15 NBA Stars That Were Caught In “R Rated" Situations

The NBA has had their fair share of scandals over the years and we at TheSportster don’t mind telling you all about them. People get caught in 'R Rated' situations all the time. It’s as common as getting a speeding ticket or watching LeBron James complain about something. Now that we have the internet, and everyone has a camera attached to their phone, these types of situations have been popping up a lot more over the years. Thank you internet!

So what’s an R Rated situation? It’s being involved in some kind of sexual act in layman’s terms. Each person on this list may or may not have gotten caught at the exact time that they’re R Rated situation happened, but they did get caught sooner than later. Others on this list actually did get caught in the act and it’s pretty embarrassing. Either way, it’s about that sexual situation getting blown up for the public to see.

Whether it’s cheating on a spouse, having their naked pictures pop up on the internet, or everybody seeing the transcript of their sexting, these situations may shock you. What’s the lesson of this listicle? Don’t trust the internet and NBA players love women.

15 15. A Prank On Nick Young

Nick Young didn’t get caught in the act, but he did get caught admitting that he cheated on his fiancée, Iggy Azalea, in 2016. While hanging in a hotel room with teammate D’Angelo Russell, Young spoke about his infidelity without knowing Russell was recording him. The Los Angeles Lakers teammates talk about a 19-year old female Young had a sexual relationship with while dating Azalea. The video was posted online and we’re pretty sure all parties were embarrassed.

14 14. Sexting With Metta World Peace

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

You don’t even need to be in the same room, city, state, or country to have a R Rated situation exposed to the public. Metta World Peace has never been the most level headed guy and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t care about his sexting being blasted on the internet, but it did happen in 2011. Deadspin covered the story when they allowed an anonymous female to write about her experience with Peace.

13 13. The Trials & Tribulations Of The Bryants


Pretty much everyone knows the story unless you have no idea who Black Mamba is. Kobe Bryant loves women and couldn’t stay faithful. His philandering ways got him in hot water when one hotel employee accused him of sexual assault in 2003. The two sides settled and Bryant did a lot of begging to his high school sweetheart and wife, Vanessa Laine.

12 12. Paul George's Vice in Miami


Paul George may have had one of the most devastating injuries ever seen on television back in August of 2014, however, we don’t think NBA coach Doc Rivers and his daughter, Callie, gave two squirts about him. Why? Allegedly, George offered to pay a Miami a former stripper named Daniela Rajic $1 million dollars to get an abortion. The two hooked up in 2013 and we’re pretty positive George regretted the move because it seems like the lady was trapping him.

11 11. Making It Rain With James Harden


Just because you have all your clothes on and are in a room full of people, doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in an R Rated  situation. James Harden has blown up since he signed with the Houston Rockets in 2012. The guy is a flat out stud when it comes to the offensive side of the ball, plus his beard is legit. Harden, like many other professional athletes, loves the strip club or rather women in general.

10 10. What J.R. Smith Likes Doing In A Hotel Room


J.R. Smith has been a party animal for most of his career, so it’s not surprising he would pull this stunt while being a member of the NBA. In 2012, Smith would tweet a photo of rapper Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, Tahiry. What was wrong with the tweet? It was a shot of Tahiry’s backside on a hotel bed. You can see all the skin and more as Smith and Tahiry watch a game. It paints a good picture of what probably came right after the image.

9 9. Derek Fisher Versus Matt Barnes


Derek Fisher wasn’t technically caught in the act of making love, however, he was caught in the home of former teammate Matt Barnes in 2015. Apparently, Barnes drove 95-miles from the Memphis Grizzles summer training facility in California to his own home to confront Fisher about sleeping with his wife, Gloria Govan. The 6’7” aggressive Barnes doesn’t take things lightly and was reportedly ready to inflict major harm on 6’1” Fisher.

8 8. Escort Troubles

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As an NBA player, you would think you wouldn’t be involved with an escort, but that’s just not reality. Maybe they're disguised as “groupies” or they flat out tell the guy how much they’re worth, regardless, money and women are involved in the NBA. If you were going to hook up with an escort, make sure she doesn’t put you on full blast. One such case is the infamous Twitter escort Candy Deepthroat.

7 7. Trouble in Paradise


For a very long time, the San Antonio Spurs were a squeaky clean organization. All they did was win Championships or go deep into the playoffs. The illusion of a squeaky clean locker room cracked in 2010 when Tony Parker was caught cheating on his wife and famous actress, Eva Longoria. Sure, NBA players cheat on their wives, even smoking hot ones. However, the real shocker was who Parker cheated with. Cue the drumroll, please.

6 6. The Gold Club


Atlanta’s Gold Club was one of, it not, the most prominent strip club in the area at the turn of the century. Those involved in running the business liked to use celebrities to beef up their profile and brand for the establishment. While catering to these celebrities, they allowed their female staff members to perform sexual acts on them. Basically, it was a prostitution ring and the Feds got wind of all the shady stuff going on in the building.

5 5. Marv Albert's Teething Problem

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

He’s neither an NBA Superstar nor a player, but his name will forever be associated with the sport. Albert got his start in the NBA when he became a radio and television announcer for the New York Knicks in 1967. His distinctive voice and ability to call a basketball game in an entertaining manner allowed him to rise up in the ranks as one of the greatest at his profession.

4 4. James Worthy Caught Reaching Into the Cookie Jar

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When people think of the Los Angeles Laker teams from the ‘80s, they think of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. James Worthy was the third Superstar who propelled the team to several championships in that era. He may not have been the flashiest passer or best scorer, but that guy could play some defense. In 1990, Worthy got busted hard in a R Rated situation... literally.

3 3. What Happens in Rio, Doesn't Stay in Rio

David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

The Summer Olympics is one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world. The Olympics in Brazil once again showcased USA’s dominance when they won a hearty 121 medals. We got to witness legendary swimmer Michael Phelps solidify his place as the greatest Olympian of the modern era, track and field star Allyson Felix became the most decorated US athlete in her sport and the Zika virus didn't wipe out our beloved stars.

2 2. Greg Oden's Legacy

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that NBA Draft where the Portland Trail Blazers selected first overall and it was a complete failure? If you don’t, at the 2007 NBA Draft, the Trail Blazers selected Greg Oden over Kevin Durant, who went second overall. We can all agree Portland probably wishes for a redo and things didn’t get better in 2010 when nude photos of Oden surfaced on the internet. He sent the R Rated pictures to an ex-girlfriend years earlier, but the bitter woman decided to post them online anyway.

1 1. The Leaning Tower of Draymond Green


The Internet. This crazy creation of mankind has benefited the world in more ways than we can think of, however, it has also been a platform for some embarrassing situations involving our beloved NBA players. Draymond Green learned this fact the hard way when he accidentally sent an R Rated picture to his public Snapchat story instead of a potential suitor in the summer of 2016.

Green tried to play the victim card when explaining the provocative photo became public, by saying it was due to a hack. The story had a few holes in it and Green eventually pulled a complete turnaround and admitted it was his fault for the exposure of his baby maker. With the embarrassing situation in Green’s rear-view mirror, he can focus on winning another Championship for the Golden State Warriors.

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15 NBA Stars That Were Caught In “R Rated" Situations