15 Pictures Carmelo Anthony Doesn't Want You To See Of La La

Initially coming into the public eye during her time as a VJ for MTV’s Total Request Live La La Anthony has built up quite the career for herself. La La is active in both the entertainment and business worlds, and many in the sports world know her as the wife of NBA star Carmelo Anthony. While her recent separation to Anthony might change that soon, she’s already amassed quite the reputation on her own. Though you want to see it work out as the two have a child together, La La seems to have been doing well in the months since the separation, not missing a beat with her busy schedule.

La La has been on a number of television programs and films as an actress and even dabbles in the world of production. She’s published two books and is a New York Times best seller, while also establishing herself in the business world. She’s made strides in making a name for herself and being successful. But she’s also known for her incredible looks. Carmelo wasn’t just envied for his basketball talents. Having a hot wife is a big part of that too. Though there might be pictures of her out there he’d rather you not see. So now let’s take a look at 15 pictures Carmelo Anthony doesn’t want you to see of La La.

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15 Mirror Image

Jingle Ball 🎁

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Well we certainly know that there’s more to La La than just her looks, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t absolutely blow you away. The New York Times best seller is one of the hottest basketball WAGS out there, though her separation from her husband might put that at risk. Regardless of her marital status, La La is a multitalented, incredibly attractive woman. Pictures like this show just how adept she is at stealing the spotlight, which we’ve seen her do many times while walking side by side with her husband. While we don’t see her directly in this shot, the mirror shows us everything we don’t initially catch on to. She looks absolutely stunning in her black dress and leaves you wanting more.

14 Night Out


A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

La La is many things. She’s a bestselling author, a business woman, actress and television personality. But she’s also a very beautiful woman and once again shows that off here with this dress and pose. It looks like La La was all set for her night out on the town, and undoubtedly turned a few heads that evening. She looks stunning in her fitted black dress high heels and eye-grabbing red shawl sprawled around her waist. Carmello’s a pretty lucky guy all things considered. Berceuse of her various talents and occupations, La La is getting more and more attention. She certainly knows how to dress successfully but that’s not all there is to it. La La has done very well for herself, which you can tell just by looking at this picture. She’s brimming with confidence.

13 Blue Velvet

Velvet Crush.....💙

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

No, this isn’t a reference to the bobby Vinton song or David Lynch film of the same name, rather it’s a direct reference to the chic little outfit La La has on in this picture. It looks as though La La decided to go out on the streets of New York in style and really looks fantastic in her blue crop-top and tights. It’s easy to see why she’s found her way into the acting industry as she really captures the cameras attention and looks great in front of it. Here we see her pulling a very natural pose and looking confident as she stares into the camera. You can expect plenty more where this came from.

12 See Through

Until we meet again Miami 😘✌🏽

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

You can say a lot about La La but one thing you can’t say is that she doesn’t have any style. You’ll see from other entries on this list but it’s very much visible here; she has impeccable taste and looks great in pretty much just about anything she puts on. It seems as though she went with a somewhat racier dress design here though, as it looks to be a see through. Still, La La manages to effortlessly pull off an elegant, yet striking pose and looks absolutely beautiful in the process. It’s easy to see why she’s as popular as she is. With looks like that, you’d be hard to ignore – regardless of what you did for a living.

11 On the Balcony

Well for this entry, it looks like we’re going back to a see through dress design, and though it looks similar to the previous entry on our list – it seems as though it’s a different dress altogether. Of course, La La looks absolutely stunning here as she stares right into the camera. It seems as though she was up for a little bit of impromptu modeling in her hotel room, and what better place to do that than her balcony. This was taken prior to the premier for the Starz series Power which she plays a recurring role in. While she doesn’t have a main role, you can bet that La La was the focus of many camera men that night.

10 Hot Pink

2x's 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

If there’s one thing La La’s proved it’s that she doesn’t need to show very much skin in order to be the center of attention, and look fantastic in the process. We’ve seen her wear nothing but the finest and most stylish gowns while seemingly looking better and better in each one. This is no exception and looks to be the best picture of La La we’ve seen yet. The tight pink dress with the patterned cut outs going up its sides really suites her and definitely compliments her general look. It looks like this way taken prior to another glamorous night on the town for La La. One thing’s for sure, she sure doesn’t shy away from the attention.

9 Getting Naughty

This is by far the most risqué picture on this list so far, and we don’t think we need to explain why that is. Just take a look at it and you’ll know. Up until now, all the pictures we’ve seen have been of La La have been pretty tame. Most have been of her out on the town and because of that, have featured her in her evening wear. But this vacation picture turns it up a notch and definitely gives you a look into La La’s more playful side. La La, along with star actress Gabriel Union, seems to be having a great time at the beach – just the two of them. It looks like your typical ladies vacation and by the looks of it, they enjoyed every second.

