10 NBA Wags Who Are Trashy People (And 10 Who Are Pure Class)

NBA players face constant criticism both on and off the court. They are judged over the amount of points they make in a game and the number of Championship Rings they own. They even endure ridicule over how hot (or not hot) their wives/girlfriends are. When it comes to NBA WAGs, it’s important to really understand that how you present yourself in public directly affects how the public also sees your man. Some women gracing the arms of NBA stars embrace this concept whole-heartedly. Others, not so much.

Some of the classier WAGs use their relationship status to reach out and help those who are less fortunate. They know they are being watched and they stand with their man. They are with him for who he is, not what they can gain from him. Other WAGs are not quite as elegant in holding the title of NBA wife/girlfriend. Some women see being a WAG as an opportunity to raise their own social status. They take it as a moment to flaunt certain features and gain an internet following. Granted, some trashy WAGs were tasteless before they met their beau and turning trash into gold can sometimes be an impossible mission.

We’ve seen all sorts of NBA WAG stories grace the headlines, from Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal to the very short-lived story of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Every WAG has a different story to tell... From the trashy to the classy, we’ve seen them all. Now, we bring you 10 trashy NBA WAGs and 10 WAGs who are pure class.

20 Trashy: Daniela Rajic

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A Google search of Daniela Rajic comes up with one major defining word under her name – “exotic dancer.” Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George first began dating Daniela in 2013 while she was working as a dancer at Miami’s famed exotic dance club, Tootsies. The pair became caught up in the nasty rumour mill when claims came forward that PG tried to pay Daniela to have an abortion in 2013. The NBA player of course denied this and embraced fatherhood (after a paternity test proved he was the father).

Although the couple did not remain together, Daniela and PG found their way back together in 2017 and welcomed a second daughter in November. While Daniela appears to have taken on the role of mommy just fine and has ended her career as a stripper, the stripper stigma is one that can be difficult to shake off.

19 Classy: Kate Bock

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Kate Bock has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2013 to 2017. While on set for the photos, she is seen wearing next-to-nothing, off the set you can usually find her sporting nothing but class. The Elite Model began dating Cleveland Cavaliers’ handsome Kevin Love even though the distance can be troubling.

Kate has opened up about her role as Kevin’s girlfriend and explained that they travel back and forth often to see each other, and she will even meet him on the road occasionally. She and Kevin joined together for a photoshoot for Banana Republic, where the NBA superstar became the first athlete named as brand ambassador for Banana Republic. Kate has set out to inspire other young girls who aren’t sure of where they want to go in life. When she was young, she never saw herself as beautiful or a model.

18 Trashy: Khloe Kardashian

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Ms. Khloe Kardashian is a WAG that needs no real introduction. She is a Kardashian after all. Khloe became a well-known reality star after her family’s life hit TV screens in 2007 with E! Network’s "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". Khloe was the third Kardashian sister and often referred to as the “bigger” one. But Khloe was sincere and funny. She was one of the more real Kardashians in the beginning.

After a real rollercoaster of a relationship with former NBA player Lamar Odom, things began to change for Khloe. She started what she called "finding her revenge body". After a striking weight loss and possibly several plastic surgery procedures, the funny Kardashian is almost unrecognizable. This new version of Khloe is currently dating Cleveland Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson and the two are expecting their first child together.

17 Classy: Savannah Brinson-James

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Savannah is a 31-year-old businesswoman, philanthropist and wife to Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James. The two were married in 2013 and share together three children. Savannah desires to keep her private life private, especially on social media. She is 100 percent supportive of Lebron. If he needs someone to listen to him or someone to help him with problems, Savannah is there. She supports his success and wants nothing more than to see him succeed in everything he sets out for.

She has whole-heartedly embraced her role as wife and mother and finds the perfect balance between her work-life and home-life. Savannah began a wonderful mentoring program for troubled youth and opened a prom dress drive. A woman like Savannah is a woman all men should strive for.

16 Trashy: Michelle Game

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Okay, Michelle Game is not currently an NBA WAG, but she sure did stir up trouble when she was one. Michelle is a fitness model and former video vixen, having appeared in music videos alongside 50 Cent and Meek Mill. She dated former Dallas Mavericks player Charlie Villanueva for a couple of years before Charlie popped the question in 2014.

However the engagement didn’t last long, and the pair split in 2016. Charlie has been open about flaunting his new relationship, while Michelle is described as “thirsty” with her new beau, Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Dak Prescott. She has a reputation as being trouble, trashy and an absentee mother. Her Instagram is full of very revealing shots and much self-promotion for her fitness line, “Game Fitness Wear.”

15 Classy: Ayesha Curry

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Ayesha Curry is the beautiful wife to the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry. Ayesha is a model, actress, cook and cookbook author. She even has her own show on Food Network called, Ayesha’s Homemade. She openly loves the Lord and describes herself as a believer, wife, mommy and maker.

