15 Photos Of Kendall Jenner That Would Drive Blake Griffin Crazy

Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous women on earth, and these photos are sure to drive Blake Griffin crazy

It's going to be hard to make the argument after this list that Kendall Jenner isn't one of, if not the hottest women to be linked to a professional athlete. After all, Kendall Jenner has modelled for some of the biggest companies in the entire world. Whether she is putting her assets on display for Vogue magazine, stripping it all off for the variety of lingerie contracts she's worked or rocking out in a swimsuit of her own design, there is no shortage of moments in her life where she blows away the competition.

But Jenner is recently making headlines not just for her good looks, but also for the new man she has wrapped around her.  Because while Kendall is gorgeous, Blake Griffin is one of the best basketball players in the NBA when he is on his game! Although after you stare at these 15 steamy photos of Kendall, it may start to make sense if he found himself a little more distracted as of late. And at least if his NBA season ends without a trip to the playoffs or with a trip to the injured reserve, he'll have more time to spend with Kendall!

These are the 15 Photos Of Kendall That Blake (And You!) Can't Stop Staring At.

15 Lying Back In La Perla Lingerie


Kendall Jenner made sure her 2017 was going to be full of plenty of opportunities to put her good looks on prominent display. But one of her last campaigns of the year may end up being what you agree was her hottest!

Coming out for the Fall/Winter season, La Perla lingerie clearly did their homework and picked a winning model in Kendall Jenner to help spearhead their campaign. Though we don't know why there's so much food going on in the above photo? Assuming that this campaign is going to be a success, we're sure Blake is going to be ecstatic when their new line of lingerie rolls around for the Fall/Winter 2018 year.

14 Showing Off Her Patriotic Spirit At The Beach


When it comes to being part of the Kardashian/Jenner family, one of the biggest things they love to do with their time is take trips to the beach. Considering Blake plays in Los Angeles, perhaps he is no stranger to soaking up the sun and crashing some waves. With with an entire edge of the state being one huge beach!

And if he gets to check out Kendall rocking out in a swimsuit, as she does in the above photo, something tells us he's going to definitely be planning more trips there this upcoming summer. Kendall may earn some extra bonus points for the patriotic spirit that she is also showing off! In case you're curious, Kendall was born in Los Angeles.

13 The Paparazzi Catches Her From Behind


There may not be a more photographed family in America than the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Which means that we hope Blake doesn't mind some time in the spotlight because win or lose on the court, the paparazzi is surely going to be all up in his business.

Fans of Kendall Jenner may not be hating on the paparazzi too much though, especially when you consider some of the best photos on our list are courtesy of their "talents". Let's just hope they know how to respect Kendall and Blake's boundaries because Blake is probably one of the last people in the world you want to see charging you when he's angry!

12 Relaxing In A Swimsuit For Penshoppe Clothing


Kendall Jenner joined the Penshoppe clothing line back in May 2015. She joined several other stunners such as Mandy Moore, Cara Delevigne, and Nina Dobrev. But we don't know if any of those women hold a candle to Kendall!

Especially when she gets put in a photo shoot for the brand that heightens her appeal by putting her in the back of a pick-up truck. And when you consider that both Kendall and Blake are loaded financially, this is a photo shoot that they could very easily re-enact themselves even if they'd have to go out and buy a truck. The only trouble would be trying to get any type of privacy from the paparazzi!

11 She's Modelled For Victoria's Secret


Kendall Jenner had one of her best years as a model in 2015. She helped model for a variety of brands, but perhaps none were more appealing than the opportunity she had to join Victoria's Secret.

It's not the only time Jenner had modeled lingerie, as she has also signed a contract with La Perla in the past, which also just happens to land a spot on our list. Which means you'll even get to decide which lingerie company you prefer seeing Jenner in! Something tells us that regardless of what company you prefer, that Blake loves getting to see the variety of lingerie she has at her disposal.

10 Stunning In Silver For Her 21st


Kendall Jenner knows that all eyes are going to be on her regardless of what activity she is going to be doing. So she had to know that when she was going out to celebrate her 21st birthday that absolutely everyone was going to be watching. Although it is very rare that Kendall ever disappoints the paparazzi with her various high fashion choices.

Which may be why she made sure she was looking stunning in her birthday outfit, a silver dress that allegedly cost a little under $10,000. Kendall had plenty of reasons to be happy, including the fact that she was gifted a $250,000 Rolls Royce by her family earlier in the day. Looks like the bar is set pretty high Blake!

9 Looking Amazing With Kylie At The Golden Globes


When it comes to getting close with Kendall, there is no denying that you also better be close with her family. Kylie definitely wouldn't hesitate to help show you the door if you came around disrespecting her sister but it seems that at least as of now, Blake has earned the approval.

