15 NBA Players Who Were Whipped By Their Wives

Look, I get it. Not like GET IT, get it, because my wife is pretty cool. But I do get the idea of a woman with a whip telling her man when and where he’ll be, especially when it comes to these NBA guys, guys who, as well all know, have a habit of seeking affection while on the road with sometimes so many women, it feels like they could field a professional team, or start an adult entertainment company, which some of them have. Some of these wives are ex-wives. But you'll find that unlike any other women in these playboys lives, these ladies were able to truly whip them for a lengthy amount of time.

If you’ve paid attention to recent news around retired players, you’ve bumped upon the news about former swingman, Doug Christie, and his wife’s adult film making business. Not with them as lead actors, but as the minds behind the storyline (what storyline??), providing the funding for well-made movies around the topic of SEX.

Sex is the key here. Again, these athletes are commonly so untrustworthy, their wives or long time partners feel the need to keep a beat on their when’s and where’s. If they don’t, life can feel out of control and off kilter. But…I got to admit, watching popular TV Reality Show, Basketball Wives, on occasion, some of these women are hard to swallow. A little overtly controlling, arguably in such an unhealthy way their relationship looks more like a mean mother with her son, which is something, most therapists would say no to. A relationship should be centered on amicable trust. An amorphous love able to flex and bend.

But then we’d have nothing smutty to watch when bored (LOL). Look, Americans love seeing this stuff. I think because it makes our lives feel normal, less-crazy, a bit more, healthy. Like we’re doing something right. Flawed, but better.


15 Doug Christie (Wife: Jackie Christie)


Jackie Christie is an on again off again wife on hit show, Basketball Wives. She’s like the guest star who comes in to make some noise, when things start to look and sound a little too normal. And if you’ve ever witnessed her on the show, you’ve seen one sassy, brash woman, with about as much trust as a pinto bean for her husband, former pro Doug Christie.

Look, I don’t know what their history is. Maybe Doug was a grade A cheater while playing ball. It’s more than possible. But her way of whipping him in shape might be a little too extreme. That image of the mean mother babysitting her son, comes to mind.

Her method is hard to fathom. What method, you ask? The method of weighing his testicles at the end of each day. I’m not kidding. The man is so whipped he literally submits his testicles as test subjects every day, to prove his monogamy.

This is not a bulletproof test. Without getting into the details, there ARE other ways a man can drain the swamp. Ways that have nothing to do with an actual, physical woman. But it seems to work for her. So, be it.

14 Shaquille O’Neal (Ex-Wife: Shaunie O’Neal)


Shaq is a BIG man, which you all know. Like real BIG. A brute of a beast pretending to be a man, when we all know he’s Godzilla with a big grin and a friendly, humorous makeup. His ex-wife, Shaunie, is tiny. A petite piston of a woman, with a personality the size of Shaq’s – and some.

Their relationship is funny. They have fights on social media. It’s like they want to build their brand, by turning their relationship into a reality TV show, in real time. Recently they argued over their two sons’ futures as pros, on Twitter. Shaunie said she wasn’t sure if that’s in their future, while Shaq shot back with his sure take that they WILL be suiting up in the NBA.

Sure, the two aren't married anymore, but they clearly have maintained some form of a relationship. But, damn. Shaunie is one hyper whippersnapper.

13 Antoine Walker (Ex-Partner: Evelyn Lozada)


Evelyn Lozada is a girl who takes what she wants. It’s evident. She worked her way up in the Miami entertainment scene and then bounced in Basketball Wives, as one of the five main characters in the show. Shortly after starring a couple seasons, Lozada banked on another venture, spinning a show off into L.A. She became the lead producer of Basketball Wives L.A., netting a total of somewhere near $50 Million.

All this success came with Antoine Walker, former All-Star forward. Rumor was he funded her endeavors. She had him so whipped, she made him hand her his checks and watched their finances. The two enjoyed a sometimes tumultuous but fruitful 10-year relationship, ending in 2012, when Walker went bankrupt.

You know you’re whipped when you hand the keys of your finances over to a woman like Lozada. If you’ve ever seen her on TV, you’ve noticed her assassin like calm. A quiet, but determined woman with little to any regard for the men and the “friends” in her life.

Walker hit her back though. The two came to terms on a pay out in 2014, in total of $40,000. Walker must really be broke.

12 Stephon Marbury (Wife: LaTasha Marbury)


Takes one to know one. If you’re going to come up with Stephon Marbury, you better have a gut, some sass and ability to hold your own.

We all know how unafraid Stephon is. This is the guy who essentially called out the entire Knicks organization, as bunk. The guy who tattooed his arm with the self-proclaimed “Starbury” logo. He was always known as a cocky, self-assured player, sometimes speaking in the 3rd person during interviews.

Stephon has gone on to become a major star in China. He’s dominated the CBA and literally taken on the assumed role, of God. LaTasha is clearly uncomfortable with his success, as she chronically complains in the show, about his lack of communication when on the road, and expresses her concern over his whereabouts.

