15 NBA Players Known More For Their Attractive WAGs Than Their Game

There's no doubt that NBA players have it so good. They get paid millions of dollars to play the game they love. They are idolized by people of different ages all over the world. Not to mention, they get to retire at such a young age that they never have to work a day in their life again.

But that's not all. Unlike some other sports, NBA promotes the players and markets them individually. It means they are easily recognizable by most people. When you're rich and famous, you also have access to the most beautiful women in the world. These players get to pick and choose. Many of them prefer the single lifestyle and partying but then you have those who end up in a serious relationship or married.

And we aren't just talking about the stars, but also the average players, and even scrubs, who make millions of money to warm the bench. The NBA has many power couples, such as Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry, as well as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. These are star players who end up with some fine women. But then you have some lesser known names who manage to scoop supermodels and singers despite their limited fame and talents.

It never really makes sense to most people, no matter how hard you try to understand. Today, we take a look at a list of 15 NBA players who aren't necessarily known for their basketball skills but rather their smoking WAGs!

15 Iman Shumpert - Teyana Taylor

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Iman Shumpert definitely has, or should I had, some game. Not anymore. He's been lucky to be playing with LeBron James for years, who's capable of making anyone look half decent. In reality, Shumpert has had a very disappointing career, his skills and haircuts get worse by the year.

His rookie season with the New York Knicks had people comparing him to Dwyane Wade. Of course, that was simply Knicks fans overhyping their players as usual, but Shumpert had all the tools to be at the very least a borderline All-Star player. Someone at the level of Avery Bradley who could be a consistent and effective 3&D player.

Shumpert is married to Teyana Taylor, an R&B singer who's looks will make you wish you were blessed with height and basketball talent. If you matched her looks by an NBA player's talent, she would probably have been dating someone like Russell Westbrook or James Harden, not Shumpert.

14 Zaza Pachulia - Tika Pachulia

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Zaza Pachulia is a decent role player, you can't take that away from him. But a star, let alone a good player, he is not. His wife, Tika Pachulia, is so fine that it will make you question everything you know about life.

The couple have three kids together, and she's always seen at NBA games supporting her husband. However, she mostly stays away from the spotlight unlike most NBA wives. She's certainly "wifey material" as the years have proven.

He's currently enjoying a great run with the Golden State Warriors and became an NBA Champion for the first time this past season. At 33 years old, Pachulia doesn't have many years left in him. Thankfully for him, he has a wife that's so gorgeous that he wouldn't be sad about never leaving his house again.

13 Marko Jaric - Adriana Lima

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The first name that should come to your mind when you see this topic, and if it didn't, we'll tell you why. Marko Jaric has it all. Not only did he play in the NBA for seven seasons, but he was married to everyone's favorite model, Adriana Lima.

She's one of the most famous supermodels, having featured in plenty of Victoria's Secret campaigns. Her 11.2 million followers on Instagram speak volumes, the world has been in love with her for years. We're more than willing to bet that millions of men would list Lima as their all-time crush. And we can't blame them one bit.

Jaric wasn't exactly a bad player, but he was far from being a game changer. His relationship with Adriana Lima will define his legacy, not many people will remember his playing days. The couple has recently gotten divorced following five years of marriage, and the world somewhat makes sense again.

12 Shannon Brown - Monica

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Remember the "Let Shannon Dunk" campaign? You know, the one that turned into "Don't Let Shannon Dunk" after he flopped badly at the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest. That's pretty much his legacy at this point. But you can now add another impressive feat of his, getting married to Monica!

The popular R&B singer has been married to Brown since November 2010. Despite being 5 years older than the NBA player, and having two kids from a previous relationship, that didn't stop Brown from falling in love with the star. Monica clearly steals all the spotlight and he's probably more than fine with that.

Unless you're an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan, you have probably forgotten about Shannon Brown by now. In the past few seasons, he has been signed by different teams only to be released soon after. Brown hasn't given up yet as he continues to play in the NBA G League (previously NBA D-League).

