15 Photos Of Brittany Renner That'll Drive Ben Simmons Crazy

Ben Simmons is doing many things right during his first "official" season in the NBA. But one of the biggest mistakes of his entire life may have been letting Brittany Renner get away. Who is Brittany Renner? You're about to find out, and trust us when we say, you aren't going to forget her anytime soon. Renner would literally be in the running for the best looking WAG in all of sports, but some alleged family drama between Simmons, Simmons' sister and Renner sent the stunner packing before things got too serious. This must have felt like a worse loss than any NBA contest because as you'll find out Brittany Renner isn't human, she's a goddess.

But just because Simmons isn't bumping it up with her anymore doesn't mean that Renner is any less active on social media. In fact the opposite might be true as it seems she's far more popular than her former boy toy. Renner has rewarded her 3 million followers on Instagram with over 1,000 photos of her, many of which leave little to the imagination. It's going to be impossible for us to know if you prefer Renner in a swimsuit, yoga pants, or perhaps even less clothing, but we do know you'll love checking her out and are going to find it impossible to stop before the end of the list!

15 Showing Some Love For The Tribe

#GoTribe ❤️⚾️💙

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One of the most appealing features that a woman can have is a love of sports. This must be even more important if you're a professional athlete and sports is essentially your life. We're not too sure if Simmons has enough free time on his hand to also get invested in the world of baseball.

Something that apparently seems to definitely be a passion for Renner. When she uploaded this photo in support of the Cleveland Indians, it quickly received over 1,500 comments and over 135,000 likes. It's just too bad for her that the season didn't have a better ending, but we're sure she is still going to be there next season to cheer for them all over again.

14 Dressing Up As The Joker For Halloween

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One of the best nights of the year to party it up with your friends is Halloween. It's clearly a night that Renner gets into, as she uploaded this photo of her in full Joker makeup all the way back on October 6th!

Though if you saw Renner dressed up like this, we're sure it would also put you in a festive mood to celebrate the Holiday. Something tells us that if Renner didn't elect to put some pants (or more of a shirt) on to accompany the outfit that she may have found herself pretty cold on Halloween. But when you work hard for a body like that, who is to say she doesn't deserve to show it off?

13 Lounging Poolside

There are several outfits that a woman can wear that could be considered "revealing". But if a woman is really trying to put your jaw on the floor, perhaps she is planning to take you out for a trip to the beach, and sometimes it's what you don't see that drives you most wild. That would definitely be the case for Brittany Renner!

Simmons may not be with Renner at the moment, but when the weather gets hotter, he definitely may find himself calling her up again. Especially because we're sure Renner is going to continue to upload steamy photos of her poolside activities throughout the year. You'll also probably be ecstatic to hear that this also isn't the last time you'll see her in a swimsuit on our list.

12 Showing Her Support For The...Pelicans?!

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This photo may definitely rub Simmons the wrong way for a few reasons. First off, it's his former flame looking absolutely amazing. There aren't many men out there who would disagree with the statement that women look amazing in yoga pants. And people like Renner are definitely only going to help push that belief further. She may be the poster child for the garment, as she definitely uses them to their full potential!

Simmons may also not be the biggest fan of seeing Renner representing a basketball team other than his '76ers. Though if their relationship ended poorly, perhaps the '76ers gear isn't going to be seen anywhere near Renner. Maybe instead she'll be trying to climb all up on Davis' unibrow!

11 Night On The Town

Last night living my best life #PoppyForPapi 📸: @twistimages

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Now that she is officially back on the market, it only makes sense for a woman as absolutely stunning as Brittany Renner to hit the town. Most of our photos have focused on a particular aspect of Renner, but here we get a full dose of just how much of a knockout she really is.

She is clearly extremely confident in her dress, striking a pose with her gorgeous legs and making it well known that she is going to be the centre of attention. It really is hard to imagine just what might have let Simmons let her get away. In any case it doesn't seem like she found a new boy toy that night, but she definitely could have if she wanted too.

10 Then And Now

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Brittany Renner is hoping that her career that includes working as a fitness model is going to allow her to always be moving in a positive direction. Which means she may not be hoping that she is going to have to embrace her past again, except for fun photo shoots, and go back to working at Hooters.

Renner shared the photo, which she titled "Then and Now" on her Instagram page back in November. It's definitely easy to see why Renner was able to be hired at the restaurant, but we wouldn't blame her if she's more than happy to never have to go back. She must get more than enough creeps hitting on her online, without having to do it while actively supplying the customer with booze!

9 She's An Athlete Too

It's clear that Brittany Renner spends some time in the gym to get the body she has, but that's not the only way she has stayed in shape throughout her life. Renner was an active soccer player. It's no wonder she loves wearing yoga pants as she lives such an athletic lifestyle. We wouldn't be surprised if she and Simmons didn't spend some time on the basketball court though.

