15 NBA Players Who Scored The Most Off The Court

Some ball players are best on the court with the ball in their hands, while other players are best with some nice women around their hip. The NBA is filled with stars, and truthfully, what women wouldn’t want to be with a NBA guy? Living the life with money surrounding them, and the luxurious benefits of being a professional basketball player. It’s fairly easy for these players to win over some of the most beautiful women around the world, and they may not even need to look the best or have the best personalities to attract these women.

We see it time after time, NBA players walk around with the paparazzi chasing after them, as these players have some of the hottest women in the world around them. While some players concentrate on the game, others have a game plan on how to pick up that chick that they saw at the club the other night. Many times, some of the most irrelevant basketball players are the ones to pick up the hottest women. And then, there’s those other star players that just can’t seem to stay away from all the models and celebrities. Every basketball player needs a beautiful woman around them for them. And for some of them, this may be all that matters.

15 Luke Kennard

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The life in the NBA of shooting guard, Luke Kennard, could not get any better to start his NBA career. Not only was he drafted 12th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, but he caught a gem with one of the hottest babes we’ve seen. Kennard was dating one of the actresses from “Chrisley Knows Best”, Ms. Savannah Chrisley. The relationship was a short four months one, but the relationship gives hopes that Kennard will continue to score big after landing that beauty. Both young adults, decided to move on from each other and go their separate ways just recently. Chrisley may be the most beautiful 20-year-old on national television, and yes, I will say, even more beautiful than Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Her big breasts and beautiful smiles are hard to resist. It seems that she’s almost too beautiful to be real. For Kennard, it may be a rough time to deal with the future, but the youngster already scored big off the court, and has a bright future outside of playing in the NBA.

14 Tony Parker

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Tony Parker will go down as one of the best ball players to ever play for the San Antonio Spurs. Besides just playing on the court, he may be the best as scoring while he’s off the court. He scored big time when he married actress, Eva Longoria. Longoria may be known mostly for her part in The Desperate Housewives. Besides Longoria being a very popular actress, she is absolutely gorgeous. Even at the age of 42, she as if she can put some of these young models to shame. But when Parker and Longoria split, Parker scored big once again. Maybe he didn’t grab a beauty like Longoria, but he grabbed a cutie in Axelle Francine.

The French reporter helps take away some of the attention away from Parker’s relationships, but we can’t look past the fact that Parker grabbed another good-looking woman. Although he made a mistake cheating on one of the most beautiful 40-year old woman in the world, he still managed to find another beautiful woman.

13 Landry Fields

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Five short years of scoring buckets, but that didn’t stop Landry Fields from scoring this hottie after his time in the NBA was finished. Now married, Fields is with Elaine Alden, a model from California. How did a man who couldn’t succeed to play an average career in the NBA, land one of the sexiest models?

Her smile, her curves, her seductive look, it’s too hard to resist. Alden poses in a unique way that makes men want to look more, and see the unknown. Many of her modeling pictures come in lingerie, and sometimes she likes to pull down her lingerie a little bit to tease some of her viewers. The tradeoff for Fields is that he may have to live with the fact that half the world gets to see a lot of Alden’s incredible body, but chances are it’s the best the former NBA player will get. You have to respect the game of Fields for being able to land this seductive chick.

12 Zaza Pachulia

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I’m not one to judge, but Zaza Pachulia definitely does not look like a lady’s man. Pachulia was never known for grabbing all the women in the club, but he grabbed a beauty with his wife Tika. Unlike many others on this list, Zaza and Tika have actually been married for a decent amount of time, when they got married in 2008. For a player like Zaza, no one would expect him to land this beautiful wife and have children with her. And better yet for Zaza, even after Tika had children, she still could pass off as a model.

Tika seems to have real sexy lips, unlike Kylie Jenner who has fake parts to her body. Tika Pachulia is absolutely gorgeous, and is definitely a catch for a man looking like Zaza (no disrespect.)

