10 Sets Of NBA Teammates Who Hated Each Other: Where Are They Now?

Teammates are supposed to be there for each other, and be there to pick the other up when one falls. Sometimes, that isn't the case. Whether it is because playing time issues, personal matters, or just plain hatred, sometimes NBA players just don't like each other. This makes like tough for the locker room and team as whole, considering they travel over the entire country playing the 82 game schedule.

The most common reasons players dislike each other is normally just a simple miscommunication. They have a player meeting, and they get over it together. That's just how the NBA works. When players get benched for more talented players, they probably won't be to kin to the players taking their spot in the lineup. Everyone has the goal of starting for the team you play for, and when someone leapfrogs your shot at that goal, you will be pretty upset. Some players with great ideals can handle a benching, and some can prosper off the bench. Unless you are extremely talented (Kobe and Shaq), it is near impossible to win a championship with this kind of stress on the locker room.

This following article will be split up into three entries. One entry goes into detail about the conflict, and the outcome of it. The next two entries will go into what the two guys involved are up to now, and how the conflict changed them. Think you have better co in mind? Leave a comment and share with friends! Enjoy.

32 D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young

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D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young are still on the Los Angeles Lakers together, at least for right now. It was late in the 2015-16 NBA season, and the Lakers were awful. Kobe Bryant was on his farewell tour, and not much else was happening for the team. Well, that was before D'Angelo Russell recorded Nick Young talking about he cheated on his fiancee who was at the time famous pop star Iggy Azalea. Obviously, the video was eventually leaked, leading to the engagement being called off before the wedding. Young was distraught, and the media would continue to harass Nick and D'Angelo on the whole situation. Nick and Russell had a feud for the rest of the season, and the Lakers really wanted to move Nick Young before the next season started. This off season, Nick Young will be a free agent, meaning the Lakers can cut ties and be done with this whole situation.

31 Where is D'Angelo Russell Now?

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D'Angelo Russell is the future of the Los Angeles Lakers, and he should be one of the better point guards in the league for the next decade. This past off season, D'Angelo "buried the hatchet" with teammate Nick Young, and they decided to play together to the best of their abilities. Russell was a great young star for the Lakers this year, and he leads their rebuilding efforts. He showcased his excellent shooting and overall scoring abilities this season, even though the Lakers as a whole were very bad. Russell is a very clutch closer, a valuable aspect on a young guard. This whole situation showed that D'Angelo is a mature player, who can fix past mistakes using his words. That is something that players should learn in today's NBA.

30 Where is Nick Young now?

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Nick Young may be single, but maybe that turned him into a better basketball player. Nick had one of the better seasons of his career, and a much better season that the one he had before. Nick improved his jump shot during the off season. Hey, maybe it's a good thing he's single so he can work on his shot. Nick returned back to his "Swaggy P" form this season, hitting multiple big shots for the Lakers, including a game winner. This off season, Nick Young will be a free agent. Will the Lakers bring back Nick Young, knowing that D'Angelo Russell made up with him? Or will the Lakers let him go to clean out any future chemistry issues with the team? It is the Lakers, so don't expect them to make the right decision.

29 Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo

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This one happened this season, so it's pretty recent. The scene was mid-January, and the Hawks matched up with the Chicago Bulls for a regular season match up. The Bulls were up 110-100 with three minutes left. Three! They proceeded to choke the lead and lose the game before the final buzzer sounds. In the locker room, Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade completely went in on all of there young teammates, some of them being only rookies. Rondo promptly responded with a lengthy Instagram post, and the beef was on. Rondo compared the two shooting guards to his legendary Celtics teammates, and how the Celtics held themselves to higher standards. The Bulls fell all the way out of the playoffs before regaining ground and slipping in as the 8th seed.

28 Where is Jimmy Butler now?

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Let's just get this straight. Jimmy Butler is the best shooting guard in the league. He can do everything needed on the court. Defense was his specialty, but now Butler can carry a team on the offensive side too. He is the Bulls best player, and he led them to a playoff berth. After tons of speculation of Jimmy Butler getting moved at the trade deadline, he stayed put, at least for now. Jimmy could still be moved during the off season, if the Bulls wanted to jump start their eventual rebuild. After the conflict, Jimmy remained the starter and nothing really came of it for him in the rotation. However, the Bulls were terrible for a couple weeks after this happened, and they eventually picked it back up after the all-star break.