As a public figure, Ayesha wants to open others up to the wonderful things life has to offer. She knows she is blessed to be able to do all she does and appreciates it every bit as much. Ayesha and Steph were married in 2011 and share together two little girls, Riley and Ryan. When Ayesha isn’t busy inspiring others with her words and recipes, we can be sure she is focused on being the best wife and mother.

14 Trashy: Teyana Taylor 

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Teyana Taylor is the video vixen and famed recording artist married to Cleveland Cavalier’s Iman Shumpert. After being secretly married, the couple first became open about their relationship after she appeared in Kanye West’s “raunchy” music video for the song Fade. In the music video, Teyana wore nothing but a sports bra and thong while she danced around.

To Teyana, the music video and her dancing meant so much more than what was seen at a glance; it was emotional and intense. However one wants to look at the situation, Teyana is often seen wearing scant clothing and engaging in questionable activity. On Instagram, she revealed the couple’s wedding outfits resembled something you would see in a biker gang. Nonetheless, she and Iman share a beautiful daughter together and do appear to be very committed to each other.

13 Classy: Yvette Prieto 

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Yvette Prieto, the Cuban model, was lucky enough to marry one of the most famous sports stars, Michael Jordan in 2013. Yvette and Michael began dating in 2008 after meeting at a dance club and were instantly inseparable. Although Yvette chose modelling as a career, she studied business management in college. Prior to getting married, Yvette signed a prenuptial agreement for Michael.

Not much else is known about Michael Jordan’s lovely wife, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. She is a stepmother to Michael’s three children from his first marriage and a mother to the two they share together. While being a mother is a tough job one its own, taking care of a blended family is even more difficult. Yvette seems to have things under control, though.

12 Trashy: Amber Alvarez

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Los Angeles Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan’s current girlfriend is petite model Amber Alvarez. Amber is all over the web in skimpy clothing, posing alongside hotrods. Her Instagram is stocked full of fashion shots, both tasteful and not. She is beautiful, and she knows it.

The Dallas, Texas native began modelling when she was just 16-years-old. Since the start of her modelling, it appears to have become her niche. Although Amber is openly religious, she continues to pose with little clothing and suggestive poses. While not much is said about her role as WAG, Amber has been listed as one of the hottest NBA WAGs on more than one occasion. She even stood by DeAndre during his rocky paternity test scandal in 2016. Now, if only she could present herself a little nicer.

11 Classy: Gabrielle Union-Wade

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Gabrielle Union-Wade is a very well-known actress. She has starred in numerous films such as "Bring It On" and "Bad Boys II". She is also a best-selling author for her book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True.”

In 2014, she and Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dwyane Wade became happily married. As an NBA WAG, Gabrielle is outspoken, especially with causes she feels strongly for like civil and women’s rights. Gabrielle and Dwyane were named 2017’s best sports couple and are pretty much everyone’s #CoupleGoals. With perfectly coordinated outfits and enjoyable personalities they are quite enviable. The two of them do not hide away from the troubles they come across, but rather speak on them with an honest and open positivity. Gabrielle is every bit of class you’d want from a WAG.

10 Trashy: Meghan Allen

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Meghan Allen was Playboy’s Cyber Playmate of the Month in January 2008. She is what is called a “softcore model.” Other than that, she starred in an episode of Fear Factor in 2004. She and Dallas Mavericks’ player Devin Harris were married in 2013. While she hasn’t really done anything scandalous in recent times, all her photos from her “career” remain all over the web.

Anyone, anywhere can see Devin’s wife in the buff if they wanted. Being a Playboy model is something that some women aspire for, but it’s not what can be defined as the most classy career choice. It is something that sticks with a person for life. The couple seems to be doing well, as there has been no news or drama surrounding the pair.

9 Classy: Kamiah Adams

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Kamiah Adams and Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal have been dating for nearly two years. She is an Instagram model who also appears in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Kamiah and Bradley are Christians and openly spread God’s word to others. The couple has made it very clear, over social media, that they are madly in love.

Kamiah has spoken honestly on her relationship with Bradley, describing him as her best friend, the love of her life and a man who respects and treats her right. The love they share is crystal clear to anyone they come across, and that is what a relationship should be. Kamiah supports her man 100 percent and is a frequent attendee to Wizards games. She often posts images of her at the games and cheering on Bradley.

8 Trashy: Brandi Maxiell

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Brandi Maxiell was one of the originals from VH1’s Basketball Wives: LA. She and her husband, Charlotte Hornets’ player Jason Maxiell were married in 2009. The couple haven’t had a very smooth relationship. When we first met Brandi, we learned she was working on her troubled relationship with Jason, who had cheated on her.

Brandi isn’t quiet when it comes to her personal affairs. Well, she is a reality TV star. Brandi has had open feuds with cast mates on more than one occasion. And now, Brandi has blasted her husband over Instagram for apparently cheating on her again. She announced many unpleasant details about him to her thousands of followers and made it seem like she was done with him for good. Whether she is finally through or not, airing your dirty laundry out to the world is something no one should do.

