10 NBA Players Who Ruined Another Player's Relationship (And 5 Who Actually Stole The Girl)

As a viewing audience, we only get to see player's relationships on the court.   A lot of teammates who seem to have on-the-oourt chemistry, may have a beef with the same teammate when the buzzer hits zero. It may just be someone's personality, or maybe even their political views, but the most likely rift in these NBA player's relationships with each other is none other than women.

It is a story told time in and time out, when a teammate sleeps with another teammate's (or sometimes a coach's) significant other. In the pre-social media era, we may have seen the story splashed on the front page of the headlines or maybe we wouldn't hear about it all! Sometimes it's players just butting in another teammate's relationship, while other times, they get their eyes set on another man's woman and do what they can to get her for themselves. Either way, there isn't much honor in trying to take another man's woman.

But in today's Twitterverse, we normally get to see these relationships first hand. So hide yo' kids and hide yo' wife, these are 10 NBA players who ruined another player's relationship (and five who stole the girl). Happy reading!

15 Ruined: Karl Malone Flirts With Kobe Bryant's Wife

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"The comments that [Malone] said, I don't know any man in this room that wouldn't be upset about that. The past month, myself, my wife, [Malone's wife] Kay, we've had fun together. We've been out to their house, just joking around, giving each other a hard time, just clowning, being sarcastic with one another, baby-sitting kids and all that."

"He was like a mentor, like a brother to me, so when something like that happens, you're upset, you're hurt."

Apparently, back in 2004, the "Mailman" was delivering a little bit extra to Kobe's wife, Vanessa. Both parties denied the rumors that there was a sexual relationship, but clearly Bryant was upset about the comments that Malone made. It's just another made up Hollywood rumor, but could you imagine how crazy it would be? Get over it Kobe, it's not like you haven't ruined several relationships yourself.

14 Ruined: D'Angelo Russell Rats Out Nick Young Cheating on Iggy

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I’m not sure who is more at fault on this one: DeAngelo Russell or Nick Young? You all heard the story, and maybe saw the video. Young admitted to cheating on his fiancee, Iggy Azalea, while Russell secretly recorded him. D'Angelo Russell wasn't being a good teammate here and he looks like a bit of a jerk in all this. At the same time, it's clear the person who messed up the most is Swaggy P. He had a beautiful, successful woman like Iggy, but he threw it all away for some random fling. Somehow the two were able to coexist for a couple more seasons until the two were split up this summer, with Russell being traded to Brooklyn, while Young went chasing a championship with Golden State.

13 Stole: Rashard Lewis Takes LeBron's Sweetheart

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Come on, LeBron, "if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it."  Apparently James' baby mama, Savannah, was tired of the King waiting to crown his Queen, and slept with Rashard Lewis while he was down visiting south beach.  First off, that is a huge accusation.  Secondly, it's probably true!  LeBron played like garbage in Game 4 of the finals in 2011, and outspoken TV personality, Stephen A. Smith, had this to say.

“My theory is that he’s got a lot of distractions off the court and evidently, on occasion it tends to affect his play on the court. It’s happened to him in the past, it’s happening to him now. What that is, we’re not sure. But it’s certainly not something restricted to the game of Basketball. He was absolutely abysmal last night, he was a no show […] and to choose the NBA Finals to let that happen, that’s the only plausible explanation I can come up with.”

The distraction, of course, was Lewis boning his girlfriend

12 Ruined: Kobe Rats Shaq Out

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"Shaq would pay his women not to say anything!"

This one was too easy!  There has been a long-running feud between the two superstars ever since Bryant was accused of sexual assault in 2003. Instead of going down like a man, Kobe pretty much said that Shaq did the same thing. In 2008, Shaq just came out and said (well, rapped) "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."

In the aftermath of this lyric, Shaq tried to claim that this was "all in fun," but clearly, he meant what he said. It's hard to go back on those comments. I honestly don't know who is worse here, the rat or the snake. Just another example of a teammate ruining another player's relationship.