27 Where is Rajon Rondo Now?

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Rajon Rondo played his best basketball of the season for the first two games of the NBA playoffs vs. the Celtics. The rest of the season however, Rondo struggled mightily. It seemed perfect, pairing one of the best passers in the league with a pro's pro Dwayne Wade and all-star Jimmy Butler? That would have to be at least the four-seed, right? After early season struggles, it was obvious everyone started to get upset. After the Instagram post was uploaded, Rondo was benched in place for Jerian Grant and Michael Carter-Williams to get a shot at starting. Rondo returned to the starting line-up just before the playoffs, and he made the most of it. This off season, Rondo will be a free agent. Based on Chicago's plans, Rondo might be on a new team next season.

26 Reggie Jackson and Russell Westbrook

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Reggie Jackson was Russell Westbrook's back up in Oklahoma City, and he believed he was better than a backup point guard. This, as you can imagine, created tense conditions for a locker room and even during practice. After playing a small role as back up point guard for a contending team, Reggie wanted to be a starter. He provided value at the backup point guard spot, but the chemistry was lacking.  At the 2015 NBA trade deadline, Reggie Jackson was shipped to the Detroit Pistons for Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, D.J. Augustin, and Steve Novak. Reggie wanted out, and the Thunder got some good value for him at the trade deadline. Reggie went on to his new team, where he didn't have to worry about a super star like Russell Westbrook getting in his way.

25 Where is Reggie Jackson now?

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Since Reggie Jackson was sent to the Detroit Pistons, he became a pretty good starting point guard in the league. Last season, Reggie and Andre Drummond helped lead the Pistons to the playoffs, where they were promptly swept by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who went on to win the championship. This season, Reggie and the entire Detroit Pistons struggled mightily, missing the playoffs, and having a season full of frustrations. Jackson and Drummond just couldn't seem to connect on pick and rolls, and he went on a slump behind the 3-point line. There are some rumors of Reggie getting traded, or at least demoted back to the bench for the next season. Reggie used his role on the Thunder as inspiration to continue to start. Reggie will try to get better this off-season to remain the Pistons starting point guard.

24 Where is Russell Westbrook now?

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If you are a fan of the NBA, you know what Russell Westbrook has been up to this season. Although his team struggled, Westbrook had one of the single greatest seasons of all time. Russell posted 42 triple-doubles on the season, 1 more than legend Oscar Robertson for all time. Moreover, Westbrook averaged a triple-double, and he is the favorite to win the Most Valuable Player award, over former teammate James Harden. Westbrook didn't let the Reggie Jackson conflict effect him, and he continued to shine as a monster of a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant may have left in the offseason to the Golden State Warriors, but Westbrook still carried the team to the 6th seed with Steven Adams and Victor Oladipo as his only help. It's because of this that Westbrook is MVP candidate.

23 Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters

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Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters were both supposed to be the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie was taken with the 1st overall selection in the 2011 NBA draft, and Dion was taken four overall the next year. They were the driving force to bring the Cavs back to glory after LeBron's departure. There was only one problem: they couldn't play together. Former coaches claimed it was because of Dion's cockiness, with at one point led to him claiming he was better than Kyrie Irving. This led to a rift between the teammates, and once LebBron returned to Cleveland, Dion was sent to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith, eventually becoming a great trade for Cleveland. Imagine what could of been if greed and selfishness didn't get in the way.

22 Where is Kyrie Irving now?

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Kyrie Irving is currently one of the best point guards in the NBA. He has the best dribbles, and he can shoot from almost anywhere on the court. Kyrie basically won the NBA Finals last season with the famous "shot": a step-back three over Steph Curry to take the lead that eventually led to the championship trophy heading back to Cleveland after a 50-year drought. Kyrie and LeBron are on the heels of building a dynasty in Cleveland, and making the town become a sports hot-spot once again. After a rocky start once LeBron returned, the Cavs are now favorites in the east to make it back to the Finals and compete for an NBA championship. Some of their best role players happen to be J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert, who they acquired from the Dion Waiters trade. Funny how things come full circle, isn't it.

