15 Photos Of Savannah Brinson That Would Drive LeBron James Crazy

LeBron James is one of the best Basketball players ever in the NBA, and his wife is stunningly beautiful!

Being married to one of the most famous and most talented athletes to ever grace the sports world will immediately thrust you into the spotlight regardless of whether you wanted it to or not. Your spouse maybe the superstar, but your life will forever be changed because of their greatness on the court, and media outlets will constantly be looking to get photos and interviews with you because of your affiliation with your spouse. Though you may try and live a relatively quiet life away from the glitz and glamour that comes with fame, the media will always find a way to track you down and shuffle your pictures all over the internet.

Savannah Brinson may not be a household name, but we guarantee you that you have spent plenty of time watching her husband play basketball. After all, LeBron James is considered one of, if not the greatest basketball players who ever lived, and the media coverage that has surrounded LeBron has been relentless since his debut in the NBA. Savannah Brinson was a longtime girlfriend of LeBron James who eventually became his wife. The two share a love story that dates to their much younger days, and they are a prime example of people who can maintain a functioning and healthy relationship despite being in the media and spending extended periods of time away from each other. Because she is married to LeBron James, plenty of photos and videos have surfaced of Savannah Brinson, and we have 15 of those photos that LeBron James wishes would just disappear.

15 Lingerie


This photo right here is exactly the type of thing that LeBron could have been worried about getting out to the public. There is hardly anything innocent about this photo of the gorgeous Savannah Brinson holding up a steamy piece of laundry with her husband's name stitched to it. Pictures like this are meant to be kept private, and because LeBron James is such a prominent name in pop culture, a photo like this could cause a huge wave on social media. We must admit that while the lingerie itself can be pretty distracting, Savannah Brinson looks too fine in this photo. It looks as though she got a kick out of getting this lingerie as a gift, and really, who wouldn't? We imagine that when LeBron James saw the underwear for the first time, he probably had a good laugh himself.

14 Getting Low


It doesn't matter how rich or how famous a person can become in their lifetime, when it comes down to partying, every person out there is looking to have a good time. Judging by this hilarious photo of Savannah Brinson, it looks like she is having the time of her life with some of her closest friends. For those of you who don't remember, this photo caused the wave of controversy in the sports world, and to be honest it was pretty ridiculous that people read so much into this picture. Brinson was just having some fun with her friends when this hilarious photo was taken. All most people see is a photo of a girl dance and having a great time, but the media has a very unique way of putting their own spin on things. Regardless of how much fun Savannah Brinson was having, this picture is certainly one that should have been kept in a private collection at home.

13 A Bombshell In Red


It is baffling to us that a woman this gorgeous doesn't get nearly as much recognition as other athlete wives and girlfriends, but this could be because she wants to live a quiet life. Regardless of whether she wants to be in front of the camera or not, Savannah Brinson is an incredibly beautiful woman, and this is easily one of the hottest photos that you will ever see of her. With the amount of money that LeBron James has been making through his NBA contracts and shoe deals, it may come as a surprise to people that he is incredibly tight with his money. You typically see superstars blowing through their money like it's going out of style, but LeBron James has taken a more conservative approach with his spending. Despite that, you can tell from this picture that the house that they have and the cars that they drive are top-notch.

12 Out In Miami


Even though LeBron James is known for being incredibly protective of his money, it is still important to enjoy the finer things in life. Judging by this photo here, it looks as though Savannah Brinson was having herself quite a day while out and about in South Beach Miami. If you've never been to South Beach, you need to go ahead and book yourself a ticket immediately. While Cleveland, Ohio might not be considered anything close to South Beach, LeBron James is probably still excited to be playing for his hometown Cavaliers. Because of the amount of money that they have and the friendships that they created, we have a sneaking suspicion that LeBron and Savannah will make their way down to South Beach as soon as they get the opportunity to.

11 Beautiful In White


Being married to LeBron James comes with plenty of perks, including having an unfathomable amount of money to take care of your family with. One of the more intriguing aspects about Savannah Brinson is her unique style, and this photo of her is exactly what we're talking about. Brinson is a truly underrated beauty who doesn't get nearly the recognition that she deserves, and the outfit that she is wearing in this picture is perfect on her. You typically don't see too many people who are able to pull off an all-white outfit without looking like a train wreck from the 1980s, but Savannah Brinson was able to make this look all her own. Many famous wives of athletes are models or popular entertainers, and they get plenty of coverage and features in magazines. Though she may not be a professional model, Savannah Brinson is drop dead gorgeous, and it is pretty easy to see why Lebron James was quite smitten with her when they were growing up together.

10 Fun With Snapchat


Even the rich and famous aren't immune from taking silly selfies of themselves with Snapchat, and this photo of Savannah Brinson is exactly what we're talking about. Snapchat has been all the rage for the last couple of years, and the app has proven to be an effective and hilarious way of communicating with your friends. The messages that can be sent back and forth on the app are discrete and funny, and even though most people elect to send these photos to their friends and make sure they never see the light of day again, some people choose to save these photos and upload them onto their social media accounts. Despite looking good, this photo seems like it was more suited for a private collection as opposed to being put out there for public consumption. Regardless of whether or not this photo was supposed to see the light of day, Savannah Brinson does look great in it.

9 Out With The Girls


For those of you who closely follow the NBA, you remember the super team that the Miami Heat assembled some time ago. LeBron James was looking to win his first NBA title, and he hightailed his way out of Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach. Joining team captain Dwyane Wade and recruiting superstar Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat were an absolute force during their time together. Because they were such a tight-knit group, it was only a matter of time before their wives became friends, and this photo shows Savannah Brinson was some of her Miami Heat friends. In case you're wondering, that is in fact actress Gabrielle Union on the right side of the photo. Union has been in a long-term relationship with Dwyane Wade, and she and Savannah Brinson struck up what has since become an incredibly close friendship.

