15 Of The Most Ridiculous Stories Involving These NBA Stars

These NBA stars have some stories to tell... 15 Of The Most Ridiculous Stories Including These NBA Stars.

It seems that with being a professional sports player, comes a lot of interesting and funny stories. For some reason, NBA players specifically get involved with some of the most ridiculous stories. A lot of them either have interesting characters coming into the NBA, or develop one as their career continues. Many of these players also see themselves in unique situations which lead to funny stories.

Throughout the years of the NBA’s existence, there have been many bizarre stories that we have seen. The NBA players seize to amaze their fans year after year with a new story. Some of these stories even come from being some of the most athletic performers in all of sports. Some of these players have ridiculous work ethics that make them some of the best athletes in the world. A lot of times it seems that these players may be so athletic that they could play multiple sports if they wanted.

Then we see those NBA players who have interesting stories with fans. Some fans may not be the biggest fans of some of these players, or vice versa, which may lead to a bad outcome. It seems that constantly we turn on ESPN and see some type of crazy story about some of these NBA players.

15 Michael Jordan Cheated In A Card Game


The king of basketball, may not be the most honest king. Michael Jordan was extremely competitive, as we saw him dominate on and off the court. But this time, he may have taken his competitiveness to the extreme. This time, Jordan was playing his teammate from the University of North Carolina, Buzz Peterson’s mother in a game of cards. Now many people would think that since it’s a game of cards that it would be no big deal, but to Jordan, it was important. There was no money involved in the game, but Jordan had to win, as that was his thing.

When Peterson’s mother tried to use the restrooms, Peterson caught Jordan trying to cheat to win the game. Now this could have been a joke, but it shows how competitive Jordan really was. He would do absolutely anything to win, regardless what sport or what it took.

14 Birdman Was Catfished

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

This story was so intriguing that there is actually an episode of this whole story on the show Catfish explaining the exotic story that fell apart. Shelly Chartier, was a Canadian woman that pretended to be Chris Andersen and Paris Dunn. Shelly pretended to be both of them on social media, engaging in the conversations. It even became so real that Shelly managed to get Andersen and Dunn to meet each other. But Shelly made things worse when she tried to benefit out of the situation.

Paris was then threatened to be raped and murdered along the street but who she thought was Andersen, was actually Shelly. Shelly then posted Paris’ nudes online. Paris’ mother got involved, which then led to Chris Andersen being searched because of child pornography. It ended up being found that Shelly was behind all of this mess, which then caused the end to the damage of Chris Andersen’s career. Many people looked poorly upon Andersen through the whole situation.

13 JaVale McGee Invited Twitter Followers To Lunch (One Person Showed Up)


The thought of a celebrity being out in public for a meet and greet drives some fans absolutely nuts. For JaVale McGee, it didn’t go so well. McGee threw a burrito party at Chipotle for 10 of his Twitter followers, but only one person showed up. McGee tried to redeem himself by having another party, with 10 more free lunches. But, it’s hysterical to think that a famous NBA star couldn’t get 10 people to join him for lunch for free.

Many people could probably go into a Chipotle and find 10 people to have lunch with them for free, but McGee lucked out. There was no reason on why the fans couldn’t show up, but McGee was more than happy to spend his lunch with Andy Mathisen. Mathisen was given the other nine burritos that were supposed to be for the other followers who would attend the lunch.

12 Ron Artest Applied To Circuit City For Employee Discount


Ron Artest, also known as Metta World Peace, decided that the NBA may not be the only job for him. Artest decided to take his talents to Circuit City, where he could get discounts on the best electronics. Artest believed that one way to avoid partying too much would be by applying to Circuit City. It’s funny to think that you could have been working at Circuit City one day, and see Ron Artest walking in looking for an application.

Artest did work there for one shift, and that was his legacy with the company. Artest claimed that he got to help some guests, as well as get a good discount. Maybe for a young Artest, he didn’t think that his career in the NBA would last and that he truly needed his discounts on electronics.

11 Paul Pierce Was Stabbed 11 Times


The young Paul Pierce unfortunately started his legacy with some unfortunate series of events, when he was stabbed 11 times while in the pool room of a nightclub. Pierce was fine after the incident, but the damage seemed severe. Pierce was stabbed in his face, neck, and back at the nightclub. Many people usually don’t deal with stabbings very well, but Pierce was perfectly fine and continued on with his amazing career. There were no arrests made in the incident, just a very upset Pierce. The club at a few other altercations that same year, which could be a hot spot for some issues. Apparently, there’s a chance that Pierce and his friends had nothing to do with the altercation which led to him being stabbed 11 times.

10 Wilt Chamberlain Claimed To Have Sleep With 20,000 Women


Now, the storyline isn’t that Wilt Chamberlain had sex with 20,000 women, but that he claimed he did. It’s extremely ridiculous for a man to think he had sex with that many women, but Chamberlain believed so. To put this into perspective, if Chamberlain had sex with two woman a night, it would take him about 27 and a half years to reach that number. And those numbers only occur if he has sex with two women a day.

Chamberlain’s numbers were crazy, and so is his story. In his book A View From Above, is where he made this claim that shocked sports fans from around the world. It wasn’t even that Chamberlain was trying to brag about this, he was simply acting as if he was trying to tell the truth. According to Wilt’s friends, he loved threesomes, so maybe he got to that number quicker than us fans may be able to expect.

9 Qyntel Woods Used His Basketball Card As An ID


This one may have been serious to the officer who placed this fine, but this story is absolutely hilarious. Qyntel Woods didn’t have his identification on him when he was pulled over for speeding and the scent of weed coming from his car, so Woods decided to give the officer his basketball card and credit cards to use for identification. It’s surprising that the officer even gave Woods the fine regarding how funny that is, but it makes sense.

