15 NBA Players Who Scored More Off Court Than On Court

If there is one thing NBA players excel at, it’s scoring. Whether at the NBA level or all the way back in high school, every player in the NBA was at one-time was unstoppable putting the ball through the hoop. Unfortunately, not everyone’s game translates to the big leagues, which is why players’ talent must manifest itself in other ways. Some players transform themselves into insatiable rebounders, lockdown defenders, spot-up shooters, while others can never make the change.

However, there are certain players in the annals of NBA history that have put their scoring touch to good use off the court, often to seduce the fairer sex. As you might have always suspected, it is incredibly easy for NBA players to pick up women. Of course, the superstars have no problems picking up girls, the perks of fame and signature Nike shoes. However, there are certain players who have done virtually done nothing on the court and still manage to leverage their association with Jerry West’s silhouette to gain access to the bedroom.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of NBA players who have scored more off court than on court. Of course, things didn’t really work out as well as you might expect, which serves as an important reminder to never get led astray by the charms of a woman. Keep scrolling if you’re in need of reminding to wrap it up or stay loyal because, if given the chance, we can almost guarantee these players would choose focusing on basketball over all the sex they’ve had. Here are the 15 NBA players who scored more off court than on court.

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15 Tony Parker

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Marrying Eva Longoria is equivalent to winning multiple NBA championships and passing Kareem on the all-time scorer’s list. And given this prestige, most guys wouldn’t dare cheat on Eva Longoria given the chance nor would they even entertain it as a possibility. That said, most guys aren’t Tony Parker.

Parker reportedly cheated on Eva with a teammate’s wife. Speculation has led many NBA and celebrity gossip fans fans to identify Erin Barry, Brent Barry’s ex-wife, as the woman at the center of the irreconcilable differences. The actress confirmed the report to her pal, Extra host Mario Lopez, who revealed the actress found hundreds of texts on Parker’s phone from the wife of one of his teammates. If a teammate’s wife isn’t off-limits for Parker, we can only assume he felt it was fair game to cheat on Eva Longoria with women he met on the road, which could well be in the thousands given how long Parker’s been in the league.

14 Winston Bennett

via louisville.am

The former Mid-Continent University head coach doesn’t have much of an NBA resume. He only played three season with the Cavaliers and the Heat, averaging a meagre 4.8 points in his career. And while his NBA career leaves a lot to be desired, Winston Bennett—according to Winston Bennett—was a superstar off the court.

In his book, Fight for Your Life, he claimed to be a sex addict and wrote that, at one time, he was sleeping with upwards of 90 women a month and thousands of women a year. Of course, there is no real way of knowing whether or not Bennett’s embellished these figures. We, unfortunately, have to take his word for it, which is not all that different from taking his word that he was in fact an NBA player from 1989 to 1992.

13 J.R. Smith

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Defending NBA champion J.R. Smith may have settled down as of late, spending his time away from basketball to care for his newborn daughter Dakota who was born five months early. But there was a time where J.R. Smith was one of the NBA’s most prolific and public playboys.

Once in 2012, when the Knicks were playing in Milwaukee, where J.R. tweeted a photo of “bartender-turned-magazine cover model” Tahiry Jose’s bare butt on his bed while watching his younger brother, Chris, defeat Marquette. Then there was the infamous leaked D.M. where Smith responded to a female fan, a senior in high school, saying she would be attending the game to which he responded, “You trying to get the pipe?” Smith later addressed the D.M. saying, "I was very immature and stupid. But I learned from it too: Watch what you say on social media.” Yes, J.R., this is the lesson here. Watch what you say on social media and keep your womanizing on the D.L rather than the DMs.

12 Michael Jordan

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

During the 1990s, everyone wanted to be like Mike. And in 2000s, Tiger Woods may have taken being like Mike a little too far, allegedly learning how to womanize from his Airness himself. In 2010 Vanity Fair article about Tiger Woods’ womanizing ways, former lawyer and adviser John Merchant learned everything he knew from Jordan, “I told him, ‘Stay away from that son of a b—— [Jordan], because he doesn’t have anything to offer the f—ing world in which he lives except playing basketball.”

Michael Jordan has set many records throughout his career, but in 2007 he set one off the court: the most expensive celebrity divorce ever, after agreeing to a divorce settlement with ex-wife Juanita Vanoy for $168 million. Juanita had filed for divorce once already in January of 2002, and there were rumors of Jordan's infidelity with two seperate women: Karla Knafel and Lisa Micelli. Given the amount of gambling and partying stories that have swirled around the GOAT, we can only imagine how many women Jordan slapped with an non-disclosure agreement to keep his sponsorships in tact.

