15 Photos Of Adriana Lima That Would Drive Marko Jaric Crazy

Adriana Lima is one of the most recognizable models of all-time. Hailing from Brazil, Lima has spent over a decade as one of the main faces of Victoria's Secret. On top of this, Lima has utilized her career to embark on several different projects including a reality show that started in September and various other modelling campaigns that highlight some of her most prominent assets.

Lima is also deeply religious, the extent of which you'll learn about as we also dig into her relationship with former NBA player Marko Jaric. Unfortunately for Jaric, the word former doesn't just relate to his NBA career as him and Lima called it quits back in 2014 and officially divorced in 2016.

This means that while you may love the steamy photos we've tracked down, he may have less than happy feelings about going down memory lane. Especially because as you may expect for a world famous lingerie model, many of these photos will leave little to the imagination!

15 Runway Stunner

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When you consider Adriana Lima is one of the most recognizable models of all-time for her time with Victoria's Secret, you had to imagine there would be at least one photo of her in the classic runway look on our list! Especially when you consider that Lima pulls it off so well.

Fun Fact: While it may not be surprising to you when you consider she's a model, you may still be shocked to hear that Adriana Lima is 5'10! No wonder she has such long legs that she loves to strut on the runway. Though when you consider Marko Jaric is 6'7, we're sure Lima still felt tiny beside him.

14 Posing Alongside Alessandra

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We hope you don't think we're cheating when you consider that for the above entry it's not one, but two gorgeous women that you're getting to check out. While you may recognize her, the woman standing beside Lima is Alessandra Ambrosio who in 2014 also got decked out in the "Dream Fantasy Bra". A staple of the Victoria's Secret fashion show, this was the first time in the show's history that two women put on the extravagant garment.

Fun Fact: The above outfit was covered in over 16,000 different jewels. Included were diamonds, rubies, and blue sapphires. You'd definitely want to be careful removing them though, as they were valued at being worth over $2 million! We're sure the women would look great in $2 bras, but they're definitely not looking terrible in the expensive ones either.

13 Valentine's Day

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Adriana Lima must be used to being told to look at the camera. But with the above photo, she proved she can look just as amazing facing away from the camera! Plus, you know, the fact that she's wearing lingerie. The photos were taken as part of the Valentine's Day campaign for Victoria's Secret. We suppose it's easy to see why the photos were able to raise some positive awareness for the brand!

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima may not currently be single (as we talk about in this list) but if her boyfriend wants it to stay that way, he better hope he's polite. Lima has mentioned in the past that one of her biggest turn-off's is when people are rude to those around them - both friends and strangers such as waiters.

12 Lounging On A Boat In A Swimsuit

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Adriana Lima is no stranger to posing in front of the camera intentionally. However, part of being a celebrity is knowing that the paparazzi are always going to be following you. Thankfully for Lima, however, if the above photo is any indication it's clearly just another opportunity for her to show the world how beautiful she is. That being said, we're sure she has plenty of justifiable annoyances that come with being famous.

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima has helped make the world a better place through her platform as a model. So naturally, you may think that if her future daughters (she has 2) wanted to model, you may think she would be supportive. But in a past interview, Lima actually admitted that she wouldn't let her daughters enter into the world of fashion! Let's hope they didn't inherit her good looks or it may be hard to turn all the modelling agencies away in the future!

11 Getting Her Wings

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What is your favourite colour on a woman? With her career for Victoria Secret, Lima has been given the opportunity to make damn near any colour under the rainbow look amazing. But we wouldn't blame you if the above photo influences your answer at least a little bit! There's no telling on if she got to bring some of the outfits home with her or just wear them on the runway, but either way, we're sure it helped boost her confidence!

Fun Fact: There is a reason there are so many photos out there of Adriana Lima lounging around in Victoria's Secret lingerie. She signed with the company way back in 1999 and as it stands, remains their longest-tenured supermodel. We're sure there are many models in the industry (not just within the VS brand) that look up to Lima for the way she has handled herself professionally and personally.

10 Rocking Workout Gear

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When you think about Victoria's Secret, we wouldn't blame you if your mind immediately went to the idea of women walking around in lingerie. Or after this list, the thought of Lima in lingerie! But you may also be interested to know that they have a line of workout gear which Lima has also lent her talents to. The above photo was taken during a promotional photo shoot in Italy.

Fun Fact: While some women may dread the gym, Adriana Lima has admitted in the past that she loves working out. She credited her trainer for constantly keeping her workouts changing and interesting. We suppose it helps that she has the net worth to support an amazing trainer and diet plan! Not to mention Victoria's Secret also probably helps keep their models looking their very best.

9 Pulling On Some Boots

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Let's be honest, Adriana Lima is plenty comfortable posing in front of the camera wearing a lot less clothing than she is in the above photo. A fact that becomes abundantly clear with our list. But just because Lima is rocking a dress might not make the above photo any less appealing. We're not too sure which brand of boots Lima is trying to promote in the above photo, but she is definitely pulling them off.

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima isn't just recognizable for her time on the runway. She has also used her publicity to land in several other forms of media including appearing in commercials for Kia Motors and Maybelline. We're sure whatever product it is that Lima wants to market that her face will be a welcome addition to the brand.

