15 NBA Players With More Baby Mamas Than Rings

It’s a weird life being a professional baller. You have money, which means power, and what comes with power and fame, is all the pleasure a player could ask for.

Pleasure, comes in many forms. For some, it’s mansions, cars, hot clothes and a carousal of other things. The game is no longer, JUST the game. It’s taken on a new life. Like an actor with an incredible athletic skill.

But for other players, the pleasure aspect has taken on, how shall I say it…numerous lovers? This sounds, great, I’m sure. But when these players don’t play that game safe, the result are numerous children from a gamut of baby mamas.

We’ve all had that experience as a fan, where we wondered why on earth a player with great talent wasn’t playing up to par. We blame it on injuries, fatigue. We blame it on the player’s personality, lack of drive. But the reality, is said player has plenty of drive. Drive down under.

If only he’d take that energy and pour it into the sport. Imagine what he really could do.

15 Mike Bibby

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Never have I seen a player make a name for himself in just the short span of one, ONE, postseason. But so is the case for Mike Bibby, who made so many clutch midrange jumpers in the 2002 NBA postseason, he began to look like Michael Jordan. That year catapulted Bibby’s career, and the methodical, split-seam point guard enjoyed a lengthy and solid career.

Bibby is an intriguing cat. Nobody knows how many kids he procreated during his time as a pro. But if his time at the University of Arizona means anything, it might be numerous. It's said that Bibby already had two kids with two different women while in College.

Kids: 4 to ?

Baby Mamas: 2 to ?

Rings: 0

14 Royce White

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Remember Royce White? The talented big man out of Iowa State. A first-round pick in 2012. High upside. A player many league owners thought would turn into a serviceable starter – a high energy rebounder and shot blocker. Occasional-All Star. The guy who made headlines when he openly admitted to his battle with mental illness.

The result was an inability to hold down a role with a team. He now plays in Canada for the London Lightning.  It seems, though, White’s found a fluidity among another facet of his “game.” With the ladies. At last count, he’s a father to five with four different women.

Kids: 5

Baby Mamas: 4

Rings: 0

13 Peja Stojakovic

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Peja Stojakovic enjoyed quite a stellar career. Beginning with the Sacramento Kings, the Croation proved his worth, topping out at 24.2 points per game in 2004. He made three All-Star games, and once finished a 2nd team All-NBA.

Over his time in the pros, he was known as an efficient three-point shooter able to stretch defenses, someone who could shoot from all areas of the floor. Unlike several members of this list, Stojakovic was able to win a championship ring in his very last season with the Dallas Mavericks.

His off-court situation is interesting. Stojakovic has been smart with a stellar PR team. Little is known about the numbers of illegitimate children, Peja has. But it looks to be between three and five with an undisclosed number of women.

Kids: 3 to 5

Baby Mamas: Undisclosed

Rings: 1

12 Tracy McGrady

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Like Stojakovic, T-Mac has kept things under wrap. Unfortunately, not the right kind of wrap. Get it?

Had injuries not taken out McGrady, it’s fair to say he’s arguably a top three swingmen ever, behind only LeBron James and Larry Bird. But we all know the story: first the back, then the knees. McGrady in the late 2000s, lost his infamous agility, and seemingly effortless athleticism. He languished those last few years, deteriorating his legacy.

But McGrady isn’t concerned about that. He’s got other things to worry about. Like, how to keep quiet the baby mamas and the kids he’s created. The predicted number is somewhere between four and five kids with an undisclosed number of women.

Kids: 4 to 5

Baby Mamas: Undisclosed

Rings: 0

11 Juwan Howard

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Right place, right time. Howard capitalized during a time in the league when teams won with big men, signing a 7-year, $100-million- dollar deal with the Washington Bullets in the Summer of 1996.

It wasn’t that Howard wasn’t any good. He went to one All- Star game, and was a third All-NBA selection in 1996. For much of the first half of his lengthy career, he was a sure bet 18 and 10 guy, a second or third option semi-star.

But he was much better in the bedroom. A real “champion.” Having six children with four different women. Howard would also go on to win two championship rings at the end of his career with the Miami Heat.

Kids: 6

Baby Mamas: 4

Rings: 2

10 Scottie Pippen

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One could make the case that Pippen is the best defender at the Small Forward position in league history. He, alongside Michael Jordan, won six rings with the Chicago Bulls, in six tries.

The mistake is when people call Pippen MJ’s “Robin.” Pippen could clearly lead a team without MJ, and do it at a level unlike most. The 1993-1994 season proved this. Jordan retired from the league, playing baseball, leaving the Bulls to Pippen. And Pippen thrived, leading the team in every statistical category.

The Hall of Famer and seven-time All-Star found another arena to prove his proficiency. Pippen is the father to seven kids with seven different women.

Kids: 7

Baby Mamas: 7?

Rings: 6

9 Scott Skiles

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Skiles played ten serviceable seasons in the pros. He now coaches the Orlando Magic, his former team, the team he played out his prime with.

He never made an All-Star team. Never an All-NBA point guard. Never the top stat producer in any key category. Skiles found other ways to achieve greater success, producing six kids with four different women.

It seems Skiles took to getting “others” involved. Sadly, he was never able to capture a championship ring, although he did win NBA's Most Improved Player in 1991.