11 Lou Williams

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Everyone NBA fan has a new idol, and that idol is now Lou Williams. The guard of the Los Angeles Clippers, managed to pull a three-way relationship. The best part of it for Williams, is that it was too pretty hot women. Both Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell were a part of a three-way relationship with Williams. Both women said that it wasn’t even two separate relationships, they told the media that Henderson and Mitchell were actually girlfriends. Williams lived what is every man’s dream. The threesome didn’t last, but this couldn’t even be pulled off by some of the greats including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. The only negative part about the threesome, is that he isn’t the biggest player and it must have been tough to have to pay triple every time the couple went out somewhere.

10 Wilt Chamberlain

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The situation with Chamberlain is unique, and there’s no definite truth behind the number of women that he has been with, but he’s one of the ladies’ man in the league. Chamberlain claimed that he slept with 20,000 women, which is a ridiculous number and most likely isn’t true. But from what it seems, Chamberlain had an active sex life. He went after whatever women were around, no matter who they were. Chamberlain wasn’t looking to go after the celebrities, but utilized his celebrity status to get whatever women he could get with.

When Chamberlain was in the league, times were a lot different. The media wasn’t involved with every relationship that went on, and to be honest, not many people really cared. This was a time where AIDs and HIV were spreading, so when Chamberlain claimed that he slept with this many women, people started to freak out.

9 Nick Young

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On this list, Nick Young goes probably as one of the top three idiots behind Tony Parker. Young was all set when he was dating hip hop star, Iggy Azalea. Young was known as one of the few NBA players to date a big-name star. Not only is she a star, but she’s a sexy star. She’s got the voice, but she also reminds many of a white version of Nikki Minaj with her incredible body and lovely lips. Kim Kardashian became popular because of her big booty, Azalea has just as big of one, and it looks even better. Within the past three years, Azalea has become one of the most popular artists on the radio.

Young messed up when he apparently cheated on Iggy, which ended their relationship. Many women apparently date professional athletes for their money and fame, well Young could have done the same if he never ended up landing a big deal in the NBA. Iggy is on top of the world, and Young scored big when he landed such a talented, beautiful artist.

8 Al Horford


Al Horford has traveled from team to team, city to city, but he still has managed to stay together with one beautiful woman. Horford is married to former Miss Universe, Amelia Vega. The long time Hawks Center was lucky enough to marry a young, beautiful woman. Vega has a smile to light up the world, and most definitely lit up the smile on Horford’s face. The two met each other 10 years ago at the Latin Pride Awards in Boston. Ironically, that is now where Horford plays, for the Boston Celtics.

What’s also great for Horford is that Vega can pull her own weight when it comes to money. Vega has a net worth of $1 million, so Horford knows that this is true love, and not a woman just trying to take in as much money as she can from the basketball star. The couple has two children together, and seem to be living a happy life with each other.

7 Tristan Thompson

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Man, when you start messing around with a Kardashian you already know you’re a winner. And unlike Lamar Odom, Tristan Thompson started hanging out with Khloe Kardashian once she had a major glow up. Khloe has always been cute, but now after she started getting into shape, there’s a good argument that she’s the best-looking Kardashian. Once Khloe let her hair flow naturally, and lost a bit of weight, she became one of the sexiest celebrities around. Watching the two on social media together is actually pretty interesting, as Khloe posted a picture of them from last Halloween as Tristan is wearing a Black Panther costume and Khloe is dressed up as Storm from the X-Men.

The best thing for Thompson, as the two seem very happy together. Although many people claimed Tristan’s struggles in the postseason had something to do with his relationship, that still doesn’t seem to affect their love. Tristan scored at the right time, and landed one hell of a girl.

6 Julius Randle

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Julius Randle has taken part of the re-building process in Los Angeles, taking part in what now will be Lonzo Ball’s team, at least for now. During this re-building process, Randle married his longtime girlfriend Kendra Shaw. Winning a NBA championship is great and all, and the ring you get for winning it is even more awesome, but for now, this ring will have to do. But, Randle is blessed to have a beautiful wife. Shaw is big into fashion, and has competed in multiple pageants including the Miss Kentucky Teen USA Pageant in 2013.

