15 NBA Players Who Have Partners Way Out Of Their League

Isn't it funny in life how sometimes in life, the person we least expect to have a beautiful significant other end up having a significant other that we can't keep our eyes off of? I know I have seen that case more than a few times. It almost seems like everyone keeps their eye on the prom queen, but nobody really notices the shy, attractive girl in the corner. One group of people that don't seem to have the problem of finding attractive women in general are professional athletes. The perspective we get from professional athletes is that they go out and date all of these attractive celebrities just because they play in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc. A few athletes have not followed this trend. LeBron James married his high school sweetheart. Stephen Curry did the exact same thing. It is not a matter of what their status is, but rather what the other person likes. It seems pretty simple enough. But have you ever considered the NBA players who have shockingly hot partners?

That is what this list takes a look at. It examines the NBA players that have significantly attractive girlfriends/wives that make us turn our heads and say "Wow is she beautiful!" Some names will be pretty recognizable based on their performance on the court or big signing in an off-season. Others may not have made the spotlight had it not been their partner carrying the load. Either way, they are going to be on this list and without further adieu, let's see 15 NBA players that have shockingly hot partners that have flown under the radar.

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15 Draymond Green With Jelissa Hardy

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Leading off our list is an individual with a reputation of being a bit outspoken and brash. Before they were a "super team", they were a very dominant team and this man was the reason. Draymond Green has been the dirty work man for the time he has put on a Golden State Warriors uniform. He can shoot the three ball, he can deal with any bigger presence in the post, he can rebound and he can be a lock down defender. He has been a part of an organization that has won two NBA Finals and were one minute away from winning three in a row, had it not been for Kyrie Irving. The point is, Green has been a big part of the success. For being a good basketball player, he isn't the most handsome or intelligent tool in the shed. Enter Jelissa Hardy to help balance him out a bit. She seems to be a very good fit for a guy like Draymond. She has modeled in the past, she has played and actually understands the game of basketball, and is the type that will show up to anything he does.

She supposedly has a kid from a past relationship which is the only red flag. But nonetheless, Hardy is a beautiful woman and looks good on Draymond's arm.

14 Stephen Curry With Ayesha Curry

Thank heaven for date night 👵🏽👴🏽

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Some guys just live the life and that is the case with our next NBA player that has a surprisingly hot partner. Stephen Curry was a first round in the 2009 NBA Draft but really didn't start to come into his own until 2014. Then in 2015, he took the world by storm. He won back to back MVP awards in 2015 and 2016. He helped lead the Warriors to championships with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant alongside in 2015 and 2017. Curry and the Warriors look to repeat as champions with the same dominant core back in the fold for the 2017-18 season. Besides his success and wealth on the court, he is scoring big off of the court with his wife Ayesha Curry.

Ayesha was an actress before she married Steph, appearing in such films as "Underground Street Flippers", "Dan's Detour of Life", and "Love for Sale". She knows how to smile and look pretty in front of the camera that is for sure. We have seen Ayesha publicly go on social media to defend her man with any issue. Although sometimes she might over-speak, she is still insanely beautiful and Steph should be thanking his lucky stars that he found such a lovely, genuine woman like her.

13 Paul George With Destiny Marie

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Every guy's worst fear is having a girl that has no self-respect for herself. Well, that isn't the case for this NBA star and his girlfriend. Paul George was THE guy in Indiana for seven years with the Pacers. He was coming into his own as one of the premier small forwards in the league along the likes of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and others.

Off the court, George is no stranger to beautiful women as he found a great girl in Destiny Marie Hatcher. Hatcher is known as a woman of faith as she is a devout Christian. She has been with George through the good times and bad times particularly when he broke his leg. She also is incredibly beautiful based on the photos. A good woman, a faithful woman, a beautiful woman; George really hit a big payday with this one.

12 DeAndre Jordan With Amber Alvarez

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Some players like to have the spotlight all on them. Others like to keep to themselves as much as possible despite the amount of media that is out there today. This guy can't help but stay out of the spotlight, no matter how hard he tries to stay public. DeAndre Jordan has been a piece of the Los Angeles Clippers nucleus since he entered the league when he was with point guard Chris Paul and power forward Blake Griffin. Times have certainly changed as Paul is now in Houston.

Of course, there was the time that he almost went to Dallas in free agency, but stayed in L.A. after being talked out of Dallas by teammates and coach Doc Rivers. When he isn't pulling down rebounds or swatting shots, he is busy hanging out with Amber Alvarez. Alvarez is a model that certainly looks the part. She has a beautiful body, beautiful smile, and can deal with Jordan's tall stature better than most. Time will tell if they stay together. We don't know a lot about Alvarez, but we do know she is one hot girlfriend that nobody thought DeAndre Jordan would end up with

11 Gordon Hayward With Robin Hayward

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Time can do a lot of good for you if you play your cards right. The perfect example is All Star small forward Gordon Hayward. Hayward has gone from a young kid that was a star at a small college in Butler to getting his payday and now getting a chance to play for one of the most successful organizations in the Boston Celtics. Hayward played with the Utah Jazz from 2010-2017 while garnering an All-Star nod in the 2016-2017 season. Then this past off-season on the Fourth of July, Hayward decided to ship up to Boston and sign a max deal.