21 Where is Dion Waiters now?

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Dion Waiters is the high-flying, high-shooting guard that Miami Heat fans have already fell in love with. Dion began to play like what everyone thought he would be after he was drafted fourth. Him and Hasaan Whiteside led the team to the best record after the all-star break, and the sadly missed the playoffs as the nine-seed. Dion regained his shooting stroke, and let it fly all season, making highlight after highlight for Miami. Once Dion hits the open market again, he will make a lot of money as he plays a valuable position: the shooting guard position. Dion will continue a hopeful young Miami Heat squad to a possible play-off birth next season, once they get the likes of Justise Winslow back from injury.

20 Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton

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This is one of the craziest stories ever in NBA history, and for some reason, it is always overlooked. On the team plane, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton played a card game. Seems fine at first, right? Think again. Javaris lost, and owned Gilbert some money. When Javaris wouldn't pay up, Gilbert pulled a gun on Crittenton in the lockeroom. Yes you read that right, a GUN on his own teammate. The craziest part? Crittenton pulled a gun on Gilbert too, and we had a old fashioned western standoff. Gilbert was suspended by the NBA and eventually cut off the team after this stunt, and the Wizards had to continue to pay off his big contract for the rest of the duration. This was one of the craziest events in NBA history, even being right up there by the malice at the Palace.

19 Where is Gilbert Arenas now?

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Now a days, Gilbert only gets in the news when he does something stupid. Most recently, Arenas claimed he was so bad with his money that he couldn't even pay child support for his multiple children. His lengthy Wizards contract just recently ended too. How do you lose that much money that quickly? Also pretty recently, Gilbert mocked the WNBA on his popular Instagram page. Other than being a general pain to most people, Gilbert harassed Nick Young about his recent split with Iggy Azalea. After he left Washington, Gilbert played in reduced bench roles for the Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies before moving overseas for one season. I think it is safe to say the decision to pull out a gun hurt Gilbert's career.

18 Where is Javaris Crittenton now?

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Javaris Crittenton has had a very miserable life since the incident involving the guns in the Wizards lockeroom. After being suspended by David Stern and the NBA, Crittenton was cut by the Wizards. Javaris went to have a short sting with the Charlotte Hornets before being cut after a mere three weeks. Crittenton then moved on to the China league, where he played in only five games before returning to the NBA D-League. This is where things get really murky. Javaris shot and killed Jullian Jones in August of 2011, not long after the incident with Gilbert. Javaris pleaded guilty on manslaughter after being caught in a Florida airport in 2015, and he is now serving a 23-year sentence in Georgia. The incident with Gilbert Arenas only led to a road of more mistakes, and Javaris will pay for those the rest of his life.


16 LeBron James and Mario Chalmers

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These two players were destined to not get along. I mean come on, a high-volume shooter like Chalmers mixed with a star like LeBron James? Of course it wouldn't work. In Mario and LeBron's four seasons together in Miami, Mario was constantly scolded by LeBron whenever he took a dumb shot or made a silly play. It was tough for the former Kansas Jayhawk, having to deal with that type of criticism from an superstar like LeBron James on a everyday basis for four consecutive seasons. Mario was relieved when he was shipped to the Memphis Grizzlies. LeBron wouldn't say much about it to the press, but on the sideline, you can always spot LeBron yelling something at Mario Chalmers. This conflict was tough for the locker room, but Miami was still able to win two championships in their era.

15 Where is LeBron James now?

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Anyone in the world can tell you who LeBron James is, so is this even necessary? The man is already a legend in the NBA, and he is only 32. After becoming a star for the Cleveland Cavaliers after he was drafted in the famous 2003 NBA Draft class, LeBron left for South Beach in one of the most infamous departures of all time. The city of Cleveland hated the name LeBron James for years, that is until he returned of course. The city rejoiced his come back, and he finally brought the thirsty city of Cleveland a championship this last season. The beef with Mario may have helped actually, because now LeBron knows how to help mold Kyrie into the star point guard he is today.