11 Austin Rivers - Brittany Hotard

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Brittany Hotard is the name of Austin Rivers' longtime girlfriend. The couple dated for years, and has been on/off during that period. Their current status is unknown since it tends to change frequently, but there's no doubt that's she cute. Brittany also looks natural which is always a bonus.

Austin Rivers has been criticize by plenty of fans for retaining his roster spot with the Los Angeles Clippers, coached by his father, Doc Rivers. And let's be honest, the criticism is warranted. The roster has changed year after year and yet Austin manages to stick with the team.

Drafted 10th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft, Rivers' career has been mostly forgettable. He was nearly out of the league until his dad traded for him. How good can someone have it? Imagine being protected at all times, regardless of the level of your play, and well - that's Austin Rivers for you.

10 Kris Humphries - Natalie Pack

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Kris Humphries has an impressive dating resume but none more impressive than Kim Kardashian. They dated for over a year and got married in 2011, a union that would only last for 72 days before Kim filed for divorce.

Humphries rebounded the best way he knows by dating a Kim look-alike named Fatmire Sinana. Of course, that didn't last either. He finally moved on to Natalie Pack, winner of Miss California USA 2012, and as you probably guessed, the couple didn't make it.

Since coming into the league in 2004, Humphries has switched more teams than he has girlfriends. He has played for the Utah Jazz, Toronto Raptors, Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks. He's currently a free agent but some team will surely ask for his services, he's a serviceable big man off the bench. This upcoming season will probably see him join a new team with a new girlfriend.

9 Kosta Koufos - Leia Sergakis

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In case you were wondering, which is very likely, Leia Sergakis is the name of Kosta Koufos' girlfriend. She was a Miss Utah contestant and it shouldn't come as a surprise when you look at her photos. Leia and Kosta have the Greek connection, and that's probably how they met.

Koufos is a serviceable NBA player but can't seem to find a home in the league after having played for five different teams. He current players for the Sacramento Kings, although most would argue that he is stuck there seeing as how terrible the management has been for years.

The game has changed in recent years, players have gotten more athletic while diminishing the role of big men. It has made the likes of Koufos in less demand so he's probably just satisfied to be in the league at this point. He's been in the league for almost a decade and has failed to make a name for himself. We can't see that changing in the future but at least he has Leia to comfort him.

8 Charlie Villanueva - Michelle Game

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After a decade long career, Villanueva has only made the playoffs twice. He has spent most of his time playing for bottom tier teams that were usually tanking for a draft pick. Although he had an impressive rookie season with the Toronto Raptors, he has failed to make any real impact on the league.

On the other hand, his model WAG, Michelle Game, has much more game in her than Villanueva. She's not shy to show off her body as you can see on Instagram. They have two children together and have been dating for years. There's been rumors that the couple split up but nothing concrete, and if they do end up apart, it wouldn't exactly be shocking.

Villanueva is mostly known for two things, the first being called a "cancer to the league" by Kevin Garnett back in 2010, and Michelle Game who's always stealing the spotlight.

7 J.J. Barea - Viviana Ortiz

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J.J. Barea is not a bad player by any means, he is certainly useful as a bench player. But of course, his talent is no match to his wife, Viviana Ortiz, who was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011.

You have to be a great player to outshine a model or a Miss Universe, and Barea is simply a decent one. In 2011, he won an NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks - thanks to Dirk Nowitzki's historic. performances. Barea has been mostly used as a scorer off the bench but his height makes him a very flawed player that teams try to exploit.

Listed at 6 ft 0 by the NBA, Barea is closer to 5 ft 9 in reality. NBA loves to exaggerate when it comes to player heights, but if you look at any photo of Barea and his wife, you will confirm our suspicion. The couple got married in 2016 and have a daughter together.

6 JaVale McGee - Giselle Ramirez

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For most of his NBA career, JaVal McGee was a punchline joke on Shaqtin' A Fool. And for a good reason, his basketball IQ is very lacking to say the least. However, he has demonstrated that he can contribute to a team if put in the right environment and situation.

Since joining the Golden State Warriors, McGee has managed to somewhat fix his reputation. Of course, you could put a chair next to Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, and still have it manage to look decent.

