Where The Top Remaining MLB Free Agents Will Sign In 2018

The MLB offseason is in full effect and many fans are waiting to see where the top free agents will end up signing. Each team has a list of set goals that they wish to achieve, but most of the time not everyone is allowed to succeed due to the competition that arises between everyone. As fans, we tend to be very vocal about what we want our favourite teams to do and at some points, are even anxious in the process. There is no better feeling that we are given when our team brings in a superstar because it provides with a strong feeling of optimism. Yet, we also have our moments where we are brought to pure sadness when we see our favourite players leave us. Believe me, I have been there numerous times.

With all that has been stated, in this article, we will be looking at the top remaining free agents and where they may end up signing. When looking at this list, there are a handful of big named superstars who we all will definitely need to keep a close eye on. Because the offseason has been going on for quite some time, many of these players’ offers are known to the public. When predicting where these players may end up, it is important to note that a lot of these decisions were based on either money or one’s desires to win.

Nonetheless, let’s look at where the top fifteen MLB free agents will end up signing.

15 Carlos Gonzalez: Tampa Bay Rays

Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

During his prime years, Carlos Gonzalez was one of the most underrated superstars in the MLB. Although his stats and power has fallen off a bit in the past few years, he still is good enough to land an MLB contract and should get moderate interest from other teams. Not all hope lost for the former all star and if he is played correctly, he could even have a good turnaround.

The Tampa Bay Rays are a club that should look at bringing in Carlos Gonzalez because they are a team that are on the cusp of the playoffs and they could use another power bat. Trading Evan Longoria this offseason will definitely leave a big hole in their lineup, so they should look to use a cheap replacement like Gonzalez. It may end up being a huge steal.

14 Jose Bautista: New York Mets

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Jose Bautista was once the franchise player for the Toronto Blue Jays and a feel good story when observing his path to superstardom. Now, Bautista is definitely nearing the end of his career, but he still could be a valuable asset to a team in need of power and electrifying persona. Bautista should get another deal this offseason, but it will be with a new club.

The New York Mets had an abysmal year offensively last season and they should give Jose Bautista a contract to help fix that. The Mets are desperate for a power bat and have been for years it feels like. It is easy to believe that the Mets could end up finding their game again this year with their outstanding pitching staff, but they need a player like Bautista to help them.

13 J.D. Martinez: Boston Red Sox

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J.D. Martinez is easily the best hitter available in this year’s free agency class and will be given a lot of money because of that. Martinez had a career year this season with the Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks where he managed to hit a whopping 45 home runs and bat with a .303 average. Those numbers are MVP like and many teams will be on the hunt for him.

If the Boston Red Sox fail to bring in J.D. Martinez, this offseason will be an absolute trainwreck. The Red Sox acknowledged that they needed to bring in a power bat to effectively replace David Ortiz. Martinez is the perfect player to do this, especially after they lost their opportunity to bring Stanton in. If the Red Sox want to compete with the Yankees at all, they need Martinez.

12 Todd Frazier: St. Louis Cardinals

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Todd Frazier is another example of an exemplary power hitter, but who does not offer much else from there. Frazier’s average this past season was incredibly low and something that other teams are probably a bit cautious about. There is no doubt in my mind that Frazier will be given an MLB contract this year, but it may take a bit more time for it to happen.

The St. Louis Cardinals would make a lot of sense for Todd Frazier because they recently missed out on Giancarlo Stanton and they need a power hitter badly. Frazier could slot into their cleanup role and potentially have another career year due to his importance to the club. This is a decision that would make all the sense in the world and should become a reality.

11 Carlos Gomez: Pittsburgh Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have completely ruined their potential chances of being World Series Champions and this is very sad because they had a roster to do it not too long ago. Yet, due to poor management decisions, this is a club that will be going through another rebuild. Trading away stars like Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen made this quite apparent.

The Pittsburgh Pirates now have a huge opening in their outfield and they should acquire Carlos Gomez to fill it. Although Gomez is not a star and has had temperment issues in the past, he would be a good player to bring in as a veteran. This would be a good gig for Gomez too because he would be a top player there and have a lot of playing time.

10 Logan Morrison: Minnesota Twins

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Logan Morrison had a career year this past season with the Tampa Bay Rays and it is very surprising that he still is a free agent. Morrison is the stereotypical MLB power hitter who can hit an abundance of homeruns, but also hits for a low average. This is ultimately hurting his value a bit, but any team could benefit from his 38 dingers last season.

The Minnesota Twins are a team that would be an excellent fit for Logan Morrison because they need a power hitter desperately. This past year was an outstanding turnaround year for the Twins and they should look to only progress from here. Morrison would help them in a lot of ways and probably could even come at a fairly cheap price. They should be active and make it happen.

9 Jake Arrieta: Philadelphia Phillies

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Jake Arrieta had a bit of a down year this past season, but he still is one of the best remaining free agents of this year’s class. Although Arrieta had a pretty tough year last year, the way he played the two seasons before was simply outstanding and many teams remember that. It is likely that Arrieta could turn his game back around and be an ace yet again.

