10 NBA Stars Who Are Notorious 'Players' (And 5 Who Are Total Prudes)

NBA stars have no trouble bringing in women any time they want. Sometimes one swipe of a finger is all it takes now with social media dating apps like Tinder. Before the use of smartphones and dating sites, NBA stars spent nights at the clubs, losing sleep rounding up some new "friends". Now, the women are just a swipe away.

While this has dramatically helped NBA players play a better game (because they are able to get more sleep at night), it hasn’t exactly helped with their reputations. NBA stars are notorious for engaging in relations with multiple women at a time. Finding an NBA member who hasn’t cheated on their significant other is proving more and more difficult. Sometimes the scorned woman forgives the wrongdoer, like with former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine Bryant. Other times, the NBA player chooses to leave his wife/girlfriend and stay together with the former mistress, like with the rumoured situation involving the Boston Celtics’ Al Horford and now wife, Amelia Vega.

It’s true; most NBA stars are players and are masters at sleeping around. Take Wilt Chamberlain for example. This superstar boasted about sleeping with up to 20,000 women! On the other side, though, are the men who do manage to remain faithful; there are those that choose to brag about their faith rather than their intimate conquests. I guess you could call these NBA players “prudes.” Here are 10 NBA stars who are notorious players and five who took the prude path.

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14 Player: Tony Parker

via timessquaregossip.com

San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker has been married twice. Once to actress Eva Longoria for four years, and currently to French journalist Axelle Francine since 2014. In 2010, Parker allegedly engaged in relations with a teammate’s wife! While he claims he didn’t have actual relations with Brent Barry’s wife Erin, he did send hundreds of explicit texts to her and Longoria found them, leading to their eventual divorce. According to Longoria during the divorce hearings, Parker's infidelity went way farther than those texts.

While engaged with Francine, Parker was caught out “raging” with his boys in Vegas surrounded by tons of sparingly dressed women. It was suspected at the time this was his bachelor party for their forthcoming wedding, but that may just be another excuse trying to defend his adulterer traits.

14. Player: Nick Young

via huffingtonpost.com

Golden State Warriors’ Nick Young, also known as “Swaggy P,” had quite a rough year in 2016 as he garnered a few scandals under his belt. First, he and teammate Jordan Clarkson were accused of harassing two women. Female activist Alexis Jones and her mother were allegedly approached by the two ballers from a car with vulgar gestures. Of course, Young (who at the time was engaged to popstar Iggy Azalea) denied the allegations.

Shortly after, Azalea came forward over Twitter to share she was officially ending her relationship with Young after discovering he was bringing other women into their home. She caught him red-handed with security footage. This plus his ex-girlfriend becoming pregnant by him while he was with Azalea was the last straw for the Australian rapper. Young now shares two children with Keona Green, but they don’t seem to have any real commitment.

13 Prude: Russel Westbrook

via bliblinews.com

The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player might just be one of the good guys. Married to his longtime sweetheart, Nina Earl, Russell Westbrook is known for boasting about how much he loves his woman. Westbrook hasn’t been associated with any other women or partying behaviour. He does have a reported “beef” with fellow basketball star Kevin Durant, and that spat has seeped into his family life. Nina went after Durant’s brother on social media, but other than that Westbrook seems like a grade A man.

Westbrook is one of those influential Christians who let God’s word soak into their everyday life. The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation was created by the baller to help influence young children’s lives. He wants to empower them to ask, “Why not”?

12 Player: J.R. Smith

via bossip.com

J.R. Smith currently plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but off the court he’s played his own game. Since the beginning of his NBA career Smith has dated multiple big-name women, including Rhianna. At one point in 2013, he was so "hungry" that he tweeted an 18-year-old high school student. Afterwards, he went off on Instagram boasting how he’s all about that life. Smith spent so much time dating women, trying to get at women and making claims about being with women that most speculated it started to affect his basketball skills.