The two are a beautiful, and most importantly, a happy couple. Shaw is an absolute beauty, and stuns no matter what it’s for. If it’s modeling, a special event, or even an Instagram selfie, Shaw looks top notch all the time.

5 Amar'e Stoudemire

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Amar’e Stoudemire was considered one of the best power forwards in the league at one point, before eventually losing his feel for the ball and declining towards the end of his career. Stoudemire did very well when he managed to start hooking up with pop singer, Ciara. Thinks were always a bit unknown between the two, and confusing, but it seems that the two are officially done for good now as Ciara is married to star football player, Russell Wilson. Ciara is absolutely gorgeous, and if only Stoudemire could have managed to keep that relationship going.

Eventually, Stoudemire ended up marrying Alexis Welsch, another very pretty woman who he managed to get to spend the rest of his life with, even if it wasn’t the superstar Ciara. Stoudemire just managed to luck out with two beautiful women.

4 J.R. Smith

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The Queen. That is all there is to say. J.R. Smith managed to pull off what almost every man would love to do within their lifetime: date Rihanna. Rihanna is known as one of the sexiest women in the world, who is known to shine no matter what she wears, and where she is. Rihanna comes off as that celebrity that nobody ever really has an issue with, even though some people may have issues with her. Smith is a good ball player, but he’s definitely nowhere near the superstar status of the legend.

When the world is going through a crisis, Rihanna somehow tends to give everyone a reason to smile with her actions or she looks. Rihanna gives a bad girl type look, with all of her tattoos. Rihanna has rocked all types of looks from tattoos to short hair to unique types of clothing. J.R. Smith should have held on tight and never let go, as he had a diamond at his fingertips.

3 Kris Humphries

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It seems that no matter what type of article deals with NBA players and hot women, you can’t avoid talking about the Kardashians. Here is the second person on the list who was with a Kardashian, Kris Humphries. Humphries and Kim Kardashian were married from 2011-2013. Humphries messed up big time by letting this marriage slip, as he may have had the most famous women of the century in bed with him every night for the rest of his life. Obviously as we know that didn’t happen, as Kim is now currently married to Kanye West.

Things between Kris and Kim never lasted long, as Kim wanted out of the relationship as soon as possible. 72 days after they got married, Kim filed for a divorce. Whatever Humphries did for the marriage to go to nothing is very upsetting, at least for him. Kim Kardashian has one of the sexiest bodies, and also is apparently pretty good in bed. At the end of the day, Humphries still managed to be with a hot Kardashian for a little bit.

2 Marko Jaric

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Marko Jaric scored way outside of his league when he was married to Adriana Lima. Jaric was not a popular player at all. He played shooting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Memphis Grizzlies. Now that we see what Jaric did, let’s compare his status to Adriana Lima. Lima is a Brazilian supermodel who has been known as one of the Victoria Secret’s Angel. Many consider Lima to be the most popular supermodel in the world, as she shines on the runaway. At age 36, she looks better than women who are in their early 20s. How Jaric pulled this one off is shocking beyond belief, as his resume or looks don’t even come close to Lima’s. The two eventually split, but the fact that this man was sleeping with Lima for quite a few years is mind-boggling.

1 Dennis Rodman

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Yup. We have a winner. Dennis Rodman is the official legend of having the most beautiful women alongside of him off the court. Kobe Bryant or Wilt Chamberlain could come close, but we don’t have full closure on the women they were with. Rodman, however, we know who he was with. There was a point where Rodman was together with Madonna. He claims to have never used protection with her, so I guess for him he got what he wanted. He also has claimed to sleep with over 2,000 women.

At one point in his career, he accidentally broadcasted the audio of him getting it on with six women when he forgot to turn off the cordless microphone that he had on him. The hottest women that he has been known to have sex with are Madonna, Carmen Electra, and Jenna Jameson. Three incredible gorgeous women, with incredible breathtaking bodies. If he was able to have a foursome with all of them, he may be considered the next Hugh Hefner.

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