7 Classy: Kayla Wallace

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Cleveland Cavaliers’ Isaiah Thomas described the day he married the beautiful Kayla Wallace as “by far the best day of his life.” The two were married in 2016 after dating for many years. Isaiah is always seen praising Kayla over social media posts.

Kayla spends most of her time raising their beautiful children (even though one is not her biological son) and supporting her man, who she calls “her other half.” When it comes to the ideal relationship, Kayla and Isaiah come high up on the scale. They have a very active life together and can be seen hiking and doing other physical activities. Kayla once worked as a teacher and believes strongly in the power of family, often posting Instagram tributes to her military father and mother.

6 Trashy: Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner is the older of the two Jenner girls from the infamous Kris and Caitlyn marriage. Growing up as a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan couldn’t have been very easy, but it could have been done with more grace. When it comes to that crew, though, Kendall could possibly be the more sane of the bunch.

Kendall has made a career for herself as a top model, separate from her family’s drama. However, she isn’t always able to keep the drama at bay. Kendall has publicly trash-talked her younger sister, Kylie and has been disrespectful to her mom, Kris. And who could forget that Pepsi commercial. Kendall is dating Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin and the current scandal now questions whether Kendall is pregnant, too.

5 Classy: Jada Crawley

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Jada Crawley-Paul is a beautiful business woman, philanthropist, and wife of six years to Houston Rockets’ Chris Paul. They are each other’s best friends and began dating when they were just 18. The happy couple spreads their love to the world. Together, Jada and Chris are determined to give back to the community with the “Chris Paul Family Foundation.”

Every year, Jada gives away prom dresses to girls who would have otherwise gone without and their foundation sets out to “levelling the playing field in Education, Sports, and Life.” When Jada isn’t dedicating her time to raising their two spunky children, she is wholeheartedly supporting Chris’ NBA career. A career Chris has inevitably accepted will one day end, whereas his love for Jada never will.

4 Trashy: Vanessa Macias

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Vanessa Macias is the longtime girlfriend of retired NBA star Tim Duncan. She is mostly known for her role on The Amazing Race 20 as team “dating-divorcees” and her unfortunate DWI arrest in 2012. Vanessa is also a self-proclaimed professional model. She is an announcer for the San Antonio Missions Baseball and San Antonio Scorpions soccer games.

She seems desperate to climb the social ladder to fame, and let’s just hope dating Tim Duncan isn’t just another means toward stardom. The couple recently welcomed to the world a beautiful daughter, named Quill, after the Guardians of the Galaxy character, Peter Quill. Vanessa seems to be all about that mom-life these days, but let’s see if this level of fame will always remain enough for her.

3 Classy: Chelsea Kilgore 

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Chelsea Kilgore is the wife to Philadelphia 76ers’ J.J. Redick. Chelsea and J.J. dated for quite some time before they were married, and Chelsea has always been supportive in all of J.J.’s career choices. Together, the couple share two children. Chelsea shares a love for the game similar to J.J.’s. She often shares important J.J. career-related information over her social media accounts and dedicates her life to him.

When Chelsea isn’t spending her time as mom or wife, she is a Pilates instructor and an “amateur chef.” She also spends much of her time running J.J. Redick’s foundation to help children find their way in life. The mission of their foundation is “to ensure that children understand the possibilities and opportunities that exist through dedication, hard work, and faith.”

2 Trashy: Adrienne Bosh

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Adrienne Bosh has been married to retired NBA player Chris Bosh since 2011. On the outside, one can assume they live a happily, trash-free, married life. But a deeper look could reveal trouble brewing. Adrienne Bosh has been publicly shamed for being a “gold digger,” and just another groupie. She has been dragged through the mud for jumping from player to player. Two years after they were married, Adrienne was forced to face one of her previous scandals head on when famous rapper, Lil Wayne ranted about the time he slept with Adrienne. The story goes that Adrienne and Lil Wayne had a fling before she began seeing Chris. The tumultuous relationship ended with Adrienne allegedly faking cancer and conned Lil Wayne out of money for medical treatment. You can't make that up!

1 Classy: Nina Earl Westbrook

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Nina is married to Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook. Just like her NBA superstar husband, Nina knows a little somethin’ somethin’ about basketball, too. Nina played basketball for UCLA’s women’s team while she attended the same university as Russell. She was described as one of the fastest players on the team!

The couple remains each other’s biggest support systems. Russell admires Nina for all that she was and who she has become. She is head over heels in love with Russell and the pair are constantly posting love-fueled pictures on Instagram. In May 2017, the couple welcomed to the world their first child, baby boy Noah Russell Westbrook. Together, Russell and Nina run their charity organization, the “Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation.” She has worked with children facing hardships to help them get through adversities.

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