15 NBA Stars Who Married Gold Diggers

Beautiful women and money - the two just seem to come together. While it can be argued if money can actually buy happiness, one thing it really can't buy is good looks. Even plastic surgery is only as good as the "source material" allows it to be. Money is also not permanent, and beauty fades as well. If the two are the basis of a relationship, it's almost certain that it simply won't last. Beauty can be understood here as natural features, but also an athletic body, which can be achieved through a daily sports regimen. However, once an athlete's career ends, so do the riches most of the time. That's why former basketball players and their wives tend to divorce, which kind of reveals what the basis of the relationship was.

Being married to a celebrity is rather hard. Especially when we're talking about an athlete that's traveling from city to city and is subject to temptation wherever he goes. The women are also constantly tempted, since the husband is constantly out and she's left alone with all that money. What's she supposed to do? Knowing what kind of lifestyle they're signing up to, the women may eventually marry the money and not necessarily the basketball player. Since he's nowhere to be found, he might as well be anybody, right? If things go bad, there's always a chance to get some more money during the divorce.

Here are 15 women that lowered their standards and married rich, athletic, but not necessarily handsome men. Whether they actually fell in love or were more interested in money is for you to judge. We're not pointing any fingers here, just suggesting that looks weren't the main motivation behind these relationships.

15 Andrei Kirilenko (Masha Kirilenko)

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Andrei Kirilenko is a very lucky man. Not only did he enjoy a very decent NBA career as one of the league's best-defending forwards, but he had even more success off the court. Kirilenko married a Russian pop star, who sacrificed her own career and moved with him to the States. That's not all - you probably know that Masha allows Andrei to cheat on her once a year. Herself a daughter of a basketball player, she pretty much understands what it means for a man to be without his family for long periods of time. Oh... and Masha is also ridiculously beautiful herself, which begs the question: why in the world would Kirilenko even want to seek other women?

14 Boban Marjanovic (Milica Krstic)

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Boban Marjanovic is a giant with a good heart. It's just something very touching about Boban hitting the floor that brings a smile to the face. He's reminiscent of a similar player who was a big, clumsy and lovable goof, Gheorghe Muresan. It's doubtful that Boban will get his own movie - seriously, do yourself a favor and watch "My Giant" - but he's already endeared himself to fans all over the NBA. Gregg Popovich had to literally push him out of San Antonio to Detroit, because he wanted the centre to score a huge payday that the Spurs simply couldn't offer. He's going to need that money since his wife is the beautiful Milica Krstic. Not only is the Pistons player much taller than his significant other, he's also, well, less pretty. Very less pretty. Not sure if Milica is a bikini model, but she darn well looks like one.

13 Dirk Nowitzki (Jessica Olsson)

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The Mavericks legend and Jessica Olson are genuinely in love, but just one look at the couple is enough to convince one that this beautiful woman is not with Dirk because of his good looks. Yes, Dirk is a fun guy, but he's also very rich. This makes it more understandable why Jessica would even turn her eyes towards the German power forward. They married in Kenya in 2012, during a very traditional ceremony. Part of it was "kidnapping" of the bride-to-be and forcing Dirk to pick her from a group of covered-up women. He managed to do it, the wedding went as planned and the two are currently very happy together. Let's hope that continues after his retirement!

12 Iman Shumpert (Teyana Taylor)

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This one can be a bit controversial, because Iman Shumpert isn't that big of an earner, at least NBA-wise, but have you seen his wife? Better yet, have you seen her performance in Kanye West's video for "Fade?" Who's the real athlete in this family? To be honest, Teyana Taylor can make almost anyone seem ugly by comparison. Shumpert will reach the end of his over $10M a year deal with the Cavaliers after next season and it's doubtful that he'll be getting that much money anywhere else. This will be the second test for their love, the first being living in Cleveland. It must've been hard for both of them to move there from New York City.

11 Chris Kaman (Emilie Kaman)

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When your nickname is "The Caveman" odds are that you're not very handsome. Chris Kaman has enjoyed a successful NBA career and played in the Olympics for the German National Team. He has also earned a lot of money, since reliable big men have always been a sought-after commodity in the league. In 2010 he married the beautiful Emilie VilleMonte, who gave birth to their son in 2014. After a series of injuries Kaman has been out of the league since 2016 so it seems that he's pretty much retired at this point. His marriage however is going strong. And good for him! For both of them... I guess.

10 Matt Bonner (Nadia Bonner)

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Matt Bonner is a really cool, relatable guy, who uses public transportation and loves meat sandwiches, but if there's one thing he's lacking is good looks. When your nickname is the Red Rocket, odds are you're not the ideal of masculine beauty. Bonner epitomizes what a role player should be and he's been a very usable member of the Spurs for almost a decade. His career year 2008-09, was a somewhat direct consequence of the 2008 marriage with Nadia - after marrying someone so beautiful you want to give your best every night. The pair met when Matt was still playing for the Raptors, as Nadia was a hostess at the American Airlines Arena. The pair have two children. One thing that's a bit off when looking at their family pictures is that Nadia always looks beautiful, while Matt comes off as kind of dorky.

