15 NBA Players Who Actually Have More Kids Than Rings

The NBA is full of players who have a lot of money. The vast majority of these guys are young fellas who have never really tasted the pleasures of being wealthy. So, one can imagine that a lot of things can happen in the life of a young gentleman who suddenly gets his hand on an NBA contract. There are guys who go crazy with it and make a lot of “mistakes,” along the way. We put that in quotes because it is not really fair to call any child a mistake, but that is something a few guys would say.

How many times have we heard the sad stories of women who had children with famous athletes but those children are never recognized by their fathers? That happens in all sports, but the NBA is notorious for things like this. Even today we get this sort of stuff happening. Nevertheless, the life of a basketball player is one full of travels, glories, and pains, and we know that things happen along the way. The bottom line we are trying to get at is that there are a lot of guys who played their entire careers without ever winning a title. But at the same time, there are guys who despite never achieving their professional goals, end up having a bunch of children.

So we are here to tell you a little bit about this balance of guys having more children than championships, which one could imagine is somewhat common in the NBA. So without any further waiting, let’s get on with it and talk about 15 NBA players who have way more kids than rings.

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15 Dwight Howard

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There are many ways we can talk about Dwight Howard and his career. We can talk about the young, athletic center who appeared to the world as an Orlando Magic player and dazzled people with his potential. The problem is that the word potential is where Howard stayed for the rest of his career. By now, he is already 31 years old, and not looking even remotely like the guy he was when he arrived in Orlando for his first season. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this is a guy who averaged a double-double in his rookie season.

Unfortunately for Dwight, after he decided to leave Orlando, his career went downhill. He was labeled a team “cancer” by analysts, and no fans wanted Dwight on their team. That being said, he has yet to win an NBA Championship. But on the other hand, he allegedly had five kids with five different women.

14 Calvin Murphy

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This man could’ve probably been ranked in the number one spot on our list. But since this is not really a ranking but a collection of players with more kids than championships, we thought it would be funny to put Calvin Murphy at 14. Why? Because that is precisely the number of kids that Calvin Murphy has.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Murphy is a Hall of Fame guard who played his entire career with the Houston Rockets. Murphy was as good as they came at the time, and he finished his career averaging 17.9 points and 4.4 assists per game. Unfortunately for the Hall of Famer out of Niagara University, Murphy never won an NBA Championship. But even if he did, that would not come even close to rivaling his number of kids.

13 Karl Malone

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Had Karl Malone played in any other era of basketball, odds are his number of kids and rings would have been a lot closer, but with three Finals losses in his career, two with Utah and one with the Lakers, his championship total sits at zero. Malone had a head start on his total amount of kids, having a child while he was in college. His total is allegedly as high as seven with several different women.

The story gets sad when you hear that one of Malone's alleged sons, Demetress Bell, has claimed that he tried to form a relationship with his father, but Malone allegedly wants nothing to do with him. Bell's paternity test with Malone back in 1996 showed a 99% probability rate of Malone being his father. Malone allegedly got Bell's mother pregnant when she was only 13, while Malone was 20 at the time.

12 Deron Williams

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You cannot talk about Chris Paul without mentioning Deron Williams. We cannot imagine how much the Utah Jazz had to mull over the number three pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. They needed a point guard, and they could choose between Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Raymond Felton. All three of whom were star guards in college. The Jazz went with Deron Williams, which short-term seemed like the right pick, but ended up not being the best since Chris Paul turned out to be the cream of the crop of that draft.

After finding some success in Utah, Williams bounced around a bit and came very close to winning a championship with Cleveland last year. Nevertheless, his championship hopes were destroyed by the Golden State Warriors. And since he has three kids, Williams is rightfully added to our list.

11 Scottie Pippen

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Scottie Pippen is a man who needs no introduction. If you are a person who even remotely knows the game of basketball, you know who Scottie Pippen is. There is a solid chance that, if this man were not around, Michael Jordan would not have as many championships as he has today. But leaving that controversy aside, Pippen was so good that he was recognized as a Hall of Famer after he retired. The man is a seven-time All-Star. Put that along with his six NBA Championships and 10 All-Defensive Team nominations, and you have one of the best players of all time.

But what is more impressive than all of Pippen’s accolades is the fact that this guy managed to have more kids than championships. Let us just remember that Scottie Pippen won six championships. That, however, is no match to the eight kids he has.

10 Shawn Bradley

Via: blogspot.com

One of the most famous German players of all time, Shawn Bradley was a guy who played in a league of his own. This guy was so tall that the fact he wasn’t a good basketball player did not make much of a difference in the millions and millions he earned throughout his career. This BYU alum played in the NBA from 1993 all the way to 2005, defending three different teams along the way.

In terms of accolades, Bradley doesn’t come even close to the majority of guys on our list. But the sheer number of kids this guy has was enough for us to dedicate an entry to him. It would not be hard to beat his zero championships, but Bradley did his homework, and the 7’6” center had six kids.

9 Shaq

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The Big Diesel is perhaps the greatest center ever to play the game of basketball. Okay, that might be a tough claim, but you will not find anyone who will argue against Shaq being one of the most dominant players ever to enter a basketball court. The man was 7’1” tall and weighed around 325 pounds. You cannot deny that those genes were enough to put Shaq in a league of his own. And throughout his career, he demonstrated that dominance in a way few people had ever seen until he came around. The man finished his career averaging 23.7 points and 10.9 rebounds per game. Oh yeah, he also averaged 2.3 blocks per game.