11 Ruined: MJ Can't Handle Pippen Being Wooed By Madonna


Man, how I wish social media was around back in Jordan's days. At this time, most athletes led private lives off-the-court, and juicy rumors usually sizzled out due to lack of evidence.  But this one between Jordan and Pippen has kept fans buzzing nearly two decades later. Rumor has it Pippen was getting it on with Madonna. For you younger crowd, she's the girl that kissed Brittney Spears at the VMAs, or that lady that now looks like your grandma. Anyway, back in the 90s, Madonna was sitting courtside at a Bulls game, eyeing up Pippen.

But, it was also seen that Jordan gained Madonna's attention, eyeing her back. Now this is just a "he said, she said" (or "he looks, she looks") situation, but we all want this to be true. Maybe there was nothing there at all, but knowing Madonna, I wouldn't put her past the entire Bulls roster.

10 Stole: Paul George Steals Roy Hibbert's Girl And His Game


Roy Hibbert started off having a promising career, but in 2014, the Pacers big man was struggling. Turns out, superstar teammate, Paul George, slept with this wife Valerie Cooke. Again, it's a rumor, but one with some pretty solid evidence. Check out some theories from an NBA Gossip blog, balleralert.

"Do you remember when Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner got into that fight? It was all over Roy Hibbert and Paul George. Lance has been getting all the blame for the Pacers off nights and during that day at practice Lance says 'y'all need to look at Roy's a**, he's been off ever since he found out PG was f------ his b----.' That's when Evan got mad at him for exposing that in front of everybody and that sparked the fight."

George did have to tweet about the rumors though, vehemently denying he slept with Cooke.  But who knows, this one may be too juicy to be false.

9 Ruined: Shannon Brown Gets Pau Gasol's Engagement Called Off

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I don't know if this one if true or not, but damn, there these theories seem highly plausible. Turns out, in 2011, Lakers were swept out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks. Why? After Game 2, their center, Andrew Bynum, said it was "trust issues." Immediately, the media points towards Kobe, since that is Bryant'ss M.O. But, turns out a rumor got around that Shannon Brown slept with Pau Gasol's fiancee, Silvia Lopez Castro. Apparently, there was almost a full out brawl in the Lakers' locker room.

Castro called off her engagement with Gasol (or maybe vice versa), and that may explain why Pau's production declined dramatically in the playoffs. Still don't believe me? Brown didn't exercise his player option with the Lakers a month later, and ended up joining the Phoenix Suns.  Seems too suspicious to not be true!

8 Ruined: The Shaq And Gilbert Arenas Email Fiasco

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Laura Govan, sister of Basketball Wives star, Gloria Govan, was engaged to Gilbert Arenas back in the 2000s. But in 2011, rumors surfaced of sexually explicit emails between Shaq and Govan, going into some hardcore details about their affair. Weeks after the emails came out, Shaq's wife, Shaunie, filed for legal separation in the state of California.

At the time, some people thought that those emails were fabricated by someone out to tarnish both Arenas and Shaq. But in 2017, Shaq sued a former IT employee for selling his personal emails for profit. So go ahead and deny the rumors if you want to, but just by putting 2 and 2 together, this story may be actually true!

If you really want to look into it more, see the emails here.

7 Stole: Derek Fisher Swoops In On Matt Barnes' Ex

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Man, this one is a strange story. Yes, Gloria Govan was no longer with Matt Barnes, but given that Fisher and Barnes were former teammates and presumably friends, you wouldn't expect an old buddy to swoop in on your ex. Back in 2015, Barnes allegedly drove 95 miles to Fisher's home, who had Gloria Govan over. When Barnes got to his old home, he found Fisher, Govan and 10 other people around a bonfire in the back yard. Barnes then proceeded to lay into Fisher and claims he did a number on him: “I kicked his a** from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face.” We hope the last part isn't true, but it is still bizarre for a former friend to eye someone's ex.

6 Ruined: Delonte West And LeBron's Mother?

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We are going to stay away from the "Yo' mama" jokes here, but it seems like Delonte West slept with Lebron's mom.  Yes, we are counting that as a relationship!  It started in the 2010 playoffs, when LeBron played poorly and the Cavs got knocked out by the Celtics.  What could have been going on in his life? Oh yeah, his teammate was getting it on with his mom. The rumors literally ended Delonte West's career, and he has addressed them several times. He addressed the issue in regards to his son.