8 Partying


Even though this picture didn't cause nearly as much controversy as the first picture that we highlighted of her partying, we had to include on our list because Savannah Brinson is too fine in this photo. It's clear that Savannah Brinson looks great in this colour, even after labour day. She may not be dancing on the table and partying hard with her friends, but this picture was a must-have for our list because of how hot she looks in this photo. She stopped and took a quick photo, and her friend behind her was completely unaware of what was going on, and she was caught with a funny expression on her face. Say whatever you will about Savannah Brinson going out and having a good time with her friends, but there is no denying that regardless of who she is hanging out with, she is probably the hottest girl in the room.

7 A Gorgeous Gown


Not unlike the picture of Savannah Brinson sporting that sultry red outfit, this photo of her in this gorgeous white gown is further proof that she is one of the hottest women to be married to an NBA player. She appears to have a much classier style than a lot of other women out there, choosing to wear outfits that focus on style and fashion as opposed to showing off different parts of her body. Most women choose to wear outfits that are incredibly provocative in order to gain more attention, but Savannah Brinson has a natural beauty that doesn't require her to dress like that. This beautiful white dress that Savannah Brinson is wearing looks great on her, and LeBron James probably lost his mind when he saw her wearing this dress for the very first time. Long lasting relationships require a spark of freshness and creativity to keep things going, and this incredible look for Samantha Brinson probably had LeBron James going in circles.

6 A Picture From The Bedroom


This photo looks like it was snapped in their bedroom, and she was probably showing off a new outfit for her husband or her friends. Regardless of what her desired intention was with this photo, people couldn't get enough of it when they first saw it. Brinson is all covered up in this photo, and still looks better than most women do. LeBron James and his wife seem like very private people, so the fact that this picture ended up seeing the light of day, possibly showing off their bedroom, probably didn't make him happy. One of the few positives that can be taken away from the situation is the fact that is Savannah Brinson put together a nice outfit.

5 The Lingerie Show Part 2


Lingerie is meant to be a private thing that is kept in the household, and you don't typically see pictures of other people's wives or girlfriends with lingerie in hand or with lingerie on. That is what makes this picture the perfect entry for this list. Many women all throughout the country host lingerie parties where they gather their friends together to sell lingerie from a catalog, and this usually occurs without a hiccup. But when you’re of the status that Savannah Brinson is, a photo like this, no matter how innocent it actually is, will no doubt raise some eyebrows and get sports websites primed and ready to release the images. Brinson might not be wearing any lingerie in this photo, but it quickly spread throughout the internet upon its initial release. This picture shouldn't be considered all that outrageous, and it was probably snapped by a friend to help promote the party. But despite its innocence, you have to imagine that LeBron James probably wishes that this picture wasn't made public.

4 Ladies Night Out


The friendship between Savannah Brinson and Gabrielle Union is as interesting and unique as any friendship you'll see being covered in the media. While Savannah usually lives her life in privacy, Gabrielle Union is at the forefront of the media given her status as a talented performer in Hollywood. Though the two women live different lives, they have become Incredibly close over the years, mirroring the type of relationship that LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have. The two start basketball players have been friends for an incredibly long time, and they were both taken during the NBA draft in the same year. Their careers were destined to be linked long before they played together in Miami. Dwayne Wade made his way up to Cleveland to play with the Cavaliers this season, once again partnering up with his best friend LeBron James. We're sure that Gabrielle Union and Savannah Brinson were excited to once again be living close to each other.

3 A Throwback


If you wanted a better understanding of how long Savannah Brinson and LeBron James have been together, look no further than this prom photo right here. It is incredibly rare to find the love of your life at such a young age, and LeBron James and Savannah Brinson should be incredibly thankful that they found each other while they were both still in high school. Through all of their ups and downs and LeBron's career that has seen him travel the world, the two lovers have made it work. It may be easy to throw in the towel when a relationship hits a rough patch, but it's refreshing to see two individuals who have stuck together through thick and thin. Say what you want about the suit that LeBron James is wearing, but Savannah Brinson probably wishes she could go back and change her hairstyle.

2 Dancing Machine

via theballerlife

We had to include at least one more picture from Savannah Brinson's infamous party moment. Not unlike the first picture that we featured, Savannah Brinson was getting down in this photo, and it looks as though her friends were all for it, hyping her up and giving her plenty of encouragement while she had a blast dancing around. She may not be dropping it low in this picture like she was in the first one of her dancing, but this picture shows you the type of body that Savannah Brinson is working with. Even after having three children with her husband LeBron, Savannah Brinson's body still looks incredible, and we imagine that being married to a star athlete has something to do with that.

Her other friends may have been caught up in their own moment in the previous photo, but it looks like all eyes are focused on Samantha here. Then again, with how truly beautiful she is, we're sure that she's used to having all eyes on her.

1 Beach Day


The paparazzi that follows celebrities around can be utterly relentless when trying to take a snapshot that they can sell, and even going to the beach can prove to be an arduous task for celebrities looking to blow off some steam. While making her way through the sand with her friends, Savannah Brinson was photographed wearing a purple top to cover her bikini. We're sure that as soon as she noticed the photographer standing by snapping pictures, she quickly got her stuff and got off the beach to avoid being pestered all day. Gabrielle Union who was also in this photo has been in the spotlight for years now, and even she gets annoyed with the constant barrage of photographers.

With LeBron James still functioning as one of the best players in the NBA, you can rest assured that his career is nowhere near being done. With that said, expect to see more photos of Savannah Brinson surface online. If we're lucky enough, she may finally start modeling.

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