15 NBA Players You Wouldn't Expect To Be Ladies Men

Being an NBA player is certainly one of the better ways to go about living life as a young man, although some religions may disagree. The fame, success and money one can obtain by virtue of being part of the league is sometimes even too much to handle.

If anything, though, there’s bound to be a whole lot of attention from the opposite sex, and that’s always hard to resist. NBA players travel all around the country during the season, and it’s expected that they meet a few people here and there. And given the fact that a bunch of them are household names, things can’t possibly remained toned down all of the time.

Ordinary guys already have quite some difficulty resisting such temptations, so we can imagine it being over 10 times harder when one is a famous athlete. Their exploits have been well documented over the years, and it’s only going to get more entertaining, given the technological era we’re in.

Many NBA stars have been accused of being playboys, which by Urban Dictionary’s definition is: A man sworn to a life of debauchery. The use of the word ‘sworn’ probably takes it a bit too far; but you do get the idea.

Below is a list of 15 such players, most of which you’d never guess may have sworn to a life of debauchery at some point.

15 Kris Humphries

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Kris Humphries would have to have some real game to pull one of the most famous women of his generation in Kim Kardashian, albeit not having enough to keep her. The Hawks forward is said to get around quite a lot when it comes to the opposite sex, and even Kim was left captivated for some time.

The pair tied the knot on 2011, but the popular Kardashian filed for divorce just 72 days later, insisting that she just couldn’t stay ‘physically married’ to Humphries.

“I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn’t get off when now I know I probably should have,” she explained in an interview after the divorce.

“Then afterwards, people were saying, ‘You have to stay married for a year,’ but I physically couldn’t do it. When I made the decision, everyone said it was made up for the show. Everyone really wanted to take me down.”

On top of Kim, Humphries has also dated Natalie Pack, model Myla Sinanaj and Bianca Camber.

14 Scott Skiles

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Bit of a shocker there, yet we could be on to something. Scott Skiles just doesn’t see like the promiscuous male type, right? But as it turns out, he just may have been during his younger and more virile days.

Skiles, who has gone on to coach the Suns, Bulls, Bucks and Magic after a playing career that had him suit up for the Milwaukee and Orlando sides, as well as the Pacers, 76ers and Bullets, is believed to be the father of at least six children with various women. And it is also thought that he could have a lot more baby mamas on his list, but we’ll probably never know.

The 53-year-old last worked as the Magic head coach, stepping down from his position last year after admitting that he wasn’t the right man for the job.

13 Tony Parker

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You’d have to be the ultimate philanderer to cheat if you’re married to Eva Longoria, and that’s exactly what Spurs guard Tony Parker did, leading to a sad divorce between himself and the beautiful actress.

Parker was caught stepping out in the worst kind of way - i.e. with a teammate’s wife. He wasn’t careful enough to cover his tracks and Eva would eventually discover that her man had been exchanging illicit text messages with Brent Barry’s wife.

The couples were great friends and spent a lot of time together, but Parker and Erin Barry seemingly decided to pursue a relationship of their own. He denies ever having gotten physical with his ex-teammate’s wife, but both marriages were destroyed anyway, with Eva even claiming that her former spouse did a whole lot more than cheat with Erin.

12 Amar’e Stoudemire

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The former Suns and Knicks forward has settled down now (we hope), but he reportedly lived on the wild side after moving to New York in 2010, dating the likes of Amber Rose, Serena Williams and Ciara.

He also posed nude for ESPN magazine that year, something which gives a bit of credence to the notion of him being a playboy. And mind you, the photo looks rather crappy.

Stoudemire has since married Alexis Welch and is no longer thought to be the adventurous type. He recently announced his retirement from basketball after having moved to Israel to play with Hapoel Israel, a team he co-owns.

“Although I would have liked to return for another season, the team, coach and I could not find a role that I felt would allow me to meaningfully contribute in the way I have always been accustomed to play,” he said in an Instagram post.