As result, LaTasha keeps him in line by buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry, each time he looks and acts like he might be cheating. Stephon, doesn’t like it. But it keeps him conscious. It makes him second guess his actions, at least from a financial standpoint.

It’s a different form of whipping your man. It’s more like a leash. A tight one.

11 Kenny Anderson (Ex-Wife: Tami Roman)


Kenny Anderson was a serious cheater. The dude finished his career with seven kids to five different women, one of such was his ex-wife – Tami Anderson (Now Tami Roman).

Roman has never shied about her emotional trauma from the cheating, but she stayed with him until 2001, because she felt she needed to for the kids. After the divorce things were so bad for Anderson financially, Roman had to go on government assistance, to provide for her and their two kids.

Anderson hasn’t always been the best kind of dad. In fact, before Roman went on Basketball Wives to show another side of the struggle with marriage to an NBA player, Anderson hadn’t seen his kids in 10 years.

It all sounds so sad, which it is. But Roman likes to also share the ways in which she kept him in line, during their six-year marriage. One such way, was literally offering no sex. None. If Anderson wanted a romp he had to be home at an exact time, to prove he was nowhere suspicious. If he was “good,” for an extended time she’d flirt with things like a threesome, or literal whips and chains, to strike his fancy.

Sex was her almighty whip.

10 Charlie Bell (Ex-Wife: Kenya Howard-Bell)


The former Miss Michigan wasn’t messing, when it came to controlling former NBA journey man, Charlie Bell. If he was home late, door was locked. No key given to Bell. Literally. His finances? She controlled, so she could thumb through them to find any weird sounding discrepancies, things that might tip her off to where he’d been that day or the day before.

In fact, Kenya was so bad ass, and damn controlling, she stalked Charlie on occasion to see where he’d go. On one occasion, she saw him walk into a house, crawled through to the second story, broke the window and went after Charlie and his mistress with a box cutter. This landed her a restraining order, and shortly after, Charlie filed for divorce.

But Kenya was smart. Having the beat on Charlie, and commonly using their kids as her pull, she made him sign a prenup agreement, one that gave her half of everything, including his NBA 401 K, NBA retirement, investments, savings and the list goes on, if he ever cheated. Desperate to obey, he signed it. And when found cheating, and the divorce  was finalized, she got said money to the tune of somewhere near $3 million, not including his retirement plans, and another $1,000 a month in child support.

Yup, girl had him whipped.

9 Kareem Rush (Wife: Bonnie Jill-Laflin)


Bonnie Jill-Laflin is the female version of Donald Draper. Sexy, suave, successful. She commonly has everything at her fingertips.

She is badass. She’s the first successful female scout in the NBA. Has long served that role with the L.A. Lakers. She is a former Baywatch actress, and is currently also a radio personality with husband, former pro guard-forward, Kareem Rush.

Her ability to whip men is long listed. In fact, it’s been rumored her “black book,” the listing of all the pros she’s slept with, would make a porn star proud. Before her marriage to Kareem, she had a habit of sleeping with said-men and then putting them off; playing the whip game with her avoidance. The result: Rolex watches, a home, fancy cars, clothes, vacations, and the list goes on, as gifts to woo her.

She’s now married to Kareem, a man she “scouted,” when the two became partners on a sports radio show. It’s like the girl can have whatever she wants. In order to woo Kareem she played the other game. Came into studio wearing, as rumored, no underwear. Her body did its job, and she got what she wanted.

Kareem is her prized possession.


8 Eric Williams (Ex-Wife: Jennifer Williams)


Jennifer and her ex-husband, former pro forward, Eric Williams, had a horrendous relationship. It swirled around chronic complaints from neighbors about intense fights, noise levels, and sometimes romps in public to reheat their union.

But Jennifer had a way of holding Eric in check. In check, meaning when he left home to travel and play ball all over the country, she knew where he was, when he was there, and why he was there. Every move he made had to be approved by her. Literally, he had to call to tell her if he could or couldn’t say…grab a burrito at a restaurant. Williams was quoted in Basketball Wives, as saying he felt like he needed to “cast the devil out of her,” because of her intense need to control his every move.

Because of her tremendous whip over Williams, Jennifer took control of their finances. Eric listened. And never made her sign a prenup, resulting in a $14 million settlement, when the two split.

7 Speedy Claxton (Ex-Wife Meeka Claxton)


Meeka Claxton isn’t your normal lady. Nope. Makes the toughest of them look and feel like fairies at a tea party. She wasn’t going to whip Speedy, which she did, with things like financial control or removal of sex. No. She did it with physical craziness. Things like stealing their Range Rover and leaving for weeks on end to make him worry over her life. We’re talking severe emotional trauma to weave Speedy around her ring finger, for much of eight years.