8 Poolside

Bye bye 2016..❤

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Here’s another vacation picture, this time showing off more of La La’s incredible frame. As someone who works in the entertainment industry she obviously has the looks you’d expect, but as was mentioned before, La La’s much more than just a pretty face. Still, it isn’t such a bad thing to stop and appreciate just how good she looks at times. It looks here like La La’s more than comfortable in that complex looking swimsuit of hers, and it definitely catches the eye with how flashy it looks. It must be nice to go on vacation as frequently as La La does. And it seems as though she takes advantage of her free time and visits some pretty nice, warm weather hangouts.

7 Taking it Easy

On chill....

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Another stunning bikini picture of La La for you all, this time she’s taken to a much more leisurely pose for the camera. It looks like she’s once again enjoying the benefits of a warm weather vacation spot with this picture and who could really blame her? Every picture of La La has brought one thing to mind so far, and that’s style. Of course, being an actress and television personality means that she’s always going to come out looking great, but La La really seems to have great taste in what she wears. The swimsuit she’s wearing here is just breathtaking and really suits her well. We’ve still got more to come, so let’s get into it.

6 Curves

#metgala 🖤

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Well, another event and another picture of La La looking absolutely fantastic. As we’ve said before, she has impeccable taste and that really shows whenever we see her wearing a dress. Like many of the previous outfits to make their way on this list, this dress La La has on is kind of see through, but has very intricate design woven all throughout it. This picture was taken at the 2017 Met Gala which took place earlier last month. Seeing as she’s something of a notable celebrity in New York, it’s no surprise to see her there – looking especially beautiful for the event. All the cameras seem to be pinpointed on her and she looks to have no problems dealing with it.

5 The Tropics

Mothers Day 2016 💋

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Here’s another beautiful vacation picture here for you that shows La La in a fantastic looking one piece swimsuit while on her hotel balcony somewhere near a beach it seems. The swimsuit itself is pretty darn flashy, as it looks to be covered with beads or something similar along the rim, while the striking black color really grabs your attention. Of course, La La seems completely at ease and pulls off another fantastic pose for the camera. The acting might be going well for her but perhaps she could invest a little bit of her time into modeling as well. It seems as though this was taken on Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate then with a nice vacation.

4 Night Time

Day 1.....🖤

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Well take it all in, because there’s a lot to see in this picture right here. It seems that whatever she wears, La La just looks great in it. This photo is admittedly more of an intimate looking one compared to the others as it seems like she’s taken it inside her home – most probably inside her bathroom. The dress she’s wearing look s a tad more casual than the one’s we’ve seen on this list so far, but nonetheless looks amazing on her. La La looks to have taken this picture right after New Year’s Day this year. 2017 has proven to be a trying and successful year for La La so far. While we don’t know how it will end for her, let’s hope it’s a good one.

3 Kickin’ It


A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

This is no doubt from some kind of modeling shoot, because it’s just too perfect looking not to be. We’ve said that La La should invest some more time into modeling and if this would be the result, then maybe she really would do better to consider it. She looks absolutely stunning in this picture. Everything from her hair style to her outfit and the fur shawl she has wrapped around her looks perfect. The while shirt she has looks very racy, but is still tasteful enough to be appreciated and the whole look kind of gives off a casual vibe. Can you believe that the woman’s a mother? Not with those looks.

2 Strike a Pose

This is our last non-swimsuit picture of the list, so be sure to take it all in. La La once again looks absolutely fantastic in this outfit and pulls off quite the daring look at the same time, as she continues the theme of wearing some slightly see through and revealing clothing in front of the camera. It looks like this picture was taking while she was at some restaurant in Washington earlier this year. As you can probably guess, La La must’ve really stuck out from most of the other patrons in the restaurant that night. While we’re not quite sure if it’s fashionable to wear sunglasses indoors, La La pulls it off and really goes with it. She looks great.

1 Ride the Tiger


A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

Well, we’ve come to the last picture on our list, and boy is it a good one. While we’ve seen La La wear a number of impeccable, breathtaking dresses throughout this list, she just seems to go better with these warm weather environments. She looks good in both, yes, but something about La La and the scorching hot sun go together hand in hand, and it’s amplified in this picture right here. The tiger print swimsuit she’s wearing really jumps out at you and gets your attention off the bat. The beautiful sky, plants trees and crystal clear water just makes everything seem all the more serene. We’ve seen plenty of fantastic, breathtaking shots on this list, but this is by far the best of them all.

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