15 Interesting "Where Are They Now?" Stories For NBA Stars

The NBA is constantly full of familiar faces. Every city has had their favorite NBA stars that stayed either throughout their career or for the majority of it. It gets so that people get mad when they

The NBA is constantly full of familiar faces. Every city has had their favorite NBA stars that stayed either throughout their career or for the majority of it. It gets so that people get mad when they see their stars leave, like when LeBron left Cleveland and now Durant with OKC, but there are also a good number of NBA stars that fans grew to love, only for them to disappear and never be seen or heard from again, at least not on a NBA court anyway.

So where did all of the Delonte Wests and Allen Iversons of the NBA go? Some of them got thrown aside because of their antics on the court, while others got sidetracked with off-court issues, and still others just rubbed the wrong person the wrong way and that was that.

You might think to yourself whatever happened to a particular star. He was a great player with lots of potential or maybe he was a solid player who still had a couple good years left in him. The answers to some of these questions are right here. Some of these NBA stars have gone on to work regular jobs, some are still fighting for another chance at making a grand comeback to the NBA, some have retired and made millions, and others are just trying to make it through life one day at a time. Have you ever wondered What Happened To These 15 Former NBA Stars?

15 Latrell Sprewell And His Life Lessons


Latrell Sprewell made waves from the time he set foot on a NBA court after being drafted by Golden State in 1992. He made the All-Star team in two straight years, took the Warriors to the playoffs, threatened a teammate with a 2×4 and a gun, and went on to choke his coach, who had some thoughts on his passing game. You would think that this is what happened to make Sprewell disappear from the NBA, but he got off with a lengthy year long suspension and was voided from his contract.

After coming back, he worked wonders for the Knicks and later joined Keven Garnett and Sam Cassell in Minnesota, helping them make it to the Western Conference Finals in 2004, but then he made the mistake that caused his NBA demise. He turned down nearly $30 million over a three year contract, with the comment that he is known best for: “I have a family to feed.” Now that he has been sued by his family, lost his home, and his yacht, he makes commercials for Priceline with himself as the punchline, to add to his net worth of 500k.

14 Travis Outlaw's Recent Felony Indictment


Travis Outlaw's career looked promising when he was selected by the Trail Blazers straight out of high school in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft. He was a McDonald's All-American alongside LeBron James and Chris Paul in his first year and shot 38.3% from the three point line throughout the two seasons he spent with Portland. After being traded several times during his 12 years in the NBA, his stats slowly dwindled and he was last traded from the Knicks to the 76ers in 2014, only to be waived later on that same day. Sadly, he was never picked up by another team. In 2015, the media picked up a story that he was being investigated for receiving about a pound of marijuana in the mail and he was indicted on those charges just a week ago. Apparently, in Mississippi, it is a felony to possess over 9 ounces of marijuana. No one is sure what his sentence will look like, but he was released on a $10,000 bond.

13 Lamar Odom A Victim Of The Kardashian Kurse


Nobody really believes that Lamar Odom was screwed by the Kardashian curse, do they? His fans and a lot of people would love to claim that his downfall was all the Kardashian’s fault and that he in no way caused his own demise, but the fact is that he screwed up and wasted his skills, just like many others on this list. He played for four teams throughout his career, but is best known in the NBA for his time with the Lakers, where he won two NBA Championships.

In his personal life, he is more well known for his drug and alcohol habits, which almost claimed his life in 2015. He has always had issues, but these problems were thrust into the spotlight after he married Khloe Kardashian and this led most to believe that this was the cause of his problems. As of late, Odom has been rumored to have relapsed back into his self-destructive ways, with scandals of being drunk on planes and being photographed leaving bars, while other reports are more optimistic. One thing is certain, Lamar won't be able to avoid the spotlight as he works through these issues.

12 Jordan Crawford - Underrated


Have you ever wondered what happened to that college Sophomore who dunked on LeBron James during his skills academy in 2009? Jordan Crawford came into the league red hot, playing for the Hawks and Wizards during his first year in the league. During his stint in Washington, he started 18 games and averaged 16.3 points per game, giving fans some hope. He later gained the interest of fans in Boston before being traded to the Warriors in 2014. With all of the talent in Golden State, it's no wonder that they didn't pick him back up, but what was shocking is that nobody else did either, so he ended up signing overseas with the CBA. There has been a little interest in him among NBA teams like the Bulls and Heat, but, for now, he's off scoring for the Tianjin Ronggang Gold Lions. Hopefully we will see Steez back in NBA gear sometime soon.