McGee isn't only lucky for his current team situation where he only has to block a couple of shots and catch alley-oops, but he's also found one hot girlfriend. Things tend to be easier when you're a millionaire NBA player. His girlfriend, Giselle Ramirez, has given birth to their baby daughter. She's also been spotted during the NBA finals, hanging out with McGee's mother to cheer him on.

5 Evan Turner - Chelsea Coia

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Remember the hype Evan Turner had coming into the league? He was drafted by the Philadelphia Sixers with the 2nd overall pick in a strong 2010 draft. He has played for three other teams since then, which should tell you a lot about his career.

Turner was expected to be a special kind of player, he was an impressive playmaker who failed to become a legit shooter. His struggle to be a consistent scorer has significantly hurt his career. He currently plays for the Portland Trail Blazers and is coming off a disappointing season. At times, it seems like he was about to get it together but couldn't ever take it to the next level.

His girlfriend, Chelsea Coia, is one of the finest WAGs in the NBA. They have been dating for a couple of years although they don't have any children yet. Very little is known about her as she isn't in the spotlight and her man isn't exactly a big time celebrity these days.

4 Spencer Hawes - Gina Antonellio

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Spencer Hawes is possibly one of the most interesting NBA players. Not necessarily on the court, but rather his lifestyle and interests. When he isn't posing in a room full of Dipset photos while throwing gang signs, you can find him getting in trouble for some controversial/light hearted statements. According to Hawes, he has a "God Bless George W. Bush" sticker on his car, so there's that.

As a player, he's another name on this list who has had an underwhelming career despite high hopes from fans. He's been in different situations and played on winning teams such as the Los Angeles Clippers, but has failed to make the most out of his chances.

Hawes has previously been involved with Gina Antonellio, the daughter of former MLB player Jose Canseco. They are another couple that can't seem to decide whether they want to stay together or break up.

3 Devin Harris - Meghan Allen

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There was a time when Devin Harris managed to trick the entire league into thinking he was a great player. That was before the rise of Point Guards in the league. It's a new day and times have changed. Ever since his All-Star season in 2008-09, he has failed to even come close to replicate that same form.

Most say it was just a bad year for guards and that's how he managed to sneak in. He's certainly one of the worst All-Stars of the 2000s. He currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks where he averaged 6.7 points per game last season.

Harris is married to Meghan Allen, a model and reality show contestant. Since her marriage to the NBA player, she has been away from TV for the most part. She's another beautiful woman on this list who outshines her man despite being a professional athlete. She's just that fine. And if you have the slightest doubt, you can just Google her name!

2 Landry Fields - Elaine Alden

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One of life's great mysteries - how did Landry Fields end up with his wife Elaine Alden? It certainly wasn't his basketball talent that attracted the model. Fields only played in the NBA for five seasons and has been trying to make it back since then. His career was cut short with a hip labral tear which affected his ability to shoot the ball.

Even when Fields was healthy, he wasn't exactly setting the world on fire. Sure he showed some potential in his rookie season but that matters little when you look at his career since then. In his final two seasons with the Toronto Raptors, Fields was mostly a bench warmer that only played when the game was already in the books.

The Raptors had signed Fields to a $20 million three-year contract and he would pay them back by averaging 3.3 points per game. Ouch. Fields is probably never going to play another minute in the league again.

This goes to show that if you're in the NBA, sky is the limit for you as far as women.

1 Lucas Nogueira - Caroline Kuczynski

Lucas Nogueira, also known as Bebe, has been a project in the works for years now. It's probably time for the Toronto Raptors to move on as the big man takes a roster spot, which he has yet to earn after three years with the team.

Nogueira had won Best defender award in the 2011-12 Liga ACB season. Since making a jump to the NBA, he has failed to contribute to deserve a spot in the league.

Of course, it isn't all so bad for Lucas. After all, he's making millions to sit on the bench and then go home to his beautiful baby mama, Caroline Kuczynski. Although they have a baby together, they're one of those couples that breaks up and makes up every other day, as evident by their social media history.

Perhaps she realizes that Nogueira's days in the NBA are numbered as he will be a free agent in the summer.

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