9 Timofey Mozgov (Alla Mozgov)

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When a couple gets married in a drive-in chapel in Vegas, it's usually supposed to be a joke, they're probably drunk, and the marriage eventually ends in a divorce rather soon. Well, that's the way the Nets center got married with Alla in 2011 and it doesn't seem that they're about to divorce. Especially not after Timofey is signed to that ridiculously lucrative deal that sadly forced his trade out of Los Angeles. The couple travel to Moscow during the off-season, as all of Alla's friends live there, but big up to her for staying with her husband and son for the rest of the year in the States.

8 Landry Fields (Elaine Alden Fields)

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He didn't necessarily set New York on fire, but for a brief period Landry Fields was supposed to be the starting shooting guard-small forward of the future for the Knicks. He even got a nice contract from the Raptors because of his potential role, but in what was a rare instance of good decision-making, the Knicks didn't match the deal. Fields was just a benchwarmer in Toronto and ended his career early because of injuries. While he was still an active Raptors player, Fields married Elaine Alden. The blonde model is simply stunning, but did you know she's also a mom? She gave birth to the couple's two sons, one in 2013 and the other in 2016.

7 Marko Jaric (Adriana Lima)

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The man best known for putting his NBA game jersey backwards as he was about to enter a game, Marko Jaric not only dated but married way way way way out of his (or practically anyone's) league. Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not only did Jaric marry her, but he impregnated her as well. Twice - the pair have two daughters, Valentina and Sienna. Jaric wasn't especially successful in the NBA and eventually moved to Europe to play in Real Madrid. The capital of Spain is a beautiful city, so you can bet his wife wasn't complaining. The pair divorced in 2016, and while we're sure Lima didn't need money, she definitely wasn't with him for his looks!

6 Antoine Walker (Evelyn Lozada)

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Technically the pair didn't marry, but they were together for ten years, so that sort of counts for something, right? Evelyn Lozada is notorious for dating athletes, as she was also briefly married to wide receiver Chad Johnson, and later on engaged to baseball player Carl Crawford. The lady definitely has a type, there's no questioning that. It appears if you are a professional athlete then you have a shot with Evelyn. Walker pointed out in interviews that despite the fact that he always provided for Lozada, she left him after he went bankrupt. She was the star of reality show Basketball Wives and probably does a lot better now than her ex-fiancee.

5 Beno Udrih (Michelle Wiley)

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The Detroit Pistons point guard is nearing the end of his NBA career in which he won two NBA championship as a backup with the Spurs, but apart from that and four years as a starter for the Kings, he didn't do much else. "Not much" also greatly characterizes what's known about his now ex-wife, Michelle Wiley, to whom he was married for three years (2011-14). The most public detail about the pair is the 2013 purchase of a lakeside house. A year later they were selling it for $6.55 million. She seemed to have fallen in love with the dream but out of love with the man. Oh, and also, the former miss Udrih was really beautiful.

4 Kobe Bryant (Vanessa Bryant)

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Kobe Bryant is a handsome, elegant man, so why put him and his beautiful wife Vanessa on this list? Well, it's clear that she's with Bryant (at least partially) because of his role on the Lakers and the status that goes along with it. Vanessa is the queen bee of the Lakers' wives, one that's been especially unpleasant to other women. Also, remember that her husband cheated on her in 2003 and was even accused of assaulting a woman. During the press conference she sat next to him, and was heavily compensated for having his back - she got a $4 million ring for her loyalty. Rumours of Kobe's infidelity are reappearing time and time again, yet the two are still together.

3 Jannero Pargo (Malaysia Pargo)

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Jannero Pargo had a good career for an undrafted player, yet was never good enough to become a starter. He's now an assistant coach at the Windy City Bulls, the G League version of Chicago's NBA franchise. His ex-wife Malaysia is currently more known than her former husband, as she appeared in the LA version of the hit reality show Basketball Wives. The beautiful Malaysia also has her own line of linen. It's also fairly easy to see a certain imbalance between the pair. Malaysia takes great care of her body and keeps a slim figure, as evidenced by her workout video. Jannero? We wish we could say the same. She may married for money, but she had the last laugh as she probably has much more than him now.

2 J.J. Barea (Zuleyka Rivera, Viviana Ortiz)

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J.J. Barea is a ferocious guard who has been an integral part of the Mavs 2011 Championship run. He's a much bigger star in Puerto Rico, as he led the national team to two gold medals at the Central American and Caribbean Games. When it comes to his off-court abilities, Barea is undoubtedly the two time MVP of the NBA. The Mavericks point guard is married to a former Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Viviana Ortiz. They have one child together, a daughter. Barea also has a son from his previous relationship with Miss Universe 2006, Zuleyka Rivera. Talk about consistency! Maybe in a few years he will have to recruit someone else from the competition.

1 Kris Humphries (Kim Kardashian)

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Who knew that her current husband would once rap about his future wife. He nailed the description perfectly, yet that didn't prevent Kanye from eventually marrying Kim K. The celebrity was notorious for trying to always outdo herself in the drama/reality show department. She eventually found a man that was willing to do what she wanted - participate in a largely televised wedding. That man was NBA journeyman Kris Humphries. The rather regular-looking power forward started dating Kardashian in October 2010 and eventually married her during a two-part TV special in August 2011. Kardashian filed for divorce in October the same year. She got a lot of money from her television station for the ceremony and was pretty much ready to move on.

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