14 Players LeBron James Would NEVER Play With

We could go on about LeBron James all day. How he is or isn't the third best NBA player of all time or if he deserves his new highest paid player status in the NBA.

Some people call him selfish because they feel he doesn't pass or that he is arrogant, but this is the same guy that let his team lose games early on last season while trying to push them to be greater without him. Even those who he plays against seem to know his talent is the greatest in the NBA today because he was voted “the player you most secretly want on your team” by his peers in both 2015 and 2016 for the NBPA Voice Awards.

There are so many players that have wanted to team up with LeBron and it showed the year that he decided to go back home, when nobody seemed to want make a move until all hope to play with “The Chosen One” in Cleveland was gone. There are also a good number of players who would rather not be on his team for fear that they would only look dim in his bright light, but this is not about the players who do not want to play with LeBron. This is about the players that got up in his face, the ones who talked smack, and yes even the ones who dared to blow in his ear or possibly sleep with his mom. This is the 14 Players That LeBron James Would Never Play With.

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14 Patrick Beverly

via houseofhouston.com

In 2014, when LeBron became a free agent, there was a sort of cloud hanging over fans, critics, and what seemed to be every free agent in the NBA. Everybody knew that King James most likely was headed home to Cleveland, but it was not yet written in stone and a lot of teams and players seemed to be holding out hope that he would make a move in their favor instead.

According to speculation, one of these players was Patrick Beverly who at the time did an interview with Fox Sports Radio and went over his pitch to get LeBron over to the Rockets, but of course LeBron went back to Cleveland. The following year, the two got physical during a game between the Cavs and Rockets after a drive by James and a block by Beverley which led to a fight that had to be broken up and all hope was lost for Patrick's chance to go team with LeBron. On top of that, he also had an altercation with LBJ while he was a member of the Heat.

13 DeShawn Stevenson

via washingtonpost.com

DeShawn Stevenson last played for the Atlanta Hawks in 2013 and upon becoming a free agent shockingly reached out to his old and longtime rival LeBron who was at the time still with the Miami Heat. The fact that he was never signed and has not played since then gives you LeBron's answer and no one would have expected any different after the many disses that Stevenson sent LeBron’s way.

First in 2008, he called LeBron “overrated” and LeBron shot down his insult by saying that for him to respond to Stevenson would be no different than “Jay Z saying something bad about Soulja Boy.” So of course to retaliate DeShawn invited Soulja Boy to game three of the playoff series and made sure he was rockin' Wizards gear. Then in 2011 when the Mavs beat the Heat, Stevenson celebrated with a “Hey LeBron! How's My Dirk Taste” T-Shirt.  Fast-forward to 2013 and he's tweeting:

Obviously, it never happened.

12 Stanley Johnson

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like Stanley Johnson (who was selected eighth overall in 2015 by the Detroit Pistons) should not engage with LeBron James.

Here's a tip, don't tell people that you're in LeBron James' head. Johnson defended The King during their first round playoff series against the Cavs this year, where the Pistons were swept. After game two, where LeBron scored 27 points, Johnson said "I'm definitely in his head, that's for sure."

If you want to know how insane that comment is, his coach, Stan Van Gundy, admitted that he cringed when he heard the quote. I doubt LBJ will want to play with this guy in the future...

11 Jermaine O’Neal

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It is very unlikely that Jermaine O’Neal will make a comeback after leaving the Warriors and the NBA at the beginning of the 2014-15 season, but it is still an option for O'Neal since he has not officially signed retirement papers.

What is even more unlikely is O'Neal coming back to play with LeBron. While the two never really had a long-term rivalry, they did play a couple of rough games back in 2011 when O'Neal was still playing for the Celtics and LeBron had just went to the Heat. LeBron, who was fouled by O’Neal, decided to chuck the ball his way which started a fight and, a short month later in the semi-finals, O'Neal slapped LeBron as he went up with the ball.

10 Mario Chalmers

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Don't worry, we didn’t forget that King James already had Chalmers as a teammate, but after the constant bickering, belittling, and near death experiences between these two, we seriously doubt James would want a repeat.

The way he stayed on Chalmers during his four years with the Heat could only mean one thing and that’s that he feels Chalmers was not doing things his way. Not only that, but it definitely seemed like Chalmers often was hardheaded when it came to the advice LeBron tried to bestow upon him. Chalmers was playing the position that LeBron should know most about. The situation eventually led to team members holding LeBron back from what looked like an attempt to attack Chalmers. If that wasn't enough, Chalmers was upset when James left and acted as if his time with the Heat never happened. He even went so far as to call LeBron “that guy”.

Pretty safe to say that we would not see LeBron looking for Chalmers as a teammate. Ever again.

9 Jonas Valanciunas

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past couple of years, Jonas Valanciunas has given enough hard fouls to LeBron James to make us wonder if there is a little rivalry brewing between them.

After a foul, Jonas tried to help LeBron up, but his help was refused with an elbow no less. When LeBron was asked about his reaction, he simply stated that he had his teammates there to help him up, so why should he except Valanciunas help? James also seemed a little upset with his teammates after the play, commenting that “maybe I've got to protect myself a little more” as if he was frustrated that his teammates didn't do it on his behalf.

One might assume this is what King James is used to seeing as his old teammates were even known to track opposing players down in locker rooms after so much of a hint that they might be going after James. With the Raptors and Cavs seeming like the two best teams in the East, these two will continue to see plenty of each other and we expect the rough play to continue.

8 Jason Terry

via youtube.com

It is starting to seem as though opposing players that trash talk about LeBron have a history of eventually wanting to join King James. However, they never quite get there because not only does King James remember, he has a way of sending them down the dark tunnel to never be heard from again.

