15 Nicest Jerseys In NBA History

It's easy to tell when a jersey is good and pleasing on the eyes, but sometimes it's hard to actually put into words why that jersey is so great. Often, it's because the jersey is different than anything else that's ever been created. It might have a new color scheme that hasn't been explored yet or a totally unique font that no other team has decided to try. There's been a lot of jerseys that have tried something new and failed miserably. In fact, there have been many more mistakes than successes. But, teams are still trying new ideas and trying to come up with the next best-seller.

Even though many great jerseys have been different than others, there are still plenty on this list that are older and timeless. Sometimes there's nothing better than an old classic. Simplicity and consistency are words that many designers live by, and if you look at logos for food and businesses, you'll see that many of the most recognizable ones aren't over-filled with random things. Also, the simpler and more subtle jerseys are often more acceptable and are better conversation starters in public places.

So, let's look through the 15 best-looking jerseys in NBA history.

15 Portland Trail Blazers 1992-1997


14 Orlando Magic 1989-1998


13 Washington Wizards 2011-Present

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12 Vancouver Grizzlies 1995-2001


11 Houston Rockets 1995-2003


10 San Antonio Spurs 1989-Present

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

9 Phoenix Suns 1992-2001


8 Chicago Bulls 1985-Present

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7 Detroit Pistons 1985-1996


6 Toronto Raptors 1995-1999


5 Denver Nuggets 1982-1992


4 New Jersey Nets 1972-1981


3 Golden State Warriors 2011-Present

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2 Los Angeles Lakers 1976-2000


1 Boston Celtics 1946-Present

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This is the jersey that has been around the longest and for good reason. Can somebody tell me what needs to change on this jersey? I can’t think of anything. It might be a little simpler than most entries on this list, but there’s nothing wrong with a streamlined, classic design. Similar to the Lakers jersey of the 80s and 90s, this Celtics design makes the most out of minimal choices. The font is basic, but stands the test of time. It’s bold and noticeable. It’s not in the back or in a corner. It’s right in front and it shows what matters the most. The number is also bold, but in a different idea, it doesn’t have any outline or shadow that so many other uniforms have. It looks a little weird and almost gets swallowed up, but the great contrast between the green and the white makes it so it doesn’t. This design has lasted forever and hopefully will continue to be the Celtics’ choice of jersey.

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15 Nicest Jerseys In NBA History