15 Basketball Players Who Are Dirty On And Off The Court

Let’s take a look at 15 basketball players who are dirty both on and off the court.

NBAers have it all. Money, women, talent and fame – there’s no shortage of extravagance in their lives. These are some of the most physically gifted athletes in the world, and they get treated like it day in and day out. But while a good deal of NBAers follow the rules and uphold good moral values, there are those that take liberties in regards to each. Tons of NBA stars have earned reputations for being dirty players over the years and while some might have just gotten some bad raps – where there’s smoke there’s fire. Though being branded a dirty player usually applies to on the court actions, it also holds up for players who aren’t too great off of it as well.

The bigger the star, the more problems they’ll face it seems. A plethora of NBA stars make terrible life choices almost out of habit. From gambling to infidelity, your NBA heroes are completely different people off the court. It’s almost comical really. There are tons of cases of NBAers cheating on a spouse or getting caught with drugs and yet no one seems to learn from anyone’s mistakes. It’s as though their egos grow so big that they actually believe themselves to be untouchable. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 basketball players who are dirty both on and off the court.

14 Daniel Gibson


We start off our list with an individual who saved his most particularly scummy acts for off the court. Now retired, Daniel Gibson spent his entire career with the Cavs. He had a pretty solid career and will most probably be remembered by fans as a good contributor to the team. But his off the court persona is a different matter entirely. Gibson was caught red handed cheating on his wife, R&B artist Keyshia Cole, at a Houston strip club with a woman working for the establishment. Gibson was also involved in an incident that saw him turn himself in and be charged with second degree battery. In another showing of being a poor husband, Gibson was once found to be texting another woman right in front of his wife. Needless to say the two are now separated.

13 Tony Parker


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the goings on of the entertainment world, you wouldn’t know that Tony Parker was once married to the beautiful Eva Longoria. Parker, who on the court proved to be one of the most prolific players in Spurs history, wasn’t what you would call a picture perfect husband. He was actually caught cheating on his wife the same way a teenager is caught by their parents; by leaving his phone open. There were also some rumors of Parker and former teammate Erin Barry’s wife having a thing together, though the rumors were denied by both Parker and Barry. He and Longoria have since divorced, unsurprisingly enough.

12 Metta World Peace


Any list that features Metta World Peace on it is bound to turn some heads, be it by the content or by the appearance of the name alone. Most basketball fans are already familiar with the man formerly known as Ron Artest and his off the court antics as well as his transgressions on it. Of course, his most famous blunder was what would be known as the “Malice at the Palace” incident. At a Paces and Pistons game during the 2004 season, Artest was involved in an altercation with Ben Wallace after some rough playing and idle refereeing. The fighting quickly spread to both teams and just as things had cooled down, some fool threw his beer at Artest, causing him to retaliate by attacking the wrong fan. We can’t really say anyone was free of blame in that incident, but Artest certainly served as a catalyst.

11 Andrew Bogut


Currently a free agent, Andrew Bogut has had a long and successful NBA career. The former first overall pick out of Utah – while talented – has earned himself something of an undesirable reputation for being a dirty player. He’s certainly tough and likes to take a much more hands on approach than usual, but dirty? He certainly doesn’t think so. But then again who would admit it even if they did? According to Bogut, this whole conversation was only started due to him being an international player. While that could very well be the case, it’s unlikely as anyone’s who’s seen him play knows that he likes to take some liberties with what he is and isn’t allowed to do. One NBA player said that Bogut throws elbows any chance he gets and it’s hard to disagree with him on that one, seeing as most players and even some coaches see him as a dirty player.

10 James Harden


One of the best players in the league is also one of the thirstiest players you’ll find on Instagram. The image sharing website is full of beautiful women, and for every “model” there’s about ten guys lining up to get noticed. Harden doesn’t seem like he has as much trouble as the average Joe though, as he’s got both the money and status most of us lack. One noticeable incident occurred after the 2012 Olympics, where Harden hosted a yacht party for his birthday. That’s all in good fun and all, but the problem lies with what happened on the yacht. After the party, multiple pictures of Harden and unidentified women made their rounds online. This all happening while Harden was with now ex-girlfriend Trina. That’s a big no no there James.

9 Carmelo Anthony


Currently separated from his long-time wife La La, Carmelo Anthony – despite having never been caught – is not exactly the perfect husband he might have once seemed to be. Basketball players are famous, they’re rich and they’ve got a lot going on. It’s only natural that they’d get some extra attention and eventually have that go to their heads. Anthony has had his fair share of scummy incidents off the court. In 2010 he reportedly offered $5000 to anyone willing to beat up an Instagram model named Kat Stacks. No one knows the reason, and no one likely will. Another online model then alleged he’d had an affair with her and even had some photos, emails and messages as proof. Let’s not forget the Stop Snitchin’ video he appeared in which threatened citizens of Baltimore who thought about collaborating with police with violence. A real class act.