14 Where is Mario Chalmers now?

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Mario Chalmers is truly a starting caliber point guard, he just hasn't been given a chance since his stint with the Memphis Grizzlies. In the offseason LeBron left, Mario was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies. Mario went on to play great off the bench for the team, and even prospered as a starter while Mike Conley was dealing with a back injury. That was until, Mario tore his Achilles diving for a lose ball. It was near the end of the season so Chalmers didn't miss much time, but considering he was in a contract year, it came at the worst possible time for him. Chalmers hasn't had a contract yet, and he hasn't had a chance to prove that he can come back from the injury and play good basketball. The whole conflict with LeBron helped him clean up his game. Expect Mario to latch on with a team really soon.

13 Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics

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This one hurts for longtime Celtics fans, because the team they grew up with has some beef. This team brought them their first championship since 1986, and it must be painful to see them split up. Ray Allen abandoned the Celtics for the "big three" Miami Heat to go win another championship. With that move, the Celtics were almost pushed out of contention due to their aging core, and the Heat were solidified as favorites. Needless to say, the Celtics players (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo) HATED the move to the better team. In fact, this recent season, Ray Allen wasn't invited to the party involving the core of players. This may be petty, but it shows the hatred they now have for each other.

12 Where is Ray Allen now?

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Ray Allen was the greatest three point shooter of all time during his tenure in the league, and that was extremely valuable to any team no matter his age. "Jesus Shuttlesworth" played a huge bench role for the Heat during is time in South Beach, and he is the reason some people say the Heat won one of their two rings against the Spurs. He provided bench relief for LeBron and D-Wade, making the regular season and playoffs much easier for the dynamic duo. Since leaving the Heat, Ray didn't find a spot on any other teams. He was rumored to attempt a come back last season before retiring at the seasons end. Today, Allen is still a gym nut and he is always working out or getting his cardio in by running. He stated in an interview that he runs "at least" two and a half miles every day. Not bad, Jesus.

11 Where are those Celtics now?

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It's pretty sad how the triumph Celtics all split up. It all started with Ray going to Miami. About one year later, the Boston Celtics robbed the Brooklyn Nets by trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for a bucket full of draft picks. Rondo was the last man standing, and after some chemistry issues, he was sent to the mavericks for wing-man Jae Crowder. Allen was the catalyst for the demolition, a sad,sad demolition of a very special team. Now, Pierce has just retired after playing off the bench for the Clippers, Garnett retired last year and already has a show on TNT, and Rondo just finished the season injured for the Chicago Bulls, where he had issues and even played off the bench for some games. Everything changes so quickly, and it's crazy to see just how quickly in today's NBA.

10 Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr

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Michael Jordan is obviously the greatest basketball player of all time. Steve Kerr however, that's a different story. One day in the Bull's training camp, Kerr was having an intense battle with Michael Jordan in a one-on-one. Michael Jordan said something that Kerr didn't like, and Kerr went straight at him. Even though he is 6'3, that didn't stop Kerr from going at the greatest. As you can guess, Jordan gave Kerr a black eye and he had to be pulled off of Kerr on the ground. Teammates fight, but it is not often you hear about a fight breaking out in a locker room, never the less a Bulls locker room that had just lost in the playoffs to the Orlando Magic. Fighting with the greatest basketball player of all time is probably not the smartest move to make, Steve.

9 Where is Michael Jordan now?

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Michael Jordan has turned his name into an empire, as he has recently eclipsed 1 billion dollars net-worth. The Jordan brand is huge everywhere, and Michael has no doubt made a ton of profit off of it since he was still a player. He even wanted to get into management, so he bought the Charioteer Hornets and has run a pretty successful team. I can see Jordan maybe getting into a general manager job, similar to Larry Bird or Magic Johnson pretty soon. Jordan obviously stayed in shape, and he could still dunk at 50-years old. Yes, 50-years old! Michael will continue to support his hometown North Carolina Tarhills, who have just recently won the NCAA tournament over Gonzaga. I think it is safe to say that Michael Jordan is pretty happy with his life right now.

8 Where is Steve Kerr now?

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2016 coach of the year Steve Kerr has had a short, but extremely successful career on the sidelines. After wrapping up his professional basketball career in the NBA, Kerr moved on to commentating games. He worked for TNT for a long while, working with guys like Shaq and Charles Barkley. After this job, Kerr agreed to be the Warriors new head coach, after Mark Jackson. Kerr has been extremely successful, seeing that he won the championship in his first season and made it back to the finals in his second season. He has recently had back surgery, which held him out for a couple games in the regular season. Now, Kerr might miss most of the 2017 NBA playoffs due to discomfort in his back. The Warriors are still favorites to win the title, but Kerr would help solidify their place.