Although he's now recovering from a gruesome injury, off the court, he is married to the love of his life Robyn. They now have two children and are living the life. Robyn is beautiful with her smile, humbleness, and long flowing brunette hair. She loves a good laugh too as she posted a picture of their daughter in a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt suggesting Gordon would sign with Boston before he actually did. A good woman with a positive personality is exactly what Hayward needed. Also, she liked him in his bad hair days before he discovered hair products and got a better stylist. That right there is true love.

10 Tristan Thompson With Khloe Kardashian

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have a lot to be happy about now a days. They have been to the Finals for three straight seasons since LeBron James decided to come back home. They won a championship in 2016 and look to be the favorites in the Eastern Conference again. One guy that has been enjoying the ride all this time has been big man Tristan Thompson. He was part of the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2012. He continues to thrive in the starting lineup alongside LeBron, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Love. He also is dating a Kardashian.

Thompson and Khloe Kardashian have been together for a few years now and are even expecting a child together. We know the Kardashians are very good-looking and we also know Khloe has had a past with NBA players. So this should come as no surprise to anybody. It isn't as much about Khloe as it is about a guy like Tristan Thompson landing a girl like that. LeBron isn't the only one to boast about playing a big game in Cleveland anymore.

9 Bradley Beal With Kamiah Adams

🖤 Mon.Tues.Weds.Thurs.Fri.Sat.Sun & then repeat, forever. 🖤 #mcm

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The Washington Wizards are setting themselves up very nicely for the future. They have a superstar point guard in John Wall, a frontcourt featuring skill and toughness in Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris, and a solid head coach in Scott Brooks. They made the playoffs in 2016 before falling in the Eastern Conference semifinals in a hard fought seven game series to the Celtics. But the off guard to wall gets a little lost in the shuffle sometimes.

Bradley Beal has developed himself into one of the most underrated, under-looked players in the whole league. While his talent on the court sometimes goes unnoticed, his game off of the court gets put into the major spotlight. Enter Kamiah Adams, a model and VH1 star on the second season of "Love and Hip-Hop". This girl definitely knows how to look good especially with an NBA player by her side. Her curves and smile are second to none. Bradley Beal probably will not be underappreciated and under respected anymore if he keeps Kamiah Adams on his arm and even has a few rings thrown in there; championships and marriage style.

8 Iman Shumpert With Teyana Taylor

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Sticking with the Cavaliers for another NBA guy with a hot partner, this guy is known for good outside shooting and questionable hair styles. Iman Shumpert got his start in the NBA in the Big Apple with the Knicks. Since 2015, he has joined forces with LeBron and the Cavs and hasn't regretted the decision since. He is an NBA Champion, was a part of the NBA All-Rookie First Team, and even married an incredible looking woman in the process.

Shumpert is married to Teyana Taylor, a recording artist and actress. She has made appearances in big picture films like, "Stomp The Yard". She even had a hit single make it big called, "Google Me". So it is safe to say the two of them together make for a very successful couple financially speaking. They also have a baby together so they are in this for the long haul. Taylor is absolutely stunning, and has an amazing voice to boot. Shumpert is a lucky man to go home to Taylor every night. Maybe when they are alone in bed together, she even sings him to sleep. Okay, that one is just a fantasy but nonetheless; Shumpert did a great job securing a woman of Taylor's caliber and class.

7 Tim Hardaway Jr. With Kylie Bossie

Something light 🌞@liftlikeablonde

A post shared by Kylie Bossie (@kyliebossie) on

Sometimes the best girls take the best photos on social media. They take their time, find the perfect angle, and get the best filter possible to bring the world a presentable selfie. Well, this former/current New York Knick decided he liked what he saw on social media and took it to the next step.

Besides living it up in the Big Apple, Hardaway Jr. is living it up with his girlfriend Kylie Bossie. We do not know much about Bossie, other than the fact that she is an "Instagram model". But, with looks like hers; we are okay with letting the skeletons in her closet stay in there (if she has any). Her slender legs and tight body make her a great catch for a guy like Hardaway Jr. The Big Apple does get a lot of attention, but this little known couple was probably hiding in the shadows. Good for Tim Hardaway Jr. for getting a woman like this and he probably knows more than we do about her, which is all that matter in the end.

6 John Wall With Hazel Renee

via cloudfront.net

We mentioned how Beal was the unnoticed talent just playing his game. Now, let's talk about his back court partner. John Wall is a four time NBA All-Star and part of a Wizards team that can make a deep postseason run this year. He is so popular, he even had a dance named after him during his days playing for Kentucky.

