15 Photos Of Kim Kardashian That Will Drive Kris Humphries Crazy

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous reality stars in today's entertainment world. Often surrounded by some sort of controversy, Kardashian has gained loads of popularity in the last decade which started with a leaked intimate tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J from back in 2007. Since then, Kardashian has become one of the most influential people on social media, with tens of millions of followers.

Before marrying Kanye West in 2014, Kardashian had been in a relationship with NBA player Kris Humphries from 2011-13. The couple's marriage was aired on E! in October 2011, and Kim filed for divorce just 72 days after their wedding day. It was rumored that marrying Humphries was nothing but a publicity stunt to promote the Kardashian's family brand. Kim even started dating Kanye West in April of 2012, while she was still formally with Humphries.

Humphries is currently a free agent and has played for several teams in his career, most recently the Atlanta Hawks in 2016-17. The 32-year-old isn't an NBA star of any sort, and surely being used by Kardashian is something that must've had him feeling awful. Nonetheless, we still think if he saw some hot photos of his ex-wife, he'd definitely start missing her. Therefore, here are 15 photos of Kim Kardashian that will drive Kris Humphries absolutely crazy!

15 With Kanye West

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Here's a picture that gained a lot of popularity on social media of the married couple known as "Kimye". Their marriage is widely supported by the majority of their respective fans on social media. The married couple seems very happy together as well. Though both Kim and Kanye have had their own type of controversy at some point in their careers, one might say they're meant to be.

If you've followed Kim and Kanye's marriage, you'd notice that Kim is always supporting her husband, his music, and his fashion line. This is likely something that Humphries wishes he'd get back, being able to have Kim come to his games and have her support him with a jersey on. Seeing this picture would have the Atlanta Hawks power forward missing his ex-wife.

14 Sparkling

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This photo was taken of Kardashian walking out of a restaurant called LaScalla in Beverley Hills where she's looking fabulous in an outfit that is sparkling from top to bottom. The 37-year-old mother-of-two always makes sure that she's the centre of attention with her choice of outfits and Kardashian has done so yet again with an outfit that brings out her best assets.

As mentioned, it's been incredible to see how the reality star has been able to recover from her two pregnancies and work hard to look incredibly fit. Kardashian's figure looks great here and it's rather unfair how much she's rocking it. If Kris Humphries were to see how good Kardashian is doing these days, he'd probably wish he could get her back.

13 Balmain

Balmain Nights in LA

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This is a gorgeous picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a very expensive outfit (obviously), featuring a sheer skirt from French fashion company Balmain paired with a mini bra top. Kardashian wore this to the celebration party for Balmain's collaboration with Beats by Dr.Dre and the company's new Melrose flagship store in Los Angeles. Kim is longtime friends with Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing and came to this event to support her favourite designer.

There was some controversy surrounding this photo when it reached social media. Many people called out Kardashian for having a fake body, given how slim her waist is in comparison to her hips. While a controversy surrounding Kim or her family is nothing new to the entertainment world, we won't be making the call on whether or not Kardashian's body is all real. Nonetheless, the reality star looks stunning in this picture and if I were Kris Humphries I would be missing her badly after seeing this.

12 Cover Of GQ Magazine

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Making it on the cover of any magazine is a huge accomplishment for anyone. It must be a funny feeling picking up a magazine and seeing your face on the front cover. Kim Kardashian has had her face pretty much everywhere, though, so this isn't anything new to her. That doesn't take away the fact that being on the cover of GQ Magazine is a big deal.

This is another picture after Kim's pregnancy, this time her second pregnancy with her son Saint. Kardashian did a shoot with GQ shortly after exercising and dieting to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy and to show off the incredible results basically completely naked. The celebrity lost close to 60 pounds prior to shooting for the magazine and she looks super sexy. It must be tough for Kris Humphries to have to see pictures of Kim absolutely killing it and looking better than ever after giving birth twice.

11 Wearing Lingerie

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This picture is clearly a much younger Kim Kardashian modelling in some tempting red and black lingerie. Though one of Kardashian's occupations is modelling, we aren't quite sure where and when this picture is from. It seems as though it's just one of the many pictures circulating the internet of Kardashian posing seductively with close to no clothing.

Though she is a very attractive woman, this picture makes Kardashian look rather unnatural in comparison to her more recent pictures, especially with all that eye makeup. Her exotic look from her younger days was one of her hottest traits though, and you can see that in this shot of the reality star. Anyway, it's extremely difficult to look away from her here, which is why it's a photo that would have Humphries going crazy.

10 KKW Fragrance Shoot

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You may already know that Kardashian has used her fame to brand herself on basically anything that she wants. Kim is apart of her family's popular television show called "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and has had multiple business ventures such as KKW Beauty, KIMOJI, and others. In this picture, Kardashian is looking ever so ravishing as she posted this picture from the campaign of her new brand called KKW Fragrance which is set to launch on November 15.

Though already very successful, the reality star continues to expand her brand and look enticing in pictures such as this one. Kris Humphries has made some pretty good money being an NBA player but is not anywhere close to being worth as much as Kim is. Seeing this picture would not only make Humphries miss his ex-wife because of her looks but her success as well.