“I feel it is my time now, to return to the shareholder's position and help make this team even better.”

11 Chandler Parsons

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He certainly doesn’t look it, but Memphis Grizzlies small forward Chandler Parsons is one of the NBA’s biggest playboys. The list of the fine hunnies he’s had by his is tasty enough to make Winnie the Pooh jealous, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down just yet.

Chandler’s most recent hook up is believed to be only the hottest UFC ring announcer we’ve ever seen in Arianny Celeste, but he’s also dated the likes of Bella Thorne, Kendall Jenner, Savannah Chrisley, Cristina Perri and Toni Garn (and that’s just to name a few).

The former Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks man began making public appearances with Celeste back in June. And it’s anyone’s guess how long his latest relationship – if that’s indeed what it is – is going to last.

10 Jason Caffey

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Jason Caffey is probably a player whom you don’t remember, mainly because he wasn’t all that. But try telling that to the two NBA rings he won.

Yep, that’s right. Caffey won two straight championships with the Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan et al (1996-97), but was traded to the Golden State Warriors in the middle of the following season, missing out on what would have been a third.

When it comes to women, though, the former forward didn’t miss a beat. And he is believed to have had over 10 kids with at least eight different women, both higher numbers than the 7.7 PPG he averaged during his eight-year career.

Caffey’s time in the NBA was sadly cut short by various personal issues, including an assault charge in 2003 and an anxiety attack the year prior. But he got back into the game by virtue of coaching, taking up the role of head coach at ABA expansion team Mobile Bay Hurricanes in 2010.

9 Joel Embiid

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There isn’t any definitive proof for this one, but Joel Embiid is quite likely to be a playboy based on how he’s publicly attempted to woo women in the past.

Embiid, who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, once launched a Twitter campaign to get people to vote for him to become an All-Star just so he could get a date with Rihanna. “I was trying to get this famous girl and she said ‘Come back when you’re a All Star’ bruhh,” he told fans.

Of course, he never managed to get the singer to go out with him. But given his desperation, you can bet he’s gotten several other women to join him on some venture.

He looked to have landed model Olivia Pierson after she wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day with a pic of the two of them together on Instagram. But he responded by posting a screenshot of the very photo with the hashtag '#FakeNews' written across, embarrassing Pierson and ultimately forcing her to delete the photo.

8 Winston Bennett

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Like Caffey, Winston Bennett wasn’t a household name. And his NBA career was even shorter than the above-mentioned forward – it only lasted three years.

Bennett was drafted by Cleveland in 1988 as the 64th overall pick in the third round of that year’s draft, having played out stints with Italian club Teorema Arese and Florida-based side Pensacola Tornados.

He played his last season in Miami with the Heat, before moving on to coach University basketball, as well as serve as an assistant under Rick Pitino for the Boston Celtics.

The former player and coach confessed to being a sex addict in his book Fight for your Life, in which he claims to have slept with over 90 women every month and over 1,000 per year. It does seem like a bit of a stretch, but whatever it was – it’s probably still a whole damn lot.

7 Chris Webber

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While Chris Webber was as popular as an NBA player can get, even before his stint in the league as he was a member of the ‘Fab Five’ – a team of Michigan State players who rose to fame for bringing a particular dress code to the hardwood while playing top notch ball – he didn’t really play for an under-the-microscope team.

His exploits with the opposite sex slipped under the radar as a result, but not far enough. Webber is known for having been quite popular with the ladies back in the day, and is believed to have bagged some high profile ones too, with Tyra Banks, Nia Long and Brandy all reported to have been involved with him at some point in time.

The former star married his long-time girlfriend Erika Dates back in 2009, but he had quite the ride before settling down.

6 Kenny Anderson

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Well first off, Kenny Anderson had women fighting over him years after he was with either of them. The former guard, who has been married three times, stepped out on ex-wife Tami Roman with Evelyn Lozado some years back, and all was revealed on an episode of Basketball Wives in 2011.