Along with posting the photo to her Instagram account, Renner captioned the photo "Once an athlete always an athlete." We're sure that even if she hasn't suited up for years that her cardio on the pitch is perhaps better than ever, especially with legs like hers!

8 Embracing The Sun In Jean Shorts

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Brittany Renner shows off her body in a variety of outfits throughout this list, but none may make you pine for summer more than this sunny day where she was rocking out in a jean skirt and a shirt that can't seem to cover her entire body. Though her in a swimsuit might give it a pretty strong run for its money! Regardless of what you prefer, we're sure you won't come out of this list disappointed. She is definitely rocking the Daisy Duke look in this photo, and we can only say great things about that famous denim garment that has given us so, so much. We can only hope that as it gets hotter and hotter she opts for fewer and fewer layers.

7 Looking Even Better Than The Lambo She's Beside

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In the above photo, there are two absolutely gorgeous things being put on prominent display. The first, of course, is Renner's good looks. It's clear from her makeup, outfit, and hair that she is prepared for an amazing night out on the town.

But if you know you are going to be getting into a Lamborghini, perhaps you too would be putting in the effort to look amazing. Though with the assets at her disposal, perhaps Renner didn't have to try too hard! We're sure Simmons can afford plenty of amazing sportscars, so perhaps he'll be able to woo her back with a sweet ride in the future. The one thing he can't replace though is the beautiful Brittany Renner.

6 She's A Cowboys Fan Too!

Everyday is an amazing day to be a Cowboys fan ⭐️💙 #RespectTheStar

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You're going to see Brittany Renner support a variety of sports franchises throughout this list. But while the team in question may differ, we assure you one thing will remain consistent. And that is that Renner is going to continue looking stunning, entry after entry!

Renner is unfortunately not having herself the most pleasant season as a football fan, however, if she is, in fact, a Dallas Cowboys fan as the above photo indicates. Adding to the belief is the fact that she captioned it "Everyday is an amazing day to be a Cowboys fan." Well..at least she's optimistic? And to be fair, she did upload the photo in August before the season started!

5 Stopping A Workout For A Selfie

On to bigger and better things 👀

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There are many things that people can do at the gym that could be considered general "pet peeves". One of the biggest may be people who seem to only show up at the gym so they can sit, take fun photos on their phone and then leave without breaking a sweat. This would normally annoy me too, but when it's Brittany Renner doing it I'm all for it!

Looking at Renner's body and it's clear she works out. But the above photo doesn't paint a great picture for her as her makeup seems untouched and she lounges out on the gym floor for a seductive snap. The moment was one of positivity for Renner however, who captioned the photo "On to bigger and better things."

4 All Covered Up, But Little To Hide

What is it about high boots that drives a man wild? We may never know. What we do know is that even though the only thing really visible in this outfit are Brittany Renner's toes! Although we won't blame you for not spotting them right away.

Instead, you may notice that her pants and shirt are the exact same colour, and almost seem to be painted on her! We will never complain about her outfit choices, but we will say it is truly incredible that even though she is full clothed we are still treated to quite the show without having to use to much of our imagination. She captions the photo with a star, and we think that could not be more fitting (than her clothes anyway).

3 Attending The Premiere For Southpaw

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One of the coolest things about being a "celebrity" as Renner is, is getting to attend various prestigious events. And while she may not be heading to the Oscars quite yet, Renner did still get an invitation to attend the red carpet premiere for the film SouthPaw back in 2015.

The film starred a very ripped looking Jake Gyllenhaal who played a boxer. Perhaps that's why she seemed to have a thing for athletes? Renner was sure to offer her support for the movie on her Instagram page, captioning the photo "Incredible movie". Critics seemed to generally agree, giving the movie a score of 61% on Rotten Tomatoes. We give Renner a solid 100% for a fantastic look for the evening.

2 Renner Embraces Disney For A Promotion

The above photo was an obvious attempt at a promotion for Renner for TeamiBlends. It's something she does on a pretty frequent basis on her Instagram account. And it seems that any time she does, the company must make sure she does-so while looking tremendous. This entry was probably bound to catch your eye, either way, considering she is totally rocking the heck out of the Disney theme! Renner made sure to talk about the amazing healing powers of her detox tea, saying

"I’ve been drinking this tea for the last 3 years and it’s seriously a magic tea. If you have any problems with bloating or stomach issues...this is the only natural thing I’ve found to solve it." Paid or not, it's hard to argue with her results!

1 Sweater Weather

Owl love you if you let me

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Nobody likes the idea of the weather getting colder. It is a sad reality and as autumn comes to a close, many are running to the stores to get new sweaters for the coming winter. Brittany Renner seems ahead of the curve, opting to wear a very revealing but very insulating pink tracksuit.

As you can see from all these photos, Brittany Renner can make any outfit look absolutely amazing. She is a stunner whether she's bundled up for a blizzard or rocking a bikini at the beach. Either way, Ben Simmons must be kicking himself for letting this absolute bombshell get away. Maybe he should look at this list and reconsider his life choices!

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