10 Reasons Kevin Durant Signing With The Warriors Was A Mistake... And 5 Reasons It Wasn't

Wow. If you haven't heard already, the basketball world is in shock as superstar Kevin Durant has decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. This comes as a surprise to many, as multiple indications pointed towards Durant signing back with the Oklahoma City Thunder. KD is receiving a lot of hate because of his decision, as many believe as though Durant is abandoning the Thunder in a LeBron James, "The Decision," type way. Even with a lot of the flak, Kevin is moving onto one of the greatest basketball teams ever assembled, so how could you blame the guy for seeing what could happen in Golden State. However, the question really is, was it a good move for Durant?

In this article, we will be looking at 10 reasons Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors was a mistake, and 5 reasons it wasn't a mistake. Thunder fans everywhere are burning Durant's "35" jersey, as his departure from the Thunder will be felt immensely. At the end of the day, it's about what's best for Kevin Durant and his family. Other than the Warriors track record, did Durant really make the right decision?

Here are 10 reasons Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors was a mistake and 5 reasons it wasn't.

14 Mistakes:

13 10. He Gave Up

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12 9. The Thunder Almost Beat The Warriors

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Kevin Durant and the Thunder were just 48 minutes away from sending the Warriors home in the Western Conference Finals three times this year. He and the Thunder choked royally, as they let their 3-1 lead against the Warriors slip, as they failed to make it to the finals. The Thunder's loss was due to Durant's poor play in the last few games, so if he played just a bit better, the Thunder would have played against the Cavaliers instead of the Warriors for the championship. Who would really join the team that just sent you home weeks earlier in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals?

11 8. Abandoned Russell Westbrook

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Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was arguably one of the best duos in the league, and it really is a shame that KD left Westbrook to fend for himself on the Thunder. The two have played with each other for eight years, and Westbrook must be shocked by Durant's decision to leave him. Especially considering he and Westbrook have been successful for years, KD's signing to the Warriors has pretty much taken away any chance Russell Westbrook has at winning a championship if he stays in OKC. While the Thunder is now Russell Westbrook's team without a question, Westbrook definitely feels betrayed by one of his best friends in Kevin Durant, who left him for the team that beat them both in the Conference Finals this year.

10 7. Let The Fans Down

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Nobody expected this to happen, and fans of Durant everywhere were hit hard with his decision to leave Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant really never seemed to be one of those guys who would just up and leave just to get himself a championship ring, but by doing so, he let a whole lot of people down from around the world. Thunder fans everywhere are incredibly angry because of Durant's decision to leave, as their former championship contending team will most likely not be able to hold their own anymore in the league. If Durant had already won the Thunder a championship, than maybe fans would take it a little better, but with KD's departure, the Thunder will most likely not see a championship for years to come.

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Yes, KD will most likely get his ring(s) with the Warriors, but Golden State is already just too good for there to be much of a challenge for Durant's career. There will always be a silver lining with Durant's championships, as his new look Warriors may just be the most talented NBA team ever assembled. Durant will no doubt be hurting his legacy, as he was unable to bring a championship to the Thunder as planned. I don't care if he wins 10 championships in Golden State, because all he did was make a championship team even better, which is not what a superstar in the NBA should strive to do.

Now everybody wanna play for the heat and the Lakers? Let's go back to being competitive and going at these peoples!

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) July 16, 2010

How could Kevin Durant join the Warriors with what he said in 2010? Durant tweeted “Now everybody wanna play for the heat and the Lakers? Let’s go back to being competitive and going at these peoples!” The six-year-old tweet by Durant is being brought into new light, as many people are confused as why Durant would do the exact thing he said NBA players shouldn't do.

9 4. "The Decision" 2.0...

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It's not hard to tell that Durant's move looks very similar to something another NBA superstar did six years ago. Kevin Durant joining the Warriors is pretty much the same thing LeBron James did, when he decided to leave the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. While Oklahoma City isn't Durant's hometown like Cleveland was with LeBron, OKC has loved Durant like he was their own. Durant even stated that "Washington is my home town originally, but Oklahoma City truly raised me." LeBron became the most hated man in the league due to his decision back in 2010, and it looks as though Kevin Durant is receiving as much hate as LeBron did.

8 3. Warriors Have Been Successful Without Durant

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What is competitive about joining an already championship worthy team? The Warriors didn't need Durant for their title win last year, or for their historic 73-win season this year, so he is just icing on the cake for a team already established to be great. If the Warriors do win the championship this year, it won't be like Kevin Durant was needed to win a championship, seeing that they have done it without him. Durant abandoned his homemade championship contending team, for a team that he is joining after the hardships the Warriors faced before they were champions just a few years back.

7 2. Set Up For Failure

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The Warriors better win at least 72 games this season and take home the championship, because if not, all heads will be turned towards Kevin Durant, for not being able to add anything to the team. If the Warriors don't win the championship this season, Durant's decision to join the Warriors will be a joke around the league, as he couldn't help the incredibly stacked Golden State squad out in bringing home another championship trophy. Because the Warriors team is so good now, anything less than a championship would be an utter failure, as the hype for this new look Warriors team will be overwhelming come opening night.

6 1. He's The Villain

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Kevin Durant went from being one of the most beloved players in the league, to the most hated just like that. KD was one of the most popular players in the league before he signed with the Warriors, and even though Durant's buzz is high right now, most of it is just pure hate for him. As mentioned before, it is a very similar situation to LeBron's decision to join the Heat in 2010, as LeBron became one of the most hated players in the league. LeBron became the NBA's villain for years with the Heat, and used it to his advantage, as he had some of the best few seasons in his NBA career as the bad guy.

5 Not A Mistake

4 5. Rings

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Probably the most obvious reason to name right now, Durant will be in an incredible position to win a lot of NBA rings, which is something he doesn't have as of yet. Like I said above, I believe Durant's rings will be tainted, but I guess Durant doesn't see it like that considering his signing, and just wants to collect them like they're baseball cards by joining the Warriors. Durant is undoubtedly going to the Warriors for success, as he definitely isn't going to be boosting his stats, so for Durant, the wins with the Warriors, no matter how easy they may come, seem to be one of the best reasons for why Durant would make this decision.

3 4. Change Of Scenery

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2 2. Splash Trio

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1 1. It's His Team Now

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Joining such a proven and talent filled group of guys such as the Warriors, one would think that Durant wouldn't be the leader of the team like he was on the Thunder. However, an apparent text message from Steph to KD, looks as though Curry is willing to give up his alpha dog role to Kevin Durant if it comes down to that. The text said things such as Curry couldn't care less who the face of the team is or who sells the most shoes (Curry with Under Armor, Durant with Nike). Curry also said that if Durant wins the MVP this upcoming season, he will be in the first row clapping for him because he doesn't want Durant changing his game up at all, and if that means becoming the leader of the team, Curry is accepting of that. A strong move by Curry, which makes this the best reason why Durant signing with the Warriors was the right decision.

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10 Reasons Kevin Durant Signing With The Warriors Was A Mistake... And 5 Reasons It Wasn't