8 Lying On A Table

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When it comes to Adriana Lima, she is definitely familiar with standing upright as she struts down the runway with confidence. But with the above photo, it's also clear that she is totally comfortable lying down on a table and still rocking that alluring beauty! Lima appears to be backstage at a Victoria's Secret event, so we're sure it was only a matter of time before she was getting her strut on. But if you think this angle on the table is amazing, just wait till you see the other one we have below!

Fun Fact: She definitely gets paid well for her good looks. Adriana Lima is one of the most sought-after models in the entire world and in 2016 was paid $10.5 million for her services. This placed her 2nd overall. Coming in at number 1 was Gisele Bundchen who earned $30.5 million in 2016. Looks like both Gisele and Tom are bringing in the big bucks!

7 Lounging In Lingerie

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While Adriana Lima may be wearing lingerie for the bedroom in the above photo, the only person who is going to get to it up close might be her current lover. Lima is currently linked to the Turkish writer Metin Hara. Perhaps if Lima ever hopes to turn her life into a book his talents may come in handy!

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima has the ability to swoon any man she so chooses. But you can imagine she must have gotten tired of swatting away men as she got older, especially when you learn that Adriana Lima wasn't super into getting physical with men. In fact, she didn't lose her "flower" until she got married to Marko in 2009. Which means she also spent nearly a decade as one of the most desirable and recognizable women in the world but didn't know what it felt like to go all the way!

6 6.Caught By Paparazzi On The Beach

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Adriana Lima's outfits for the bedroom often leave very little to the imagination, but that's not the only time she is going to leave your jaw on the floor. Lima is often able to be found strutting herself on the beach. Perhaps it's that Brazillian heritage! We can only hope that just because the winter months are upon us, that she is still going to manage to spend plenty of time showing us how great she looks in swimsuits.

Fun Fact: While you get to see plenty of Adriana Lima lounging around in lingerie on our list, that isn't the only outfits that she knows how to model. Lima also signed a contract to help represent the Italian swimwear brand Calzedonia. Though when you consider how gorgeous Lima looks on the beach, perhaps it was an easy decision for them to sign her.

5 Showing Off In Workout Gear

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Adriana Lima knows that the world is always going to be trying to get a look at her body. And when you consider it's often her body without any clothes on, you can imagine she feels a great deal of pressure to always be looking her best. Which may be why it's not all too surprising to see that she also owns plenty of workout gear - all of which we're sure she looks incredible in.

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima is no stranger to lending her talents to the television screen. Along with hosting a reality show (which we also discuss), she has also appeared on shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty. She has also appeared in the movies The Follow and The Crazy Ones. We're sure you'd love to see her make more appearances in movies in the future!

4 In A Swimsuit

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Adriana Lima looks tremendous when she is walking around on the beach in a bikini with her friends. But the above photo makes it abundantly clear that when it is a professional photo shoot that puts her in a swimsuit, that she is still going to be able to leave you speechless. The above photo was taken for Ocean Drive magazine and was published in their March 2017 issue. We're sure that was one of their more popular issues of the year so far!

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima has modelled all kinds of outfits over the years, but her very first job involved her wearing a bikini. When talking about it in a past interview, Lima admitted she was nervous about the job because she felt she was too skinny. Considering she got the job, we're sure the modelling agency made her feel amazing about her look and hopefully helped her with her insecurities.

3 Looking Amazing On Instagram

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One of the best ways for celebrities to interact with their fans is through Instagram. Adriana Lima is definitely aware of this and currently boasts a following of close to 10 million fans. While some of her photos are steamier than the above one, it's this photo on May 29th that got people talking. Lima captioned the photo "WHATS UP WITH THE RING? ITS SYMBOLIC, I AM COMMITTED TO MYSELF AND MY OWN HAPPINESS I AM MARRIED WITH ME. LADIES LOVE YOURSELF AND YES I AM SINGLE"

Fun Fact: Despite Adriana Lima making a name for herself with Victoria's Secret, the brand does not actually exist in her home country of Brazil. Lima has disclosed that she often brings pieces back home for her friends and family. We're sure there are also plenty of scandalous lingerie brands in Brazil that Lima would no doubt be a tremendous model for!

2 Rocking Red At A Gala

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While you might think that being a model is an easy job, the reality is far from it. Many models spend a large portion of their time attending a variety of events that we're sure are less than thrilling to go to. The above photo was taken when Lima was attending the amFAR New York Gala in 2016. At least these events give her an opportunity to get dressed up!

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima is one of many supermodels who is taking her good looks and winning personality to the world of television. She recently started hosting her own reality show titled American Beauty Star. The show puts 12 hairstylists and makeup artist to the test as they compete for the chance to win $50,000 and to work on a Teen Vogue spread. While we don't know how popular the show is, we're sure we'll love getting to stare at Lima on a regular basis.

1 1.Back On The Table

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Adriana Lima looked so amazing the first time she laid out on the table the first time on our list, that we even had to grab her on the table from another angle. We imagine if we spent a few more entries on her lying on different pieces of furniture that you'd probably be a huge fan. While we aren't too sure what caught Lima's attention that required her to not be looking at the camera, we definitely aren't going to start criticizing her on her modelling skills!

Fun Fact: Adriana Lima has inspired many models throughout the years, but when she was getting started it was Tyra Banks that helped her the most. Lima revealed in an interview that it was Banks who calmed her down during her first commercial photo shoot for Victoria's Secret. We're sure Banks has remained an incredible source of support throughout Lima's career.

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