11 David Harrison (Want Fries With That?)


It looked as though David Harrison had a promising NBA career ahead of him when he was drafted by the Pacers as the 29th overall pick in 2004. His old coach Rick Carlisle had good things to say about during his time with the Pacers and Chris Copeland said that he “never felt more helpless” than when he was put in position to guard Harrison.

From there, when Carlisle was fired from the Pacers and Jim O'Brian took over as coach, Harrison was often set aside and treated harshly to the point where he asked to be sent to the D-League, but he played out the rest of his contract before the Pacers opted not to resign him. After that, things got rough financially for Harrison, despite playing in China and the D-League. He even took a job at McDonald's just to get bills paid. Last year, he got his hopes up when he was signed to the Amerileague which fell through when it was discovered that the owner was a fraud. Sadly, it sounds like Harrison has hit bottom and is struggling to make it back up.

10 Allen Iverson Is “The Answer”

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Long before Allen Iverson was drafted first overall pick by the 76ers in 1996, he was nicknamed “The Answer” by his friends. In his rookie season, he broke records by going five straight games with more than 40 points and he even crossed over the legendary Michael Jordan. These are parts of the Allen Iverson Era that will never be forgotten, but he also changed basketball through his style, his attitude, and they way he merged Hip-Hop into the NBA like no other. He paved the way for those who wanted to stand out and be themselves, but he also caught hell for doing it. For example, we will never forget his famous rant on “practice,” which garnered him a lot of heat from people in the NBA and the media.

Since leaving the NBA, Iverson has had some rough patches. His finances were made public through his divorce from his childhood sweetheart, he has been reported as being broke, and his bad habits of spending money and alcohol abuse have put on display. However, he has been working to dispel those rumors recently. He talks about his life as a stay-at-home dad and how he is far from broke. He was recently inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame and is respected by anyone who loves the game. He's also smart enough to admit that he wouldn't be able to stop Steph Curry, but also says that “ he couldn't stop me either.”

9 Adam Morrison Is Prepared - Are You?

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Morrison was huge in college hoops when he attended Gonzaga University. He had so much heart that he let it all out on the court when UCLA came back to beat them from a 17 point deficit during the Sweet 16, which happened to be Morrison's last game in the college ranks. Most remember him from that game, as he fell to the ground in a fit of tears after the loss. He was selected third overall by Michael Jordan to play for the Charlotte Hornets later that year and most felt that he was a bust during his career. Even he admits that he just didn't play well enough coming into the league, yet that didn't stop him from winning two championships with the Lakers simply by sitting on the bench. He was always rumored to be a bit of an oddball by teammates, due to things such as his hygiene (Jared Dudley says he refused to shower) and how he's said to have an apocalypse bunker, by his friend Kyle Wiltjer. Wiltjer also claims that Morrison “thinks something is going down with politics” and that “everybody is corrupt.” While Morrison has disputed this rumor in interviews, he has admitted that he lives on an 80 acre patch of land and has two gun safes.

Since his departure from the NBA, he returned to Gonzaga to finish his degree and work on the coaching staff for their basketball team.

8 DeShawn Stevenson's Money Woes


When DeShawn Stevenson was drafted 23rd by the Jazz in 2000, fans were hopeful he'd become a solid piece for the team, but instead he became more famous for his trash talk and antics. While with the Wizards in 2008, he was guarding LeBron Hamesand called him “overrated.” Although he was actually outplaying LeBron at times, he was also putting too much effort into making a mockery of James. He did eventually win an NBA Championship over James with the Mavericks in 2011, but was out of the league two years later. He tried to plead with James on Twitter to get him a spot with the Heat, but it didn't pan out. He wasn't heard from again until recent articles arose about his bank account being seized by American Express. Despite owing them over $300,000, they only gained a little over $62 from the seizure. Wow.

7 Ricky Davis: Triple Double Legend


Ricky Davis came into the NBA as a first round draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets in 1998 and last played with the Clippers in 2010. He was traded and tossed between five teams throughout his career and was best known for his flashy style of play. In LeBron's rookie season, Davis saw him as his supporting player and even went off on LeBron after he didn't pass him the ball on a play. Another infamous moment, saw Davis attempt to register a triple-double by shooting at his own basket. Although he later regretted the fail at padding his own records, he also was happy that he was known for a triple-double even if he didn't actually get one.

After the Clippers failed to resign him in 2010, he played overseas for a couple years, before coming back to play for the Erie BayHawks of the D-League until 2014. Even though he has some ridiculous stories attached to him like other on this list, he's different in that he's done well financially and hasn't struggled for cash.