7 Steve Nash and Dwight Howard

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Ah man, the 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to be one of the greatest teams of all time. One of the only "super teams" ever created, the Lakers had high expectations the minute they traded for Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic. Steve Nash was also brought in after a sign-and-trade deal with the Phoenix Suns. Not only did this experiment end terribly, but there was also major problems between new teammates Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. They couldn't play together, especially with Kobe Bryant demanding the ball. It got especially tense at one moment when Nash screamed at Dwight for not being the roll man in the pick-and-roll, something he is notorious for not doing. The Lakers got swept in the first round by the Spurs, and Dwight moved on to the Houston Rockets.

6 Where is Steve Nash now?

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Steve Nash retired from the National Basketball association after a legendary 19-year career. Nash announced his retirement after the end of the 2015 season, where the Lakers went a terrible 21-61. Nash appears to be enjoying retirement, he is just your everyday basketball fan, who loves the NBA. He always attends the all-star breaks, and he even helped Andre Drummond in the dunk contest with his soccer skills. Steve enjoys playing soccer with his kids, and he also has a foundation that he runs called the "Steve Nash Foundation." The whole Lakers dilemma was very disappointing for Nash and Los Angeles together. Steve played two more seasons after Dwight left, and the Lakers were pretty bad until he retired. When you aren't winning, it isn't fun to be an NBA player.

5 Where is Dwight Howard now?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard was one of the best players in the league during his tenure with the Orlando Magic. A trip to the finals was the climax of his time there, and after some chemistry issues, Dwight was on his way to Los Angeles in a mega trade. After the disaster in L.A., Dwight moved to Houston, where he struggled with chemistry with James Harden. Dwight then went to the hometown Atlanta Hawks, where they were a first round exit this past season. Dwight recently had a outburst where he claimed he was "pissed" at the Hawks for not playing him late in games. Dwight will continue to be the Atlanta Hawks starting center for probably the rest of his huge contract. Hopefully, Dwight can finish out his career without more drama.

4 Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal

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This one is the most interesting, consider they are both hall of fame players who won a bunch of championships together. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal are two teammates who will even admit to each other today that they hated each other. Given their success, it is very crazy to see these two dislike each other. In fact, the problem about "who controlled the locker-room" plagued their season where they were favorites for the NBA Championship after acquiring Gary Payton and Karl Malone. The duo were a force in the NBA for years in the early 2000's. To this date, Kobe and Shaq were one of the greatest pairs of teammates of all time, however, they were also one of the most hateful pair of teammates of all time. It is pretty wild to see how that played out over time.

3 Where is Kobe Bryant now?

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After recently retiring after a historic career, Kobe is quite simply just enjoying life. Kobe was a fixture for the Los Angeles Lakers for almost two decades, and his departure has been felt throughout the NBA ever since. After Shaq left, Kobe was able to win 2 more championships building to his legacy, with the help of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Kobe was eventually used as a mentor to players like D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson once he was past his prime and injury prone. Kobe dropped a historic 60-points on his career finale vs. the Utah Jazz that will go down in the history books. His relationship with Shaq helped mold him to a great leader, a trait needed to lead your team to two consecutive championships, like he did.

2 Where is Shaquille O'Neal now?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Shaquille O'Neal had a great career, and he played well for pretty much every team he was on. Shaq played for a lot of teams, such as the Magic, Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Suns, and Cavaliers. Shaq had huge roles on all of those teams, and won plenty of championships to go with it. Now, Shaq is an analyst for NBA on TNT, and he is one of the most popular guys on the show, along with Ernie, Kenny, and Charles. Shaq has recently been inducted to the NBA hall of fame, and he even got a statue created for him outside of Staples Center, a pretty high honor for a basketball player. Shaq may have had issues with players such as Penny Hardaway or Kobe Bryant, but that didn't stop him for winning multiple championships and having a hall-of-fame career for many different teams.


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