What doesn't get talked about is how hot his wife is. Hazel Renee is an actress and a model. She has made appearances on shows such as, "Single Ladies" and "Necessary Roughness". By the look of this photo above, we can tell she has definitely done some shoots in her day. Her fierce look gives her a mysterious sexiness that can only John Wall knows about. She has bountiful curves that show off in every area possible. We knew Wall was doing work on the court, but not off of it. It seems like if you play for the Wizards, you are just bound to find someone beautiful no matter what you might look like. Keep doing your thing, John Wall.

5 Andrew Wiggins With Alex Reid

via blacksportsonline.com

The next NBA player with a hot partner is only beginning what could be an illustrious career with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Wiggins was the next big thing coming into the 2014 draft from Kansas. He has unimaginable athleticism, could jump higher than just about anyone, and was a great player when it came to driving to the basket. He was Rookie of the Year in 2015 and was part of the All-Rookie First Team that same season.

While he flies on the court, he also landed a top notch girl. Her name is Alex Reid and she is a sight. She also said to have loved Kansas basketball when she was a kid, but we really think it was a one year fan-hood when Andrew came walking in. The T-Wolves have even supposedly said they were jealous of Wiggins girlfriend and proclaiming she was one of the best looking WAG's on the team. That is certainly a high compliment to Andrew, but he better keep an eye on Alex to make sure she doesn't mess around behind his back.

4 Ben Simmons With Brittany Renner

If I could go back to the day we met, I probably would've stayed in bed

A post shared by Brittany Renner 🕷🦋 (@bundleofbrittany) on

In the 2016 draft, there was one name that every NBA team was looking at: Ben Simmons. The forward from LSU seemed like a can't miss prospect. So the Philadelphia 76ers took him with the first overall pick in 2016. Unfortunately for Simmons, he didn't get to make his NBA debut this past season as he rolled his ankle and also broken his foot which cost him a whole year. Simmons is willing, ready, and hungry to get going in the 2017-18 season to show everyone, especially the fans of Philadelphia, why he deserved to get drafted number one overall.

While he was injured, he got to spend a lot of time with his girlfriend Brittany Renner. Renner has had a history of dating professional athletes in the past. Does the name Colin Kaepernick ring any bells? She dated him too before moving on to Simmons. Renner is known to care a ton about her physical fitness, so you know she has a nice, tight body for only Simmons to enjoy. She has to know something about sports considering she has dated and currently dates professional athletes. Simmons may not be able to spend as much time with her this year as he will actually be lacing up his sneakers. But he will never make her go unnoticed, and we apparently let it go unnoticed that Simmons has some major game off of the court.

3 J.J. Barea With Viviana Ortiz

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There is something about foreign women that drive men crazy now a days. Is it the accent that we just can't seem to get over? Is it the personality that can make us fall head over heels? Well, whatever the case is; it certainly is working for J.J. Barea.

While he has a championship in the NBA, his best accomplishment is probably off of the court with his second wife. Viviana Ortiz is quite the sight to behold. She was Miss Universe Puerto Rico in 2011, so she knows how to walk the runway. Barea might not have been the number one player on the Mavs team that won the championship, but he was number one when it came to winning the heart of Ortiz. What a shot made by Barea that he will cherish for the rest of his life...hopefully.

2 Al Horford With Amelia Vega


Coming in a very close second place is an All-Star that knows about winning college championships and winning the woman of his dreams. Al Horford is an athletic big man that has had good success in his basketball career. Playing for the University of Florida, he won back to back NCAA championships in 2006 and 2007. From 2007-2016, he was with the Atlanta Hawks and had great success there, garnering four All-Star game appearances in the process. He then chose to leave in free agency for the Boston Celtics and now serves as the veteran leader.

When he isn't leading the Celtics on the court, he is seen with his wife Ameila Vega. Vega was a 2003 Miss Universe winner and we can see why. Her long black hair is flowing richly while her body and confidence leave men drooling. The couple has two children and have been married for almost seven years now. If Horford doesn't win a championship with the Celtics before his time in Boston is up, at least he'll have Miss Universe 2003 to still come home to every night. Vega is a slam dunk, but our number one girl is just a little bit better.

1 Devin Harris With Meghan Allen

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He isn't LeBron, he isn't KD, but he is a guy who knows how to get a sexy woman to agree to be with him. Devin Harris doesn't have many accomplishments as far as the NBA goes. He made one All-Star team in 2009 with the Nets, but that is about as far as his success has gone. He is still trying to be a viable veteran presence as he plays for the second time with the Dallas Mavericks. He still has some suave moves off of the court as he is with Meghan Allen. Allen is a model and reality show contestant. She has worked with Hefner and has made appearances on "The Howard Stern Show"

She can pull off having blonde or brunette hair. This girl is a perfect 10. She sizzles up the screen and melts the hearts of all fans. But it is Harris who owns her heart and she is part of the number one NBA player with a shockingly hot partner. I didn't know Devin Harris had it in him, but apparently he knew all along.

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