9 Blonde


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This is a great candid shot of Kardashian in her latest hair colour which looks like a blonde with a blend of silver and resembles the colour her younger half-sister Kylie Jenner once had. As usual, Kim is wearing some perfectly fitted clothing to show off her stunning body. She puts her cultivated fashion taste to use as she's got a nice blend of sporty and fancy going on in her look here, with the clothing provided by her husband Kanye West's fashion line "Yeezy". What more can you say about this mother of two? She looks as fit and as fashionable as we've ever seen her and Kris Humphries would be devastated to see this knowing he could've still had the hottest of all NBA WAGs.

8 White Dress

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Kim Kardashian is widely known for posting revealing photos of herself on the internet, but those aren't the only nice pictures of the 37-year-old mother and a great example is in the picture above. Kim is wearing a simple, all-white dress with a bit of a Cleopatra look going on.

It seems like no matter what she wears, Kardashian just stands out in every picture that she's in, and even in the simplest of outfits we can still get a glimpse of her curvy body that many love to admire. Even though we've seen Kardashian wear more exotic or fancy looking outfits, she still looks gorgeous in this picture and has to do nothing more than stare into the camera to look good. Surely, seeing Kim pull off this outfit would have Kris Humphries wishing he could be right there next to her.

7 Walking In The Wind

The wind you guys....is this necessary

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Kardashian is looking fine here again in white, this time much more casual as she roams the city streets in a cropped shirt and sweatpants. You would probably think that the whole wind blowing in the face effect was planned but according to her caption, it seemed like it was much to Kardashian's displeasure. To me, that just seems like her trying (and failing) to downplay her looks because this picture seems flawless and the fact that it seems totally candid and unplanned makes it even better. Once again we see how effortless it is for Kim to look good at any given moment and this would be one of the many photos that would make Kris Humphries miss her a ton.

6 Back Shot

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This picture is nothing that we haven't seen before from Kim Kardashian, at an important event and flaunting herself in front of a camera. As annoying as she might be to some, Kardashian has every right to be proud of how she looks. This dress has a middle-eastern feel to it and fits her perfectly.

Yet again, we see that Kardashian is wearing white, which does happen to be one of her favorite colors. One of her most famous quotes is: "White is actually one of my favorite colors. I have a white car. I love white." So it's pretty obvious that she loves white. To be quite honest she looks great in whatever color she is wearing and I'm sure Kris Humphries would agree.

5 Snack Run

Late night gummy bear run...

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This picture was recently taken of Kim during what seems to be a late-night snack run judging by her Instagram caption. Yes, even someone as rich and famous as Kim Kardashian goes to convenience stores for junk food. My biggest question here is "where could she be headed next?" as she seems dressed way too fancy for just a quick snack run, but that could just be Kardashian being her usual flamboyant self.

Nonetheless, Kim's beauty has to be admired here as she is on her way to potentially stuffing herself with delicious gummy bears. Sometimes, the less elegant side of a woman can be attractive too and I'm sure Kris Humphries would be missing Kim right now if he saw a picture of her looking this good running for snacks.

4 Mexico

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Earlier this year, Kim took a trip to celebrate her sister Kourtney's 38th birthday in Mexico with some friends. The mother-of-two was spotted in an unusually natural state with hardly any makeup on, simply enjoying a break from her reality. Kardashian is usually portrayed as a flawless celebrity with layers of makeup on, and a role model to many young girls - so seeing her be carefree for once is always going to make for some news.

Even though the reality star isn't looking like the Kim Kardashian we see on television and the internet, her body still looks nice and curvy in this bikini and this shouldn't be deemed as "the casual Kim Kardashian." With or without makeup, I'm sure Kris Humphries would be missing his ex-wife if he saw this photo.

3 Selfie

Kim Kardashian taking a selfie isn't something the world hasn't seen before. The reality star seems to be a selfie addict with the amount that she's taken and posted on her social media accounts. How can you blame her when she's looking this good all the time? It even looks like she's got a team to help her get the perfect lighting to take the perfect picture. It takes a lot of hard work to get a perfect selfie these days.

All kidding aside, the over-dramatic selfie doesn't change the fact that Kardashian is absolutely stunning in this photo. Who knows how many selfies she and Kris Humphries took during their relationship, however, he'd probably miss taking those with his famous ex-wife after seeing how good she's looking here.

2 At The Beach

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It's no secret that there are a ton of bikini pictures of Kim Kardashian scattered all over the internet. Since the beginning of her career, Kardashian is notably known for showing off her incredible body, whether with or without clothing. Here she is at the beach in a simple white bikini showing off all her assets that make her so famous.

Surely, seeing Kim look this good would have Kris Humphries missing her, as she looks as perfect as she can be as a mother. Not only is Kim showing off her great body, she's also flashing a sensual face into the camera which rubs even more salt in the wound for Humphries. The poor guy had Kim Kardashian for a wife but he couldn't keep her locked down.

1 Nothing To Wear

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Imagine being worth millions of dollars and after hours of searching for an outfit, you realize that you somehow don't have a single thing worth wearing. Is that actually possible? Who knows, but apparently it is for Kim Kardashian. Judging by her caption, it seems like she is in need of some clothing and posted a nude photo of herself to prove it. That is the reasoning for this photo, right?  It wouldn't possibly be for attention.

Whatever it is, it worked, as it usually does for Kim and her family. All of the controversy created by the Kardashians always seems to have something to do with a marketing stunt, kind of like the reason she married Kris Humphries. Either way, as bitter as he may be about that, he'd probably be wishing he could still have her after seeing this photo.

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