15 Most Embarrassing Secrets Revealed About NBA Players

NBA players can be weird.

We so often forget that the NBA sees hundreds of players coming through each year, each player with their own quirks, personalities and likings. Some players, even have their own weird secrets. Whilst a secret is not something that is unusual, some secrets are much weirder than others.

NBA players both past and present have admitted to having some pretty weird secrets that would really surprise you. It could range anything from the pleasures that the money that they can provide them, to some things such as the arches of feet.

In a world where their habits are constantly being monitored, it is hard to let it slide. Some players have openly admitted it, not being shy to speak to the public regarding it. However, an embarrassing secret is generally something that you keep private and intimate with yourself and your partner.

That’s exactly where it all goes wrong. So many of the weird and wonderful secrets of NBA stars have been divulged by players' ex-wives. It’s sometimes also by current NBA players, or their girlfriends. In the world of social media as well, it is so easy to become exposed. All the quirks and mannerisms you thought was only for yourself is now on display to the whole world.

We take a look at some of the very weird secrets of NBA players both past and present:

17 Shaquille O’Neal – NOTHING Will Stop Him

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One of the greatest to ever play the game, Shaq, four-time NBA championship winner as he would remind us is always in the public eye. Whether it is his antics on social media or his hilarious laughs on TNT, or whether his in a new movie, Shaq is a personality that goes beyond just basketball.

For such a large personality, he was one of the weirdest secrets. It’s called menophilia – the feeling of being turned on by the menstrual blood of a woman. Many fans upon hearing this was just flabbergasted and didn’t know how to react. This was revealed by his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez in a tell all interview where she said ‘he enjoys giving oral during my period’. Really Shaq? Not one to judge, but this has to be one of the most interesting and rather stomach turning secrets around.

16 Lamar Odom – Candy Man

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Most people like sweets. It’s sweet, and addictive. However, not everyone loves sweets the same way L.A. Lakers champion Lamar Odom has. It’s to the extent where he cannot go without a few hours without having some candy. “Mr. Kardashian” aka Lama Odom had candy whenever he could. If you would see the amount of money he spent on candy, you’d probably be on the floor right now.

Teammates say there was not a meal that he would eat without the presence of candy. Apparently, Odom is a Jelly Beans, Twizzlers, white chocolate, Gummy Bear kind of guy. It’s so weird to think of tough man on the court Odom going to a convenient store and filling up a cart with just candy, but he does. Many analysts pointed out that his lackluster 4th quarter performances during the latter part of his career was due to the sugar rush dying out from the candy he ate.

15 Michael Jordan Cheated In A Cards Game Against An Old Lady

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What list that includes the word NBA does Michael Jordan not appear on? He could literally be on the list of most controversial players of all time, most clutch player, greatest of all time list etc.

It should be no surprise that Jordan appears on this list for his obsession with winning at everything. While that quality was admirable to have on the basketball court, Jordan didn't know when to turn this obsession off. One time, he was playing what was supposed to be a friendly game of cards against North Carolina teammate Buzz Peterson's mother. When Peterson walked in on the two playing, he caught his old teammate MJ cheating his mother.

If this was anybody other than Jordan, people would be flipping their tops at such an embarrassing story.

14 Steph Curry's Favorite Body Part

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The golden boy of the NBA, Steph Curry can do no wrong. He has led to the dominance of the Golden State Warriors in recent years, and continues to be one of the most clutch players of all time.

Leave it to his wife, to absolutely embarrass him on The Real, a midday talk show where she was being interviewed by a panel. It somehow led to his wife, Ayesha Curry was talking about their love life and it was quickly revealed that Steph Curry has a real obsession with guess what? Feet!

She even admitted to sending bare shots of her feet to Steph Curry and even showed this to the audience on The Real. Former adult film actress Mia Khalifa then trolled Curry by tweeting out a photo of her feet with the caption, 'sup Steph?'.

13 Metta World Peace Applied For A Job At Circuit City

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Metta World Peace has always been known for being a bit of a weird cat. You have to kind of expect that when a guy actually changes his name legally to Metta World Peace and was even pondering changing his name to Panda's Friend. But why on earth would an NBA player getting paid millions have to apply for a job at Circuit City?

"I was bored, I was partying a little bit too much," World Peace, then known as Ron Artest, told ESPN's Highly Questionable recently. "I was trying to find ways to stay grounded ... so one of the things I did was apply for a job at Circuit City."

Perhaps that's actually a rational explanation, but we're still a little baffled by the thought of World Peace helping customers picking out electronics.


11 Jonny Flynn – Obsessed With Women in Trucks

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Not many people remember Jonny Flynn, but he was one of the most talented rookies in the NBA. He had been the sixth draft pick in the 2009 NBA season.

When asked what his biggest  was, Flynn didn’t even hesitate. He said “A woman in a truck – i.e. women that drive tricks”. Flynn might have wanted to focus more on his basketball career than his fetish however. After being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2009, he had a sparkling first 20 games, even scoring a winner against the Utah Jazz.

Unfortunately, he underwent hip surgery in 2010 which resulted in him struggling for fitness and having very disappointing campaigns thereafter. He had short stints with the Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers and the Detroit Pistons, but none of the teams was able to get him regular game time. He eventually went to play basketball in Australia where I assume there are women who drive trucks.

10 The Cheesecake Factory

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There’s no particular NBA player that can’t be pointed out to say they have cheesecake factory obsession. This one has to be attributed to the NBA players who have shown to have a weird obsession with the cheesecake factory. Most notably Jared Sullinger and Evan Turner have admitted to spending thousands on the cheesecake factory.

Even Golden State Warriors player Nick Young admitted going to the cheesecake factory at least four times a week to eat. It must help that they earn millions and can basically use the menu as they want.

