15 NBA Players Who Allegedly Ruined Another Player's Relationship

It's that time of year again. It's fall and the NBA season is here. There are teammates who get along and those that do not. Most teammates have relationships off the court. Just because the teammates get along on the court, they may not get along off the court, some fight for the same woman. This happens in every sport. Players steal another player's woman, be it on the same team or not. When that happens, it can cause a distraction to the team and affect the play on the court. Sometimes the player has to be released and the woman in the relationship ends it completely.

There are players who completely take an another player's woman after sleeping with her or whatever it is happened. Maybe the woman likes that player better than the one she is currently with. Either way, it is wrong and shouldn't happen, but it does. In this article we will go through the top 15 NBA players that allegedly ruined another player's relationship. These incidents will range from affairs that may have happened and in some cases, it could be a woman outright dumping somebody and running into another player's arms.


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This goes back to 2011 when Washington Wizards player Rachard Lewis allegedly slept with LeBron James' girlfriend, now wife, Savannah Brinson. LeBron was so mad it affected his play in the NBA Finals that season. This became a huge distraction for the NBA All Star and Stephen A. Smith had this to say about it at the time. "He's heard things through the "grapevine" of a personal nature, and it may or may not involve somebody other than the player, and it may or may not "have a profound effect on the player," and it has nothing to do with "the game of basketball."

The story was then reported on 97.9 The Box in Houston that: "Word got out while drinking with friends, that Rashard Lewis slept with LeBron's girl while visiting South Beach."

There's still a lot unclear about this rumor, and as we know, LeBron is happily married to Savannah today.


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This next one goes back to 2014 when Paul George slept with Roy Hibbert's wife, Valerie Coke. From the website balleralert here's an excerpt; "Supposedly PG and Hibbert’s wife have been carrying on through instagram for a while before they ended up having sex. She felt guilty and told Hibbert and that’s how he found out originally. It’s bad because PG and Hibbert were really friends.” Paul George took to Twitter and posted at the time, "These rumors have got to stop! It's gettin' old now and all you that believe them are ignorant!" This is a case of players trying to push it under the rug so it doesn't get out. In this day in age with social media, things will get out faster now than they ever did before.


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Derek Fisher, a former Laker and former coach of the New York Knicks, completely stole Matt Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan. Barnes was on the Kings at the time is now on the Golden State Warriors. Fisher, to this day, is dating her. In 2015 Barnes drove to Fisher's house and beat him up. In a recent USA Today interview Fisher said "If the worst thing someone has to say about me is that I’m now going out with a woman who used to be married to this guy I worked with for a year, six years ago."

The feud is still going on and to this day, Barnes can't get over it. Barnes insisted the reason he beat Fisher up was out of concern for his kids and not jealousy. In any event though, some feelings for Govan must have still been there.


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This feud, between the two Dallas Mavericks players, started when singer Toni Braxton ended up going out with Jimmy Jackson. She had already made plans with Jason Kidd. The two players denied the rumors were even true. This was before the internet and social media really took off. If something gets out on the internet today, even by accident, it's going to spread rapidly.

Former teammate of Kidd and Jackson Jamal Mashburn told a Dallas Radio Station, "She’s a beautiful woman, but I think it did cost us because of egos. That is one of my regrets in pro sports, is that we didn’t have enough, I would say camaraderie amongst ourselves, core values, and our egos were a little bit too big that we couldn’t coexist together for whatever reason it was."


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Back in 2011 Steve Nash divorced with wife, Alejandra Amarilla five days after their third child was born. The baby came out a mixed race and Steve Nash is white. At first the media speculated that it could've been Leandro Barbosa's kid because of the fact he was Bazillion and Steve Nash's wife was from Paraguay.

The Suns then traded Jason Richardson, which had people thinking he was the father. He was traded to Orlando. Steve Nash released a statement at the time saying, "This is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I; after five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage. This will be my only statement on this."

So a lot of this case remains a mystery.


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In 2013 Andrew Bynum slept with coach Jamal Mosley's woman. He got suspended for it and ended up being released from the Cleveland Cavaliers. That season Bynum played in 24 games, started 19, averaged 8.6 points, and 5.3 rebounds in 20 minutes a game. This guy was a "cancer" to the Cavaliers locker room and this was the final straw causing the team to release him. The Cavs tried to squash the rumors putting out a statement saying, "Please be advised that the report on your website involving Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum, Cavaliers Assistant Coach Jamahl Mosley, and his fiancée is entirely not true." Of course they would deny it, but it was probably true and they tried to handle it internally.


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Shaq was accused of having an affair with Gilbert Arenas's fiancee, Laura Govan. There was an email exchange which Govan wrote, "just wanted to let u know I am here." Then she gave him her hotel room number. Shaq who has six children, asked if he can "come put it in," provided she disclosed her room number. Gilbert Arenas denied the reports saying "Shaq did not f---- my fiancee."

Until recently when he came out with filing a suit against Laura Govan saying Shaq gave her an STD when they hooked up. Gilbert posted a legal document on Instagram that Laura refused to pay their children's medical insurance. Seems like Shaq thought he was a big shot cause of his name and wouldn't get caught...boy was he wrong.


