, then you’ll love seeing her modelling portfolio.

4 Lauren Anderson

Via thefumble.com

Reid Brignac is what baseball fans refer to as a ‘bum’. He has spent his nine-year pro career bouncing between MLB and Triple-A and is currently flailing away in the Atlanta Braves minor league system. Even the very worst of professional baseball players snag ridiculously hot wives and Brignac is living proof. The inept infielder managed to marry stage performer and July 2002’s Playboy Playmate of the Month, Lauren Anderson. She has green eyes and golden blonde hair which flows down to her ample chest. Her rollercoaster figure stuns in both in a bikini and in the buff. Never mind being one of the hottest WAGs in all of sports, she is one of the most beautiful women on Earth.

3 Erica May

via flickr.com

Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer is a three-time All-Star and a Cy Young Award winner. His wife Erica has been by his side throughout his journey to Major League stardom. The two met while attending the University of Missouri where Erica pitched for the women’s softball team. After several years of dating, the two finally tied the knot in 2013. Erica is extremely active with various causes such as feminism, social justice, and human rights. She quickly got busy in Washington after relocating there with Max in 2015. The ravishing blonde was also prominent community member in Detroit before arriving in Washington.

2 Evelyn Lozada

Via maxim.com

Attention monger Evelyn Lozada is a WAGs Hall of Famer. As an NBA WAG, she was at Antoine Walker’s side as his life and career went down the drain. She became an NFL WAG by briefly marrying Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson while his career hit the skids. She then joined the ranks of MLB WAGs in 2013 when she began a relationship with Carl Crawford. If there is a pattern here, we can assume that Carl Crawford’s career is in grave danger. The 40-year-old Lozada must have a thing for fading athletes. As pretty as she is, Evelyn has an unparalleled flair for drama.

1 Kate Upton

via imgur.com

Justin Verlander is a Cy Young Award winning six-time All-Star. He’s a stud on the pitchers mound. He’s also a stud off the mound as proven by his romance with famous model Kate Upton. They have been dating since 2011 and while the 23-year-old Kate used to be pretty adamant about not wanting to get married, the two announced their engagement earlier this year. It seems like 2016 is looking like Verlander's year both on and off the field.

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