27Purple Shirt Guy Sets Off Dwyane Wade

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Sometimes the biggest trash talkers are ones that aren't even on the court playing the game. This was certainly the case in the 2016 NBA Playoffs when a Charlotte Hornet fan in the crowd started getting on the nerves of Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade—and cost his favorite team the game.


man, who is affectionately known on the internet as "Purple Shirt Guy" was giving Dwyane Wade so much hell at courtside that Wade couldn't ignore him any further. Wade, who was playing distributor for most of the game, kept the ball for himself in the final four minutes of the game where he would score eight points, a steal, a block and drew a crucial foul. The icing on the cake was Wade getting in the hecklers face to let him know who's boss just after hitting a dagger that sealed the game in favor of the Heat. The Heat would ultimately eliminate the Hornets in the first round.

Charlotte fans had long waited for the Hornets to get back into the playoffs but they have Purple Shirt Guy to thank for not letting the team see more postseason success.

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