Woods clearly let the stop become a bit of a joke, but this officer didn’t seem to be having it. His basketball card wasn’t enough to get him off the hook, as he was charged a $1,096 fine. Even NBA players can’t get themselves out of traffic stops.

8 Kobe Shaved Nike Shoe A Few Millimeters For Speed


Throughout the career of Kobe Bryant, he has been known for his crazy work ethic. Bryant always does whatever he possibly can to provide the best performance on the court, but this time, he made sure his shoes provided the best possible performance. Kobe Bryant has had quite a few pairs of shoes under Nike, and he needed perfection for all of them. In one pair of his shoes, he actually made Nike shave a few millimeters off the bottom of the shoe to get a “hundredth of a second better.”

Bryant was always about being the best he possibly could be. But everything around him also had to be perfect. This is one of those instances where Bryant did what he could to make sure that his shoes were perfect for his performance.

7 Isaiah Rider Was Arrested 832 Times


We see it on the news time after time, where another star player of the NBA was arrested. But 832 times, that’s insane. It’s crazy to even think that’s possible. Throughout nine seasons, 832 arrests. Some of the arrests including marijuana charges, public gambling charges and assault. Rider had many issues, and clearly could not stay out of trouble. But it’s crazy to think in a matter of nine years, someone can get arrested that many times. If you do the math, that means Rider was arrested about 92 times throughout each of his seasons. That’s around 25% of the year.

A more interesting story, is the fact that Rider managed to last that long in the NBA. Who would think any NBA would want to deal with that? Fans think Johnny Manziel was bad, but Rider makes Manziel look like a Saint.

6 Harrison Barnes Never Drank Until NBA Finals Win


This may come as a shock, but Harrison Barnes of the Dallas Mavericks is not a drinker. Barnes promised himself that he would wait until he won a NBA Finals championship before he could drink alcohol. Well, before Barnes went to the Mavericks, he played for the Golden State Warriors. In 2015, Barnes’ time to drink alcohol came, when the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals. Barnes said after the victory that his time without alcohol was over, and that he would celebrate the game.

The celebration began in the locker room after the game when champagne was sprayed all over the place, which led to festivities that went until around 5 A.M. It may seem different than what other players do, but Barnes waited until the perfect time to have his first sip of alcohol.

5 Michael Jordan Tricked Charles Barkley Into Thinking They Were Friends


Back in the 1993 Finals, Michael Jordan's Bulls were taking on Charles Barkley's Suns, and throughout the series, the two of them would play golf and were buddy-buddy with each other. Michael Jordan went as far as to spoil his new friend by giving him a $20,000 diamond earring. When Bulls assistant Johnny Bach asked MJ why he would do that for an opponent, MJ revealed his true intentions: “he won’t get in my way the rest of the series, what’s $20,000 to me? Charles thinks we’re great friends. I hate that fat f—.”

While in a way, it can be viewed as a stroke of genius by MJ to get the better of his opponent, doing that to another person is downright cruel and it just lends to many more instances of Michael Jordan being one of the biggest, albeit most successful, jerks in sports.

4 Why LeBron James Wore #6


Many times, the number every player is meaningless. But, James’ number in Miami was actually very meaningful to him. It was shocking to see LeBron change his number to #6 from the infamous #23, that has been his number in Cleveland since he was drafted. LeBron actually had a few reasons why he wanted to change his number.

His first reason came with that no player should wear Michael Jordan’s number. Jordan has been known as the best NBA player in history, which may have been part of the reason why James gave up on #23. Another reason was to honor his favorite player, Julius Erving, who also wore #6. The coolest and most coincidental reason, came with his kids. One of James’ kids were born on October 6th, while his other child was born in June, the sixth month of the year. It’s crazy to think how James number swap was so perfect, although he did go back to #23 when he went back to Cleveland.

3 Shaquille O'Neal Is A DJ


Check check, it’s DJ Diesel in the houuuuuuuse! Shaquille O’Neal is known for many of his crazy antics, but he decided to take his talents to the nightlife. O’Neal decided to get into the EDM world, by becoming a DJ. What’s crazy is, he didn’t just play at a small event, he played one of the biggest music festivals in the world: Tomorrowland. Shaq threw down some of the sickest beats at the festival, having music lovers going crazy to his trap music. Shaq has actually played at a few venues, making it a little side gig for the former basketball player. Shaq still manages to stay relevant even after his career is long gone. Shaq may not have the fans going crazy because of dunks, but he does have them going crazy over his music.

2 Steph Curry Was In A Burger King Commerical

Steph Curry’s fame came way before he was shooting 3’s from all over the court. Curry actually appeared in a Burger King commercial with his father Dell. The young Curry got the see the screen before he was even big enough to dribble a basketball through his legs. Many sports players get to see themselves in commercials after they have succeeded throughout their career, but Curry had it going for him from the gecko. It seems like it has stuck with him throughout his career as Steph manages to stay on television screen still as an adult. This time though, Curry earned his spot-on television. But, we can never forget the young Steph Curry who tried to convince us to eat at Burger King.

1 Pete Maravich Predicted His Own Death


On this list, this may be the strangest, and most ridiculous thing we have seen. Sometimes life provides us with some scare stories, and this is one of them. Pete Maravich predicted his death, and it’s pretty creepy. He once told a friend that he didn’t want to play 10 years in the NBA and die of a heart attack. Well, in Maravich’s 10th season, he died of a heart attack in a pick-up basketball game. The heart conditions he had apparently, were unknown, which makes this story even freakier. It’s sad because exactly what Maravich didn’t want, is what he got. This story may send the chills down your bones knowing this story is real. It’s sad that the young star got exactly what he didn’t want in life.

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15 Of The Most Ridiculous Stories Involving These NBA Stars