11 Jason Caffey

via cavemancircus.com

Caffey was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 20th pick of the 1995 NBA Draft and has two NBA championships to show for it. And while he owes his titles to Jordan, Pippen and co., he did manage to rack up way more kids than points in his career.

Through eight years in the NBA, Caffey averaged only 7.3 points and 4.4 rebounds. Despite the lacklustre stat line, Caffey did rack up at least 10 kids with eight different women. In 2009, a federal judge upheld a decision to hold a Georgia woman personally liable for seeking child support payments from the former pro after he had filed for bankruptcy protection. Between getting drafted by the Bulls, riding along for 2/3s of the second three-peat and dodging child support payments, Jason Caffey didn’t just get lucky, he is luck incarnate. If only he’d have similar luck with contraception.

10 Magic Johnson

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Roland Lazenby wrote in his book The Lakers: A Basketball Journey, “It has been said that Los Angeles became Magic’s city. More accurately, it became his harem.” Magic Johnson claimed he slept with 300 to 500 women annually, which is damned impressive and quite possibly a conservative.

However, Magic Johnson’s womanizing didn’t end favourably. On November 7th, 1991, Magic Johnson held a press conference and announced he was HIV-positive. At the time, the disease was considered to be confined to the gay community, drug users and people who received blood transfusion. Had it not been for Magic Johnson’s announcement that he contracted the virus from sex with “a lot of women,” who knows if the perception would have changed. Thankfully, his wife had tested negative. "I plan to go on living for a long time,” Johnson told the crowd at the old L.A. Forum and has made good on his promise to change the disease’s perception and get people practicing safe sex.

9 Dwight Howard

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When Dwight Howard arrived in the NBA back in 2004, he said that his goal was to use his platform as a professional player to “raise the name of God within the league and throughout the world.” However, that didn’t last long as Howard has fathered numerous children with numerous women.

The exact number is a bit unclear since Howard has put a gag order on most of the woman and kept them a secret, but sources say Dwight Howard has anywhere from 6 to 8 baby mamas and probably an entire black book of dodged bullets. Earlier this season, Howard’s Hawks teammate Dennis Schroder was interviewed by German TV and paused in awe when the interview brought up Howard’s physique. “His shoulders…” Combine Howard’s Greek God body, his winning smile and his millions of dollars and you better believe you’ve got a guy who scores a lot. It’s really too bad Howard’s become obsessed with becoming a post-up player because had he just stayed a roll-man, he might actually have more points on the court than off it.

8 Kobe Bryant

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2011, when Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce, believing Kobe had been unfaithful over the course of their (at the time) 10-year marriage. There was at least one instance of Kobe being unfaithful in 2004 when the All-Star shooting guard was charged with sexual harassment, but The National Enquirer—so take this information with a grain of salt—followed up Vanessa’s allegations of infidelity by reporting that Bryant had affairs with 105 women in that time.

10.5 ladies per year (plus his wife) sounds comical, especially when factoring Bryant’s reputation as a gym rat and dedicated husband. However, the average American male averages approximately 2.2 partners a year, which puts Kobe 46.5 standard deviations above the mean. Meaning, Bryant is even better at having sex than he is scoring the basketball, and we all know how good he is at getting it in…the hoop. The “it” was referring to the ball, of course…

7 Royce White

via sportsonearth.com

Remember Royce White? It’s ok if you don’t because his NBA career was over in a blink of an eye. White was drafted by the Rockets in 2012 and his anxiety disorder led to missing all of the 2012-2013 NBA season despite being under contract. The following season, White appeared in 3 games, attempted 1 field goal and picked up 2 personal fouls. That’s the extent of his NBA career. Anxiety is a complex mental illness that manifests itself in different ways, but White’s situation probably didn’t help him overcome his anxiety.

Reports came out that Royce White had fathered five children with five different women. Recording zero NBA points in his extremely brief NBA career is bad, but having 5-times more children than field goals attempted is simply unfathomable. Why couldn’t have anyone told Royce White that condoms can be help with peace of mind?

6 Shawn Kemp

via pinterest.com

The Reign Man may have scored a lot in the NBA, mostly on thunderous dunks, but his track record off the court is even more impressive. At one time, it was thought that Kemp had seven kids by six different baby mamas. However, other reports have put that figure closer to 11 kids with nine different baby mamas. Regardless of which figure is correct, that is an awful lot of baby mamas.