There have been reports that the Philadelphia Phillies are very into the idea of bringing Jake Arrieta in and they have the money to make it happen. Although the Phillies are still rebuilding, signing there would allow Arrieta to be a top pitcher and could help him redeem himself. The Phillies are heading into the right direction and Arrieta could be the player who makes them skyrocket.

8 Mike Moustakas: Milwaukee Brewers

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Mike Moustakas is one of the top free agents available and he has been getting a ton of interest since hitting the market. It makes a lot of sense because Moustakas is coming off a career year which saw him hit 38 home runs and bat a respectable .273 average. Moustakas is taking his time with his decision and will likely make his pick fairly soon.

There has been a lot of reports that the Milwaukee Brewers are the potential front runners to pick up Mike Moustakas. This would be an excellent move on their end because they are starting to show signs of being a solid team and could even compete for the NL Central this year. This is a signing that makes all the sense in the world for both parties.

7 Lance Lynn: Washington Nationals

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Lance Lynn is a player who could definitely use a change of scenery to help his game improve. Lynn is one of the best pitchers available in this year’s free agency class and is coming off a fairly strong year on a bad baseball club. Lynn is a few years removed from an all star season, but has shown he is still an effective pitcher who would help bolster any team’s rotation.

The Washington Nationals would be a smart team for Lance Lynn to join because they are very strong and could help Lynn out immensely. Lynn is a pitcher who very well could average 15 to 17 wins per season and he could easily do that with the Nationals. This could end up being one of the best signings in the free agency class and it should be looked at in depth.

6 Lorenzo Cain: Cleveland Indians

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Lorenzo Cain has been one of the most consistent players in the MLB over the past few years and will be given a great contract because of that. Although Cain is not necessarily known for his power, he is extremely effective and would help any team out immensely. The Royals will need to work very hard if they want to bring him back, but it is unlikely.

The Cleveland Indians have reportedly been shopping for Lorenzo Cain and at the end of the day, it makes the most sense he will end up there. The Indians need help at the top of their order and Cain could help carry them back to the World Series. The time for the Indians to win is now and they need to make it happen. Cain to Cleveland will be perfect.

5 Alex Cobb: Chicago Cubs

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Alex Cobb is a pitcher who is receiving a lot of interest in the free agency pool, but he is taking his time in making a decision. There have been numerous reports that he has been getting offers that simply do not match up to the amount of money he feels that he deserves. Although it is good to have patience, Cobb must be careful and not wait too long.

The Chicago Cubs have been the most interested team for Alex Cobb and it is easy to believe that he will end up there. There has been mutual interest shown by both sides, but Cobb wants the money that deserves. The Cubs need to bring him in because they want to win the World Series again and pitching comes first. Cobb would be a solid addition to help them.

4 Neil Walker: Toronto Blue Jays

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Neil Walker is another player on this list that was once a huge power threat, but he has dropped in skill a bit over the years. Walker still has decent value however and could end up being a very good consolation free agent signing. Walker is a very versatile player and can play anywhere in the infield and could even be used as a designated hitter on an AL team.

The Toronto Blue Jays had a very bad season last year and they should look to bring in a few guys to help their roster get stronger. Neil Walker would be an excellent addition because he could be used as a power bat for the lineup and provide decent fielding as well. Although a player like Walker wouldn’t carry the Blue Jays to glorious success, he would be an upgrade.

3 Jonathan Lucroy: Los Angeles Angels

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Jonathan Lucroy had a down year this past season and there is no doubt that it is hurting his market value right now. Yet, even with that, Lucroy could very well be considered as the top catcher on the free agent class right now. With that said, it is very likely that Lucroy will be signing a contract soon. The question is where and how much.

The Los Angeles Angels have had a very great offseason so far, but if they want to compete this year, they should sign Jonathan Lucroy as well. The Angels are finally showing signs of a team that is going to win and with a franchise player like Mike Trout, this is a necessity. Lucroy would be a very good gamble and would not be worth that much money at all.

2 Eric Hosmer: Kansas City Royals

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When it comes to the most complete player available in this year’s free agency class, there is no one who fits that more perfectly than Eric Hosmer. There is no doubt that Eric Hosmer is waiting for his massive payday and at this point, he deserves it immensely. He has been the backbone of the Kansas City Royals for years and is the main reason why they won in 2015.

Although Eric Hosmer has been getting a lot of interest around the league, I believe that he will end up staying with the Royals. They have offered him the exact contract that he is looking for and are most likely willing to give him even more. There is no team that will respect Hosmer at the same level as the Royals do, so he should just stay put and accept his giant raise.

1 Yu Darvish: New York Yankees

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Yu Darvish had a very strong season last year, but the way he went out was absolutely abysmal. As all baseball fans know, Darvish barely could get by innings during the World Series and that is a massive disappointment. If Darvish could have pitched half as good as he did all season, the Dodgers very well could have ended up winning the World Series.

Yet, Darvish is still arguably the best pitcher on the market and will be receiving a lot of money. The New York Yankees are most likely the team that will end up getting him because, when it comes to bidding wars, the Yankees always win. With all the moves the Yankees have made this offseason already, they are probably the most attractive spot for a player like Darvish.

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