15 Photos Of Amber Rose That Will Drive Terrence Ross Crazy

You know the story… Hot girl meets rising NBA star, the pair date for a while and someone does something stupid to ruin the whole thing, and you never hear news on them again. Well, when the girl is Amber Rose the story can’t really end there. Orlando Magic Shooting Guard Terrence Ross began dating the notoriously attractive model/activist in 2016. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t last very long. After angry Twitter posts and an Instagram cleansing from both sides, they went their separate ways.

Fast forward to today and we see Terrence Ross forced to sit on the side lines for an indefinite amount of time because of a brutal injury that left him with a non-displaced fracture in his right leg and a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee. Ross must watch on as his team suffers with losses over and over again while working with a growing list of injured starting players. A scroll through social media or Pop Culture news will show a still prospering and still gorgeous Amber Rose. Although she’s now strutting around on the arm of a different man – rapper 21 Savage.

When it comes to a girl like Amber Rose, it would prove hard for any sane man to move on without a second thought. But when you’re left on the sidelines watching your team take hit after hit, the battle is unbearable and possibly even painful. These are 15 pictures of Amber Rose that undoubtedly will still, and maybe always will, drive Terrence Ross crazy.

15 Striking Silver Sensation

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A metallic, silver one-piece, a pair of piercing blue contact lenses, some matching silver stilettos, and one Amber Rose must be the recipe for the perfect photo shoot. This image is making us feel it all. She’s beautiful and stunning with no effort. Her appeal is undeniable. Her hair is buzzed way down and rests in a platinum colour in this shot. Hair or no hair, Amber is on everyone’s goals list. She first entered households as a budding model and she continues doing photo shoots for various popular magazines. She has graced the pages of GQ and Maxim and she will definitely keep popping up all over the place. It’s time the world takes notice, because Amber Rose is strong, beautiful and not going anywhere anytime soon.

14 Don't Wig Out, It's Ok!

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In recent days, Amber has decided to wear wigs instead of sporting her infamous and beautiful buzzed blonde hairdo. She came out with a public announcement stating she has made the decision to grow her hair out. Maybe the wigs are to help her following get used to the imminent, shocking change. But maybe they are also another one of her ploys to leave men lusting after her physique. It’s like she’s a whole different woman! But any quick look down the rest of the image shows a plunging neck displaying a never-ending line of cleavage. Her bountiful curves prove it is still the Amber Rose we all know and love under that glowing wig. Don’t worry Terrence, it’s still her and she’s still looking good.

13 She Spikes Back

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From one of her earlier photo sessions for Inked Magazine, a stunning Amber Rose rests posed in a spike-studded onesie with one hand shading her eyes. This image is obviously attractive, but it holds a deeper meaning. Amber is a very public figure who opens her whole life up to her fans and followers over social media. She posts things that cause controversy and conversation. But is that who she is when the doors close and the lights turn off? Orlando Magic’s Terrence Ross more than likely saw the softer side of Amber during their short-lived relationship. In this image she is shying away from the camera; a very different perspective than we are used to from her. Who is she underneath all the stars and glitter?

12 Hide And Seek

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One look at this image will spark probably near 1,000 questions with one of the main ones being, “What the heck is going on here?” This one comes from her incredible photo shoot with Paper Magazine. Amber is known for stirring the pot when it comes to feminist rights, and she aimed to do just that with this photo shoot. In the series, she dressed and posed as a few of feminism's most important icons and leaders. In one image, she dressed as Gloria Steinem and in another, Rosie the Riveter. The image you’re seeing is Amber’s portrayal of Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist protest punk rock group. Most recently, the group took on New York’s Trump Tower to protest U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions. Having Amber Rose pose as these leaders helps spread the feminist message to all sorts of people.

11 Let's Roll

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Amber Rose the mechanic? Not so much. This photo was taken of Rose in front of a Ferrari, and boy does she look great. A girl that can appreciate cars rests at the top of a guy’s fantasy list. Amber dressed a little more modest for this shoot where she wore a jacket and leopard pants. However, the lack of a major skin show does not change her level of physical appeal. Terrence Ross had to know what he was getting himself into when he and Amber began dating in 2016. He had to know what it would feel like if the relationship didn’t last (and remember, it didn’t last very long at all). If he didn’t, well we can be sure he does now. She is definitely a one-of-a-kind specimen.

10 Hollywood Glamour

Oh hey 🌹

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Wait, is this really Amber Rose? Yes, yes, it is. This is one of the more recent images of Amber in this list. Taken during the 2017 VMAs, Amber dressed in one of her more glamorous looks. Even though parts of her dress is see-through, it is beautiful. Amber attended the award’s show with boyfriend, 21 Savage. Other images from the night show the two romantically and seductively embracing each other. In each one, Amber looks just as beautiful as she does in this one here. Her long brown wig cascades over her shoulder and her golden caramel skin radiates beauty. This isn’t the Amber that Terrence Ross dated, either. She appears more mature and wiser than from her time with Terrence and we without a doubt applaud this look. She’s proven she doesn’t need to be near-nude to get attention.

9 Softer Edge Of A Rose's Thorn

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Shying away from the camera, Amber shows she doesn’t always need to flaunt it just because she has it. The neon green over shirt paired with a neon yellow bikini top perfectly capture the essence of her beautiful skin. Terrence Ross, take note. Amber Rose is one of the most irresistible beauties in today’s world. She isn’t the traditional type of “beautiful” society taught you about when you were growing up. She is no Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. She is just Amber. She is in her own spectrum of exquisiteness and we could bet Terrence Ross won’t be forgetting that anytime soon. We wish you all the best, Mr. Ross, and as you recover from your sprain and get back on the court, know we are here thinking about you and how crazy you must be going over these images of Amber Rose.