8 Draymond Green


One guy you could almost certainly expect to appear on this list in one way or another is Draymond Green. A talented player, Green has earned a reputation among fans and players as something of an overly aggressive competitor. Lucky for him, he often goes unseen. His specialty seems to be going right for the nads – that’s kindergarten level stuff. While you’ll find plenty of fans willing to condemn him, his fans are adamant in defending his actions. There was of course the incident in Game 4 of last season’s NBA finals, where Green snuck a cheap shot to LeBron James’ baby-maker that gained some buzz. But most of those in his corner say that it’s all incidental. While that defense might stand for someone who’s had one or two of these incidents play out, how do you explain a repeat offender?

7 Adam Morrison


This next one is D-I-R-T-Y in absolutely every sense of the word, That is, if you believe what his ex teammates have to say at least. Adam Wallace is known as and will forever be remembered as one of the biggest draft busts the NBA has ever seen. Even prior to his ACL injury Wallace was a dud in the league and now there’s new information that makes him seem at least somewhat worse. Apparently, Morrison didn’t like to take showers. His chewing tobacco habit – though it did bother some teammates – wasn’t the worst of his hygienic misdemeanors. According to former teammate Jared Dudley, Morrison refused to shower after games and at one point was actually forced to bathe by Gerald Wallace. That’s a pretty sad way to be remembered.

6 Kobe Bryant


Undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest players to ever step on the court, Kobe Bryant has left his mark on the game in a way very few have. But like many great players, Bryant isn’t without his critics. Some would call him a dirty player both on and off the court, as he’s had difficulty staying clean on either. As a player, Bryant is sometimes tactical with how and when he goes for the dirty play and because of this, often goes uncalled. We’re all familiar with his unfaithfulness off the field and it’s gotten him into trouble more than once. He might’ve been the biggest name in the NBA for a time, but he certainly wasn’t immune to any criticism.

5 Raymond Felton


Things got pretty weird for Raymond Felton during his second stint with the New York Knicks. Felton has had himself a pretty decent NBA career that started with being selected fifth overall twelve years ago. But in between the time he was brought into the league and now, Felton has found himself mentioned in some rather grotty headlines. One of which included his wife, a mistress and Valentine’s Day. A messy combination if there was one. Things only got worse as reports later surfaced that his wife had to ask her lawyer to turn in her estranged husband’s gun. The reason being he’d apparently threatened her with it. Felton soon handed himself in, but you’ve got to question his decision making throughout the entire process.


It’s been a while since Stephon Marbury last played in the NBA. After spending thirteen years in the league, Marbury found himself looking for work out of the country as many players past their prime do. Marbury’s last NBA stint was in 2009 with the Celtics, and as it stands, he’s been keeping himself busy in China – though it seems as though the veteran is out of a job there as well. Marbury came into prominence a few years back when it was discovered that he was cheating on his wife with his personal chef. According to the chef, Marbury claimed that “keeping him happy” was required if she was to keep her job as his personal chef. Pretty dirty move right there.

4 Matthew Dellavedova

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Just like Andrew Bogut, Matthew Dellavedova is currently seen as one of the dirtiest players in the NBA. Coincidentally, Dellavedova is another international player, and someone Bogut too thought got a bad rap due to his being so. But regardless, “Delly” is seen in something of a negative light among his peers. No matter how much he might protest it, Dellavedova hasn’t exactly helped his case with some of the stuff he’s pulled on court. Let’s not forget that Dellavedov’s playing style got Al Horford injured along with others over the years. As much as he might deny it, there’s a reason why Dellavedova’s compatriots see him as one of the dirtiest players in the league. What he does with that information in the future is up to him.

3 LeBron James


King James is one of the premier stars in the NBA today. People will always argue about just how great a player he is, and while you might not like his off the court antics, you have to give him credit as a player. He’s on his way to being one of the greatest to ever play the game and we’ll probably look back to his playing career as one of the most unique we’ve seen in a long time. But off the field, LeBron has his share of blemishes on his record. There are a lot of rumors regarding James and infidelity. While rumors usually don’t hold water, multiple rumors revolving around the same player usually means there’s something there worth looking into.

2 Kevin Garnett


We’ve got ourselves a player who’s dirty both on and off the court in Kevin Garnett. Garnett ended his superb 21 year career last year and will most certainly be remembered by many as an NBA great. But like many on this list, Garnet liked to take liberties in regards to the rules of the game and often committed more than a few fouls – though he rarely got caught, frustratingly enough. Like a lot of other pro basketball stars, Garnet has also been known to take liberties with following through on his wedding vows as well. In 2013 Garnett was seen with three different women at the Caribana festival in Toronto. Another incident involved an old fling of Garnett’s and his wife at the same Celtics game. Needless to say, that caused some tension.

1 Michael Jordan

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan is hands down the greatest player in the history of the NBA and the sport of basketball itself. The man inspired – and continues to inspire – a generation of players and will forever be the measuring stick for greatness. But his life off the field is a little less stellar. We know that he’s incredibly rich, and thus leads a pretty extravagant life, but MJ’s decision making isn’t all that great. Infidelity has plagued him throughout his life and his divorce from his wife of 17 years was one of the most costly sports divorces ever. Then there’s the gambling problems which are well documented, and to this day seem to inspire some pretty strange theories.

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15 Basketball Players Who Are Dirty On And Off The Court