Kids: 6

Baby Mamas: 4

Rings: 0

8 Kenny Anderson

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The second overall pick in 1991, Anderson experienced a solid career. A career that saw him finish third in assists in three years straight, attend an All-Star game, and was long considered one of the better scoring point guards.

Trades, and issues off the court, caused Anderson to lose his way. Unfortunately, that prime ran short, and he ended the latter half of his career, languishing in mediocrity.

Anderson excelled in the bedroom though, rearing seven kids with five different women. Yet, he got bit again with issues. The child support payments, bankrupting his career earnings.

Kids: 7

Baby Mamas: 5

Rings: 0

7 Shawn Kemp

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The Reign Man. A borderline Hall of Famer. My favorite dunker of all-time. He, and great point guard, Gary Payton, created a memorable duo in the 90s. One that saw the Seattle Supersonics make an NBA Finals in 1996. Kemp, was a consistent All-Star for a long time, going to six straight All-Star games from 1993 to 2000. But post-2000, saw Kemp quickly get out of shape. He looked disheveled. Suddenly a shell before he retired in 2002.

It hasn’t been pretty since. Just ten years after retiring, Kemp filed for bankruptcy. The reason? He’s the father of seven to eleven children with an undisclosed amount of baby mamas. Yikes.

Kids: 7 to 11

Baby Mamas: Unknown

Rings: 0

6 Willie Anderson

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Willie Anderson was a ten-year NBA journeyman with a knack for scoring off the bench. His longest tenure was with the San Antonio Spurs, where he played his best seasons for seven years. Burton’s lone highlight, was finishing first team All-Rookie in 1989.

He finished with career averages of 12.2 points per game. During his career, he also played for the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks and Miami Heat before he took his talents to European basketball.

But Anderson, being a journeyman, picked up another tool along the way: The art of picking up women. During that span, Anderson did the outrageous, producing nine kids with seven different women.

Kids: 9

Baby Mamas: 7

Rings: 0

5 Jason Caffey

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Caffey was always a solid bench forward. A bruiser. He’d come in get you a put back or dive on the floor for a loose ball. The hustle paid off, as his first two seasons in the pros, saw him win two titles with the Chicago Bulls.

Caffey’s best season came later in his career, in 2000, with the Golden State Warriors. The forward started in 56 games, and because of that, produced productive numbers: 12.0 points and 6.8 rebounds in 30 minutes of play.

After retiring, it became clear how quickly Caffey’s career earnings, $29-million, would evaporate. The guy couldn’t keep it in his pants, fathering ten kids with eight different women.

Kids: 10

Baby Mamas: 8

Rings: 2

4 Stephon Marbury

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Stephon Marbury was brash, but boy was he cool. He had that certain stare, that let an opposing defender know he was going to score. He was strong and a great dribbler. Reminded me tons of Derrick Rose, before Rose.

Over thirteen seasons, “Starbury” went to two All-Star games and made one All-NBA team. He was a dynamic scorer to the tune of a 19.3 career point average, and was underrated in his passing abilities, averaging a career 7.6 assists.

Though Marbury was seen as a problem and an unlikable guy on the court, he clearly had the smooth in the bedroom, fathering four kids with three different women. Marbury went on to become a basketball legend in China, although he was never able to pick up a championship ring in the NBA.

Kids: 4

Baby Mamas: 3

Rings: 0

3 Larry Johnson

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Grandmama, was a beast in his early playing career. One of the better power forwards in hoops. An agile inside/outside threat, making Charlotte Hornets fans go hog wild with hope, he was the one who’d bring their city a title. Through his first two years, the big man dropped 22/11, and went to two All-Star games. He was the henchman for Converse sneakers. But a bad back is the thing that ultimately ended his run as a top tier forward.

Having signed a 10-year, $50-million contract the Summer of 1993, Grandmama had plenty of money to live the high life. And boy did he. Playing ten years in the pros, and having five kids with five different women.

Kids: 5

Baby Mamas: 5

Rings: 0

2 Calvin Murphy

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Murphy is one of those hall of famers, who just doesn’t get enough credit. Not only is he the shortest, 5’9”, player in the hall, but he enjoyed a solid career, mainly with the Houston Rockets.

Murphy went to one All-Star game and over his thirteen years with the Rockets, averaged 17.9 points and 4.4 assists. His # 23 jersey was retired by the Rockets, and he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1993.

Over that time, Murphy – though small in stature – proved his worth in the sack. He’s bar none the most efficient “shooter,” racking up fourteen kids with nine women.

Kids: 14

Baby Mamas: 9

Rings: 0

1 Dwight Howard

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh, Dwight Howard. Guy has all the talent in the world, enough to be one of the great centers, and he’s wasted it with a petty personality, as well as a series of bad decisions.

It’s evident, Howard just doesn’t have that certain drive necessary to fulfill his God given body and abilities. Though…he’s a legend, when it comes to his ability to make babies.

Howard’s never come clean about his wild activities. But the most recent count, is he’s the father of eight kids to eight different women. Which…sort of adds clarity to his inability to commit to a team. Howard’s played for four teams in five years. He has also failed to add a championship ring to his resume, and it's unlikely that he will with the Atlanta Hawks.

Kids: 8

Baby Mamas: 8

Rings: 0

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