8 Glowing And Tatted

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Amber Rose has some extensive tatted up sleeves and they shine in this photo. Her don’t-care attitude is one of the things that make people love her. She knows you’re looking. She knows you’re judging. And you know what? She doesn’t care. She thrives on those types of things. She speaks out for women’s rights and does so in a kick-butt, take-names manner. When she goes walking around in L.A. dressed like this, she’s doing it for a reason… To get people talking. She’s always promoting her feminist campaigns and efforts. She wants to see a world where women don’t have to be afraid of rape. This skimpy, black, see-through lace top and the body-hugging, silver-studded, black jeans have a purpose, and it’s not just to drive men crazy.

7 Someone Call The Firetruck

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Poor Terrence Ross doesn’t stand a chance with this one. This image was taken during the Amber Rose S*ut Walk. With this, she aims to spread the word against shaming women and the culture of assault. Thousands of women gather together, holding signs and speaking out against injustice. Some of those signs say things like, “No is NOT maybe”. Amber isn’t quiet about where she stands on some of today’s most controversial topics. She wants to be the voice for those too afraid to speak out, and so far, she seems to be doing a great job at getting people talking. With this outfit and this photo, she knows people are going to talk, she knows men are going to lust over her, but she wants to create an environment where that is okay, one where it is okay for women to be whoever or whatever they want

6 Stick And Balls

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This captivating photo is another one of Ms. Rose’s #forthebros Instagram posts. She knows what she’s doing with that hashtag and these images and she does so with grace. In another skimpy and revealing one-piece, Amber Rose sits her near bare derriere on a pool table holding the pool stick very provocatively. Is she really playing the game? Who’s she playing against? Who’s winning the game? Those questions may come to mind when you see this image … oh, who are we kidding? Amber’s perfectly positioned posture and generous curves are the main focal point here. Many men and women, alike, are wishing they had a chance to play some pool with her now, and the Orlando Magic’s sidelined Terrence Ross is no exception today.

5 Absolute Stunner

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Amber Rose has become known for her expressive and sometimes explicit posts on Instagram. She has been called out for leaving “thirst traps” for men and even launched her own hashtag, #forthebros. One time she even left an image out for the world showing herself completely bottomless for her campaign to bring back body hair in certain places. It’s almost like she’s taunting the men left in the dust of a would-be hot and exciting relationship. In this post, she’s seen barely wearing anything, sitting in a suggestive pose. How can you forget you once had that girl when you can still see nearly all of that girl! She has to know what she’s doing to the poor souls. At least the “losers,” like Terrence Ross, get to ogle her dripping sex appeal on Instagram.

4 Duck!

😍 @thesugarfactory 😍

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Everyone by now has heard rapper 50 Cent's famous song "Candy Shop". While Amber Rose is in an actual candy shop in this photo, she could easily go to 50's classic metaphorical candy shop on a dime (no pun intended). As if seeing Amber Rose in a skin tight dress wasn't sweet enough, there are a number of actual sweets in this photo as well! The one thing that is hard to explain is all the rubber ducks in the photo. Although come to think of it, their expressions look just like what most guys would look like if they saw Amber out and about. It's good to know that Amber has a sweet tooth. Maybe Terrence Ross could win her back with some chocolates!

3 Natural In The Sand

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These candid images show a side of Amber that some may or may not want to see. We can say this side will positively drive Terrence Ross crazy, though, if he ever comes across them. During a causal beach day, Amber wears a very revealing pink bikini, if that’s what you can call it. However, if she’s comfortable wearing that, then the more power to her. Her “don’t care” persona seeps through these images. Maybe she didn’t know they were being taken when they were, so maybe she didn’t have time to fix herself up or “properly pose.” But we can tell you, that probably doesn’t matter to those hundreds of thousands lusting after her. If this is what a day at the beach looks like with Amber Rose, we know some who would jump in that line.

2 One For The Boys

I live for these super cute @fashionnova sets 😍

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Amber Rose loves sharing what her momma gave her with the world. Another one of her Instagram posts that leaves little to the imagination. This sheer white spandex outfit barely covers her assets, but that’s probably the point of the photo. Amber loves speaking out against shaming and one of her favourite ways of doing so is not caring what modesty guidelines society has set in place for women. A world where a woman must live in fear of being assaulted because of the way she’s dressed or looks is not a world Amber wants to raise her child in. Each one of her racy posts serves a purpose toward Amber’s cause for a better world. It might be hard to find that purpose in some of the skimpier images though...

1 Velvet

Velvet Dress only available @fashionnova #ad 😍

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Is this a game you want to play? A younger Amber Rose is seen wearing only a skin-tight blue velvet dress and some gold hoop earrings. This image is even full of tattoos. One of the things most recognizable of Amber Rose is her signature blonde buzz cut. This isn’t the Amber Rose that Terrence Ross dated, but surely this is an Amber Rose that he can fantasize over. Amber Rose is famous now, but even far back in her past, her buzz cut and scandalous pose was stirring controversy. How many women proudly rock such a short hairdo? We know one for sure… Amber Rose. Although that may soon change, as she has decided to grow her hair out and sport trendy wigs, she will always be the girl not afraid of what others thought of her.

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