15 Mistresses Of NBA Players You Forgot About

It’s an unwritten rule that when you’re a star in the NBA, you have a drop dead gorgeous wife or girlfriend.

Lately, this rule has become true even for the most unassuming NBA stars. It’s no surprise though, as endorsement deals and sponsorships have become so lucrative these days, that even the most middle to lower rank NBA players can be financial powerhouses.

Some women also seemed to be attracted to the appeal that dating an NBA player brings. This is just yet another reason why people envy NBA players because they seem to have it all, doesn’t matter what team or position they play.

NBA players have an abundance of money and generally a good educational background stemming from college. Secondly, they have the added advantage of being tall which appeals to many woman. Finally, have the uncanny ability to attract the most beautiful women. This is sometimes where the problem stems from.

One thing is for sure though, NBA players are notorious for struggling to stay loyal to their wife or girlfriend. Probably the most famous case is Kobe Bryant who was accused several times of cheating on his wife but has vehemently denied it.

These mistress have so many familiar traits to them, whether it is the fact that they are beyond gorgeous or just have this ‘seductive look’ to them, there’s definitely a distinct quality. Some mistresses have come out while others have kept mum about it. Here’s a list of 15 NBA players you might have forgotten had smoking hot mistresses.


15 Shaq - Vanessa Lopez

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By now we know that Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most eccentric NBA players to have played the game, both on and off the field.

Dr. Shaq as he likes to call himself, apparently had been involved with Vanessa Lopez however much to her disliking. In 2010, she filed a lawsuit against Shaq who was accused of invading her privacy and causing unnecessary emotional distress.

In addition, she claimed that Shaq harassed her by trying to monitor all her messages, phone calls and not allow her any space to breathe. There’s no denying that Vanessa Lopez is incredibly beautiful, and is a dream woman. The behavior by Shaq however was just plain creepy. That kind of aggression would best be kept for on the court tactic.

14 Damien Wilkins - Latosha Lee

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As unassuming as Latosha Lee may have seemed to be at the time, she was quite the conniving girlfriend. It’s not the fact that Latosha had a relationship with an NBA player, it is the fact however that she was with two players in the NBA, with some rumors saying it was at the same time.

Former Boston Celtics, LA Lakers and Miami Heat legend Shaquille O’Neal was once again in the thick of things, as she had a relationship with him (again Shaq was accused of cheating). Not only that, she was also dating Damien Wilkins at the time. It was said that she had a child together with Wilkins.

This was all happening while Shaq was married to his wife Shaunie. The weird thing is that Shaq got upset that Latosha was ‘cheating’ on him with Wilkins, despite being married to Shaunie.


13 Carlos Boozer - Michelle Money

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Carlos Boozer Jr had many titles to his career – he represented team USA at the summer Olympics in 2004 where he got a bronze model and a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics. Also a two-time NBA player who practiced his craft at the Utah Jazz, Chicago bulls, LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

He is also known for being a bit promiscuous when it comes to his personal life. Boozer had an affair with Michelle Money. She worked as a hairstylist while ‘fooling’ around with Boozer. Thereafter she also made appearances on the Bachelor.

She admitted to Lifestyle magazine about the affair she had with Boozer who was still married at the time. Not surprisingly, it ended up with Boozer and his wife going through a divorce.

12 Kevin Garnett - Krissy Freiberg

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One of the biggest personalities in the last decade of basketball has to be Kevin Garnett otherwise known as KG. The former Boston Celtic and Minnesota Timberwolf was known for his amazing displays on the court but also the words he said off the court.

One of the things he became known off the court for was his relationship with Mistress Krissy Freiberg. She was gorgeous and smart, but when the pair came together they didn’t exactly have a smart way of doing so. They would often be seen in public, holding hands and she would even be courtside supporting him.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with his wife Brandi who had to be restrained from attacking Krissy after seeing her in one of the exit arenas.


11 Tony Parker - Erin Barry

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This is one of those confusing ones, where the mistress and the wife were equally as gorgeous! A well profiled case in the media, Tony Parker was eventually caught by his then wife Eva Longoria for cheating on her with Erin Barry.

This happened in 2010, and as soon as Eva Longoria found out about the secret affair of Tony Parker with Barry, who was the wife of Brent Barry (former teammate), she filed for divorce. It was not the only factor, but it certainly pushed her over the edge and she needed no more convincing.

While Erin Barry maintained Tony Parker and her were just friends, overwhelming evidence seemed to point out that she was equally as guilty for the cheating scandal. Erin Barry’s marriage also did not last, making it a hot tale with a messy ending.

10 Shaq (Again) - Mary Jane (aka Alexis Miller)

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Once again, Shaquille O’Neal makes the list. Poor Shaunie, who must have the most forgiving and tender heart as Shaq is always in the heat of things with often little to say ‘I didn’t do it”.

In 2008, he was accused of having an affair with Alexis Miller (also known as Mary-Jane, the rapper). She was an up and coming rapper in Atlanta. Reports surfaced in 2008 that Shaq was sleeping with her despite being married to Shaunie. The only reason the story was exposed was because of the abnormal behaviour Shaq was displaying to Miller.

She said Shaq tried to blackball her from the hip hop industry. She eventually got a restraining order against Shaq due to the threats in email she was getting and also the potential threat to her career Shaq was trying to impose.


9 Kobe Bryant - Vanessa Curry

The most clutch player of his generation is arguably Kobe Bryant.

Same thing for him cannot be said for his off the court life, as he has been caught wanting red-handed on several occasions. Lakers Girl and cheerleader Vanessa Curry was one of the first people to be made public that she was having an affair with Bryant who was married at the time.