“His middle name is Delonte but I didn’t want to name him Delonte West, Jr. just because of that,” he says in the video. “I don’t want my son going to school and people making fun of him for something his daddy did. He goin’ to school and ‘didn’t your daddy have sex with LeBron’s mamma?’ I don’t want him to deal with all that man.”

Key word in this whole situation, DID! Maybe there was some truth to the rumor after all!

5 Ruined: Andrew Bynum And Jamahl Mosley

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First "rumored" by Terezowens.com, but then removed by request of the Cleveland Cavaliers,  the Cavs center supposedly slept with assistant coach's, Jahmal Mosley's, wife. Now the post has since been removed "at the request of the Cleveland Cavaliers," but just read the original transcript and you can decided for yourself.

"According to our tipster, apparently Bynum got together with one of the assistant coach’s wives, we’re being told it was Jamahl Mosley’s lady. When they found out, that was the final straw. The Cavs should have stayed far away from Bynum, especially after his disastrous stint in Philly."

There's no quicker way to get yourself booted off a team than going after a coach's spouse. Unsurprisingly, Bynum didn't get many NBA jobs after this fiasco.

4 Stole: Jim Jackson And Jason Kidd Both Go After Toni Braxton

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Rumor has it, singer Toni Braxton was intimate with Kidd. But one night, Braxton went back on plans she had on Kidd to go "hang out" with fellow teammate Jim Jackson. The two were seen together in the team's hotel. Former teammate Jahmal Mashburn explains to a Dallas radio station why the trio had a falling out.

"She’s a beautiful woman, but I think it did cost us because of egos, being so young, not having a lot of direction and leadership on the Dallas Mavericks at that particular time. There were some leadership changes with the ownership and coaching changes. It cost us being a pretty darn good basketball team for years to come."'

You gotta remember when you're on a team, that the team has to come first... Clearly these guys hadn't grown up yet.

3 Ruined: Kobe Bryant and Teammates

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The twist. There aren't any chicks in this one. But it's Kobe who is ruining relationship's with his teammates. During the course of his career, even though he was a prolific scorer, Kobe was a d-bag. Most guys did not like him. Whether it was cocky attitude, overly intense work ethic, or just shear jealousy, Kobe had a hard time connecting with other players.

There are several stories that prove this true: Kobe hating Kwame Brown, or not talking to Smush Parker, or the whole Shaq-Kobe feud (don't worry, keep reading, and we will get to it). But one story that sticks out is when Bryant once confided in GM Jerry West after five years in the league.

"My teammates hate me,” Kobe tells West.

“I’d hate you too,” West responds, “if I were your teammate.”

2 Ruined: Tony Parker Ruins His AND Brent Barry's Marriage

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Remember, boys and girls, you should never let your significant other go through your phone. Eva Longoria, the former wife of San Antonio Sprus point guard, Tony Parker, went through his phone and found several NSFW texts between Parker and Erin Berry, teammate Brent Barry's wife.  While there was no physical evidence of infidelity, the Desparate Housewives, star filed for divorce and claimed that the texts between Parker and Berry just scratched the service of Parker's promiscuity. Brent also filed for divorce from Erin shortly afterwards.

I mean, I know you're an NBA player and have a sexy french accent, but Tony Parker, you hit the jackpot when it came to Eva Longoria. There is no need to steal a teammate's wife and ruin both of your relationships! Come on, man!

1 Stole: Steve Nash And Leandro Barbosa/Jason Richardson

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Okay, so this one is a doozy. Apparently back in 2011, the Phoenix Suns were just a crazy rumor mill. Five days after the birth of their third child, Steve Nash divorced with wife Alejandra Amarilla. Why? Because the baby was mixed-race and Nash was white! A later picture of the baby dispelled those rumors, but did not take away the apparent infidelity that was creeping around Phoenix. At first, the media speculated it could have been Barbosa, since he was Brazilian, and Nash's wife was from Paraguay. But soon after, the Suns traded Jason Richardson, which led several to believe that he was Amarilla's baby daddy.

All of this is probably false, but it is definitely the biggest rumor, as there is a child involved. Richardson may not be the father, but he surely played a part of the demise in Nash's relationship.

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