The two women got into quite the scuffle after Evelyn let out that she had slept with Kenny twice while he was still married to Tami, although she claimed to not know that the pair were husband and wife.

Anderson has a daughter with DJ Spinderella from Salt-n-Pepa, and also has seven other kids with four other women. Four years ago, though, Anderson shockingly revealed that he had been sexually abused as a kid by two individuals, one of whom was a basketball coach.

5 J.R. Smith

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To be fair, J.R Smith does have the look of a real player about him, and he’s one of those guys who is known to have ‘no chill’. The Cleveland man once famously posted a pic of a woman’s butt in her underwear on his Twitter while she was lying in a hotel bed with him, and managed to anger her ex, Joe Budden.

Of course she was angry too, as she had no idea her derriere had been exposed to the world in such a manner, but ultimately saw the funny side.

On another occasion, the Cavs star, who was involved with Rihanna at one point, also asked a very young female if she was ‘looking to get the pipe’ after she sent him a direct Twitter message saying she would be attending one of his games.

Smith has since settled down and gotten married, though, tying the knot with Jewel Harris last year.

4 Dwyane Wade

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Most of you may already know this, but given the fact that Dwyane Wade came into the NBA with a sparkling reputation, the way things turned out left a great many people surprised.

The three-time NBA champion was drafted by the Miami Heat in 2003, and by then, he was already married to his high school girlfriend Siohvaughn Funches, with whom he had a son. A few years later, though, ‘the Flash’ as he was known, evolved into a whole new man – a very wild one.

After hooking up with Gabrielle Union, Wade looked to have put the philandering life behind him. However, news emerged of the star fathering a child outside of his relationship with Gab. The pair have since become husband and wife, yet who knows if this will be the last we’ve heard of the womanizing Wade.

3 James Harden

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With a beard like that, it would have been quite the shocker if women didn’t want to be around James Harden all the time. It’s no wonder he refuses to shave the damn thing off. As unhygienic as the Houston Rockets star’s face mop may be, it’s hard not to get convinced by the thing.

Hell, even Khloe Kardashian tried to lock him down.

The Kardashians are notoriously hard to keep, but in Harden’s case, he’s the one who didn’t want to stick around. She just couldn’t seem to get him to stop bedding top-end paid companions and eventually gave up.

Two years ago, the prolific guard was photographed sleeping next to a woman, by said woman, in her bed after a loss to the Warriors. While some of his teammates settled for a WWE SmackDown appearance, Harden got his own smacking down done in private.

Unfortunately, he was quickly found out as the woman posted the pic on her Instagram. She hasn't even taken it down...

2 Dwight Howard

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The Houston Rockets big man came into the league as a professed Christian back in 2004, claiming that his sole aim was not to hoard titles, develop as a player, or just win basketball games; but to use the NBA as a conduit to convert unbelievers.

13 years have passed since then, and it’s highly unlikely that Dwight Howard has touched a single life in that regard. In his defence, he hasn’t won any titles either, although there’s still time.

Howard has instead grown into one of the biggest playboys in the NBA, and has fathered several children with several women - it’s still unclear what the exact figure is. The player is also reported as having placed injunctions on most of his baby mamas to keep them mum (pun intended).

1 Klay Thompson

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Klay Thompson is certainly used to having the best partners on the court, and he seems extremely keen on keeping it that way off the hardwood as well.

The Warriors star has won two NBA titles in the last three years, and things look like they’re only going to get better. Klay is just as good as hotshot backcourt partner Steph Curry when it comes to heaving the rock, or possibly even better based on form, but he doesn’t share his teammate’s principles regarding relationships.

After winning his first ring in 2015, the superstar was photographed partying in Las Vegas, surrounded by women, with one in particular twerking on his stuff. N.B she wasn’t his girlfriend.

He was dating Hannah Stocking at the time, quite the hottie might I add, but she has since left him due to his playboy ways. He has also been rumored to date Kourtney Kardashian, as well as a few other vixens over the years.

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