6 Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues Is Still Short

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

While it may have caused a few laughs when Tyrone Bogues was selected 12th overall by the Wizards in the first round of the 1987 NBA draft, all who thought it was funny soon were proven wrong. At a height of just 5'3", Bogues was a solid player during his career and ranks 18th overall in assists, with 6726. He had an amazing 14 year career with the NBA (spent mostly with the Hornets) and retired amicably in 2001.

He went on to coach in the WNBA with the Charlotte Sting in 2007, again setting records even though the women that he coached were all taller than him! He also spent time coaching high school basketball for the United Faith Christian Academy from 2011- 2014 after his WNBA team folded. He is also recognized from the cameo he had in Space Jam alongside Michael Jordan and has since become an ambassador for Jordan's NBA Team and the team Bogues is most known for playing for, the Charlotte Hornets.

5 Delonte West Making A Comeback


We all know about the old Delonte West rumors that said he slept with LeBron James' mom, but we often times forget that, despite the distractions, the hardships, and the rumors, West was a key player for the Cavs back before everything fell apart for him. After the rumors flew, he was traded to the Celtics and later to the Mavericks and then seemed to fall off the grid aside from his media scandals. Since 2013, he has played in the D-League for the Texas Legends and in the CBA, before going back to the D-League with the Texas Legends again in 2015.

He has done interviews discussing his struggles with finances and bipolar disorder, where he has mentioned having to boil water for his then-pregnant wife to take baths when he couldn't replace their water heater and of his frequent thoughts of suicide. So far this year, he has made headlines for walking around in a cationic state and being seen on the side of the road carrying a sign making it look as though he may be homeless. He and his mother are trying to squash the rumors and report that he is still trying to make an NBA comeback. Whether the rumors are valid or not, mental health is not something to make light of and we hope everything is going well for him.

4 Bryant Reeves - “Big Country”


Bryant Reeves was picked sixth overall by the Grizzlies (who were in Vancouver back then) during the 1995 draft and became the first face of the Grizzlies' organization. He was a small town boy who was once amazed by his first trip on a plane, leading a teammate to dub him “Big Country.” He played with the Vancouver Grizzles for a total of six years and moved with them from Vancouver to Memphis. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to play for the Grizzlies during their first season in Memphis because he hurt his back and was forced to retire. He is said to currently have a net worth of $20 million dollars and resides with his wife and kids on his 300 acre cattle ranch, where he enjoys getting together with former teammates for charities. He still enjoys the country lifestyle that he originally grew up in, but with the amount of land that he has now, it seems he must own the whole town.

3 Dennis Rodman Wants A Nobel Peace Prize


Dennis Rodman was as well known for his choice of hairstyle, apparel, and theatrics as he was for leading the NBA for seven consecutive years in rebounds and winning an astounding five championship rings. While his endless assortment of hair colors seemed to distract and awe fans, the role he played for his teams was vital. He headbutt a ref or fight a photographer, but even when a team got fed up with his antics, he would quickly be scooped up by another, only to lead them on a grand winning streak. Since Rodman retired from the NBA, he has starred in movies, written a biography (for which he showed up in a wedding dress to shoot the cover), been fired by Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, and become a self-appointed ambassador for the U.S. to Kim Jong Un. Although President Obama has expressed no interest in a meeting with the North Korean dictator, Rodman feels he is owed a Nobel Peace Prize. Always the attention seeker!

2 Lance Stephenson Is Fading Fast

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It is not definite yet, but it seems as though Lance Stephenson will be the next to join the disappearing act that we see so often from NBA stars. It's sad really that Stephenson, whose talent was just starting to show past his immaturity issues and on-court antics (such as blowing in LeBron's ear), hasn't been able to find a home after leaving the Pacers. He's played a little better with each team that he's gone to and was more than solid for the Grizzlies, scoring 14.2 points per game, yet they failed to resign him.

One of the most sought after players in the NBA just two years ago has been rumored to be considering signing overseas since nobody wants to deal with him. Another talent is fading and set to disappear soon.

1 Magic Johnson - Jack of all Trades

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One name that hasn't come up lately is Magic Johnson. Quite simply, his achievements in the NBA speak for themselves. He spent his entire career with the Lakers after being drafted in 1979, until he made his infamous announcement in 1991 that he had to retire because he was HIV positive, but he returned to take part in the All Star game in 1992, winning MVP only to be protested by players. The biggest myth floating around Magic was that he was cured of the AIDS virus, which was most likely started because he returned to play for the for the Lakers in 1996 before he retired for the last time. He is a Hall of Fame inductee and was part-owner of the Lakers for awhile. He is currently the CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises and has shares invested in both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Sparks. His net worth, as of 2016, is $500 million. He is also an activist for AIDS and says that despite the myth he “is not cured.”

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15 Interesting "Where Are They Now?" Stories For NBA Stars