Kemp, despite his physical talents, had a reputation of being one of the most reckless players in the NBA. He was arrested multiple times for drug possession and his cocaine habit is the stuff of legends. One outlandish rumor states Shawn Kemp used to do a bump of cocaine before games as a warm up. If true, Kemp’s cocaine habit certainly led him to some wild nights and we can only speculate how many trysts the Reign Man has notched on his bed post.

5 Karl Malone

via si.com

When Karl Malone was a 20-year-old sophomore at Louisiana Tech, he got a 13-year-old pregnant. Karl Malone may have scored 36,928 career NBA points, second all-time behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but there’s something about getting a 13-year-old pregnant that suggests you’re not too good with boundaries, leading us to ask just how much Karl Malone has scored off the court?

To make matters worse, after Malone’s collegiate career, he went on to make millions but still contested a $125 weekly child support payment. The son he fathered with the 13-year-old, the NFL’s Demetress Bell, has still yet to be acknowledged by his father. Nowadays, Karl Malone likes to hit the open road in his big rig as a part of a trucking business he owns and only God knows what goes on in that cab…

4 Larry Johnson

via rollingout.com

While Larry Johnson was married to a woman named Celeste Wingfield, he continued to play the field and got three other women pregnant and had children with them as well. He infamously tried to talk model Laura Tate into getting an abortion after she found out she was pregnant. She refused and the two were engaged in a long legal battle that ended with Johnson forking over all his Grandmama money. The price one pays to be a playboy.

In 2015, reports indicated that Johnson had filed documents to turn over ownership of his Orange County, California, home estimated to be worth over $800,000 to Tate, with the house taking care of the lion’s share of child support owed. In addition to handing over his home, Johnson agreed to pay an additional $1,500 a month until the total amount was paid. Johnson may have scored a ton on and off the court in his playing days but Tate and his three other baby mamas are now reaping the benefits.

3 Willie Anderson

via pinterest.com

If the name Willie Anderson rings any bells, congratulations! You are an NBA super fan and maybe it’s time to try some new hobbies. Willie Anderson is considered a bust after the San Antonio Spurs took him 10th overall in the 1988 NBA Draft, where he would play for seven seasons before he was shipped off to Toronto in the expansion draft and dwindled into obscurity.

The only reason you should know the name Willie Anderson, even if you’re a huge NBA fan, is if you are one of his seven baby mamas (which, ironically is the same number Anderson would play for over the course of his NBA career). Poor Willie Anderson is a cautionary tale for all the would-be groupies, just because he says he’s in the NBA doesn’t mean he’ll be good for the child support payments down the line.

2 Scott Skiles

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Skiles had some serious game in his playing career. He holds the NBA record for assists in one game with 30. As a pure point guard, Scott Skiles was never much of a scorer, averaging 11.1 ppg over the course of his 10-year playing career, but boy could he score off the court.

Skiles was able to father at least six children with multiple women over the years. Skiles has never addressed his promiscuity, which means that six is more of a guess than an actual figure. So it is possible there are more Skiles running around than we think. Having seen Skiles and knowing that he has a reputation for being a hard-ass, it is baffling to include him on this list, but hey! Game recognizes game. Maybe there is some truth to the belief that bald men scream virility to certain women.

1 Wilt Chamberlain

via sportal.co.nz

Wilt the Stilt is an NBA legend, holding 72 NBA records, most notably scoring 100 points and 55 rebounds in a single game. What’s even more impressive is the great center’s records in the bedroom. In his 1991 autobiography, A View From Above, Chamberlain confirmed claims that he slept with 20,000 women. In 2012, The Atlantic did the math and found that if Wilt started sleeping at age 15, from then up to the age 55 when the book was published, he would have had 40 years to sleep with 20,000 women, or 500 different women a year. That works out to 1.4 women a day. According to legend, he was intimate with 23 different women on one 10-day road trip. Friends have also gone on the record that Chamberlain had a penchant for threesomes, which suggests Chamberlain might have backed the analytics movement in the NBA today that really values 3-pointers.

Before Chamberlain passed of heart failure in 1999 at age 63, he made this statement, “Having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I've learned in my life. I've (also) found out that having one woman a thousand different times is more satisfying." He also made a conscious effort to find out if a woman was married believe that “Even as a single man, infidelity has no place in my life.” He may have been an elite scorer on the court, but Wilt Chamberlain reigns as the greatest scorer off the court.

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