Those numbers go along 15 All-Star nominations, one MVP award, and four NBA Championships. And still, he managed to have more kids than championships, as Shaq had a total of five children.

8 Juwan Howard

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Now, this is where we expose the basketball bandwagoners. If you don’t know who Juwan Howard is, you should take a step back from saying you know a lot about basketball and do your homework for a little bit. This is a man who was an All-Star once and has an NBA Championship to his name. But what Howard is mostly known for is being part of the University of Michigan basketball team that became quite the legend in collegiate sports. We are talking about the Michigan Fab Five.

But history lessons aside, Howard was part of the Miami Heat team that won the 2011-12 NBA Championship. In the family department, the championship he won with LeBron doesn’t even come close to his total numbers, as Howard has six children.

7 Royce White

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Royce White is a guy who came into the NBA in 2012 and received many flattering comparisons when people talked about his game. There were even those who said that White could be the next coming of LeBron James. And while today everyone can dismiss that as blasphemy, at that time it didn’t seem like too far-fetched of an idea. Sure, no one thought that he could reach LeBron’s level, but in terms of playing style, they were kind of similar.

A 6’8” forward weighing 270 pounds, White was a guy who could do it all and his college stats backed that up. Playing for Iowa State, he averaged 13.4 points, 9.3 rebounds, and five assists per game. That, in our books, is a nightly triple-double threat kind of player. In the end, he barely played one season in the league and ended up having four or five kids (the number is controversial).

6 Willie Anderson

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Out of the University of Georgia, Willie Anderson was one great small forward prospect for the NBA. A testament to that is the fact he was drafted number 10 in the 1988 NBA Draft. Anderson went on to play nine seasons in the NBA. Most of them were with the San Antonio Spurs, where he played 451 games, scoring 13.2 points per game as well as recording four rebounds and 4.2 assists a night.

In terms of awards, he doesn’t have the most illustrious of careers, as his only recognition in the NBA was a spot in the 1988-89 All-Rookie Team. But we are sure Willie doesn’t care much about that. After all, this is a guy who has a lot of family to help keep his mind away from the job. The former Spurs’ forward has nine kids with seven different women.

5 Kenny Anderson

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Not as old-school as Willie, but not as new as some of the other guys on this list, Kenny Anderson is someone who left quite the mark in the NBA. This guy was a seasoned veteran in the league who played for nine different teams. Yeah, Kenny Anderson was in the NBA from 1991 all the way to 2005, and even though he had such a lengthy career, Anderson maintained some respectable numbers. The 6’0” guard out of the Georgia Institute of Technology averaged 12.6 points and 6.1 assists per game throughout his long career.

Where family is concerned, he is also another guy who has a lot of kids to occupy his time. The former NBA journeyman has nothing less than seven children he loves to take care of.

4 Shawn Kemp

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Another former NBA star who had seven kids was the Seattle SuperSonics’ star forward, Shawn Kemp. A 6’10” forward out of Trinity Valley Community College, Kemp is a player who could best be described as a beast. The man was not the most skilled post player or shooter for that matter. No, but what he excelled at was overpowering his opponents. Sure, weighing 230 pounds obviously helped run some people over, but this guy was a mountain of muscle. Drafted into the league as the 17th pick in the 1989 Draft, Kemp formed one of the NBA’s deadliest duos when he played alongside Gary Payton in Seattle.

Through his career, Kemp became a six-time All-Star, five of those selections coming during his time in Seattle and one when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However he couldn't obtain a championship ring, while supporting a total of seven kids.

3 Carmelo Anthony

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Okay, we admit it. This is a zinger entry. Carmelo Anthony only has one kid, but take a wild guess as to how many championships this future Hall of Famer has won. Actually, despite being one of the best scorers we have ever seen, Anthony’s place in the Hall of Fame could end up being in jeopardy by his own doing.

Does he have the skills to be a Hall of Famer? Yes. Should he be a Hall of Famer? We think so. But did he seem to have the attitude of a Hall of Famer throughout his career? Not always. Carmelo has often been criticized for the fact that it never really seemed like he cared that much about winning or losing. That attitude might be why he has yet to win an NBA championship.

2 Tracy McGrady

via thestar.com

T-MAC is yet another Hall of Famer who does not need any sort of introductions. A two-time NBA scoring champion, seven-time All-NBA team, seven-time All-Star, Tracy McGrady is one of the rarest players we have ever seen in the game of basketball. What kind of basketball fan has never watched that amazing video from when he scored 13 points in less than a minute?

Those are the kinds of things you could expect from McGrady when he was on his game. The guy was deadly with the basketball, and he was one of the most popular players in the NBA during his long career. Unfortunately, we never got to see McGrady winning an NBA title, but we are sure he doesn’t have any regrets since he went on to become a Hall of Famer anyway, and he has four children to share the spoils with.

1 Jason Caffey

via imgur.com

Here is a man who is second only to Calvin Murphy. By now, we have all realized that there are a bunch of NBA players who had a lot of kids, but just a couple of them have gone into the double digits. One of them was Calvin Murphy, whom we already told you had 14 kids. The other guy we caught wind of was a man by the name of Jason Caffey.

Caffey played in the NBA from 1995 all the way to 2003, defending the Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, and Golden State Warriors during those years. He was never a standout player, but he was part of the 1996-97 Chicago Bulls team that won the NBA title. But what is one title compared to the 10 children this guy has?

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