15 NBA Stars You Didn’t Know Had Famous WAGs

NBA players are big enough celebrities that they get to enjoy the various perks that come with the lifestyle - other famous people, for example.

Playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), or any professional sports league for that matter, comes with many benefits, the most obvious being the chance to earn millions of dollars to play a game you love. Consequently, professional athletes become celebrities, whether it's mega-star level such as that of LeBron James, Tom Brady, or Bryce Harper, or bench-sitting D-list celebs. Hell, anyone that owns an Instagram account with more than a couple thousand followers is a celebrity in today's society.

For the most part, NBA players are big enough celebrities that they get to enjoy the various perks that come with the lifestyle - free things and the opportunity to meet other famous people, among others. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of celebrity is constant attention and lack of privacy from the media and, well, everyone with a mobile phone. That's part of the reason why we know so much about who's dating who. That's especially true when a player is dating - or married to - someone else who happens to be famous. The Kardashians, for example, have gotten their hands on more NBA balls than shot-blocking specialist Dikembe Mutombo. And while plenty of NBA player relationships with famous WAGS have crumbled in the past - Serge Ibaka/Keri Hilson, Tony Parker/Eva Longoria, and Nick Young/Iggy Azalea - there are still plenty ongoing.

15 Al Horford: Married to Amelia Vega


Generally speaking, it's a good idea to take advantage of your early-20s to, how do we put it, mix and mingle with the ladies, especially if you're a rising talent in the NBA. There are exceptions, however; like, say, if you get a chance to marry a former Miss Universe, you take it. Even if you're 18 with your whole life ahead of you. That's what former Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford did in 2011. No, he wasn't 18 at the time, but he was still just 24-years-old and a two-time NBA All-Star, presumably with the chance to enjoy the perks of being single and in the prime of his career for another ten years.

14 Kevin Love: Dating Cody Horn


No, we're not talking about LeBron James, although the pair's friendship has featured enough LBJ subtweets to confuse it for a teenage relationship. Kevin Love, perhaps more than most NBA players, has used his celebrity status to almost exclusively date other celebrities, albeit ones that aren't well known. Last season, while the Cavaliers were chasing the NBA Championship, Love was busy off the court romancing Kate Bock, a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and cover model for numerous other publications.

13 Shannon Brown: Married to R&B Singer Monica


Okay, maybe we're reaching here with Shannon Brown, who hasn't played in the NBA since 2015 and hasn't been really relevant since 2012, but his relationship is an interesting one. Brown, who played 11 seasons in the league, married R&B singer Monica in 2010 and, despite some divorce and infidelity rumors, the couple has maintained a strong marriage to this day.

12 Chris Andersen: Engaged to Tina Wiseman


Chris "The Birdman" Andersen is one of the most interesting men in the NBA, and not just for his rugged look, physical play, and high-flying ability. Formerly engaged to a woman named Brandy Newman, Andersen was dumped because of his drug and alcohol problems, but after completing rehab he has turned his life around and since become engaged to large-chested model Tina Wiseman.

11 Charlie Villanueva: Engaged to Michelle Game


This one is both puzzling and impressive. It's well known that Charlie Villanueva has a rare skin disease, which prevents the growth of hair on his body. Putting it lightly, he isn't the most attractive dude around, or, as Kevin Garnett would put it, dude looks like a "cancer patient" (KG's words, not ours). Clearly, Villanueva's model fiancee Michelle Game doesn't care for KG's physical description of her man.

10 Derrick Favors: Dating Shivolli DaSilva


Derrick Favors' girlfriend Shivolli DaSilva is far from famous in the traditional sense, but we've got to give her credit for being known for more than just a model (though she could certainly make a living in that profession if she wanted). DaSilva registered a production/entertainment company, Volli Production, in 2014 and currently manages a luxury blanket boutique and chic children's accessory line, S&S Lux. She's the principal designer and creative force behind the line.

9 Ben Simmons: Dating Brittany Renner

I'm as cold as ice, but in the right hands I'll melt

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Getting back to the real celebrities of today's world (the Instagram models), we check in with Australian Ben Simmons and his girlfriend, Brittany Renner. Simmons, the first overall pick of the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2016 NBA Draft, missed the entire 2016-17 season, but it gave him plenty of time to cozy up to his beautiful, dark-skinned, big-booty girlfriend.