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Paul Gasol and longtime girlfriend Shannon Brown, in 2011, hit a low point when Gasol was terrible in the NBA Playoffs. Gasol’s numbers dipped dramatically amid speculation that he had a confrontation with an unnamed teammate who had broken up Gasol’s engagement to Silvia Castro.

Shannon Brown was accused of sleeping with Silvia Castro at the time. Of course there were many reports of denial. Brown even put out a tweet saying "Ok, let me put a end to this right now before it goes any further. I DID NOT SLEEP with @PauGasols' woman!!! First and last time addressing it!”

This would give speculation as to whether or not Gasol would forgive her for doing it. It of course caused a distraction and affected Gasol's play.



Tony Parker has played his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs. He's won four NBA Championships. If only if he was a winner off the court too. Tony Parker's ex-wife Eva Longoria looked through Tony Parker's phone to find some dirty text messages between him and Brent Barry's wife, Erin. Brent Barry and his wife would get divorced because of it. Parker probably should have divorced Longoria before going after another woman (why would he want to, anyway?).

I'm sure it was heartbreaking and Longoria was pissed when she found all those messages. Tony Parker and Longoria would also get divorced after the incident. Parker probably thought he wouldn't get caught, but that was clearly the wrong idea. We live in a society that nothing is secret. Everything comes out in the end.


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This wasn't a case of an affair happening, but rather Kobe ruining Shaq's relationship. At least that's how Shaq saw it.

These two guys despise each other on and off the court. Their rivalry goes back to their playing days when they won three NBA Championships together for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe ratted out Shaq during Kobe's assault case in 2003 that did not go over well with Shaq's ex -wife Shaunie, who went through a bad divorce with Shaq.

Shaq would tell USA Today, "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced." He tried to take his comments back saying "It was all done in fun. Nothing serious whatsoever....I'm totally cool with Kobe. No issue at all." A little sarcastic much? They have never gotten along.


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Derek Fisher was said to be stalking with the girlfriend of Tim Hardaway while he was coaching Hardaway in New York with the Knicks. He spoke with the New York Daily News saying “I’ve seen those. No reaction over here. I know all those are lies. They are going to do whatever they can, especially here in New York (with the media). So I am not even worried about that. I had a talk with my girlfriend. If you ask me, it is not true at all. I am completely positive with her judgment and what she said." Even though she told him it was true. Hardaway wanted to push it under the rug so it wouldn't be a big deal. It's not the first time Fisher tried to steal an relationship from someone.


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Kobe Bryant accused Karl Malone of making a pass at his wife in 2004. Malone told the USA Today, "Misery loves company. This is a Hollywood soap opera, and I'm not going to be a star in another Bryant soap opera." On the car ride home Vanessa, Kobe's wife, told Kobe what happened. Vanessa called Kay Malone to tell her what happened and then Kobe called Karl to talk to him about the incident. Karl said "'You know me, man,"' to which Kobe told him, 'That's right, I do know you -- and stay away from my wife." This isn't the first time Kobe has had woman drama or has gone after another players' woman. Karma came back this time around and bit Kobe.

3 MICHAEL JORDAN SCOTTIE PIPPEN Competing For Madonna's Affections

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The '90s Chicago Bulls were a great team that won multiple Championships. Pippen was a ladies man and at the time a young Madonna was eyeing him. Madonna used to pick Pippen up in a limo with a hot tub every time they went to L.A. Michael used to tell Madonna he could satisfy her better, to which Madonna would flat out reject Michael, claiming she really doubted Jordan could live up to Pippen... Whoa!

Seems a little jealous on Michael's part. Madonna was very popular then and all the famous athletes, I'm sure, were giving her the eye. Sometimes that can affect the play on the court, but it didn't in this case. Madonna could get every player in the NBA if she wanted at that time.


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In 2011, Shaq met with Newsweek reporter Allison Samules while she was covering the Los Angeles Lakers. At the time Allison was already taken and trying to hook him up with someone else. She mentioned Lauren London which Shaq replied in an email "That's D-Wade's Girl!." Dwayne Wade was still married to Siohvaughn Funches at the time, and was apparently seeing Gabrielle Union as well. Wade was trying to be a player.

Shaq, meanwhile, wanted Allison, or a then 19-year-old Rihanna. Shaq didn't think this would ever get out, but in this day in age, everything gets out. Wade would get a divorce from his wife. This distraction would also affect the play on the court for a brief period. But as we know, D-Wade recovered and is with Union today.

1 D'ANGELO RUSSELL Rats On Nick Young

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When you're on a team there is a thing that you shouldn't do; record your teammate talking about cheating on his girlfriend. Russell, at the time, thought it would be funny, but it clearly wasn't. Nick Young was dating Iggy Azaleah at the time and she heard about it and saw it. Nothing is secret these days. Russell only meant the video as a prank, but it got out and was found on the site" Fameolous," then it went viral.

It was probably a teammate or him that put it out on the internet, not meaning for it to lead to anything. This created trust issues with the players and it caused a distraction on the court. After watching the video, Iggy Tweeted saying, "Hmm I see D'Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.” Not very smart for Russell to do that.

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