Smith is now married to the mother of his daughters, Jewel “Shirley” Harris, and he has been for a couple of years now. However, the way they got married was strange. Smith came back from a vacation with longtime girlfriend, Ashley Weatherspoon and two weeks later eloped with Harris.

11 Player: Chandler Parsons

via twitter.com

Chandler Parsons has been on the Memphis Grizzlies’ line up since 2016, but he’s been known as a “player” for much longer than that. Parsons has been linked to several different women in a short amount of time, including UFC’s Arianny Celeste, Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne. He’s literally been called out for being the NBA’s biggest "player".

Once upon a time, Parsons tried out the whole girlfriend lifestyle, but it turned out not to be the way for him. Women hang all over him everywhere he goes, and he has absolutely no shame in going after women on Instagram. His approach could use a little work, though. He once asked Instagram model Felicia Sanders straight up to expose herself. When he’s not pursuing super famous women, he loves spending his time partying.

10 Prude: Chris Paul

via chron.com

Houston Rockets’ 32-year-old Chris Paul has been married to the lovely Jada Crawley-Paul for six years now and have never been at the forefront of any divorce rumours. Paul has never been apart of any real scandalous rumours, for that matter. The two have been together since they were 18 and refer to each other as best friends. Paul spends a lot of his time with his family and running his foundation for less-fortunate kids.

Sure, Paul had been seen at party’s (he is an NBA player), but never on the arm of another girl. He attended L.A. Dodgers’ Justin Turner’s bachelor party, but it was more of a sports day than a trip to some strip club. Another time Paul was seen out partying was at a mansion with the Rockets’ new millionaire owner, so it seemed like more of a push for his career.

9 Player: D’Angelo Russell

via nydailynews.com

D’Angelo Russell has only been in the NBA for about three years, but he has definitely turned some heads in that short amount of time. He’s been linked with many women, including Kendall Jenner. The just 21-year-old Brooklyn Nets player was also right in the middle of the Iggy Azalea/Nick Young cheating scandal. Russell was Young’s teammate with the Lakers at that time, and was behind a video showing Young admitting to cheating on his then-fiancé Azalea.

As part of an “innocent” prank, Russell thought it would be funny to film Young. Somehow, the video was exposed and got to Azalea. The rest of the Lakers shunned Russell, but he was spotted flirting with Azalea. Finally old enough to hit up the hottest clubs, Russell has been making his way around town.

8 Player: James Harden

via newsok.com

Houston Rockets’ James Harden hasn’t had the most simple history with women or partying. In 2015, Instagram model Farrah Flossit posted a selfie with a sleeping Harden after he spent the night. A couple of years later, after a major playoff loss against the Spurs last year, Harden hit the clubs and then an exotic dance club to find some “relief.”

It’s rumoured he may be suffering the “Kardashian Curse.” Stars who have dated a Kardashian typically spiral into chaos shortly after (Reggie Bush, Ray J, Lamar Odom). If that’s the case, we’re sure to see more of Harden’s personal life of more “crowded by women shirtless yacht parties” and misbehaviour in the headlines rather than his play.

7 Prude: Nene Hilario

via twitter.com

Thirty-five-year-old Houston Rockets’ Nene Hilario has been through a lot in life. He is a notable Christian Brazilian basketball player who calls himself a “man of God” and credits God for helping him through life’s obstacles. At just 25-years-old, Hilario was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to undergo surgery to remove a tumour. That same year, his wife Lauren also had to have a tumour removed. Both were able to fully recover and move on with their lives.

Hilario is recognized as possibly being one of the most loyal men in the NBA. His religion influences much of his behaviour. It’s rumoured he once ripped up Shawn Kemp’s basketball card after hearing about his immoral and questionable behaviour off the court.

6 Player: Kyrie Irving

via ballislife.com

Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving has been a rising NBA star since the beginning of his career in 2011. As his fame grew, so did the number of women chasing after his tail. As thousands of women began to lust after him, Irving allegedly threw an “all-white” yacht party. Footage showing him partying with a dozen wild girls surfaced. The footage was passed around and criticized so much it began to seriously damage his reputation.