Jason Terry is yet another in a long list of these players. Back in 2013, Terry had been well known for making sly remarks about LeBron James and the Heat. So what does King James do? He absolutely posterized Terry and mentioned afterward that he "was glad it happened to Terry."

Despite Terry's willingness to go team LeBron if the option came up for grabs, truthfully the option was never extended to him by James and the Heat back in 2012 and he has not been heard talking smack since LeBron shut him up with that legendary dunk.

7 Jordan Crawford

via youtube.com

Does anyone remember Jordan Crawford?

Back in July of 2009, Crawford dunked on LeBron during a game at the LeBron James Skills Challenge. Apparently it was a pretty good dunk because LeBron was reported to have had Nike confiscate the tapes that had recorded the sensational dunk. While you would think that the college sophomore would have earned some respect from LeBron and maybe got a spot on his team once he came up to be drafted, he instead was signed with the Hawks and traded to the Wizards. He enjoyed an average career, before moving to play in China, where he's been exceptional.

We already know that LeBron doesn't forget these kinds of things, so if Crawford comes back, it won't be with the Cavs.

6 Draymond Green

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green can call himself LeBron's off- court friend, he can wear his sneakers, and he can give LeBron all of the congratulatory hugs that he wants, but that still doesn't change the fact that there were some pretty tense moments on and off the court between the two “friends.”

Does someone step over a "friend" in a disrespectful manner as LeBron did to Green in game four of the Finals? Would a "friend" retaliate with an attempted low blow and call LeBron a b****? We don't think so, but one thing is for sure, while Draymond is going around calling LeBron his off-court friend and associate, LeBron is claiming he has three friends in the NBA and Draymond did not make the list.

5 Lance Stephenson

via wnyc.org

Lance Stevenson does not want blowing in LeBron's ear to define him as a player. Sorry Lance, but it is definitely going to be what you're remembered for. He will never be known for how well he played in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2014, he will forever be known as the guy with the Pacers who joined the Heat huddle and blew in LeBron's ear just to get in his head. Just to make a point... Does anyone even remember who won that game?

Not only that, but this incident seems to cause most people to overlook the choke signal he gave LeBron after a missed free throw back in 2012. It was said afterward that a few of LeBron's teammates felt Stephenson had shown enough disrespect for their MVP that it was worth hunting him down in the Pacers locker-room for some unfinished business.

As of this writing, Stephenson has not been signed for the upcoming season and we don't expect Cleveland to bite on him.

4 Joakim Noah

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In 2010 when asked what his thoughts on LeBron leaving Cleveland were, Joakim Noah responded that he would have liked for James to come to Chicago, so that he would have the chance to play with the “best player in the world.”

It was surprising that a player who once talked trash about not just LeBron, but also the city of Cleveland, would want LeBron to join forces with him in Chicago, but if Joakim still coveted a shot at playing with the "best in the world" and getting a championship by playing as LeBron's teammate, then he sure has a funny way of showing it.

Not only does he disrespect LeBron's city, his fans, and whatever team that he plays for, he also goes out on a limb to be one of the only players to openly trash talk LeBron to the point where nobody including himself or LeBron will repeat what was said. That's probably burned that bridge permanently.

3 Paul Pierce

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron's rivalry with Paul Pierce has been the most legit beef that King James has had throughout his entire career. While Pierce calls it “misunderstood” and LeBron simply calls it a sort of stepping block to get past in order to heighten his career, there is still no denying that it is a thing.

From the time, LeBron played his rookie season with Cleveland, Pierce has gunned for him. Pierce's first run in with LeBron started with LeBron's best friend's dad (who was like an uncle to him) after Pierce fouled LeBron causing his adopted “uncle” to talk some smack. This resulted in Pierce eyeing him with every basket he made which totaled up to 41 points.

Pierce also got into it with LeBron's mom a couple years later, where LeBron instructed her to "sit her a** down" (My guess is he didn't want a repeat performance from Pierce).

With Pierce on the brink of retirement these days, the two have grown a mutual respect each other's game, but not enough to form any mild friendship and most definitely not enough for LeBron to ever want Pierce to play with him.

2 Stephen Curry

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry is on this list for two reasons. One, being that he and LeBron do have somewhat of a mild, respectful resentment for one another and two being that they both love the spotlight and neither would be willing to fall back to let the other shine. Therefore it would become war between past and reigning MVPs, especially when LeBron been skeptical of Curry's MVP credentials.

As far as the beef between the two star players goes, it is mild, but it's definitely there. We have all heard the respectful comments with underlying tones of frustration, we have witnessed the "yeah I did that, now try me looks" from both, we've seen a thrown mouth guard, and there were even some deleted tweets from Steph's wife about NBA Finals games being "rigged" for LBJ.

These NBA stars are stuck in a true battle over who will be the face of the NBA. So would LeBron ever play with Curry? We'd say it's impossible... (even though KD is playing with him now).

1 Delonte West

via vibe.com

Delonte West is more than likely a player LeBron would never play with again and for good reason.

Despite recent reports that West did well in the D-League last year while playing with the Texas Legends and comments from his mom stating that he is ready to make an NBA comeback, while other reports seem to go against that line of thinking. Regardless, even if there was a team in the NBA that was willing to trust him and give him another shot, it definitely wouldn't be on a team with LeBron James as the star.

Even if James liked what he saw from him in the D-League, he would still have to get around the idea that Delonte West may have slept with his mom. West hinted that it was probably true in an interview with Vice Sports in 2014, so we'd bet against a West/James reunion.

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