The two were photographed in a very compromising photo released in 2008, so really could not deny it. Out of embarrassment, she resigned from the Lakers. Kobe’s best effort to get the letter hidden and destroyed failed , as the publicity the site was getting would be more than what Kobe was willing to pay.

Her reputation only got enhanced from their as she managed to land a spot with the Pussycat dolls whereas this left a serious blimp on Kobe’s public image

8 Kobe Bryant - Jessica Burciaga

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Oh no? Kobe Bryant again?

Is it possibly a coincidence that Bryant did not win NBA championships in the years he was caught cheating? This time in December 2011, his wife Vanessa had enough of Kobe’s cheating, as another woman was revealed in his life by the name of Jessica Burciaga.

She was a stunning playmate that was brought up during the filing of the divorce between Kobe and Vanessa. Both Kobe and Burciaga denied it, but it’s hard to believe that it could be false given the history.

The interesting thing about Kobe is that he was always admired for his loyalty to the L.A. Lakers, literally being revered as a God by some. However, it seems his loyalty off the court is vulnerable to beautiful mistresses.


7 Al Horford - Amelia Vega

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Atlanta Hawks Al Horford had dated Miss Universe Model Amelia Vega. At the time though, it was not like they were dating as a couple. Rather, it was all hush-hush and undercover, as both were seeing other people at the same time as well. Talk about scandalous.

They eventually decided to come out clean in December 2011 and started dating as a couple. The story in this case at least does not end in a bad ending, or a messy divorce.

Al Horford, who enjoyed his basketball in his alter parts of his career also seemed to be stabilizing his life outside of the court. Whether it is coincidence or not, but as his form picked up, that is when he got married to the tantalizing Amelia Vega.

6 Nick Young - Keonna Green

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The 27-year-old Keonna Green is not shy about coming out regarding her promiscuity with Golden State Warriors Nick Young.

Young has always come across as a ‘player’ – excuse the pun. He dated rapper Iggy Azalea but the two eventually split. During this time, Keonna Green claims that she had several affairs with Nick Young. It resulted in a pregnancy for Green during the time. Awkward! This all happened while Young was engaged to Iggy Azalea.

It might have been what eventually led to the engagement breakup between Azalea and Young. Green and Young shared a long history, having dated since high school and also having previously dated in high school and had a four year old son together as well.


5 Carmelo Anthony - Mia Angel Burks

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In short, the story of Mia Angel Burks being the mistress of Carmelo Anthony is described as the ‘dream’ for many girls who want to date NBA players. I.e. to fall pregnant or get heavily involved with an NBA player so that they can live the “NBA lifestyle”.

In short, Carmelo randomly met Mia in Room Seven which is a club in Chicago. One drink led to another and the two started getting along well, despite Carmelo being married to his wife La La. It’s alleged that Carmelo fell into the trap and slept with Mia.

Mia fell pregnant and allegedly gave birth to Anthony’s child. The only reason the story came out was because of Mia’s friend, who denied reports that she was a stripper.

4 Lamar Odom - Jennifer Richardson

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Where there is a basketball story, it seems that the Kardashians can hardly not be in sight. This time, Jennifer Richardson claimed she had had an affair with Lamar Odom, the (then) husband of Khloe Kardashian.

In response, Lamar obviously denied it, stating that Jennifer is just a desperate “NBA groupie. Apparently Jennifer is a notorious groupie who kept trying to sleep with NBA players, particularly Lamar Odom. However, some sources say that he has had an affair, despite his strong denial.

In an interview with Star Magazine, she said that Lamar told her that he loves her and meeting up in different cities to hook up would be the best way to do it. While Khloe refused to comment on the accusations, we know it wouldn’t sit well with her.


3 Shaq - Dominica Westling

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I’m not sure how many times the wife of Shaquille O’Neal can be cheated on without seriously questioning herself or Shaq’s intention. After one or two occasions, some might understand. But generally, three strikes is the maximum that should be ever reached (probably one if we’re totally honest).

Shaq seemed to have to try his hand at the international market, by dating model Dominica Westling. She was a Swedish Model with all the attributes, beautiful body and a head full of blond hair. He was caught red handed with raunchy back and forth text messages with Westling and that point there was overwhelming evidence and he could not deny it.

It's no wonder that soon after this, Shaunie filed for divorce with Shaq. She could only take so much cheating.

2 Dwyane Wade - Aja Metoyer

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Dwyane Wade is involved in this list? Should it come as a surprise? I mean he has moved between NBA teams, notably the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers.

We all know that Wade has been seeing his long term fiancé Gabrielle Union for the longest of time. However, during this period, TMZ had found that he had been having an affair with Aja Metoyer. This was while he was dating Union, and not on a ‘break’ as many have thought.

As a matter of fact, Metoyer felt so guilty about the affair that she wrote an open letter to Union detailing the affair she had with Wade. She explained how Wade booked flight tickets for her (the cousin did this) and had their chef cook meals for her as well. Ouch.


1 James Harden - Amber Rose

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The man with the Beard, James Harden found himself in hot water this time.

One thing everyone knows about the Houston Rocket star James Harden is that he has probably the best ball handling skills of the modern era in the NBA. Since 2012, he has been an MVP candidate for exactly this reason.

Nothing however could get him out of this situation when apparently he had an affair with several women despite dating his long girlfriend Trina at the time. He had a hectic party after the USA’s gold medal win with several women, which upset Trina to the point where she commented on his Instagram about it saying “No Love”.

Years later he had a long term relationship with Sarah Vivian, but apparently he was dating Amber Rose at the same time.


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