Irving also made news for impregnating 2010’s Miss Texas while not in any form of relationship with her and needed a paternity test to prove he was the father. Irving is also reportedly a “flat-Earther,” meaning he believes the Earth is flat rather than round. He has convinced many middle school kids to agree with him.

5 Player: Klay Thompson

via latimes.com

Klay Thompson, the Golden State Warriors baller, has been accused of cheating and arrested for possession. Before entering the NBA, Thompson was arrested for possession, greatly disappointing his father. After joining the NBA, Thompson has loads of other issues.

Thompson’s (now ex) model girlfriend, Hannah Stocking caught the player in bed with a fan in 2015 and blasted him all over Twitter. Apparently, his fan-loving life didn’t end with that relationship, because just last year he was tied to Instagram model Abigail Ratchford. The beautiful model went on Twitter to really let the world know she had been with the basketball star. Thompson insists they are not and never were in any real relationship. Thompson claims he wants a “wholesome girl.” Funny, since he got caught cheating on his previous girlfriend.

4 Prude: Kyle Korver

via youtube.com

Thirty-six-year-old Kyle Korver is one of the most notable current NBA players. He’s been called one of the greatest shooters of the game and is often recognized for his open Christian faith. Korver regularly thanks God for blessing him in life. Korver has consistently gotten better at the game during his 15-years with the NBA and he credits it all to having trust in the big man upstairs.

In 2011, Korver married singer Juliet Richardson. Korver was introduced to her in church by her pastor. The pair share three children together; Kirk, Kaleb and Klayton. On top of that, they have ultimately managed to stay out of the headlines. Korver spends his off-season time with his family and enjoys paddle boarding and spending as much time at the beach as possible.

3 Player: Amar'e Stoudemire

via straightfromthea.com

Amar’e Stoudemire played basketball for 15-years with the NBA, and though he is now out of the NBA he hasn't stopped playing basketball or women. Stoudemire currently plays for the Israeli Basketball Premier League with a team he co-owns. Though out of the NBA, this player has been at the forefront of some big scandals.

When Stoudemire began playing for the NBA, he was widely known for loving the glitz and glamour lifestyle. He has been tied to lots of women, including singer Ciara. He once cried “poverty” during the NBA lockout when he had to get rid of some of his outlandish homes. Just last year, Stoudemire was hit with a lawsuit from a Miami woman claiming he is the father of her one-year-old daughter. Stoudemire has been married to his wife Alexis Welch for five years, so that’s pretty messed up.

2 Player: Dwyane Wade

via instagram.com

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dwyane Wade is currently married to actress Gabrielle Union, but that wasn’t always the case. From 2002 to 2010, Wade was married to Siohvaughn Funches. At one point during their relationship, Wade began seeing Union. Union went from mistress to wife though when the two were married in 2014. However, for Wade the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” has proven true. Wade fathered a baby with another woman while with Union.

Wade claims the baby was conceived while he and Union were “on a break,” but he also admitted to both cheating with Union and possibly cheating on Union on Instagram. The baby’s mother, Aja Metoyer (star of Basketball Wives) clearly states her baby with Wade is not a “break baby.” Nonetheless, Union has forgiven all wrongdoings and her and Wade are notorious freaks. They often like to share their "fun" with all the world.

1 Prude: Gordon Hayward

via celticsblog.com

Gordon Hayward has been a part of the NBA since 2010 and currently plays for the Boston Celtics. Hayward is a big family man and has been married to Robyn Hayward since 2014. He is a dedicated husband and father. He doesn’t appear to be big on partying as basketball and training for basketball is a big part of his life.

The biggest upset of his life so far is his recent “horrific” potential season-ending injury. In October 2017, Hayward destroyed his ankle while trying to catch an alley-oop against the Cavaliers. His family has been there for him the entire time, though, and it is believed Hayward is putting his fate in God’s hands, as his father says. His young and adorable daughters have been right by his side during his recovery helping take some of his pain away with cute notes.

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