It’s sick, I know. But it worked. Meeka Claxton, one of the stars on Basketball Wives, has confessed to the gifts she’d want and get by simply pretending crazy. She knew Speedy’s concern for her, and would make it happen. Literally. She was no stranger, though, to sex. Would supposedly send him posed pictures literally ten minutes before a game, asking him to come for sex. Talking straight mind-control.

6 Jeremy Pargo (Ex-Wife: Malaysia Pargo)


Malaysia Pargo made it clear in Basketball Wives, that she wanted money. She married former pro guard, Jeremy Pargo, as means to go up in the world. The result, by spinning spells of seduction, (The two confirmed to have had numerous threesomes and swing, something Malaysia said Jeremy loved to watch.) was no prenup. Meaning Malaysia was equal owner to their estate and his NBA retirement.

When the two split, Malaysia took Jeremy to the cleaners. She got $15,000 a month in spousal support, their home and half of his retirement plan, and 401 K. She likes to brag about her body’s ability to “make things happen.” It's perhaps another reminder to athletes that they should protect themselves when entering the institution of manage.

5 Nick Young (Ex-Girlfriend: Keonna Green)


Keonna Green clearly took the baby route when weaving men on her fingers. I say finger in plural, because Keonna Green has two children combined, with an NBA player she’s never really been with.

She has a 4-year-old son with Lakers guard, Nick Young and is set to have another kid with him, as she’s 22 weeks pregnant. Young already allots her $7,500 a month for their first, and is set to do the same with their second. That’s $15,000 a month!

According to her friends, Green is a manipulative woman, who uses her body as a source of control. She will show up at a fling or boyfriend’s front door nude, and then ask for things after the sex has happened.

She is the mistress who broke things off between Young and Iggy Azalea.

4 Michael Olowokandi (Ex-Wife: Suzie Ketcham)


Suzie Ketcham is no stranger to drama. The girl can do it with the best of them. Her style of drama on Basketball Wives L.A., is spreading fake rumors to either get a girl to bend to her will, or break a bond, to wiggle her way in.

She was the same way with ex-NBA center and former number 1 overall pick, Michael Olowakandi. The two were married for 11 years, and through the entirety of their marriage Ketchum had a habit of sending emails on “accident,” or oversharing on social media platforms, to bend Michael to her will.

Like so many of the stories you’ve already read, it worked. He never made her sign a prenup for fear she’d break on long rumored stories regarding his various other baby mamas. The result: a $15 million pay out when the two divorced in 2011.

3 Matt Barnes (Ex-Wife: Gloria Govan)


Here’s the kind of person Govan is: She’s the woman who cheated on then husband, Matt Barnes – forward for the Warriors – with then Knicks coach, Derek Fisher. She’s the one who stirred the pot to such a level, Barnes attacked Fisher, when he found out the rumors were true.

Quickly, Barnes left Govan. He then divorced her in 2016. All while Govan hangs and romps with Fisher, the man she broke up her family for. If that doesn’t give you a good taste about the kind of woman she is, nothing will.

Govan is a drop dead former actress. It is rumored she likes public sex if you’re a “good boy,” meaning: true to her. And how do you prove you’re true to her? Give up your phone every night so she can check your texts. She then goes down her man’s phone calls and calls those that don’t make any sense, or seem obscure. Not kidding.

The irony, is she’s the one who cheats (LOL). But it takes one to know one. And clearly, Govan uses her body and her high demands, to make sure the thing she does, doesn’t happen to her.

2 Dwight Howard (Ex-Girlfriend: Royce Reed)


To be fair: Royce Reed had her hands full. Dwight Howard is known to have somewhere between eight to 12 kids with six to eight women. He’s a playboy; a man who is nearly impossible control. So perhaps Royce Reed had to take things up a notch when she was with Dwight.

Howard has several baby mommas, but his most notable one is Royce Reed, a spunky 5'4 firecracker with a strong-willed personality. It’s fair to say it was the only time he was partly “straight-and-narrow.”

How? Royce Reed. She was brutal. She would do whatever it took, to make Dwight confess where he’d been and what he was up to. For Dwight, he was whipped. Perhaps Howard has to do a better job of trying to control what he's said is his biggest weakness.

1 James Worthy (Ex-Wife: Angela Wilder)


Worthy was part of the infamous Laker Showtime. It all happened in the sex capital, Los Angeles, during a time when bright lights and bliss were at your fingertips quicker than you can say hello. And yet Worthy stayed relatively true to his wife and family. I stay relatively, because he’d be busted for approaching a prostitute in 1990, ending Wilder’s dream idea that she’d kept him true to their home life. But some of that is true. And how did she do it? She traveled with him. Yup, with him. That meant she watched his games and met him in his room, after. They ate together, drank together, and played house in Hotel rooms across the country. That of course changed once the two had kids, and Angela needed to stay in Los Angeles to raise them. But for the early part of their marriage she was the team meddler, the one teammates and coaches chuckled at, because of her ability to make her man behave, by literally bringing home life on the road.


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