8 John Wall: Dating Hazel Renee


In February of 2015, Washington Wizards dynamic point guard John Wall stated that he simply couldn't commit to being faithful to a woman. Something must have changed in the past two years, because he's now rumored to be dating popular model Hazel Renee. Okay, maybe nothing happened other than he met Renee, because, damn, the girl is fine. A mix of Filipino, African American, and Puerto Rican heritage, Renee owns a bachelor's degree in entertainment PR and marketing and, in addition to her modeling work, has used her good looks to land numerous TV spots.

7 Landry Fields: Married to Elaine Alden


Why is it that some of the lesser known or less talented players on this list seem to have some of the hottest partners? That can definitely be applied to former New York Knick and Toronto Raptor Landry Fields, who is currently married to supermodel Elaine Alden. The couple began dating in 2012, while the shooting guard was in his third NBA season with the Raptors. Not surprisingly, his average points and minutes diminished in the following two seasons; it was mostly due to injury and, well, a lack of skill, but we'd prefer to assume Alden had something to do with that.

6 Marko Jaric: Dating Dusica Savic


Marko Jaric hasn't played in the NBA in eight years, but we can't ignore this dude's dating history. For whatever reason, the 38-year-old Serbian has tremendous game. A former guard for the Clippers, Timberwolves, and Grizzlies, Jaric was previously married to Brazilian model Adriana Lima. The couple divorced, but Jaric, unlike during his short-lived NBA career, rebounded quite well.

5 Dwayne Wade: Married to Gabrielle Union


Dwayne Wade truly is living the life. The future Hall of Famer won three NBA Championships with the Miami Heat, recently played for his hometown team in Chicago, and is now a pending free agent with the opportunity to sign with a championship contender if he wishes. Whether or not he wins another title at this point is irrelevant, however, as the 35-year-old has a championship-worthy wife waiting for him at home.

4 Iman Shumpert: Engaged to Teyana Taylor


Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert proposed to his longtime girlfriend Teyana Taylor in 2015. At the time, she was a little-known singer and actor who had done some work in music videos in films such as Madea's Big Happy Family and The Love Section. However, the world was introduced to her - and her incredible body - at the 2016 MTV Video Awards when Kanye West debuted his video for Fade.

3 Devin Harris: Married to Meghan Allen


Former fifth overall draft pick Devin Harris is nowhere near the talent he was once, but off the court the 34-year-old is doing just fine. Harris has been married to 36-year-old former Playboy softcore model Meghan Allen since 2013 and the couple had been dating since 2009. Two years prior, Allen posed for a nude pictorial as Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week and, in 2008, was named Cyber Girl of the Month. If you've seen the pictures - or any pictures of her for that matter - it's not hard to see why.

2 David Lee: Dating Caroline Wozniacki


The list of women David Lee has dated is equally, if not more, impressive than the quality of teams he has played for, excluding the Knicks, of course. Prior to a split in 2016, Lee had been dating model and actress Sabina Gadecki, who has appeared on Inside Amy Schumer, Law and Order, and the Entourage movie. We're not suggesting the couple's split had anything to do with her role in Entourage, but she's currently dating her co-star Kevin Connolly.

1 Tristan Thompson: Dating Khloe Kardashian


Canadian big man Tristan Thompson is the latest NBA star to become involved with a Kardashian. The Cleveland Cavaliers center began dating Khloe Kardashian last season, which led to some rumors of locker room drama in Cleveland; the Kardashians have a knack for turning players and teams into a sideshow, and apparently LeBron wanted to ensure Khloe was as far away from the team as possible.

That rumor, whether it's true or not, seemed to pick up steam prior to the start of the Cavaliers second-round series against the Toronto Raptors. Numerous outlets, including Sports Illustrated, reported Thompson had dumped Kardashian so he could focus on winning another championship. Those reports were false, however, as Kardashian attended Game 1 of the Raptors-Cavaliers series and squashed the breakup rumors on her Snapchat account.

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15 NBA Stars You Didn’t Know Had Famous WAGs