29Jose Calderon Gives KG A Taste Of His Own Medicine

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One of the greatest trash talkers to play the game is the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett. It would be wise for any player to avoid getting into a war of words with KG but Spanish point guard Jose Calderon went against conventional wisdom and may have gotten some respect for


In a 2008 regular season game between Garnett's Boston Celtics and Calderon's Toronto Raptors, Garnett would guard Calderon the length of the court at one point, taunting him mercilessly the entire time. KG would even wag his finger at Calderon, teasing him, trying to throw the point guard off his game and create a turnover.

Would Calderon take the bait and turn the ball over? Nope. He would actually control the ball perfectly and pass the ball for an assist off of a three pointer. The Celtics would go to time out and Calderon would get in Garnett's face and give him a taste of his own medicine with some trash talk of his own. It was a fun exchange that reminded us of a fierce game of playground pick-up ball.

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