Let's just hope he never has to face off against Khloe Kardashian's lover Tristan Thompson in any significant matchups! Kylie and Kendall can often be seen side-by-side at red carpet events, including this past January when they both attended the Golden Globes. The above photo which was shared on Kendall's Instagram account went on to get liked over 3 million times. Count me among one of those!

8 On The Red Carpet


Kendall Jenner has a lifestyle that demands she attends a variety of red carpet events every single year. Which means that while there are several different gowns to choose from, we don't know if she has ever looked quite as stunning as she did this past May.

Jenner was attending the MET Costume Institute Gala which is held in New York City. While we're sure there were plenty of gorgeous women at the event, it's hard to imagine anyone impressing as much as Kendall. Let's hope Blake doesn't mind going to stuffy red-carpet events like this! If he does, at least he'll be able to console himself by getting an up-close look of Kendall.

7 Celebrating Her Christmas Spirit


The Christmas season can be incredibly stressful for some families. But for Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin, both who are comfortable financially, it's hopefully a time where they can use their good fortune to help make a difference in the communities around them. Both have worked closely with charities in the past, including Blake running a fundraiser where he donates $100 for every dunk he makes towards fighting childhood obesity.

While we don't know how much Christmas spirit either celebrity is feeling like handing out this year, the above photo of Kendall in a Christmas hat should definitely have Blake thinking about the holiday! It also may have him making sure he has a Christmas hat hanging around at his house for when Kendall comes over to hang out.

6 Looking Amazing For Adidas


The NBA made big headlines this past year when they made the switch to Nike jerseys. And while the switch hasn't been the most positive, we'd hope that players are generally happy. But at home, Blake Griffin may find himself pledging his allegiance to the Adidas brand on a more regular basis. If not for himself, then for his amazing girlfriend to wear!

But despite Kendall looking gorgeous, she still received plenty of backlash when she was announced as one of the company's new models back in August. It definitely didn't help her case that the campaign was released shortly after her highly controversial commercial with Pepsi. She was clearly trying to do a good thing, but the media and fans were quick to express their disapproval of the venture.

5 Kendall In A One-Piece


There are many celebrities in Hollywood who it seems have a goal to show off as much skin as possible when they are going to hit up the beach. And while there is nothing wrong with that, there is also something beautiful about a woman leaving something to the imagination. As is the case for Kendall Jenner when she elected to model this sleek one-piece blue swimsuit, which also just happened to be part of her new swimsuit line that is sold through TopShop. That's not to say there aren't plenty of moments (including on this list) where Kendall wears little to no clothing, but that definitely doesn't mean this wouldn't quickly become one of Blake (and your) favourite photos!

4 Lounging For German Vogue In 2016


Kendall Jenner's Instagram account currently has over 84 million followers. There aren't many celebrities with more, though if she was feeling competitive, her sister Kylie has 98.9 million! But for the 80+ million that follow Kendall's every move, they get quick access to some of her best and hottest photo shoots.

The above photo was shared by Kendall back in September 2016 and helped promote her (then) upcoming appearance in the German edition of Vogue. We're sure Blake would have a blast traveling all around the world with Kendall for various photoshoot opportunities. And even if he has to stay back home, we're sure she sends him plenty of private photos with her in the outfits!

3 Showing Off Her Selfie Skills


Kendall Jenner has been the face of countless modelling campaigns, which means she is definitely comfortable when other people are taking the photos of her. But the selfie skills that she is putting on display in the above photo also show that she's plenty talented with a camera in her hands. That probably explains why she has so many millions of followers on Instagram!

We're sure photos of this style are just one of several that Kendall threw Blake's way when she was trying to seduce him. Though considering a number of celebrities have had leaked photos, we wouldn't blame her if she didn't want to send him any photos without any clothing on!

2 Showing Off Her Long (LONG) Legs


Now to be completely honest, we don't know if Kendall Jenner has any clue as to how to play the piano that is also featured in our photo. But we wouldn't blame you if it took you a few minutes to realize that it was a piano that she was leaning her long legs against!

Kendall Jenner took on the seductive pose that you see in the above photo for a day with Vogue magazine. It's clear that the magazine is well aware that one of Kendall's best features are her long legs. When you consider she is 5'8, we're sure she is ecstatic that she is going to be able to wear heels with Blake and still not be considered the tall one!

1 Posing With A Monkey For Allure In 2015

When it comes to the above photo, we're not too sure why a monkey had to be involved with the photo shoot. Though it does remind us of the monkey that Ross had on Friends, so perhaps that gives the photo some extra bonus points for you?

Kendall used this opportunity to show to the world that even if she isn't looking straight at the camera, that she still is going to manage to blow you away. The photo shoot was done for Allure magazine and was released in 2015. It's a beautiful outfit on Kendall, but you have to imagine the potential tan lines with it would be disastrous!

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15 Photos Of Kendall Jenner That Would Drive Blake Griffin Crazy