There was even an ad-hoc study done to understand the link between NBA players and their weird obsession for the Cheesecake factory, but the mystery still eludes us all.

9 Kevin Durant's Alleged Turn-On

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There was a weird rumor going around that Kevin Durant enjoys having women farting in his face. This must top the weirdness meter out of all the ones mentioned so far.

It all started when a woman made this accusation on Twitter straight to Kevin Durant. As we know by now, Kevin Durant is obsessed with social media and at many times it consumes him. He’ll reply to anyone, attacking celebrities but also has the appetite to reply to users that only has 20 followers and no picture as an avatar. He also famously had a fake KD account which trash talked the whole of the NBA.

Nonetheless, when Kaylee Burris made this accusation on Twitter, Durant never actually denied, but tried to play it cool and fired shots back at Burris saying “Really, the farting in the face rumor” on Twitter. Whether it’s true or not, why not just ignore it, or at least if you do respond leave no room for interpretation of what it could possibly mean.

8 Dwyane Wade's Wife Tells All

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Gabrielle Union, the wife of Dwyane Wade really has his work cut out for him. Union is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, but she also has her own explicit side to her and is not afraid to speak about it.

In an interview with Sway’s Universe, on SiriusXM where he often gets people to reveal most things about their personal lives, Union revealed a rather interesting preference that D-Wade has. She said that Wade "going downtown" so to say. She was making this in a general context, however it boggles my mind that she would say it on a national radio without holding true for Dwayne Wade to some extent.

It’s probably not on Wade’s mind though, as his reunion with LeBron James at Cleveland Cavaliers is absolute priority

7 Antoine Walker Blew Most Of His Money On Lavish Cars

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Charles Barkley recently made a hilarious comment that he wishes he could go back in time in a spaceship so that he could play in today’s NBA league. He was making this comment in reference to the millions that players earn, and not only the stars. You could be an average player and still be an NBA millionaire, because of the global expansion of the NBA and increase in endorsement deals.

Former NBA player Antoine Walker found himself in that position, where the money he earned led to his downfall – which was having lavish cars. He enjoyed driving in the most expensive cars, and having one was not enough. Most sports stars have this liking, but Walker's was an obsession where he just enjoyed the feeling and obsessed with it so much where it put him a financially compromising position. He now spends time guiding young NBA players on how to manage their money properly.

6 Caron Butler – all about the Mountain Dew

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The NBA is one of the most demanding sports to play. You have 24 seconds to score a basket before the other team gets the possession, obviously depending on rebounds, missed shots, fouls etc.

Anything therefore that goes into the body is essential that it contributes towards an NBA player’s energy through the game and the course of the grueling NBA schedule. It’s why LeBron James has hired a personal chef for himself and has an obsessively healthy eating schedule.

Guess what the former Miami Heat rookie had before games? A two liter bottle of Mountain Dew, and he was obsessed with it! He started this habit in high school and it kept going with him well into his NBA playing days. Mountain Dew is one of the most sugary sodas on the market, so it’s surprising that coaches allowed him to do so

5 Jason Terry Wants Your Shorts

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There are some obsessions that are to some degree acceptable based on what people generally talk about.

Then there are others that just makes you scratch your head in bemusement and total confusion. Jason Terry, who won the NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, had an obsession with wearing the shorts of his opponents!

As a manner of habit, without fail, Jason Terry would sleep in the shorts of his opponents, and apparently they would have had to be ‘worn’. He generally gets them from his opponents after games or often uses his connections to get them. It is an obsessive superstition that Terry has held for many years, but maybe only having won one championship should tell him it's not a perfect system.

4 LeBron James – Instagram DMs?

'tis the season 🍁

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LeBron James has mostly been able to stay out of controversy outside of the game of basketball. Yes, many people hate him due to his constant flopping, ESPN's never ending coverage on him or for his 'Decision' back in 2010 but one thing you can say about James is that he's never caused any trouble outside the game. However recently, LeBron was accused by a model of trying to slide into her DMs on Instagram.

The woman in question, Heidi Hoback, said: Athletes slide in girl’s dms all the time so this isn’t the craziest part but sheesh. Biggest buck I’ve ever seen over here.”

LeBron's Instagram account had sent her the message:

“Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol,” he allegedly wrote. (Hoback's posts often show her outdoors and sometimes in hunting gear).

The message has not been 100% proven to be LeBron's message, as he explained a few days later that his account had been hacked. But we've all heard that excuse before, right?

3 Dennis Rodman  – His Calling Card

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One of the greatest defensive players of all time, Dennis Rodman always seems to be around controversy.

However one embarrassing secret Rodman revealed a while ago was that he broke little Dennis not once, not twice, but three times while sleeping with a woman. The first time, he claimed actually involved some blood:

“Me and my girlfriend, we were on the back of the boat in a kingsize bed and she said, ‘I think I’m going to try something different’,” he said. “She told me to walk over there and told me to run and jump in her p****.” Rodman then went on to say that shortly after they began getting it on, there was blood eveywhere. It would happen two more times to his knowledge. What is 'Worm' working with down there?

2 Caron Butler – Chewing straws

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Caron Butler loved chewing straws. Not the type of straws that horses eat, but the kind of straws that you would find at McDonald's, KFC or a convenient store.

It’s a habit he developed when playing for the Washington Wizards. For most of his time there, he could be seen chewing a straw or bit on it to the extent where the end of the straw would just be bent and spit filled.

He even had preference of straws, where he preferred regular straws over the bendy types. This means that Butler actually tried out different types of straws to establish his straw-chewing preferences. It even went to the extent that NBA commissioner David Stern called for a ban on straw chewing on the sidelines because it posed a ‘health risk’.

That’s how far a weird habit can go - it can lead to changes in official NBA rules.


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